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  1. GPU Boost 3.0 starts dropping clocks past 60C, so AIB partners make a point to keep most cards at or below that threshold under load. Polaris has no such feature so there's no need to keep the card so cool, AIB partners only need to keep it below the throttle point. Vega does have a feature similar to GPU boost 3.0, but good luck ever buying one that isn't $300+ overpriced.
  2. At 1080p, WoT will run in excess of 60 fps with something as old as a Radeon 7870. Pretty much any semi-modern card should hit high framerates. I think that even the RX 550 is capable of running WoT at max settings at 60fps.
  3. They'd have to come up with a separate design for that, maybe use the Epyc package. As is the APUs replace one CCX with the gpu.
  4. Any changes to Zen+ will effect all 2000 series Ryzen CPUs, including threadripper. Meanwhile Intel appears to be moving towards separate architectures for consumer and HEDT/Server.
  5. Volta isn't the gaming GPU architecture, and Zen + is also coming soon.
  6. They added a Makarov. What's up with this thing?
  7. That's the important thing. The miners wasting all their money on something with even worse returns than Vega, and leaving all the gaming GPUs alone, AMD and Nvidia.
  8. 2x mining performance of Vega, hopefully all the miners will go and buy all of the Titan Vs.
  9. Boost clock of 4ghz matches the max overclock of the majority of 1600 chips. Unfortunately Intel doesn't want to share the all core boost of the 8th gen chips.
  10. Looks like it's the socket manufacturer. Foxcon has batches of defective TR4 sockets?
  11. The Coffee Lake i7 is even a good option for multithreaded tasks, but not only does it cost more than a 1700, it's impossible to buy anyway.
  12. Two things. #1, 8th gen didn't exist last month. #2, he's not looking to just 'game'. You need a 8700k minimum to match multicore performance of a r7 anyway.
  13. Which doesn't actually apply to the 1700.
  14. I think anyone looking to buy Vega should wait for custom board 56s to see what those are capable of before buying, might even be able to push the chip close to 1080 performance if the manufacturer has enough freedom.