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  1. Ezz

    T-34 Shielded, What to Expect

    44100r is very decent... for a free premium... that's a tier 8... that's a med... in 357.... ok, so it's a bit shit... but at the good end of the shit spectrum.
  2. I typically get 150 - 170ms and haven't noticed much PL - but then i switch back to ANZ for prime time so not sure whether PL is worse when it's busier.
  3. HK is worse than SG, but it's not NA bad.
  4. Perhaps there were fewer routing options for packets for Sg. Given I've already had two very different routes (6 hopper vs 17 hopper) to HK I suspect that may be causing it.
  5. The tan theory which he admits he's trying to translate from techies, is that some packets are routing direct, while others are going via fk nose where, resulting in the desyncs. I am not sure on the logic, but i guess it would explain some of it. Personally tho i suspect server load (and bandwidth capacity) over a long period would not be painting the picture we'd need. Something like 'time at >90% utilisation' i suspect would give a truer picture as even if rare, it's those moments that really impact things. Ie if server load is 20% on average, that doesn't mean it can't spike to >90% for short periods.
  6. Love tan, when asked re server performance spends all of a minute to research and simply responds with servers being huge etc.. You'd think in a situation where they are already under the bus that he'd be a little more contrite.
  7. Side note but looks like we get free prem for a little while at least. So while the locals are at least trying to compensate, you get the feeling a bit of testing could have helped.
  8. I've only managed one instance of 'why am I doing a 1080?' on HK so far. Is it something that gets worse during HK peak?
  9. HK has its own laws i would presume.
  10. That popped up a few months ago. My theory is they just fkd something up hence option shows. If it is deliberate and replaces SG one wonders what the connectivity for those in southern asia will be like. I'd assume better to HK than to ANZ, so while we'll lose a lot of the JP and KR bots, i'm not sure we'll gain many more.
  11. That remains one of the most disappointing elements to wg's enforcement - not knowing that the effort you put in to get some cunt punished is actioned or even read beyond the auto reply.
  12. Wonder if they share the acct - should get it, find some cheat mods and get the cunt banned.
  13. In the spirit of naming and shaming... first... my top tiers... Second is this guy... https://worldoftanks.asia/en/community/accounts/2019403820-i_am_idiot_hahaha/
  14. Ezz

    WZ-120-1G FT tier 8 premium TD

    It was released after balance stopped mattering because fk u, ur a tier 8 anyway so welcome to tier 10. Things like the vk and others also snuck in and quite possibly will never get looked at either.
  15. Anyone here know how to differentiate between a replay glitch and an aim bot? http://wotreplays.eu/site/4432589#prokhorovka-stem_jvm-leopard_prototyp_a This fellow posted this asking for help, but wtf is going on with his aim? Is that some weird replay lag or what?