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  1. Only from those who still play... which if they don't do anything won't be many.
  2. This place never got a carry thread. So it's time this is rectumified. Similar concept to the one from the main forums, however this time there is a prerequisite of 1000xp raw to weed out the not quite a carry battles. I'll be posting here first, then put in a link in the main carry thread. So get carrying chaps! To keep it relevant, pls try to limit to games done in the last week or so, and no dramas if the NA and EU guys want to join in despite the section - i doubt it's that much easier to carry over there anyway.
  3. That weird tingling feeling when even QB acknowledges WG dun fkd their game. Have said it basically since they started with their p2w ways, but only way to unfk this mess is to harden up and nerf the broken shit.
  4. Ezz

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    Interesting, can you let us know how it is after 50 or so. Would be interesting to see if it stays that low or what.
  5. Adrian you realise they've tweaked the mm so 8s don't see 10s very often right?
  6. Ezz


    My theory is that prior to the automatic ace algorithm having enough data it just defaults to about 1250 raw for aces. Same thing for me - the day i bought it i aced it a few times with stuff around the 1300 mark. Two days later and 1482 raw was a 1st.
  7. Ezz


    Because anecdotes are a thing of beauty, my 432 has already been ammoracked from full health by a 704 400+m away, been blind fired by a t30 that started a fire and killed me and blind fire penned by a type 5. Yet my blackdog had a habit of getting random bounces. But yeah, agree the safest of the 8 meds. Just hasn't always felt that way...
  8. I can't remember who, but someone did a bit of testing on this, comparing the two tanks. Things like time to various speeds etc. but i can't recall their final conclusion. If i find the thread i'll link it.
  9. Ezz


    Like most lights. Good if on an open map or with a decent team. Shit if you have a team of idiots.
  10. Ezz


    I went with optics vents rammer. But i suspect optics vstab rammer would probably be as good or better a bet.
  11. Ezz

    Playing arty is HARD - an ultimate proof

    We were short numbers in cw so had a bloke run both his accounts in arty on prok. No change in efficacy...
  12. Try poli and fox. And poli probably best in the Fb group. I've not played it.
  13. Saw that as well but not sure if there have been other iterations or what.
  14. Had a similar moment with the wz 120. Used to love it and play it to bits. Pulled it out for nostalgic reasons and genuinely had to check whether the gun was broken or my gunner was dead.
  15. Saw reference to improved hull armor, but have you seen details (or a model if they are reliable which by the sounds of the 260 may not be)? And yeah, it's getting an engine as well. Suspect 220 pen is still going to need a little heat, but it's certainly an improvement. Very fun!
  16. Naturally, but 25% higher is pretty impressive.
  17. Was about to say that it was his highest damage... but that hwk!?!?
  18. A somewhat reliable look at gold usage by server... Using the vbaddict 'shots received w/out damage' data for tiers 8-10. Comparing 1st and 10th place by server. The lower the figure we can infer the more gold rounds being used. Of course it could also be that the players are better / know weak spots / have better aim bots etc.. But let's go with gold round usage as a starter... All servers: 58.31% - 48.53% EU: 59.24% - 50.67% NA: 57.95% - 48.09% RU: 59.45% - 49.10% And no great surprise... SEA: 57.44% - 47.25%.
  19. You could give him most tanks and the result would be similar. But fk me it would be funny.
  20. Mind you good old claus appeared to struggle in it so maybe they include him to quell the op op op cries.
  21. Worth nothing Dez only has 2/3 crew with camo. I think it's up around 39% ish with full camo crew depending on vents / food and all that jazz. Skill felt it was the best of the 8 lights for both spotting and combat ability. As an aside he started his 3 mark grind with a standard optics vstab rammer but switched over to an optics vents rammer set up towards the end. I think his thoughts were basically that vents was better for marking due to the spotting advantages but for general play the vstabs were probably the way to go.
  22. They are rather beautiful - this set from a thread listing issues WG have at the moment...
  23. It's bizarre, first BOlyx started using amusing levels of sarcasm / subtle, and now after years of abject disagreement, there's signs hopey (all that other thread that i missed aside) might actually be capable of seeing beyond his own agenda.
  24. "I think it was a mistake to ditch tier 6 CW but now see ditching CW 1.0 was a bigger mistake."