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  1. AMD (Ry)Zen

    Currently Im using a B350 Strix. Decent MoBo, but when it comes to OC I have some start up issues. Once its going, its fine. I do know I'll need better power delivery for the CPU in future gens
  2. AMD (Ry)Zen

    For Ryzen owners: Its worth going from Ryzen 5 1st gen to Ryzen 7 2nd gen. Its not worth going from Ryzen 7 1st gen to Ryzen 7 2nd gen I am debating on weather or not to upgrade to the new Z470 boards
  3. M35 Marathon Megathread

    Grinding this out on EU, plan is to get to the 50% discount point playing the AMX 12t, Type 64, and AMX 13-57. Really isnt hard, and frankly light tanks are decently fun on EU given the slower pacing in general of the game. Just stay alive, you'll have a decent time Pricing: Base Bundle: 70 10%: $63 20%: $56 30%: $49 (Only at this point would I consider buying it) 40%: $42 50%: $35 (Ideal, IMO, for a tier 8 premium) 60%: $28 (Credit boost for completion of mission. If you have time, do it) 70%: $21 80%: $14 90%: $7 100%: Free
  4. Marine's Simple Replays

    ...Im consistently posting material? Wth?
  5. AMD (Ry)Zen

    What @Fulcrous said
  6. AMD (Ry)Zen

    Oh yes, clearly the testing is flawed here. But, if the benchmarks come out from reliable sources this week, Id be pumped @RollerCoaster47 stick w/ the 8700k. Believe me I love me Ryzen, but the 8700k is still beast mode
  7. AMD (Ry)Zen Not gonna lie, excited
  8. Easiest lesson to learn in Tenks: Never try to be the hero Hardest thing to do in Tenks: Never try to be the hero
  9. Marine's Simple Replays

    I am the best tier 9 in this battle
  10. Possibly near the end, but that allowed me to stay alive with the HP I needed to win. Id rather sacrifice others in a pub so that I can still win it, than put my tank on the line and possibly lose. Competition and platooning allow communication, so we're able to focus and support. Pubbies wont/cant make the plays your friends would
  11. I personally like to watch @BigCheese256's youtube channel when it comes to aiming: Look at how he uses 3rd person to minimize exposure, and to get quicker snap shots. When I first came across his content, it blew me away from a pure mechanical stand point
  12. There are 'Heat Maps' which will show where most of the action takes place. Then, use your experience you gain with playing the game to realize which angles feed into those spots, and where are the biggest and thickest booshes.
  13. I swear, I didn't read your comment before titling this. Describes the OP's question quite well, actually. Stayed somewhat defensive, as in I tried to never trade 1 for 1. But, I was taking every opportunistic shot I could while never allowing myself to be full exposed and isolated to multiple enemies
  14. AMX M4 49 Liberté

    I still love this tank
  15. A Guide to True Botting

    Horry sheet thats a LOT of EZ credits