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  1. Something with an i7, a large amount of ram, and a dedicated GPU of some sort would be what you're looking for. The actual specifics shouldn't matter too much unless you want to run some demanding games on it too.
  2. Jackson should be a decent replacement for the Hellcat.
  3. That's exactly what WGEU did, and what WGNA has contradicted.
  4. WGNA felt the need to justify this retardation to Jim Sterling by making a fool of themselves.
  5. I just accept it for what it is. No reason to complain about free performance.
  6. Lots and lots of Colonies, trade companies, and ideas.
  7. My R7 1700 runs at 3.2ghz base clock rather than the 3ghz it's supposed. Might be something about your chip or mobo that's causing your 7700k to run a bit faster that it's supposed to.
  8. Never looked at the intel forums except to confirm Intel's response, and have never owned a 7700k, but there have been enough people with the issue of the things spiking to 95C under light loads for Intel to pull a page out of Wargaming's book and go, "Working as intended." I don't doubt that there are people who don't have trouble with the cpus though.
  9. What? When did they buff it?
  10. People have been complaining about their 7700ks spiking to thermal limits for no reason on intel's forums. Intel told them that was, 'working as intended' and not to overclock. If you don't have your 7700k spiking to 95C for daring to do something like, say open Chrome, you may have gotten lucky.
  11. I'd honestly be surprised if the two 4 core kaby lake X chips even use a different die from their consumer counterparts.
  12. A slim possibility it won't be plagued by the overheating issues of the 7700k.
  13. Some people seem to have gotten an older version of therapist working, but I have no idea how. I'm just using the autolabor thing from DFHack for the moment.
  14. So about 10ish months later, I'm finally deciding to give the 64bit DF a try. No Dwarf therapist in sight sadly.
  15. Gigabyte has a bug in their most recent AM4 bios related to something about AMI code that causes issues with XMP profiles.