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  1. World of Tanks may be bad. They're not -361k Reddit karma (Currently) Bad.

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    2. TheMarine0341


      @Kramburglar problem is this PR person called the entire thing fake because of "armchair developers", implying its player base is clueless

    3. Kramburglar


      Eww, well rip, lol

    4. TheMarine0341
  2. Pick the one that matches your budget Patriot is more fun to play The Lowe will earn more credits
  3. Ok, so the key to amazing MM is to Two-Man platoon with @Fulcrous during NA prime time. Obviously tier 8's were hit and miss, but tier 10 was constant top tier platoon, never 15v15

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    2. TheMarine0341


      @Fulcrous still, cant complain about going 21-7 while casually paying attention

    3. Hellsfog


      Two man platoons at tier 8 appear to do better than three.

    4. TheMarine0341


      Two man platoons did seem to not be constantly fucked, but it was VERY common to have 5/10MM (9s and 8s) instead of the 3/5/7 (10,9,8)

  4. Better than WOT 


    1. DirtyACE7


      At least 2 year olds have human brains. 80% of WoT player base are things that mentally have more in common with house furniture.

  5. Karkov, Stalingrad, Paris, Abbey, Airfield, Erlenberg all need complete re-works. Mines needs tier 6 max MM.
  6. Until you YOLO mid on Lakeville with the right MM, or a MAUS into the same situation
  7. The only 'real' advice I can give on that is to quit trying. The personal missions are a chore, a mindless task requiring too much to fall your direction. I was helping a friend complete Arty 15-3, in a period of about 15 battles the mission was completed 3 times, except for the most important part: Winning. Completing the Obj 260 missions, I just had to quit trying:. Sure, I'd ready up in tanks which could complete the mission, but with VERY rare circumstance did I attempt to actually complete the mission. Play, let the game develop the way it shall, dont worry about it.
  8. COD WW2 Hype Day!

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    2. Errants



      I don't have enough up arrows for this statement.

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      The last 'good' Call of Duty was Black Ops, and that was because it had a pretty good campaign :/

    4. Fulcrous


      @MagicalFlyingFox thats a very low standard of 'good' xd

  9. This bug check is typically related to physical hardware failures. It can be heat related, defective hardware, memory or even a processor that is beginning to fail or has failed. If over-clocking has been enabled, try disabling it. Confirm that any cooling systems such as fans are functional. Run system diagnostics to confirm that the system memory is not defective. It is less likely, but possible that a driver is causing the hardware to fail with this bug check. - Troubleshooting Reinstalling Windows wont help, tbh. You have a memory leak someplace, and your system is shutting down to protect against that as its probably hardware breaking down
  10. As far as testing the HD, you could throw in another and move the games to that.
  11. Yeah the DPM boost is nice, as well as the handling buff. But, that HEAT nerf when forced to front super HTs... gag
  12. With the more reasonable budget Z370 boards out (130~ish USD), Id rather get the i7 8700 or 8700k. Ryzen 5 is better paired with something like a 1060/900 series and 1080p. The lack of additional threads in the i5 series can impact higher resolution gaming expected with the 1080ti
  13. COD WW2 PUBG Destiny 2 Otherwise, Defender or Skorp G
  14. @flare_phoenix hows the performance with the 1600?
  15. Im dying laughing In a crowded office Thanks. <3
  16. WAAAAYYYYY back throw back: Best pen/roll I've gotten in a T49. Just short of max damage, but it mattered not
  17. Yeah that made me sad He's not the only one Ive heard of having issues with that socket.
  18. It is, but kids REALLY like to beat things up. That'll be scratched up quick.
  19. I can feel the T49 chode growing
  20. ...Have an AIO... and no OC??????????? Brah I was able to get 4.4 at something like 1.2volts. If you're over 1.4, step it back
  21. My 6600k would often hit 100% utilization at 1080p if I had OBS+Chrome+Game open at 4.4GHz OC.
  22. Believe me, I was there and know. I LOVE my 1700X, but I also got a HUGE fucking discount on it because people are PC idiots, so I got it basically 40% off. If you go intel, you're going to have to upgrade your MoBo. If you go Ryzen, you will as well but at least they've promised the next few Gens will work with their boards. If you do go Ryzen, Id go higher end with better power delivery
  23. With the Z170, you're basically looking at one upgrade, the 6700k i7. Yes, it fucking blows. I was in your position, I had a 6600k as well with a MSI Krait Z170 gaming. I currently have a Ryzen 7 1700x + 1070
  24. If you're looking for a gaming setup, Id go Intel but you're going to have to wait. The i5 8600k (?) + Z370 mobo would work best for you. But, if you could hold off for a bit and get the i7 8700k+MoBo you're much better off IMO. Problem will be availability for that piece. Im sad personally that the new series doesn't work with the z270 series, but you can tank Intel for fucking you in the ass for that one