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  1. Oh, you want carry fails... fk reposting... http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/11736-failing-to-carry/page__st__2960__pid__1766381#entry1766381
  2. Is your gif sig meant to update? Or just the static one?
  3. Exactly, which is pretty pointless. @AdrianK why you have broken sig creator?
  4. Mine's been going up a bit but to be honest i haven't worked out how to update my sig. The 'generate' button looks to update the static one but not the gif.
  5. Ezz

    STRV 103-0 (Tier 9): Overmatch Mechanics 101

    I'm stuck on the udes to be honest. Not seeing the allure of 'armour' and so as far as mobility and camo is concerned i'm not sure it's going to get much better.
  6. QotD goes to a 48%er... shootu2bits_ (18-Sep-18 6:05:20 PM) all cheats write long answer well done
  7. The K91 i gave a wang for a dozen battles, kinda liked it but haven't fallen in love yet. It felt slow. Its playstyle kinda reminded me of a 416 which has similarly insane DPM for tier, even better camo for tier, but also feels slow... and is a tier 8. While the fast heavies i kinda missed the scouty vision things. Also have a good crew in the k91 already while the 50/51 and progetto are on my to do list of 10s i kinda want to try but haven't got around to buying/finding a crew for.
  8. Ezz

    I seem to be washed up

    Play a light tank and farm damage = insta 4k+. Honestly tho, i suspect as the meta changes many maps develop more and more campy playstyles. To the point where both teams appear more happy to wait for someone else to make a move so they can punish rather than take a risk themselves. The maps without easy exits from key areas are particularly painful in this regard. As to the timings of when and where you need to be, i guess it's a one of those map things. Check it, check it often. If you have a spare moment try to also check your neighbours hit points etc. and just be patient. We almost never see a 'i just came back, and bugger me WoT is easy now' threads...
  9. I suspect it's a terminology thing but when people say 'base XP' i assume it's what's shown on the team score tab of your results (no prem) as opposed to what WG put on your service record (includes prem). So i would say 1k avg would include prem (tho who knows at the really high end). I recall back in the NA forum days garbad was proud of breaking 1k average XP which at his win rate at the time would definitely have included prem.
  10. Base XP i presume means before premium etc so that'd be 5-6 good wins (1k+ raw). Hence if we allow for some good wins, some ordinary wins and some losses, 600 average base i suspect is pretty decent going. As for how easy blocking is, tier X can be pretty ruthless depending on the server. Just did one of the second campaign blocking missions and basically drove out in front of pubbies and most simply went straight to HE or sprem. By the end anyone who didn't shoot HE or sprem i left alive in hopes they'd keep trying.
  11. I have 3 chicks waiting in the stables yet to be recruited apparently plus should get more from the new missions. Just not sure what to bother with. So Val, most enjoyable 10 is the progetto according to skill. Guessing by your comments you weren't feeling it. Where's your heart lie?
  12. Well it cost more now due to inflation so makes sense right......