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  1. The main bit was mentioned above, there are very few scenarios where you'd want a pure scout over a scouty medium. As to which will work best for pubbing, I guess we'll wait and see. I suspect the fun factor of their mobility will be one of their biggest draws anyway.
  2. If you were <200hp, then yeah, fair chance. Would add suicidal if battle already in the bag.
  3. I scored a grille uphill in my amx 30. I came about 20hp short in my wz132 on a t10.
  4. It's funny you mention that... just yesterday was thinking about the impact of the light adjustments to their ability to get kamikazes. On the whole i suspect it will make it harder for lights which is a shame. While on the other hand i suspect heavy mediums will have a much easier time given there will be a whole bunch of pissy lights that are higher tiers. For instance my e50 was only ramming lights for fun... but ramming them for fun and a kamikaze!?!? Giggidy...
  5. Did the very same comparison. Having played the shit out of the 8 lights with their pissy 190 pen... took the leo prot out and the glory of 270 pen simply cannot be overstated. The amount of stuff that goes from 'iffy pen if you aim' to 'lol auto aim' is very significant. And then of course there is the ability to lol heat heavies in the face. And then you realise that while you are pretty much dead after 3 shots by 400 dmg guns in a light... you are sitting pretty with 500 health still.
  6. If i cared nothing for overall balance, then sure, happy as ghost having a ball on his pogo stick. As is, it just highlights how farcical their balance approach is - let's completely redo a class which involves lots of significant rebalances top to bottom... except we have this retarded notion that we can't change prem tanks... so here, have some more outliers.
  7. Sir, i think i heard arty land over there, i need some time to clean the shit out of my dacks.
  8. Would love to see the HP for both teams on that...
  9. Month off...nice. Took a week off, had a crack last night. Server stutters still shit, pubbies still shit. Time for another week off. Looking forward to 9.18 now tho. The forum salt will be priceless.
  10. That's one of the silver linings of the MM not being able to brain platoons... once if they have more 10s but a platoon of retards, it works out pretty even.
  11. Lol 6k, and they still have half their team alive. GG. If you can enjoy the 34-3 you'll love that thing.
  12. Hit that about a week ago, but haven't managed to engage with anything else. Steel division normandy thing... not really a combat mission, more a RTS with more realistic unit behaviours and mechanics. A bit like CoH with more realism but with a higher micro requirement... it was a reasonable awakening that i'm [email protected]
  13. Textures would be a client side impact. And mttttttspiiiiii I gather not all maps are open for use the whole game, so it may have odd requirements server side.