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  1. IS grinding... Then a guest appearance from achilles in his 416 with meh crew... Even prok made an appearance... 3.5k spotting as well.
  2. I guess it's a toss up between who is more likely to know what WG is doing... WG, or this TAP insider.
  3. Guessing you've copped a load of RNG. Seems the usual mish mash of random unaimed shots going dead center and fully aimed hitting dirt.
  4. Grits bruv. WG just need to implement a color scheme because ability without color is just a number.
  5. Any specs on it? I fear >0.4 accuracy. I dream of guard accuracy.
  6. Because it's sexy? My guess is they'll just give it the same gun choices as the 54 but with better dpm and worse handling. Tho I guess there's a chance they try to find a higher alpha option to keep in line.
  7. A bit more IS fun... Then decided to try a 10 lt in queue, got malinovka.
  8. A bit more IS fun... Then decided to try a 10 lt in queue, got malinovka. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/21af/zthjt4t2e4tsrm56g.jpg
  9. There're gold rounds? I think I've shot about 3 ap out of many hundreds of rounds. Mostly because I'd somehow survived long enough to expend my standard round rather than thru any particular plan. For mine the whole balancing of 10 lights was part of a project they started but never finished. The fact they still cop crap accuracy and pen drop off suggests wg just wanted them in the game and hoped the new arbitrary mm would balance things rather than actually caring about the tanks themselves
  10. Only just scraped over the 1k raw, but figured i'd whack it up anyway given it was my first battle in the IS in over 5 years. I'm now prepared for constant tier 9s, but let's hope at least the first impressions last.