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  1. Thanks to WG, Ive hit unicorn overall, smashed it really. 9736 PR WR took a beating over Silver league, as I pretty much forgot how to pub as I became too reliant on teammates doing what was needed to win. Platooning is helping bring this back at least. At this time, Im "kinda" taking a break from WOT since the CW season is over, only logging in to do advances or SHs. Otherwise, Im playing PUBG or WOWS
  2. Not an impressive overall game at all, but I picked up enough points with a kill to push us over the top and get the solo warrior
  3. Ok, this was fun 172055 damage in the end, 2158 base EXP
  5. How was this buffed? Turret rotation speed?
  6. Rip @Dakillzor's mods :(


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      He was in a mood :( I said "RIP salt levels" after he got clipped by a TVP with about 3k combined in the M60, and bam

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  7. What a great start to mothers day...

    Please note, this is not for the faint of heart. 

    My 2 year old son left a toy, un-noticed by my wife and I, in our dogs cage last night. The dog ate that toy, and proceeded, unbeknownst to us, defecating and shitting it out the rest of the night all over his cage. I open our door this morning and I almost instantly vomit myself, the smell is so damn fucking oh fucking holy fucking oh shit not fucking way BAD. 

    The only ONLY good news out of this: The dog seems fine now, and WE FUCKING STILL CRATE OUR DOG AT NIGHT. Otherwise, wifey and I would be homeless for a day or so while ALL of our carpets were cleaned. As is, the spot-bot should take care of the most of it. Dog has been hosed off once already, going to bath him again and give him a LITTLE food while he works through his... issues. 


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      @Hellsfog quite literally 

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      Collin, the shitstorm carrier

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      Give the dog some raw asparagus. The stringy parts catch on things and help clean out the plumbing. I used to volunteer for a lab rescue and that's one of the things I picked up. 

  8. Tank based values in theory would work, until its leaked how to manipulate them to make you 'pad' your scores. WN9 was the best attempt at this, given how your WN9 score scales with more damage, but even its flawed and wont be accepted WN* is dead. Long live WN*
  9. Holy fuck you cant even use your vs you're right...
  10. Kill their support first, same goes for Maus
  11. My ability to Solo-Pub was shot to shit by a couple months of league play. I can deal more damage, apparently, but find myself counting on team-mates to do the obvious when I cannot is just suicide

  12. I'll be doing the same, moving the BullGod(lessHeathen)'s crew into the Sherridan, and keep the T-49. Its just too much fun w/ the two viable guns. I've stuck w/ the 90mm, but once I get the Sherridan I'll probably go 152-T49, 105-Sherry
  13. @Gryphon_ is WG going to continue to read the new tier 9 LTs as tier 8s, with the exception of the new CH LTs? If thats the case, yes.
  14. @Tjerry & @CraBeatOff the T21 mobility wise (in straight line) feels like the old T37 along w/ the gun handling, but gets the trash US 76mm and sluggish to accelerate. That said, now that its been dropped from T9 MM, that 76mm isn't beyond garbage now in tier 8 MM. plus the 370 (or 380?) base VR is much easier to get to max I still have fond memories of the T21 picking up 10k assistance in a tier 10 battle on Mali, before they shuffled tank spawns.