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  1. For fun I go back through and read some of the old comments on the old tank discussion threads.

    Some comments did NOT age well, others are still true as gold

    1. DHP


      You can't leave us hanging like that ! At least show us one ! :)

    2. Strigonx
  2. T-34/100: All the 'Meh'

    Its not the worst tier 7 MT (T-43 will forever hold that spot in my heart) Gun is a capable damage dealer. It could certainly use a speed buff, and the -5 depression is depressing. 12 battles in (not elite yet) averaging 1669 DPG which isnt bad for a tier 7 med (I expect Carbon to do 2.9k, but I digress). It REALLY needs a good crew. Glad Im training essentially two crews now as I intend to keep the tier 9 and 10. Others thoughts? Again, mine is "Meh. Ive had better, but DAMN Ive had worse"
  3. AMD (Ry)Zen

    Upgrading the Ryzen 5 1st gen to the next is worth it IMO.
  4. AMD (Ry)Zen

    Currently Im using a B350 Strix. Decent MoBo, but when it comes to OC I have some start up issues. Once its going, its fine. I do know I'll need better power delivery for the CPU in future gens
  5. AMD (Ry)Zen

    For Ryzen owners: Its worth going from Ryzen 5 1st gen to Ryzen 7 2nd gen. Its not worth going from Ryzen 7 1st gen to Ryzen 7 2nd gen I am debating on weather or not to upgrade to the new Z470 boards
  6. M35 Marathon Megathread

    Grinding this out on EU, plan is to get to the 50% discount point playing the AMX 12t, Type 64, and AMX 13-57. Really isnt hard, and frankly light tanks are decently fun on EU given the slower pacing in general of the game. Just stay alive, you'll have a decent time Pricing: Base Bundle: 70 10%: $63 20%: $56 30%: $49 (Only at this point would I consider buying it) 40%: $42 50%: $35 (Ideal, IMO, for a tier 8 premium) 60%: $28 (Credit boost for completion of mission. If you have time, do it) 70%: $21 80%: $14 90%: $7 100%: Free
  7. Marine's Simple Replays

    ...Im consistently posting material? Wth?
  8. Marine's Simple Replays

    Hey guys! Many of you already know me, but here's a quick rundown. I'll never be one to pump out 3 MOE's on my tanks. Im just not capable of shitting out huge amounts of damage across several battles in a row. Part of that is my play-style. Im more comfortable in a positioning engagement, than I am in a fast-twitch brawl. This can limit my ability to earn those 3 marks. Its good enough to get two, which I have on most of my tier 8+ tanks which I play a lot. Apart from turreted TD's which Im just learning how to play, I feel like I play all classes of tanks well enough and consistently enough. I play tier 5+, and will post replays across tiers 5 to 10. I stream from time to time, and will upload highlights to YouTube with commentary, or will record and post replays with commentary as well. From time to time I will do a replay pack of a specific tank. I did that last really a year ago when I did a 20 game each tier 10 challenge, with the BatChat highlighting that challenge while doing an average of 4k+ DPG across 20 games, and all of my other tier 10's well over 3k DPG. Right now, Im doing a "Padding" challenge, which means Im attempting to stay interested enough in playing well enough to get my recent over 3.5k WN8 and keeping over 65% recent WR, almost all solo and playing tier 8+ tanks. This means a lot of E50/M, BatChat, T55A, AMX 30p, IS7, CDC and my guilty pleasures, the T-34 (Tier 5 RU) and ELC AXM. Recent T-34 highlight from my stream Recording a replay with Commentary Current Favorite tanks in each tier 5: T-34, ELC 6: T-37, Bromwell, M44 7: E-25 8: Jp2, CDC, 13-90, learning to love the IS3 again 9: T55A, AMX 30p, VK-4502B, E50, M53/55 10: BatChat, AMX 50B, E50M, Leo1 Sad Fact: I do better in the T55A than I ever did in the 140, 62A, and T-54. Like, my DPG in the 55A is about 2800, while my 140/62A is around 2100-2300, and T-54 is just above 1750... Do not come here for RU Wedge replays I also watch these guys, specifically just to learn. Poltto Xena BigCheese256 Probably the most influential is @BigCheese256, whom I wish would be more active in these forums. His content is superb
  9. AMD (Ry)Zen

    What @Fulcrous said
  10. AMD (Ry)Zen

    Oh yes, clearly the testing is flawed here. But, if the benchmarks come out from reliable sources this week, Id be pumped @RollerCoaster47 stick w/ the 8700k. Believe me I love me Ryzen, but the 8700k is still beast mode
  11. AMD (Ry)Zen Not gonna lie, excited
  12. Easiest lesson to learn in Tenks: Never try to be the hero Hardest thing to do in Tenks: Never try to be the hero
  13. Marine's Simple Replays

    I am the best tier 9 in this battle
  14. Possibly near the end, but that allowed me to stay alive with the HP I needed to win. Id rather sacrifice others in a pub so that I can still win it, than put my tank on the line and possibly lose. Competition and platooning allow communication, so we're able to focus and support. Pubbies wont/cant make the plays your friends would
  15. I personally like to watch @BigCheese256's youtube channel when it comes to aiming: Look at how he uses 3rd person to minimize exposure, and to get quicker snap shots. When I first came across his content, it blew me away from a pure mechanical stand point
  16. There are 'Heat Maps' which will show where most of the action takes place. Then, use your experience you gain with playing the game to realize which angles feed into those spots, and where are the biggest and thickest booshes.
  17. I swear, I didn't read your comment before titling this. Describes the OP's question quite well, actually. Stayed somewhat defensive, as in I tried to never trade 1 for 1. But, I was taking every opportunistic shot I could while never allowing myself to be full exposed and isolated to multiple enemies
  18. AMX M4 49 Liberté

    I still love this tank
  19. A Guide to True Botting

    Horry sheet thats a LOT of EZ credits
  20. Marine's Simple Replays 1624 Base EXP in the M4 49 - Tier 9 Lakeville. Only goal is to not trade poorly 1599 Base EXP in the 13-57. I am the best Heavy Tank in this battle
  21. E-mails Have Been Fixed

    Heh, was wondering why I havent gotten a PP email since... 2015? 2016? And I have no clue what my password is anymore
  22. 1.0 Abbey in light / soft medium / bottom tier

    The only way to salvage those maps are to be camping SOB's who only appear in enough time to unload into the ass or flank of an engaged enemy. Always the last brides-maid, never the focus.
  23. The Official Unofficial 13 57(GF) Lover Masochists' Thread
  24. The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    Just in playing against them, @DHP is certainly correct.
  25. AMX 13 90 Fan Club

    Might as well be the founding member! First two Mastery Badges