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  1. The new AW EA is pretty damn good.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chryses


      What's new?!? Reinstalling it now.


    3. Siimcy


      What's so special about the newest version?

    4. RutgerS


      That it's not WoT, Siimcy :doge:

  2. sanzer

    Panzer 58, Tier 8 premium MT

    Terrain resistance: 0,479/0,671/1,534 Did not know the swiss used russian hovertank tech.
  3. HoMM wasnt good since the 3. installment, i know, i kept trying to like them but i just cant.
  4. Post things like this there, please.
  5. sanzer

    Classic Battles you Remember

    I played this game in september of 2013, panther 2 , 11 kills, highest kills to date.
  6. sanzer

    Warships Closed Beta HYPE

    ok, this game is pretty fun
  7. sanzer

    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Could you collect the whole war in one post or file, it realy should be findable in the future.
  8. sanzer

    PM Shenanigans by Xen #2 - Tank Codes

    Recruit him and get him a tank, then spread the word on official forum, most dounboater gets a spot next campain.
  9. sanzer

    You Come Across Yourself

    Dont go for the vk2801 as your first tier5.
  10. I have lost the green / red tank outlines, what can i do to fix it? I am also getting track outlines only on some heavys and meds.
  11. sanzer

    Gamble on the 4202 or not?

    "Evilly confirms that the “free FV4202 for those who have the tier 10″ is the version the developers are working with" Currently it looks like a free t8 prem, Could change 100 times till it comes out tho.
  12. sanzer

    T57 Heavy Tank Review!

    Please write a few words about your crew skill choices.
  13. sanzer

    The Object 430...

    I laughed at the part where you told the is8 to protect arty and camp base, even the most common insult can be a valid tactic it seems!
  14. sanzer

    Best name list

  15. sanzer

    Streaming/Video content - suggestions? +purple +hot +female +streamer -eu server