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  1. Amen. The salt it generated was epic, and the fact that its point flew WAY over their heads about why it was wrong was even better
  2. Some tanks which have a shot: VK 100 Jpn HTs tier 7+ Super Conq
  3. AMX 13-57. No others
  4. you need to get an account w/ the super conq on it. Better than the pref nerfed E5
  5. I need this mod, and then to stream while running my last 200% credit bonus
  6. Yes. Sheltered MM, DANK credit earning potential, and a recent gun handling buff. Plus, this
  7. yeah... i saw that shit. Like, fuck
  8. MSRP for the RX 580 8GB is supposed to be $230 USD. The 570 4GB, $170
  9. This is pretty universal right now. They've come down a bit, but no where near MSRP at all
  10. Yeah, with a Freesync Monitor it only makes sense to go AMD here
  11. Do you constant RR22, or slow play the hell outa everything?
  12. Not buying the 13-57 has forever been a regret of mine. It just looked too shit before all the LT changes. Its forever a "Must Buy" now if its EVER available
  13. Campaign is going to pay out in bonds for participation. Imagine you could either pick a tank, or completely elite the living fuck out of your T49
  14. Yeah MT meta has been dead for a while
  15. For reference, 2400-2425 DPG is good enough for 15-13th overall DPG on the NA server. My own DPG at 2342 is good enough for 24th overall on the NA after 168 battles. EU, he'd still be top 50 but ever so close