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  1. On T95 last equipment slot: of the three, vents is the best choice. You get boost to overall skills not just vision, and that means turning faster, reload faster, see further and aim faster, all of which make your life easier.
  2. @BlackAdder My bad I remembered wrong. -10 is with stock guns .
  3. V39 has -10 gun depression, it's nowhere Chinese level of bad depression, it's the tumor that made it shit for hulldown. Also did you run 105mm with some OPCR here and there?
  4. How to lessen AC48 pain without gold: 1.All the boosters: exp, Free exp, crew exp, they are given for playing the game 2.If you find yourself aiming too long, use the 100mm, or load gold on 120mm and aim halfway 3.Wiggle the tank. Your weakpoints became harder to hit and your frontal armor can reliably bounce 225pen at a slight angle, but ignore what I said if facing D-25T, for that you just facefuck the guy and NEVER SHOW YOUR SIDE 4.Passive spotting sort of works, you still have stationary camo of a medium tank. 5.If you really, really don't want to use brains (because this frustrating POS can kill you if you do): get 2 shot off while 2 lining, yolo into a weaking/out of position enemy/ your team's pushing flank and give no fucks to aiming for rest of the game. Just push through this; come back and fix its stats/get MOE after it gets that autoloader.
  5. Fakes that isn't physically impossible and don't break the game = OK
  6. I had remembered it being removed from regular sale, maybe it got re-added, if so that's great news!
  7. After being massively buffed the Warcrime Panther (PzV/M10) is really good with pref MM as well. Consider picking it up if it goes on sale.
  8. Would still not put arty in the game
  9. And 290mm APCR pen for reasons unknown
  10. Since WG is removing weakspots can they also remove weakspots of the AT line please?
  11. The bigger the number the better the accuracy
  12. Guys, why isn't UDES dead?
  13. Why can't WG just let that fucking POS die and stay dead? or did they think powercreep makes landarty acceptable?
  14. Only M48A5 was fielded that way, M46 in its historical config suck ass in game (stock turret, 90mm gun, hell no) IS-3 didn't have BL-9 and while you can run D-25T have fun with those Defenders/VK100P/O-Hoe around.