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  1. Out of curiosity, anyone know if some cunt sharked the cable recently (like last hour or so) or it's just a routing issue? I'm back at 250ms.
  2. Most things have some camo value. Be it a percent or two for the big boppers up to a bunch for a well camo'd tank. That camo percent is then applied to your view range. Eg let's say something has a 50% camo (high, but good for illustration) - with a 400m view range you'll spot it at 200m. With a 500m VR you'll spot it at 250m. Hence going over the 445m can definitely be beneficial.
  3. Minus the base accuracy which you do notice if you have to pen something marginal.
  4. Gotta love the meds getting better stationary camo than most of the lights.
  5. Well, MM officially broke... and the 34-85m is either OP, or well, UP. 21 in this battle for those not inclined to count. That 30 odd battles it took for the mission (probably less, but meh) was worth it. @MagicalFlyingFox said WG were either incompetent or being dicks. To be honest thought dicks would be censored but guess not. I noticed on EU shit is censored, but retard is not.
  6. To this day I don't get why a late patch is cause for so much concern. But yeah, not hearing anything about it is just typical WG mushroom approach. Oh and yeah, tele ombudsman is a beast. My previous use drew an almost immediate response.
  7. My understanding is that the hardware / infrastructure will be the same regardless, but that one of their monetisation methods is based on the speeds. Hence if i could have theoretically gone for the 100/40 plan i'd assume the link would be capable of that so they'd just throttle me. Side question but the sales dude mentioned that basically all the down/up speeds are driven by the NBN and are out of their control. Plus that they'd be set regardless of which onseller you go with. A bit annoying as i'd hoped for something with more up at the expense of some down.
  8. I get it thursday. I went up a plan that is supposed to get me 5 up. Better get fking close to that otherwise i sure as shit ain't going to be paying the extra per month for that plan.
  9. Date leonibus! And yes, a few year's worth. It's a remarkably logical language which in a way is kind of cool coming from english' wtf is going on sort of approach. Side note, hit an all time perfectly lead shot today... 900ms ping (thanks to steam's stupid upload shit it does when you close a game), bulldog going full pace into corner a couple hundred metres away of karkov behind those mounds, and nailed him.
  10. I should put in a caveat at this point that most of my views on the 10 lights are based on the paper stats and watching others play them, so grain of salt and all that, but in either pubs or CW i can't see them being viable unless you have a strat the requires pure spotting, crazy climbing or doing mad jumps. I just can't fathom why WG have decided to arbitrarily make them worse than meds. It's not even a shift between armor mobility and firepower. They are just worse as a whole.
  11. Had a look but not sure exactly what i'm looking for. There seems to be quite a few errors for various things failing around the time of the crashes, plus the criticals for the system not shutting down properly.
  12. Nerfing the bat would not make the 10lts relevant. They are shit in their own right.
  13. Is cool, WG have plan for that. We shift viable lights to 9s, then prem light is viable comrade! Oh, and here's another one too. 0.33 accuracy just like all the accurate high tier lights.