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  1. Are we talking about dumplings or flying squirrels?
  2. A bit of stronk e50 action Then at some point i won a day of prem for something so started grinding credits. Managed a good run in the type 62 that included these first 3 aces in a row. Then a couple more later on And the blackdog got the odd run too. This one was after i'd commented that we had a few bots so the goods would have to carry. The salt was plentiful.
  3. Some of the tier 10 light shenanigans Another one from the 'when a scout gets prok' files... Such fun... Some others...
  4. But the point was whether he admitted to having NFI.
  5. Wz yolo, best yolo. A race for damage. Even managed a 3 kill clip. Sneaky kolobs mostly thanks to their m44 who committed suicide with 30 seconds left and me having no clue where to look. Also discovered secret to this gun. Don't aim, just right click left click things on the move and you'll hit.
  6. 3rd apparently. And yeah, it was ammo count that cost me one in the 13 90 in the game above.
  7. To get on topic... a bit of a 'how does it even?' from this morning. To give it credit it managed to get 10 shots on target... but seriously...
  8. Main issue with 260 is turret roof. 30mm gets over matched by everything. Beyond that it's pretty sweet. Tho with is7 buffs and 5a the gap is less pronounced.
  9. Opinions may differ, but vs lower tiers imo the 54 dominates it due to bully armor. Vs upper tiers and it's pretty similar depending on how much heat you spam. Ie, spam heat 55a better, use mostly ap 54 better. Noting also both have the 1200+ credit 320 alpha ap which are a stand out for how crap their value is.