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  1. With gun placed so low you might not even need APCR.
  2. SU-100m1 is a good TD, and while SU-122-44 is better doesn't mean SU-100M1 is utter dog****. You get AMAZING gun handling with the Su-100m1, you don't even have to aim more than 0.3 second in most cases, and your DPM is super good. It does not have good pen, sure, but the gold round it carries isn't some 217pen silversink that does't pad skill no more, it has 235 pen- enough to balance anything not superheavies's UFP.
  3. The buff made the tank complete, it now has everything: armor, gun, camo, hitpoints and now enough speed to get to the frontline.
  4. You still need 120mm and up caliber guns to overmatch the roof, and at the range you do it you risk taking a 750 shell right back.
  5. Don't. The 6pdr is the way to go, other two options suck. If you wanted alpha why not play other Tier4 TD that has them, in a better pacakage?
  6. Damn, wasn't around that time when the T9 foch was glorious
  7. Bloom has always been the same bad on T9 Foch. But back then it could legitimately snipe or avoid close quater brawls.
  8. WG should give KV-5 the 152 derp from KV-2 and buff RoF as needed.
  9. Do you really want to find out what the breech of this gun is made of, or what it actually shoots?
  10. I donno why but I am considering buying back the AT15 (T8), how does it fare in this meta?

  11. Yes. Actually, yuo need to be more specific: is it the blackhole side armor that also stored Vodka, or the mantlet made of magnetized stalinium, or liquid metal stalinium UFP? It's so confusing.
  12. Please teach us how, all we know is not shoot the UFP and stalin magic zones on the side armor.
  13. I prefer getting stunned rather than dead, just like I prefer getting wasted by booze and not being KOed at a bar brawl.