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  1. As in today? (just saw this) Missus has some friends over from San Fran so doing dinner with them tonight. How long are you up for?
  2. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/03/16/wot-supertest-kharkov-changes/ Comrade we have corridor map with area where could actually flank, sort of. Fix it Ivan! Le Sigh.
  3. Type 62

    Vision, dpm, mobility and credits. Pretty solid combo imo. Plus tier 7 mm seems less shit than a full 8. I basically run this and a pref 8 for credits.
  4. Counting never was one of my strong suits. The other thing that was notable was how many full tier 8 games I was getting last night. Better than playing vs 10s, but so dull given line ups like that. WG are a bit slow working out their mistakes but one wonders whether they acknowledge the new mm sucks or whether we'll be stuck with it for another few years.
  5. The state of tier 8 MM... of the 30, i count 6 out of 30 actually going thru the pain of grinding. Improved MM is improved.
  6. Note: A new premium consumable is coming with the tenth tech tree. No it’s not pizza as you’d assume, but it’s a pinnacle of Italian cuisine: spaghetti. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get tangled in any machinery. Note 2: We need to specify that the models of the tanks are not final. #hSHTG
  7. Saw that. Gold. The fact the bloke copped a perma makes it even better.
  8. Curious about same. My re grind on the IS, t10 and 430 v2 felt pretty good, but not sure what they were when I re bought them.
  9. SU-101 Wow!

    I got yolo'd by one on soft ground. He misjudged the traverse and missed getting his gun on me by about 3 tank widths. It was kinda like seeing a walrus trying to pirouette.
  10. To be honest I don't think anyone is actually that surprised they'd stoop this low, but many just hoped they wouldn't.