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  1. They probably meant 1 degree of gun depression
  2. Just FYI, some encounter maps have 3 minutes 10 seconds caps (190 seconds).
  3. Todays 2k dmg x 10 games mission was really good for completing MT15.4. The amount of tomatoes driving TD's trying to farm that 2k dmg was just unbelivable (6-8k TD damage available each game). And so, I finally did this today: http://wotreplays.com/site/3436342#steppes-swoopie-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t That battle also gave me a new shiny 260! Also, I just recently switched to 20/10 loadout (Cause fuck those superheavies) and I already switched back to full apcr cause I just cant make the HEAT work.
  4. If the tanks.gg values are correct (For mantlet armor), I'd say this is a decent little harasser. But if the mantlet really is 203mm (Like other sites suggest) then this thing can actually hold its ground. But otherwise yes, what I said earlier.
  5. Just a FYI, tanks.gg says the mantlet is below 100mm, but WG's site (The one Hallo linked) and gamemodels3d says it's actually 203mm. Usually I trust gamemodels3d numbers more but we'll see. Tanks.gg: Gamemodels3d: Compared to M26/M46KR, you're getting a better gun handling+dpm and better mobility (Dem resistances) for worse armor.
  6. Personally running Rammer, Vert. Stab and Optics.
  7. http://wotreplays.com/site/3406280#siegfried_line-swoopie-object_252u 2nd game I played in the thing, and so far I'm liking it.
  8. This. I mean which is more "inviting" target? With the non-camoed version it looks like the front armor extends below the mudflap. If I'd go with pure looks I'd get the camo version but this actually makes an difference (atleast for me).
  9. But did anyone notice the E50 buff? Reload on L100 from 5.5 to 5s. So with all the bells and whistles, the reload is now 3,96s for 240 alpha (15,17 RoF, 3640 DPM). 4,04s if you like to use optics instead of vents.
  10. Did WG forget to include the american td's engine buffs or am I imagining things?
  11. Unless I'm completely mistaken, they did change the aim time from 2.5-->2.6 and Accuracy 0.35-->0.37 (Looking at above pictures).
  12. If I use effective values in the settings instead of base values, it shows rof as 3.91 too for me. This is from the test with 100% crew:
  13. Are you sure you dont have something extra enabled? The stats for tanks.gg (1st CT) are the exact same as on the CT2 atleast for me. Check options if you have effective or base values enabled Edit: Actually you're right, accuracy on test is 0.37 atm. Aim time 2.6. RoF is the same though. This is from the test: