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  1. So a reasonable solution to a number of the game's problems then...
  2. Ezz

    Help me pimp out Obj. 430u

    Of the choices you've posted I'd go for sit awareness and off road next. Gunner maybe armorer if people start HE spamming your gun. Preventative maintenance I think requires 100% so you'd want to reskill that at some point but not sure how flammable it is so others could help. Food generally goes in for an AFE but as above... Directive you can always go for the fire one as gun handling on it is generally good anyway.
  3. See i enjoy that shit. They are so ripe. You barely poke them and they just about explode with that sort of tripe.
  4. I_think_I_can would have been on the right track tho.
  5. Ezz

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    Worth it or not, giving them money is fuel to the fire at this point.
  6. Need to do the maths to confirm it all. Using http://wio.ru/strat/wot-exp-eng.htm which i hope is accurate... Before battle needed 21k on my loader with acceleration (sucks it's not a radio loader so fk all use) to get to 59% on his 5th skill, after battle needed about 22k to get to 65%. Driver needed about 18k to get to 59%, after battle needed about 13k to get to 62%. So definitely accelerate training worked. And based on what each skill is taking, the loader got around 162k - ie 21k -> 59, probably another 24.2k to 60, another 25.3k to 61, 26.5k to 62, 27.8k to 63, 29.1% to 64% and about 8k of the 30k it req'd for the 65%. Driver 18k + 24.2 + 25.3 + 14k = 80.5k. Which makes sense given the premium vehicle crew increase % and also aligns with the battle result. As to the booster, a Crew +200% booster was on but as expected that looks to have only influenced the battle result XP, not the 50k. TL;DR, working as expected...
  7. It's a valid concern and one of the reasons I make sure I get in a few regular tank resets as well just to make sure. The risk is simply too great.
  8. Actual tank question for the people who know stuff. For the missions where you get 50k XP on completion in the tank you complete it with. Does that go to crew as well? And is it impacted by boosters?
  9. This place never got a carry thread. So it's time this is rectumified. Similar concept to the one from the main forums, however this time there is a prerequisite of 1000xp raw to weed out the not quite a carry battles. I'll be posting here first, then put in a link in the main carry thread. So get carrying chaps! To keep it relevant, pls try to limit to games done in the last week or so, and no dramas if the NA and EU guys want to join in despite the section - i doubt it's that much easier to carry over there anyway.
  10. Complicated, but i worked it out... Since May i appear to have lost 0.01% WR and gained 6 wn8s. \o/ Only 35 Ks off skill now tho. Getting closer!
  11. Seems to only go up to May for me.
  12. If checking requires much more than hitting f5 then I lean quickly towards meh. Plus it's fun to play 4 fun right!
  13. Ezz

    T-44 undervalued

    You are using the lb1 aren't you at least? Having played the 44100 a fair amount the gun is really nice nowadays but granted that gets very slightly better handling (.12 vs.13 from memory). The difference shouldn't be enough to make it that bad.
  14. My view, once you accept that most pubbies will do as much or more stupid shit as i do, you start to not get as disappointed when they do.
  15. Wait, you only got this the last 3 weeks? How did you avoid it so long?
  16. While i copped a 47% kelly player in two consecutive battles, both of which going to a meaningless flank in his T57, the one that really struck me was a 268 on lakeville who just drove straight into town alone, then parked facing the mid road, got cleaned up by their heavies, then apologised. I just don't get it. Is it that people are trying to lose? That they don't care either way, or that they have simply bought the accounts and so are literally that clueless.
  17. Not really, but without stat tracking thanks to wotlabs it's hard to gauge how i'm doing. Side note, but i kinda get why a tier 8 player would suicide if they are one of the fk noodles who doesn't like being bottom tier. But why do some tier 10s suicide?
  18. Cancel that. Noticed that the update 'All' was saying it only updated a subset, so then used the update my stats only and it seems to have worked.
  19. Can someone remind me how to check current wnezz. I suspect mine has gone backwards since my arty plus Udes phase.
  20. Been a while so keeping it to the >1300 raw battles... Then to make the most of the free prem time it was credits time... Then some italian flavours... The ideal combo of two bad teams... Then some old favourites... A bit unfair getting prok in the 41 90...
  21. I tend not to pay much attention to their names to be honest. It's not like pubbies with shit attitudes are that memorable.
  22. Wonder if that was the same guy who drove his 5355 up the middle of karelia because he didn't like our chance to win.
  23. Ezz

    Potential Swap Leaked from CT?

    Good point... i guess then the is4 still won't come elite when purchased, hence would be using that D25T in that picture or whatever it gets stock.