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  1. Since last night i think. The technical term i believe is 'yeah nah'. Annoying as i'd hoped to actually play a bit.
  2. So does anyone know why ping is even worse? Did yet another cable get sharked?
  3. Bear in mind there's likely to be a substantial camo advantage to the ELC as well. The gun handling could make a difference i guess, but from given stats alone and the usual meta, the clip option will likely dominate.
  4. The initial pen is the same and pretty sure 1260m/s is well above AP based velocity. But yeah, who knows what WG will do.
  5. There are times when i like humans after all.
  6. Granted, old data involved but according to this the drop off of ~11% is not even in the same ballpark as what they gave the top tier lights. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nv9o4cNkDmn0WJklBcHDjhSINYfmXp440-6wAehf1eU/edit#gid=2 Eg from the below the t100lt appears to go from ~230mm to ~185mm at 500m (so less distance even than the calc used for the spreadsheet). At a guess @720m likely about 170.. 26% reduction. Lol.
  7. Maybe needed to be in meme form. Remember, puerile humour appeals best to those less accustomed to interpreting the written form.
  8. So do lots of other tier 8s that have worse accuracy, worse DPM, worse pen and worse mobility.
  9. Doubt the turrets are MM related. I mean that would imply most balance decisions are related to anything actually happening in the game. (eg t54 / 140 etc.) On the MM - i honestly don't get why it took so long for people to fully digest what the 'improved' MM was going to mean. It was pretty obvious from the get go that it was going to mean more bottom tier games for people. Perhaps they believed WG's justification that being bottom tier would be fun because you have lots of other poor sods bottom tier with you.
  10. Very difficult for the same participation as winning tends to mean extra damage and kills etc.... but assuming it was possible - the winning modifier is 1.5x from memory. Ie let's say two teams go full retard, no damage to anyone, a dude caps for the win and you have two dudes who did bugger all - the loser may get 50xp, while the winning equivalent would get 75xp.
  11. Estimating is a broad term for having a stab. Hence to take a stab i'd say if you were a passive player you'd clearly have had your best XP games on losing teams and done relatively little in the games you won.
  12. Ah, but we haven't seen the radio stats yet.
  13. Why can't whoever balanced this balance the rest of the lights?