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  1. Yea, looking for something similar to tanks. WOT was educational and fun, but I don't know now.
  2. Does anyone know of any other decent online games that don't have a high ping when playing from Australia?
  3. Hope, your posts are sometimes happy and chirpy, then other time dark and insulting. You should see someone about that. Not pulling the piss. This forum will only make things worse for you, though I do like how you bring drama here.
  4. kersh

    VPN required?

    I use a paid vpn. The network I play on blocks game servers because apparently they use too much bandwidth. Streaming YouTube and other videos apparently does not. I use nord vpn, and in the server list it shows distances to the server. I have to use TCP protocol to bypass the block, which ups the ping.
  5. Can someone help on the Asia discord server please. Get new players asking questions, but I am a very average. More than likely I am giving bad information.
  6. What was your ping with optus? I joined optus and my ping was 350ms, called them and they said I could not get on the sea.mee.wee3 cable despite being on the end of it. I was being routed through America. They wouldn't reroute me so I got out of the contract. Anyway, got another router that I can use to broadcast messages to my neighbours for free.
  7. kersh

    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    I'm trying to grind through the panther at the moment. Seems like the only games I win are the ones where I spend most of the game sitting behind a rock while the enemy tier 8's and 9's pre aim on my location while they get shot up by my team. Does anyone have replays that I could watch?
  8. Naming and shaming myself for being a total noob 47%er who should spend their time and money else where.
  9. Ok, thanks. He has a video taken down because This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
  10. Whats going on with Va1's youtube channel? It's getting censored.
  11. Was in a battle today and a VN clan member sent out platoon invites at the start of the count down. Only 1 person accepted. 3 other platoons were formed after the battle started. Guess us pubbies are getting sick of them as well.
  12. You need to rename this thread to "General Banter" or something like that. My computer won't do replays, so I don't know what time it is. Spotted and killed a enemy TD and they blew up in chat saying they copulate with my mother. PM after they said I'm going to get a ban because they reported me and " huyr kết bạn đi nhá. What ever that means. Ignore my poor play. I'm always like that.
  13. TCM has a few older players. We do a lot of strongholds, platooning, tank companies, competitions in the clan or with other clans, and talk of doing clan wars. We are less concerned with your stats and more concerned about how you fit in and listen. you will need at least a tier 6