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  1. My wife convinced me to try a juice cleanse with her for a few days.

    The carnivore in me is already at critical rage and its only been 20 hours

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    2. Hellsfog


      The most active this forum as been in months is a discussion about juice cleansing and the merits of vegetarian v. vegan v. normal eating.  Confirmation: WoT ded. 

    3. OOPMan
    4. hazzgar


      @OOPMan that retarded Italian COuple did more bad than just put their kid on a vegan diet. You can have your kid on a vegan diet. It's just a PITA to do it and requires a lot of knowledge. Also the best for you and enviroment is flexitarianism with low meat consumption and lowered protein consumption (and caloric input) as you get older.

      I say all of the above as someone who loves meat, especially meat based soups and broths.

  2. I might have to grind out the Polish HTs

    1. Hellsfog


      Go play with your son until the feeling goes away. It's too late for some of us but you could still make it. 

  3. 1) Fuck arty 2) Fuck arty 3) Fuck whomever TK's in Ranked. Its cancerous enough to play as is. You're a bitch for playing arty in ranked, but intentionally TK'ing in ranked mode should not be tolerated and is equally as bad as playing Arty in the first place
  4. Sad, going to return my MX Brown keyboard :(

    Used is since Prime day, and carpel tunnel came back almost immediately. Fuck. I hate ergonomic keyboards

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    2. TheMarine0341


      @Folterknechtgoing to give the Freestyle edge a try. Its currently the mass-drop, able to get the lift kit and board for about 180

    3. Folterknecht


      hopefully that works out for you!

    4. TheMarine0341


      Oh me too. I love the way the browns, MUCH nicer than the microsoft ergonomic keyboard

  5. TheMarine0341

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    No. Post buff. Armor is certainly not better than a type 5 either. One could only argue that when the IS7 is hull down, and only engaging from 1 angle. As soon as the IS7 must engage from more than 1 angle or faces HE, that pike nose gets weak as hell or it'll struggle to pen most other HTs. Hell, it doesn't even need to be but a 20-30 degree angle and the pike is vulnerable to HEAT, especially at the cheek area. As soon as you're not directly pointed at your enemy, you're vulnerable. The low pen and terrible gun handling mean you must expose yourself longer. 95% of the player base has no clue how to actually angle and minimize exposure
  6. TheMarine0341

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    I think you're playing a different IS7 than most of the server, then. its armor is bad beyond the turret, and then you're going to be up against Type 5's with prem HE anyway. The mobility is good: When going downhill. The gun handling means close range engagement only, which will mean even more accurate Type 5 shells. Everything the IS7 was good at, theres now 3-4 Heaviums which can take what the IS7 does but only slightly worse, while doing other things MUCH better. Hull Down: Super Conq with better APCR and DPM Mobility: 5A, 113, 277 and while having just enough armor in the turret, along with the 5A and 113 having better depression to work many of the same positions as the IS7 previously could Gun handling: Super Conq, 5A, 113, and 277 all rape the IS7 there, along with better premium ammo
  7. Bought the Corsair MX Brown keyboard. Falling more in love w/ the way it feels. Hating that its taking this long to re-learn how to type on a normal keyboard

  8. TheMarine0341

    What is your FoV?

    120 ever since it became an option. It did take a bit to get used to, but worth
  9. TheMarine0341

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    We (VILIN) are using them a bit more when, like the above description, we need more mobility. Himmels hill play, Prok, Cliff, etc. Otherwise, we use 5As for that role
  10. I miss horribly the original Bulldog M41 with the 10 shot autoloader.

    1. hall0


      Without this autoloader the Bulldog is boring af

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      The T71 DA sort of scratches the itch tbh, but then again I never played the old T71 prior to the split

    3. Hellsfog


      Without the autoloader, the bulldog is meh. It's like the Vk2801 without the derp. Sad really. 

  11. TheMarine0341

    Prognosis of 705A?

    Exactly average, nothing special. Can hard carry in the right MM, unique gun given alpha, but not broken in one way or another so it doesn't stand out
  12. TheMarine0341

    dead EU accounts

    Checking to make sure the login still works, will PM
  13. yeah one of the first things I did w/ my 1070 was replace the thermal paste w/ some of Noctuas. Being an EVGA founders w/ the blower style, figured it could use all the help the card needs to run cool. Im pretty sure thats the only remaining source of noise now within my case, and I have a long time to wait til the non-founders 11' series gets released
    1. simba90


      rofl, I honestly missed that the first time i watched it.

    2. nabucodonsor


      HOW? WHY?


    3. mistervanni


      haha who knows where it was when death befell him...

  14. TheMarine0341

    Marine's Simple Replays

    Bobject 263, Dah, is hard to pLeY