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  1. As above, plus you're assuming that people's theories have a sensible foundation.
  2. I guess this will be a fair indication. If they were bots / player number padders, why haven't they been turned on? If it's just people patching then it makes sense if would be a more progressive increase. I suspect the weekend numbers will be the most telling.
  3. Don't get me wrong, i still click the placebo report button, but i have no doubt they aren't actual bots, but just shitters content with failing / power grinding their way up the tiers. And sadly WG can't ban them as they don't have anything in there to prevent that sort of activity.
  4. Hopey's theory on bots in battles had little behind it, but quite a few have noted the logged in numbers element.
  5. This place never got a carry thread. So it's time this is rectumified. Similar concept to the one from the main forums, however this time there is a prerequisite of 1000xp raw to weed out the not quite a carry battles. I'll be posting here first, then put in a link in the main carry thread. So get carrying chaps! To keep it relevant, pls try to limit to games done in the last week or so, and no dramas if the NA and EU guys want to join in despite the section - i doubt it's that much easier to carry over there anyway.
  6. If ever anyone needed a data point for what going effectively AFK in a tier 10 heavy looks like... Literally goes to a back corner and hides the entire time regardless of map.
  7. Must be adrian's dodgey sig generator morphing into WASD feetfoods.
  8. I wonder if there is an objective way to assess the number of broken tanks at any point in time. Certainly based on the 'vibe' it's progressively got worse in recent years.
  9. Definitely. I don't anticipate being permanently cleansed of wot. i still look at the specials and stuff, but just haven't even been tempted yet. Also haven't had much of a chance to waste time of late. Now if only paint allowed you to correct the broken sig while retaining the gif part. Rebuilding the lot just for the 8k is well beyond the meh threshold.
  10. Yeah was hoping to get the updated version first. Unless that is you fixed whatever was broken in which case at least I'll have a new version (Edit, looks like we can't log in to check anyway). 8k ftw!
  11. So my gif sig will forever remain un updated... Oh well, was a superb innovation while it lasted.
  12. There would be something glorious about the power creep cycle making a pref mm prem better than a very analogous normal mm prem. Shit like the cdc is at least 'different' but the super being better would be superb.
  13. Breast cancer awareness month. Stewie is running a stream for donations with link... Somewhere... (on phone). Be good if lots of kac can donate.
  14. Ezz

    SEA CW is ded

    Sideline to all this but I'd love to see a time-line of who in wg was running the game / balance etc. over the various patches.
  15. Snap shot helps with turret rotation which if you're planning on using the crew to derp in the t49 is very important. Beyond that designated can be useful but maybe when you're onto your 5th skills.
  16. Ezz

    SEA CW is ded

    One can't forget the improved sound system... where you now can't hear stuff.
  17. Ezz

    SEA CW is ded

    Where did you hear such a thing?
  18. Ezz

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    Solo upper tiers are fine during prime time. Tooning screws you (doubly given the mm weight).
  19. Was thinking the same. The issue then becomes whether the community extracted stats are accurate. And if not why not.
  20. Ezz

    SU-130PM Soviet Tank Destroyer

    The part of that quote that puzzles me is the implication that Russian players don't care about balance.
  21. I think I accidentally got one. That's why I stopped playing. The shame.