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  1. 7700K was better at running Adobe programs when Ryzen first came out, this really isn't anything new.
  2. Adobe software doesn't really handle multicore CPUs very well anyway
  3. TouchFluffyTail

    AMD (Ry)Zen

    Have fun waiting on Intel to actually get 10nm working.
  4. TouchFluffyTail

    French BB Impressions

    Lyon is one of the best in tier, Richelieu and Gascogne are good, and the Alsace is easily the best t9 battleship.
  5. TouchFluffyTail

    R9 270x dead??

    Of course, heavy metal fumes from the solder are not good for human health
  6. TouchFluffyTail

    Operation Hermes

    Gascogne can also be played in the operation, and does quite well.
  7. TouchFluffyTail

    French BB Impressions

    If you think that the low caliber is a handicap of any significance for the Lyon, you're playing it wrong.
  8. TouchFluffyTail

    French BB Impressions

    I ground out about 220k-240k xp on the Lyon yesterday. I probably have about 50% winrate because of the teams having one side or the other basically refuse to play the game. I feel bad for the poor souls attempting to carry the enemy teams that got trashed. Edit: So in my attempt to get 16 points on the fancy new French captain, I've accumulated 286k xp on the Lyon over 42 games.
  9. TouchFluffyTail

    French BB Impressions

    The missions start at 10k base xp for the t5 as Cossfader said, and go up by 2k base xp with every tier.
  10. TouchFluffyTail

    French BB Impressions

    Lyon requests you surrender your citadels, you won't have them for long anyway.
  11. You can even upgrade, or downgrade the CPU on GL702ZC as desired. It's a full AM4 socket and desktop CPU. Personal recommendation would be to wait until Intel gets their Vega chips out into the market and see how those do. Wouldn't be surprised if they handily beat the Intel+Nvidia solutions in most ways.
  12. I did get a pair of secondary hits with the 85mm turret on the Kiev a few days ago. It did no damage.
  13. It does have 4 turrets, one just happens to be 102mm guns instead of 120mm.
  14. What the Roma camo should look like.