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  1. Its autoloading gun does not have increased alpha, and had the amount of shots in its clip reduced from 10 to 6 but it still has its ~35 second clip reload time. The non-autoloading gun, which did get an alpha increase, also got its reload nerfed, so its DPM is effectively the same. edit: according to tanks.gg, it can mount a rammer now though, so there's that I guess. It's still a pretty heavy hit to a tank I was very much looking forward to.
  2. Why? Just why? I was getting psyched for the new LTs, I was actually looking forward to playing again. Guess that's what I get for getting my hopes up.
  3. It's unfortunate that the 132 is losing the 85. I really don't understand why they're simplifying the gun choices on the chinese LTs, the fact that they had two viable choices for their guns made them kind of interesting.
  4. If you want a laugh, go look at the T-100. If these stats are accurate, I might not even bother with a Vstab.
  5. Jesus they kicked it down to 8 rpm? That's awful.
  6. I don't understand how anyone likes this piece of shit. It's almost always late to the fight, can hardly react to anything, and misses out on so much clean up damage in the endgame. My performance in this vehicle is frustratingly awful.
  7. 265 mm. Makes fairly decent credits, too.
  8. No Maus for me rip

  9. Complaining about lack of realism in Ace Combat is like complaining about lack of historical accuracy in 300. I was highly amused that the laser gun pods literally went "pew pew" when fired, though.
  10. pew pew lazors
  11. Wotlab's days are numbers, they've exposed our sekrit pedo porn distribution ring.
  12. May I ask why the Strv Alt A2 is in the must buy section? It didn't seem like it was Rudy/Crom B tier good from your review of it in the Strv Alt A2's thread in the vehicles forum, but that may be because my view on the game is outdated.
  13. >comes into the name and shame thread >does neither naming nor shaming
  14. Good choice, miatas are always fun. I had a multi-hour long discussion/argument with a couple of friends that was started with the words "Tesla is a meme." That was a great time.
  15. So, the right click drop down menu in the contacts bar isn't working anymore. It works fine with all mods removed, but with the modpack up it does not work except for those you already have in the "blacklist" or "recruit" sections of your contacts. Unlike the minimap issue I had earlier, I have no idea where I should even start to try to troubleshoot this. EDIT: Disregard, newest version of XVM fixed this issue.