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  1. peregrine

    Individual Missions: A How-To Guide

    Do they really?
  2. peregrine

    NA Refugee

    You can also try the wotlabs channel in game. But that is usually almost empty at night times (evening EST).
  3. peregrine

    WG EU taking action on T-22 rigging

    Veit confirmed not german!
  4. I am really wondering what kind of lines he was rushing in the early 80s tbh.
  5. peregrine

    Looking for a clan [WN8 2259|Recent WN8 3762]

    What about HDU, I see they have open slots?
  6. peregrine

    Individual Missions: A How-To Guide

    From the wiki: So a zero hp fuel tank always catches fire, a zero hp engine do not. Both modules have a 45% damage chance as Strana said. So the actual chance for a engine fire is something like 0.20 * 0.45 for low tier tanks, or about one fire every 11 shots. I don't know the module hp for fuel tanks and engines, but the chances for fuel tank fires given equal hp are much higher. Most targets are dead before you fired 11 shots unless you fire some very low alpha guns.
  7. peregrine

    Individual Missions: A How-To Guide

    Throwing up on your girlfriend is a weird fetish. In other news, I did SPG-15.4 about 6 times grinding the m44 in various fail platoons up to t10.
  8. peregrine

    Penalty system for friendly damage by arty.

    You might want to read up on this
  9. Shouldn't you be busy building a fence to defend against the sowjet russian aggressors?
  10. peregrine

    Individual Missions: A How-To Guide

    You just need the special teams.. I blocked 5370 in my IS-3 today in a tier 9 match sitting on the south east corner of Arctic circle. Just find the really special people, e.g. weekends, late at night, early morning and hope for two deep red teams. WZ-111 should be doable to get the blocking if you sit at range from idiots. You even bounce HEAT of the turret.