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  1. I hope you all are doing okie dokie!
  2. good thing I mostly play arty now.
  3. I wonder if you can do ranked battles with arty.
  4. Agreed, pacing yourself and taking time is important.
  5. assuming so, that password was saved automatically one time or another.
  6. VK 4502 A, Kolobanov's Dream, 5.7k dmg, 1.8k base exp
  7. hi, welcome, looks like you double posted!
  8. I love you derp <3
  9. KV-122 gameplay.
  10. whoa, all of a sudden my recent jumped to 3.3k wn8 from 2.9k, I knew there was something wrong!
  11. Bushes are Love, Bushes are Life
  12. Keep up good work everyone! <3
  13. is it possible to mount the top gun without tracks for t8 Emil I?