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  1. Wow it has tier 10 Light tank levels of DPM!
  2. Like Fulcrous said, use your speed. A heavium is at it strongest when abusing other tank classes instead of fighting other Heavy Tanks. With deployment, I tend to deploy like I am a top tier RU MT, as while Im lacking only a slight bit of speed and DPM, I have a massive armor, HP, and alpha advantage.
  3. ..thats what you'd LIKE to think...
  4. Ive had success using HEAT rounds, but I was matched up with tier 9 tanks, and a LOT of "just squishy enough" mediums or heaviums to bang on. Ended up with almost 6k damage, including 5 HEAT pens. They're very situational, more so than most rounds in the game but they add a nice level of awareness to your game planning
  5. Ive played it now (was gifted 12k gold from WG for submitting a ping plotter, thx!) and all I kept thinking was "if I had 1 second faster reload when maxed and .4 base accuracy, this would be damn good!" The camo values are fantastic, mobility is great. Gun handling is amaze. Its just constantly let down by poor DPM, accuracy and sometimes pen values in the battles Ive played it
  6. Notice: Never said it could, just that its the theory it can
  7. Under, yes. But not to the tremendous levels it currently is. Id expect the pref 8's to have similar AP/APCR stats as the T-44 for penetration, given that the T-44 does have the agility to flank that the IS6 and KV5 do not have. I doubt you'll see a turret buff, given the HP pool of the KV5. At least w/ an ammo pen buff, it can trade that HP more effectively
  8. What Im expecting to see for some of the more popular RU tenks IS6 and KV5: AP buff to 190-200mm, APCR to 230-240 (Think Super P) T-44: VR Buff, Camo Buff, 190 AP 240 APCR IS7: 2500 HP, -15% dispersion while rotating turret, -15% dispersion moving hull IS4: Moved to Tier 9, HP to 1900/2000. LFP loses the previous buff. Gun handling and DPM slightly decrease, turret roof to 20mm STI: Moved to tier 10, HP to 2450. DPM buff, hull armor buff to upper front and cheeks. Slight turret buff to area outside mantle. IS5/IS3A: Handling buff to gun (dispersion) and mobility KV4: Speed buff, slight DPM buff T-54: Loses the good gun (current) but they buff the "other" gun with the 218 AP pen to similar stats (Like seriously, why havent they done this yet?)
  9. Tomorrow max rank is get a28qWDb.jpg

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      That anus :gachi:

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      @Siimcy couldnt even fit my hand in there, good thing I have massive fingers to get the rub all up in there

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      Two hours into the smoking process: Rotated both to the far side, in about two hours they should both be done!

  10. Im approaching rank 9, will soon achieve maximum rating


    I got a new grill for fathers day, should get me to max rank once I get the smoker attachment. currently sitting at rank 8 with the grill cured w/ mesquite and hickory smoke, plus a nice blend of charcoal and oak lump coal. If I can find some apple wood to throw in there as well, should hit rank 9 pretty quick

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Try your local orchards, here in the PNW applewood is nice but over rated, Plum I find has a lot more depth of flavor and is slightly liss strong than cherry.

  11. The only rating that matters is: Are you CarbonWard? If no: you're bad
  12. Rig Update ITS. SO. PRETTY. Update to hardware: My brother had purchased a z170, 6600k, 1050ti and 16GB DDR4 but was never able to get it working (because he didnt listen to me nor the videos I sent him on how to). Well, I was looking to upgrade my system to similar but didnt have the cash on hand... So, swapped him my rig. He's getting a z97A, i5 4690k, 16GB DDR3 and a 980ti. The cost difference between our systems is what I was looking to spend anyway on a new MoBo, RAM, and CPU. I get upward mobility that I didnt have before plus a better CPU, he gets a massive GPU upgrade. Tonight Im rebuilding my old system and cleaning it out for him
  13. I think its extended well beyond the large colon, and into the small intestine at this point
  14. Ive no clue, but I'll let you know tonight when I get the Bis unlocked!
  15. My Scharn crew went from 10 points to 16 during this event, only thing left for me to do is get the 350k damage. Nice going from the Konig to Bismark