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  1. WG should give KV-5 the 152 derp from KV-2 and buff RoF as needed.
  2. Do you really want to find out what the breech of this gun is made of, or what it actually shoots?
  3. I donno why but I am considering buying back the AT15 (T8), how does it fare in this meta?

  4. Yes. Actually, yuo need to be more specific: is it the blackhole side armor that also stored Vodka, or the mantlet made of magnetized stalinium, or liquid metal stalinium UFP? It's so confusing.
  5. Please teach us how, all we know is not shoot the UFP and stalin magic zones on the side armor.
  6. I prefer getting stunned rather than dead, just like I prefer getting wasted by booze and not being KOed at a bar brawl.
  7. AT7. It gives "camping corner" a new meaning. Fantastic pen and accuracy, great HP that's even better than some same tier heavies, and DAT NEW HD LOOK
  8. 9/11 battle heroes, wrong shade of purple, guys please try harder kthx Edit: Also where the f is the promised Garbad comback, this is how we balance Gasai, same way arty balances TDs
  9. Haven't seen people posting this, but... Stalin smiles upon 263 and now its mantlet is blessed with a ring of stalin.

    Stalin is back.png

    1. Strigonx


      funniest part is that extra 250mm strip behind the mantlet is invisible in the live model.

      Its basically there, but its invisible.


    2. rojo180


      there is now a very small area on the mantlet that is pennable by prem ammo now

      which it kinda needed tbh 


    3. Nekommando


      Yep, it definitely needed the mantlet buff. It might be the only competitive TX TD now.

  10. Use the big 85mm, that gun is much more reliable than the 122. If you want to derp people for high damage play O-P exp, KV-1/1s or the IKV 103, those tank is more effective at derping people with huge alpha.
  11. KV-4/ ST-I/IS-4 all have pretty good armor when angled, I think I'll just ping the God Champion of KV-4 himself. @GehakteMolen
  12. How viable is it to run the stock gun on this?
  13. Type 59 - 24WZ-111 - 18112 - 20T-34-3 - 18 59-Patton - 14FCM 50 t - 23+1=24 Despite being statistically powercrept by many mediums like STA-2 or M46KR and sometimes downright trollish gun this tank still doesn't see tier10, and that is probably more important than having a bit better stats. Its plan B skillround is also very good unlike many other pref8s (250mm HEAT/217pen APCR lel wat da fuq you actually paid for these?) M4A1 Rev. - 22AMX M4 49 - 20leKpz M41 90mm - 21Skorpion - 22Panther 88 - 20Lowe - 28Pz. 58 Mutz - 20STA-2 - 23 FV4202 (P) - 14T26E4 - 18T34 - 20-3= 17 When the Lowe ascended to valhalla this tank is burning in eternal powercreep hell, it's now more sluggish and has a shit gun, shit viewrange and shit hull armor. Its biggest strength is about to be taken away too- Obj. 252U with its 440 alpha lel. nice balance M46 KR - 21T26E5 (Patriot) - 23 T-54 Mod. 11IS-6 - 15 KV-5 - 20T-44-100 - 21
  14. You should consider streaming it and use the subscribe $$$ to stock up on prozac.
  15. How to play AMX 50 Foch on mines: You don't.