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  1. I think anyone looking to buy Vega should wait for custom board 56s to see what those are capable of before buying, might even be able to push the chip close to 1080 performance if the manufacturer has enough freedom.
  2. 56 already matches the 64 in many cases.
  3. Vega 56 will be interesting with AIB cards if the partners can run their own custom bios on them.
  4. Yes, Threadripper is two functioning zepplin dies with a pair of spacers under the heatspreader. Each die supplies 2 CCX and two memory channels. No idea how each individual die effects the PCIE lane count though.
  5. The 1900x isn't going to be all good news over the R7 chips. It's going to be four two core CCX modules across two separate dies to get the quad channel memory. That means increased lag between cores and cache on different dies, so not entirely worth the $250 premium over the 1700 if you aren't using the extra IO and memory.
  6. So in recent news, Threadripper is getting an 8 core sku with all the IO of the higher core count skus and a 3.8ghz base clock.
  7. He's not actively working against his team in ranked, so that should have helped him.
  8. WARBEASTY has made it to the rank 10-6 spread
  9. High refresh, high resolution, or a lot of games like Ghost Recon Wildlands.
  10. Guess what, they're the only cost effective ones. Are you really going to buy a pallet of $4k GPUs when a $700 does the exact same job?
  11. There's also the placebo effect. It can do amazing things to a person's mind.
  12. Screen tearing, the monitor may display multiple frames at once. Something that's slightly more useful than trying to decipher what bit of the screen came from what frame is that the monitor might display a more recent frame, depending on the internal hardware and software.
  13. He's left the Kolberg long behind. The Hipper is a fairly good cruiser.
  14. Myogi's been pretty good ever since they buffed it back in CBT or even before then.
  15. I don't see how WG doing the same thing they've been doing for the past few months surprises anyone.