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  1. I hop into Relic TS every now and then just to BS w/ the chap
  2. It'll only be troll if they're reverse scraping, and you're not in a position to overmatch their turret. I spent all of 3 minutes looking at it in, and theres just no way this tank can position to prevent easy pens
  3. I played 1 battle. Sold it immediately afterward. Played lots of tier 9 and 10, ate those fuckers for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Thanks for the 1.9mil credits, WG
  4. Stop at the tier 9. Its the only tank worth it. And then play it with the 127mm
  5. holy bullshit camo batman
  6. Id give it 1700 base DPM, better gun handling and call it even.
  7. Like I said, do away with the oligopoly system the cable/net providers enjoy, and theres no need for any sort of NN
  8. it wont. Theres too many other factors, such as Oligopolies, controlling competition here in the USA for any form of net neutrality to do a lick of fucking good
  9. Ive kept mine between 88% and 93% MOE. It takes a shitload of work to get that last %
  10. @Rexxie Edit: Nvm, see you added a link to the maps Dragon Ridge - 35 Hidden Village - 16 - This map was introduced when I first got into Relix Aux, and stats started improving. Thus, shitloads of fucked up ass brained cunt bitch ebola fucktards and the arty which could still consistently 1-shit you was still in the game. Fuck this map. 1 area to play, and no where to hide if you wa Northwest - 29 Pearl River - 42 Port - 34 - Still a favorite. The south side did have an advantage due to being on the low ground and being able to shoot up under the cars, but a simple spawn adjustment (East/west instead of north/south) could have fixed that. Lots of areas to run around in, lots of opportunities to actually flank Province - 27 Severgorsk - 9 South Coast - 27 Severgorsk is bad, but again could have been somewhat 'fixed' with leveling of terrain and removing cancer from the game. At least here you had two corridors, unlike the 1 hidden village had and without arty cover
  11. Dragon Ridge - 31 Hidden Village - 30 Komarin - 24-3 = 21 Fuck you Northwest - 30 Pearl River - 31 Port - 31 Nostalgia: First map I aced a tank on, in the IS6 none the less Province - 30 Severogorsk - 30 South Coast - 30
  12. Since when was it's pen so low? Ive always had 356mm pen on my standard ammo
  13. Gotta say: All the meta shifts in the world, and this tank never really feels underpowered nor overpowered. Its always just. right.
  14. This coming back would give me a chance at fulfilling my WOT Dream: 1-Shitting one with a 183mm HESH
  15. The best pubbie rage inducing moment is when I two-shot one with an E100. I knew he was on reload, and just wasted that fucker. Think it was my highest tier 10 base EXP game, something over 1400 too