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  1. I got yolo'd by one on soft ground. He misjudged the traverse and missed getting his gun on me by about 3 tank widths. It was kinda like seeing a walrus trying to pirouette.
  2. To be honest I don't think anyone is actually that surprised they'd stoop this low, but many just hoped they wouldn't.
  3. Wg listen to eu, na and sea pretty much equally... As to putting it back on sale one suspects the shrinking player bases on na and sea, and hence shrinking revenue have triggered their last ditch 'bleed them dry' approach.
  4. Found the ism significantly better for tier than the 705, despite being a tier 8. Basically killed any rush to grind the 10. Legga summed the 9 up nicely, good turret but that's about it.
  5. Might want to let them know their punctuation keys on their keyboard are broken.
  6. Early impression - the 9s gun is way nicer than the 8s (using the 122 at least tho others seem to think the 130 is better for some reason), but the armor doesn't hold up quite as well tier for tier. Haven't quite learned the angles yet on the 705, but with is-m you could show a lot of side on flat ground and be ok. The 705 seems more sensitive to angling and covering LFP. And onto the other part of this thread... a few stronk tm teams... First one of mine... Then credit to the efforts of this fellow...
  7. Almost forgot this thread... better clear the heap... First some genuine IS-M aces after they fixed the mastery glitch... Think this may have been a 1st, but solid nonetheless.... Then took the 59 for a spin for some credits... not sure if this was an ace... Then a few other credit grinders...
  8. On this, i was under the impression your weight relative to your load capacity did impact things. I'm guessing you didn't test or anything but now i'm curious.
  9. Anyone any early opinions on the 705 or 705a? IS-M is almost done so wondering whether these are in the 'play them quick before they are nerfed' or the 'no rush, pretty meh' category.
  10. Fun while it lasted, 1200 raw is now a 2nd class on the IS-M.
  11. I think someone broke the ace tankers... just got a 963 raw ace in the IS-M after multiple 1200 1st classes over the last few days. Might be rips' chance!
  12. Does it make good credits? Mostly as the type 62 doesn't make great credits so i'm wondering which of the t92 and even are better earners.
  13. They don't grind themselves. I've updated my loadout. Lots more HE now. HE ammo, best ammo.