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  1. Some Premium Tank play, featuring the S1, Lorrain 40t and the M4 49. Nothing super special, but just solid play so that I could play Clan Cup last night
  2. And, I no longer completely suck at this other game Since I know Im not the greatest 1PP/3PP player, I try to win via positioning. It took me 105 hours to get my first win, but now they're coming a bit more often
  3. I still play WOT
  4. UK mediums are being changed, will hold off on updating the FV4202 for the time. Has there been any new prems released since... June? To be quite honest I havent paid attention at all since @dance210 decided to leave for TWA
  5. @Errants EU im about 100-130, with little packet loss. But, when packets ARE lost OMFG
  6. Thats where Im at. Was really hoping the Vega 56 would just absolutely push the 1070 and push it hard. Same thermals, power draw, etc. but lower cost. But, I think Im better off instead getting a 1070 and eventually a nice GSync 27in 1080p. Long run, given this failed venture and there being little/no reason for NVidea to push Volta it just makes more sense
  7. Something looked off of this bush... 


  8. So yeah, 64's are already on eBay for $800+ being sold as Etherium mining cards. Fuck. Those. Asshats
  9. Fuck Etherium Miners



    And has fucking bids

  10. Had the cards been released a year ago, this is a different conversation I feel given their price points. But, the juice isnt worth the squeeze
  11. Sadly, agreed. If power draws were similar Id jump the fuck all over them
  12. My concern about them is their freaking power draw. Under load, they're significantly pulling in WAY MORE power than the 1070 and 1080's. Plus, fucking cryptocurrency asswipes will drive up their prices
  13. It only took about 80 hours of solo play to get a first fucking chicken dinner HmhJ0Uo.png

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    2. TAdoo87


      Maybe it would be easier to cock it for yourself...


    3. Hellsfog


      I honestly thought this was going to be about your grill and smoker and thought you were bored so decided to see how long you could cook a chicken.

    4. Fabunil


      I like me some cock once in a while too.

  14. SomethingEdgy