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  1. This 3x exp event is dumb lol. I am getting 5-7k exp on every win. It takes like 50 games to finish a grind from 9 to 10

  2. Is this as unplayable as we expected it to be?
  3. What is the effective armor of ufp and lfp?
  4. Q: What about prem tanks?
    A: People look at stats more than ever. For example, when the Type 59 was released and people noticed how OP it is, they bought it en masse. By the way, I can tell you can expect something nice in the tech tree soon.


    I have a feeling we will have the non pref mm type 59 back on the tech tree after the christmas money grab shenanigans.

  5. Katoleras

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    So I just got this thing before the nerfs to see what it is actually like when you are driving one. I don't think I have ever been upset about getting 3.5k damage before this tank...
  6. Katoleras

    On Allchat

    I miss the salt ._. I was so disappointed to discover all chat has disappeared when I came back to the game.
  7. Katoleras

    Chinese Reassurance for Tier 9 needed :)

    - Light tanks are good until you reach tier 9, then it kind of goes downhill. You will do great wn8 wise if you know what you are doing though. It is just extremely difficult to influence battles when you are crippled by wg balancing department so much. - Type 64 is op at the moment.. - Type 62 is pretty solid. - Skip chinese tier 8 premiums all together except for type 59. - Chinese mediums are okay, they are just outclassed by Russian bias. They play very similar. So go for T-54 (If you can handle the stock grind, or have the money for free exp), or 430 (if you hate stock grinds) in tier 9. - 5A is really strong atm, chinese heavies are in a good spot. - Don't know much about the chinese tds.
  8. Wow... Tier 6 Spaghetti tank is retardedly op. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to give tier 6 medium tank a 240 alpha gun with more dpm than hellcat, + 140mm effective armor + decent speed + gun depression but thanks I guess. Extremely solid, averaging around 1.5k dpg

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    2. Katoleras


      Quick update: Finished the tier 6 grind in 32 games with 10k free exp. 1360 dpg. 

      All of those mid tiers looked like shit when I first saw them but if you go food+bia+vents accuracy problem gets resolved. You get Dpm+armor+speed+ good gun handling. Really good at bullying same tier or lower tiers. Managed to get little bit more dpg in tier 7 than progetto somehow. Sitting at 2.1k atm with stock gun

    3. hazzgar


      Strange, a few streamers hate it. Foch and someone else complained about the gun being potato

    4. Katoleras


      6 hours ago, hazzgar said:

      Strange, a few streamers hate it. Foch and someone else complained about the gun being potato

      Food+bia+vents brings the accuracy down to .35

      Only thing shitty about the gun is the shell velocity but since I decided to grind leopard throug hwk 12 I am really used to it. Gold shells make a huge difference with velocity as well.

  9. Meta changes.. 248 / 310 pen no longer cuts it in tier 10 with so many retarded armor layouts.
  10. Apparently this game mode is created by an entirely different company. No wonder it is so good lmao. http://tankwarroom.com/article/705/world-of-tanks-introduces-30v30-frontline-game-mode
  11. This game mode was top notch. Almost everything that world of tanks should have been. Can you imagine playing this game mode in tier 10? Especially clan wars... Everything would so unpredictable. Always fresh and dynamic gameplay instead of the repetitive bs we are playing atm. Heavies would need to get a marginal speed boost because of the map size probably though.
  12. Katoleras

    The return of Province

    I guess I am the only one who likes this map. It is excellent if you are driving a medium/heavium with good firepower. I only played handful of games but they all pretty much went like this: - Cross to the other side. - Get ass or side shots few times upon arrival. - Slowly dig out the enemy team. - Cross back to your side and get more ass shots. - ??????? - Profit
  13. Katoleras

    Obj705A - No one really plays this?

    Upper plate is only 300mm effective so heat goes through it. Cant angle it properly because of shoulders on the hull. 100mm side armor to make side scraping really difficult. .44 accuracy, 2.8 sec aim time and 317 heat... It is almost like WG created this tank to have a fall back tank when people talk about russian bias. And as an added bonus, this tank has more expected damage value than 430U, 5A and WTE100 despite being a flaming hot turd.
  14. Katoleras

    SU-101 Wow!

    Less armored than tier 7, no gun depression, cant snipe, cant brawl, turns like a boat, no view range. Pure Cancer.
  15. Katoleras

    RiP 430 ver 2 (Super-Test Changes)

    Forgot to add this part with the proposed buffs: Added the D-54U gunChanged the DPM from 2502.9 to 2669.7Reduced the reload speed from 7.671 s to 7.192 sChanged the rounds per minute from 7.821 to 8.343Changed the accuracy from 0.364 to 0.336Reduced the aim time from 2.78 s to 1.92 sReduced the bloom after firing from 3.836 to 3.356Reduced the turret movement bloom from 0.153 to 0.115Reduced the movement bloom from 0.134 to 0.115Reduced the hull turning bloom from 0.134 to 0.115Reduced the maximum turret rotation bloom from 6.14 to 4.6Reduced the maximum movement bloom from 7.38 to 6.33Reduced the maximum hull turning bloom from 6.44 to 5.52