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  1. Scouting still works fine from a vision perspective in the 62. Some of the difference you are noticing may come from being exposed to higher tier opponents with more view range of their own. The 64's view range is out and out silly in that respect for a tier 6 - but go go WG balance means it kept it. Basically you can't just yolo around in it and expect to get away with it. But if you know your lines and vision areas it will still dominate its tier.
  2. It always did play like a pocket med... except a bad one for tier (ie tier 8 ). Now it is one of the best meds for tier 7 with easily the best for vision and mobility. Firepower now is on par with its tier meds and realistically you'll only get outdone if one of the autoloaders corner you.
  3. 131 also is a tier 7 so could offer better MM than the 132. May need a break from the game anyway at that stage. Might take to playing darts while blind folded instead.
  4. I gather the 59-16 lost it's auto loader - so effectively the only thing that made it interesting. Basically now is like a cuter version of the 64 with much less VR and no credit making. 131 not sure. 132 i still have with its perm camo, so probably going to stick them there. 132a has too many 'fk u rng' moments to stick with. It can be excellent, but fk me, i am so fking sick of getting into a really nice spot, having the sweet arse of some heavy at 200m to aim at with all the time in the world... and missing... then missing again.
  5. My attempt to not lose my mind while playing 0.42 accuracy guns resulted in a couple improved results on the platoon missions for the lights. <30k XP to go, but honestly not sure what to do with that crew. Best chinese light tier for tier??? Need to start being careful now tho as improving the 55a versions may net me premium days so will have to time those for the weekend.
  6. Yeah, i bought a bucket load of consumables so am under 13mil i think. Had to run a 44-100 to help boost that (hence the 8.98 for the week).
  7. My 1 day and 7 day wn8 were identical. Go figure. Average tier of ~hellvn+siggy.
  8. Responded on main forums too... but basically some sites have shifted to the new 'less time consuming' tables, while others haven't been the quickest to update them. One might surmise that some people don't like this new direction for wn8.
  9. Not sure where to put this as effectively a fail to carry... but fk it. Malinovka vision best vision. Speaking of malinovka vision... Then a way to go out in style... And finally, did i mention the e50 is god mode?
  10. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/80905-world-of-tanks-71-update/ Not sure how else to interpret that... Is it possible EU didn't get the above change? By the looks it went back to pref MM around 7.5. A bit of a vague reference but at least it's mentioned as a specific case in that chart now. Note also it no longer sees BT 11 while it did in the 7.1 chart above. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/145582-75-update-notes/ Reworked Match-Making for the majority of vehicles. Now players won't normally see vehicles of more than two tiers difference to the tier of his/her own vehicle (new MM chart can be found here) Fwiw, WG did MM charts in 'Battle Tier'. Ie a tier 8 med would see battle tiers 9 - 11. BT 9 meant tier 8s were top tier. It was WG's whacky way of complicating things. Hence the 59 saw the same MM as normal 8 meds in 7.1 (refer the top half for normal tanks).
  11. Thought the 132a and 54lt had the same accuracy. Either way the increased dispersion on the 132a make that gun feel even worse imo. Nor do the significantly more expensive shells make the economics all that fun. I suspect I'll get the 132-1 researched but not bought (in case they do ever balance it) then look for a new home for the crew, even tho tier 9 is an excellent tier otherwise.
  12. All a bit odd. It was years ago so I could be dreaming @Politx_Killer do you recall if the 59 ever did get normal mm or as above was it threatened then repealed?