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  1. No one really knows for sure what all the specifics of the changes are going to be. The test server is going to go live in a few days (supposedly the 30th) so we'll be able to see what the most effective way to game the system then for maximum crediterinos. Tiers 6+7 USA, USSR, and German lights will be on sale through April 10th which is a good time to pick them up if they are going to shift up a tier. I suggest you start grinding credits sooner rather than later. On a related note, I really, really need to start playing my 12t if I want to have a hope of unlocking the batchat ap before the patch hits.
  2. What? But that's the whole point of posting here. You get to make fun of @Zepherex for being a sperglord, @CraBeatOff for his dadliness, and @Rexxie because he still can't fit a 2 liter pop bottle in his rectum.
  3. Are they still letting people join the sandbox server? I feel like I should apply to be a tester now so that I can voice my eloquent, well thought out, and totally not biased opinions *cough* about arty on their forums. I know the devs mostly listen to the RU base, but I think it would be worth a shot.
  4. Gentlemen, we have ascended to an unprecedented level of irony

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    2. Whole_Nutmeg


      The Tog II is a very slow tank, and juxtaposed with his name which implies some sort of racing competition mentatlity... I mean I know Tog jokes are kind of 2013 and it's not that funny, but damn this is a tough crowd

    3. Assassin7


      tog jokes became unfunny 2 weeks after it was released, but hey, at least that ones original

    4. How_Terrible
  5. I'd like to blow my load all over my keyboard and monitor, but I'll save that for if this ever hits live server.
  6. My first response to this was to offer to help you (not for money of course) because I enjoy helping newer players get better. However, looking at your account, I think you lack understanding of some basic game mechanics. WoT requires a hefty knowledge base to help you win games, and, fortunately, there is a lot of information available online. I would recommend you read through the Battle Mechanics page on the World of tanks wiki at least twice to start. Next, it might be time for you to start checking out the varoius video content available for this game. Quickybaby is the most popular world of tanks streamer, and while he gets a lot of flack on this forum for reasons I won't go into, he is the one I think is the best for new players because he goes out of his way to explain basic game mechanics while he plays. I used to watch his youtube videos quite a bit when I was a new player, and that helped me out. I popped over to his channel and found a recent video I think might be quite helpful. Arm yourself with knowledge! Browse these forums and soak up the wisdom and analysis that four+ years here have brought. The articles subforum is particularly helpful. Check out various streamers on twitch.tv--see this thread for some ideas of whom to watch. Approach every game with the mindset that your contributions will help win the game, so try to think strategically with an eye on improving every battle. That's the way to get on the road to getting good, and it'll probably help you more than any one hour session with a good player will.
  7. YOUJO does nightly advances and welcomes the occasional vagabond legionairre, @Tamagakure can give you the hookup
  8. Species report: Jagdpanzer E100 Scientific Name: Werhmactus magnificus Common name: The "Mighty" Jagerü Habitat: Less than 100 meters from the allied cap circle Temperament and Behavior: Appears docile at first glance. magnificus have been known to enter a state of apparent "false death" for long periods of time, not moving one bit except to occasionally sniff the air with their long, prominent snout. Do not be fooled. When aroused from this slumber, they anger quickly without warning. Due to their poor eyesight, they cannot discern at whom they attack and will fire blindly at the nearest target. This researcher had the misfortune of observing a stunning 45% magnificus specimen during a chance encounter. However, the researcher abandoned caution and was fishtailed by the mighty beast while driving full speed. The creature proceeded to attack him in the rear with a High Explosive round (his first round of the match), setting him on fire. (Included: one requisition form for a new vehicle. Please don't cheap out and get a Chinese one again). Light vehicles take extreme caution--playing passively in the presence of the Jageru will tend to arouse its temper, regardless of the tactical situation. Intelligence: Minimal intelligence observed. Wild Jagerü seem to operate on pure animal instinct. They do possess a small capacity for communication, but our greatest minds have attempted to decipher the utterances to little avail. One of the few deciphered phrases (for which the scientist was featured in Nature) translates roughly to "LIGHT TANK GO SCOUT." Population: While there is no clear estimate of the total population, it appears to be healthy and stable. These are hardy creatures and will likely survive well into the future. Breeding: [REDACTED]
  9. Then wait two months. Wotlabs isn't going to be going anywhere. We're going to run into the same situation where the Defender was released towards the end of the tier 8 elimination thread... But at least in that case we didn't really know it would be coming out so soon, so you can't fault Rexxie. Here, we KNOW that there will be a bunch of new tanks coming out that will make the discussion FAR more interesting than what is going to be a mild repeat of last year with the Swede tanks added in, E5 nerf factored in, and Maus/E50M/263/Type 5 heavy buffs. If you're going to do a thread once a year, you might as well get it right. As for @GehakteMolen, his bias for armor is well known (as is yours). We don't even know with what stats they will hit the live server. It seems like I'm getting up in a bunch about nothing, but if this thread is going on in a month's time you can be certain there will be discussion and consternation about why we didn't wait.
  10. That's an incredibly wise self-evaluation. College is the perfect time to rectify that---go out and get em. Not in a million fucking years will we be that lucky
  11. doing a tier 10 elimination thread when 5 new tier 10s are coming out in a month
  12. It seems like you really like the patton and american mediums. With that in mind, you might want to consider getting the E50 and/or E50M. They trade some gun depression for armor and are considered very enjoyable tanks to play. Plus, you have the Mutz as a crew trainer. The tanks are on track right now which is a big plus. I wouldn't go for the german heavies. There aren't many great tanks in the lines (Tiger I, 1001P, maybe VKA post buff, the tier 10s and that's about it) and the end tiers are slow as balls. You have to really like that playstyle of slow fat facist box, and since I don't I personally wouldn't recommend those tanks. I slaved through the Tiger P, VKA, and VKB in the 3 weeks before the new patch hit to unlock the Maus memes, but I don't find it very fun because of its speed. I ended up selling my E75 shitbox because I have no intention of ever getting the E100 now. You also can't go wrong with either the russian meds or heavy tanks. The mediums are a lot of fun, and the heavy line is probably the easiest grind in the game from tier 5 to 10 without a single dud. Unfortunately the IS-7 is starting to look a bit power-creeped nowadays, so keep an eye out for a buff once the RU players whine enough. A decent grinding hack for the RU meds (if you are stingy with free exp) is to get for the 430 vII first through the obj416. This allows you to grind out the top gun for the T54 and 430 vII while still having a good 320 alpha gun with HEAT shells. Then you can pop over to the T-54 and use it to unlock the 62a/140. Otherwise the gun you would have on the T-54 is the T-44s LB1, which is painful to grind stock (I would know... I did it ). Is it worth the extra credits you need to get both tanks? That's up to the player to decide.
  13. What are you looking for in a clan? Competitive CW and Advances? Casual stronks? Platooning? Et cetera? I think expanding on that would help you with your search.
  14. 1. Buy a Super Pershing 2. Read this excellent guide from a fellow wotlabber 3. Select your brand new Super Pershing in the garage 4. Press "Battle!" 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 1000 times VOILA! Now you're good enough to get into VILIN! PM @Fulcrous for details!