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  1. Yung most likely meant Service Record stats, not tank characteristics. And I'd bet on that they're just gonna transfer the stats from 430 to 430U (or whatever the T10 is gonna be).
  2. I dont have a particular order but I'm gonna list them in "tiers". Higher tier means higher chance of me taking it out for a spin/using it during credit boosters. Tier 1: T34, FCM, SP, T25 Pilot, M46 KR, Is5 Tier 2: STA-2, Revalorise, M41 GF, Defender (Only reason for this is that I play it enough in team battles when I do play it so I dont really want to bring it out in randoms too much. Also it's kinda boring to play). Tier 3: Lorraine, Patriot, Skorpion
  3. About 10'ish (?). Lorraine, Defender, Patriot, T34, SP, FCM, M41 GF, T25 Pilot, STA-2, Skorpion, Revalorise, M46 KR, Is5. Not sure if I forgot some
  4. After 90'ish games (From like 50%), lot of throws (Went between 89-93% like 3 times), few Jp100 shells catched, some finnish curse words and 12m credits (net profit), I managed to 3 mark this beauty: Such a nice tank to play and doesn't even need much gold/coffee (I did go full tryhard with apcr and coffee for the last % though). Initially going slightly down in marks with a 3k combined game @ 89% made this feel quite brutal but in the end it was quite pleasant grind. Can recommend this tank if it ever comes on sale.
  5. It's full of invisible walls and random rocks, no proper boosts
  6. Personally I think WG should embrace boosting. And by this I dont mean shit like Sacred Valley or Mines 0 line or any boosts on mountain pass. But more like what the "shortcuts" used to be to Mines middle hill (From both sides). They still required some skill to do but didn't provide you with a ridiculous advantage or otherwise inaccessible area (Like most boosts on Mountain Pass).
  7. This was done from the southern side, couldn't find a spot from the north side of 0 line. I also did this and A8 with a Batchat successfully. Also the whole mountain area is now swamp for some reason
  8. Okay what is this shit: Found my Improved Rammer on 140 and tried demounting it on the test
  9. Seems like they only fixed the most problematic ones. Eg. on Sacred Valley the popular boost spot was blocked by rocks. But you can still do stuff like this: Also, as I said, you can still do some of the blocked boosts if you have knowledge and a tank good enough to do the alternative climb. This isn't possible in batchat for example anymore (The way I did requires way more speed Edit: scratch that, apparently you can do it in the BC) since they blocked the "well known route": Edit: Seems like the maps NOT included in the list in the first post havent been touched in any way. The Tundra hill climb you mentioned, I still could do it with ease (Windstorm A1 was also the same)
  10. I am testing boosts right now and here's basically how WG fixed them: Add a shitton of rocks infront of every well known boost (Only to the list of maps in the OP). If you know the alternative ways up, you can still do them. Edit: Mountain Pass is now atleast full of invisible walls
  11. Okay the test server is on. I played two games of grand battles so far and here are the results: 1st game 2nd game: So it's not too hard to get the bonds. Also it seems you are able to complete normal personal missions in these (Atleast the mission shows up when I press tab, I didn't actually manage to complete one yet to verify 100% sure).
  12. They removed them quite recently (9.19) https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/docs/919-update-notes/
  13. I have a faint memory of them mentioning something like this and I wouldn't be suprised if it came like you said. Being able to complete the current campaigns missions in the 30vs30 would make no sense.
  14. I was more interested about the "Grand Battle" (30vs30 mode) rewards So in short: You'll get bonds, can grind MoE's and apparently also do personal missions? First, doesn't some personal missions now considered "hard" to do get really easy since there's 2x the tanks running around? Like TD15 (8k dmg) and LT15 (cant remember exact requirement) etc etc seem to get extremely easy if it comes like this. Second thing, how hard is this gonna screw up MoE's? Obviously the "extreme" games are gonna get even more extreme. Now I'm not too familiar with how MoE's work but werent they based somehow on the top results of players? If it indeed was like that, getting that "top" result would be way easier in 30vs30 thus making it impossible to grind MoE's in 15vs15 normal randoms (Because not enough HP available)? Edit: A thought related to MoE's: Since the article also has this line "Stats from Grand Battle will have their own spot in the dossier, both general and per-vehicle" could it mean there will be own separated MoE's for 30vs30 games along with other stats? Personally I doubt it, but we'll see.