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  1. Pensacola is a great ship. Even better if the detection buff passed.
  2. And they were all fired immediately after the stream. SerB announced as new WoT developer team.
  3. I mean, it's a nice thought and all, but none of those are all that useful in practice. I've found the best counter for smoke are stealthy DDs since those are the only things capable of surviving the rush into it. Everything else is a minor annoyance most of the time.
  4. I expect gunboat DDs to do the exact same thing they do now, camp smoke until another DD rushes them.
  5. And rather useless at countering smoke. Radar is perfect for countering IJN DDs though.
  6. Sure, running away works, if your ship is even capable of doing such, but that still leaves smoke without any effective counter.
  7. Hydro's pretty worthless in my experience, you'll die long before you have any chance of spotting with it. Meanwhile, radar either has the same range troubles or is shafted with a duration that lets no one get enough shots to really accomplish anything.
  8. Blys will still be able to turn and shoot at the same time, something the Leningrad will struggle to do even under the most ideal conditions.
  9. Sadly, most DD players are too busy camping their own smoke clouds to bother with flooding other clouds with waves of deterrent.
  10. Not everyone can just park in the cloud right next to the target.
  11. I don't see much point in this if they aren't killing the invincibility field effect of smoke screens too.
  12. It's always fun when you get your dynasty onto a larger christian nation and end up having to deal with having a PU minor 2+ times your size.
  13. Another thing to consider is combat width. If your artillery is getting forced to the frontline, you'll take substantially more losses.
  14. Morale, discipline, and tactics are all important to the performance of your military. Combine that with good use of terrain, army focused ideas, and a decent general and you can take on stacks significantly larger than your own.
  15. The way Paradox does battles in their grand strategy games is something that's unlikely to change to any significant degree.