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  1. Agreed w/ @Folterknecht The 1600 with a solid B350 Mobo would be fantastic. I am curious to see what the i3's will offer, but I doubt it'll make a large enough difference
  2. Unless the person you're buying it from doesn't know about the temp off-set, and you get it for $250 USD
  3. ...8700k a steal? kek No. At the price to performance, Ryzen is a steal. The only reason its not a $500+ USD for the 8700k is because of Ryzen. The only reason theres a 6 core skew for Intel right now, is Ryzen. Prices have improved with Intel because they no longer have a monopoly on the high end gaming/workstation CPUs. You say benchmarks don't matter, then try to say Ryzen is better in some synthetic benchmarks and "useless" test. Consistency would be nice. Either they matter, or they dont. Pick one, not when it suites you. They're both hitting over 144fps in many/most cases, so what exactly are you missing? A bit of small epenis? Fact is, theres a good reason for picking either/or based upon your needs.
  4. I also got my Ryzen 7 1700x for $250, or less than a locked i7 6700, and $120 less than an i7 8700k. Plus a mobo which is going to probably last more than 1 generation, and again: 1440p and greater Ryzen is very competitive FPS wise with both the 7700k and 8700k. And you're still coming at this from a pure "gaming" standpoint. Theres PLENTY of other reasons to buy Ryzen over Intel, just as there can be PLENTY of reasons to go Intel over Ryzen. Much of what I do has little to do with gaming: I have Virtual Machines, rendering/recording, Chrome tabs, streaming, etc etc etc. often all going at once. I built my brother an Intel PC, his primary function is pure gaming/VR. Dad, Ryzen 5 1600 because he's doing a bunch of Cad Drawing. Another brother, built a Ryzen 3 1300x because he needs good VM and run an in-home entertainment server on a budget.
  5. benchmarks DO matter. Gaming I get what I need. Atm anyway I have a 60hz monitor soon to be replaced with a 1440p 144, where Ryzen closes the gaps. I can stream/broadcast/edit with 0 noticeable lag on my system sans internet. Im missing ZERO other than clock speeds for 1080p 144hz+ gaming for the vast most part which is where I am NOT going.
  6. More and more I feel confident that Ryzen was the way to go, especially at the price I got my 1700x CPU.
  7. 168 battles 2343 DPG 392 Assist
  8. If you're streaming to YouTube, you could have 10mbps uploads w/o problem. twitch can be odd at times.
  9. System: Ryzen 7 1700x @3.8Ghz 16GB DDR4 @2933hz EVGA 1070 Gaming No OC ASUS ROG B350 Game installed on an Samsung 850 EVO 1080p 144hz ROC Gaming panel Game Settings: VSync: Off Shadows/Motion Blur/Grass all off or minimum allowed All other settings maximum FPS Himmelsdorf: 45 minimum during a brawl, 80 sitting in spawn. Average about 65 Steppes: 35 when driving past enemy team (They had a 5A, so no connect), 90 sitting in spawn, about 70 average Cliff: 55 minimum, 80 maximum. Average about 70 Murovanka: about 60 minimum (Enemy did not load, so I avoided going close), 85 max, about 75 average I run the HD version for the current patch, and I rarely see less than 115fps even in the heaviest of brawls. I also was recording using Action! Recorder, CPU utilisation was never more than 45% I believe. I'll get another session tonight and upload results
  10. Stannis of the TV show is NOT my Stannis of GRRM book lore That said, y'all just now coming over to the Nights King side?
  11. As Carbonward wont be able to post replays, if I were donated a AMX 105 and people are interested perhaps @CarbonWard will do a 10 battle replay pack
  12. I miss the previous version of the T110E5. The Super Conq just makes me sad now with the turret armor and gun depression
  13. Fulcrous was SO. FUCKING. PUMPED. to get his new PC parts. Every day in slack, he would breathlessly update us on the status of their delivery. How sweet the packaging smelled. The love, tenderness, and anticipation was like a bride walking down the isle. It was perfect. It was everything he dreamed about. Of course, he lifted the sheets and saw a wang to match his own, and the honeymoon was over.
  14. My favorite place to play in the S-Tanks I've gotten more Aces/High Damage from this spot than possibly even yolo'ing mid from Ruinberg North
  15. Correct. Even with lower profile RAM, The fan would have been up against the glass. And, I'd be missing out on the RAM RGB! I could put a 120mm Noctua fan there, but see previous statement. As far as cooling: Ive noticed absolutely 0 difference at 3.8GHz. I could push to 3.9 or 4.0 and try, but voltages get higher than Id like