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  1. Oh, since we are both on EU server, we can just easy test this (i got a KV4 and Vk, all we need is new 75% crews and drive around a bit) one thing the VK is clearly better as the KV4 is fighting on hilly terrain, say Serene coast water side, or hills on westfield, the better reverse speed + better gun depression + much better alpha dmg make the VK here (very) powerfull, while the KV4 will really strugle here
  2. About time the Maus is #1 1vs1 champ Super heavy tanks should murder stomp any other tank 1vs1, allowing them to wadle into 2-10 enemys and succeed (if the other side is retarded) Infact, super heavy should be good at open maps, not awefull, on a map like prok, you should be able to attack the forest, forcing arty and TDs to cooperate and kill them together, and not a lone T62 who just heat snipes him to dead.... The other brick tanks are also fine, good player have no problem killing them, and bads better l2p or drive a brick themself ps: and i rather gets 5 maus in each single fight as 5 arty, 5 TDs, or 5 bat chats...
  3. well, its 30 vs 20 km/h, and both will drive ``full speed`` all the times, unless swamp or turning, even if KV4 drops 50% of its speed and only goes 15 km/h when turning, a VK wont go much faster KV4 has afterall almost the same mobility as a KV5, a tank which is according to many ``suprising mobile`` (for terrain stats all that matters is the ratio between hard / medium and hard / soft, so VK has the best, KV5 the worst, KV5 gets the highest hp/ton, but has no stock engine (KV4 and VK both have 1000 stock 1200 elite, so both gain a bit here), in effect, its KV5 >/ KV4 > VK100, with not suchs big gaps,only on hard pavement straight line, then the top speed caps make the real difference mobility and soft stats and the opinion of player about them are 80% bullshit and 20% cant read numbers , a KV4 and KV5 are almost equal fast, only difference is crew (most ppl put a 5e skill IS3 crew in KV5 and drive KV4 with a 75% tard crew) and top speed, i have a KV4 and KV5 with the same crew, and difference in mobility is minimal, both turn as a whale... ps: see also 252 vs IS3, 252 = IS6 mobility, IS6 = slow slug compared to IS3, yet some ppl claim 252 is ``as fast as IS3``...
  4. Uh, the IS3 is much more mobile? dont forget IS3 has stock engine / tracks, which means with equal numbers, the IS3 is faster as 252, and since IS3 has everything a bit better, the overal package is much faster and we can also see that since: 252 has the exact same stats as IS6, except for 1, traverse speed, which the 252 has a bit better (26 vs 30) But given that the IS6 is a slow slug compared to the Pride of the Motherland, IS3 >> 252 mobility Gun handling the same 252 gets worse bloom as IS6, with better aim time and accuracy, IS3 has meanwhile like the best turret bloom of the game and on top of that better base acc and less bloom on the rest, again no comparison Only armor wise the 252 is better, and even there, the IS3 has bs turret armor is strong enough as it is, it can go hull down and tank tier 10 tanks if really needed, its side armor can troll almoat anything, just like the 252, the only real difference is the front armor, here the 252 is way better, and this give it a serious advantage in many situations, but overall, the IS3 is easy on par with the defender, if not still a bit better (yes, the IS3 is that good, it shits on anything, and it it wasnt for WG buffing all tier 9 tank so hard, the current IS3 would be a legit better tank as many former tier 9 tanks (loraine, pta, VK-B to name a few) The only limit the IS3 knows is its ammo capacity... See above, IS3 is perfection, 10/10 you cant improve that
  5. This rating is 112 and type 59 are by far the best spmm tanks, they both shit on the IS6, who shits on anything else, yet SP is still not outvoted (i have 70% winrate in a SP, NO, its not good), Jt-88 outvoted before Kanonentard is also a bit lol. spmm vs normal prems is a bit harder, but the mm advantage of the type is worth more as the extra power of the other meds so: Type 59 > all tier 8 meds, 112 has with the Lowe, Patriot and the M49 liberte thougher competition, but still... Type / 112 >/ Lowe, Liberte, Patriot, Defender would be #1 i guess, since Defender = IS3 and IS3 > everything else on tier 8 M4A1 Revalorisé: 11 AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 36 + 3 = 39, strong armor, decent gun and mobility, this thing is rly good in clubbing noobs + it looks sexy, cant wait the tech tree versions of these tanks Löwe: 42 T26E5 (Patriot): 38 Skorpion G: 20 STA-2: 11 M46 KR: 18 112: 23 Pz. 58 Mutz: 2 T26E4: 3 - 3 = 0, overrated, heavy tank mobility and no alpha dmg is just bad, even with 270 pen (which is not that amazing (lowe, KV4, KT and a bunch of other slowpoke tier 8 tanks)
  6. KV4 goes 30 km/h on flat ground, the mini-maus 20, thats a big difference, and while the KV4 might bleed more speed when turning, the minimaus starts with less speed already. gunwise, the KV4 gets: Same dpm, less alpha, and everything else better, and most important, BS gold ammo vs poor gold ammo, 260 APCR for a tank like the minimaus is shit, KT, Lowe, KV4, tanks which often fight in the same situations all have vastly better gold rounds, my KV4 can engage any tier 9 heavy head on, and kill it, an Vk100 cant (sniping hatches vs blasting holes in UFP or turrets, thats the difference) And while the alpha dmg is nice, and due to the rol often very usefull, the slow rld + bad acc + slower shells make is far wose at sniping Armorwise the Maus has an equal weak lfp, an acual strong ufp (armor vs autobounce) and a better turret face, with a weakspot about as strong (KV4 hatch thing bounce < 200 pen an dgets penned > 220 same for minimaus more or less (the KV4 has stronger sides, but weaker front, yet tiny parts of spaced armor and so on) Most important is side armor 130 or 100 + 100 for maus vs 150 for KV4, both get spaced armor (the KV4 a bigger zone, but the part of the maus with spaced armor is much stronger) so when sidescraping, the maus relies very heavy on autobounce a KV4 angled 35 deg has 233 aff armor, an maus angled the same has 200 / 330 (330 near spaced armor) which means an maus cant angle so much, which in return means hes lfp is much harder to hide / more attractive a KV4 is all about showing your side, so people will shot your soviet steel side armor (and not your front) in order to bai people in shooting this, you need to angle so far, it makes your side seem an easy target, a minimaus cant do the same... ps: and in tier 10, the extra gold pen of the KV4 + autobounce sides are worth more as the alpha dmg of the minimaus
  7. The Defender has a c00l name, the other not (in-game, they have different names)
  8. so far: KV4 >>> VK 100 the KV4 gets a way, way better gun and is 50% faster, with armor barely worse a KV-4 shits on OHo peasants and can fight any tier 9 heavy head on, this VK 100 cant do that, 260 apcr is shitty gold ammo, and 220 AP is also not good (for a tank, with this kind of role)
  9. After last weekend: Fuck light tanks Fuck light tank gameplay If camo / vision ever becomes ``the norm``, this game will be dead in 6 months (and i will quit in 6 days) Camo shit is even more RNG as arty of tier 10 TDards, both teams 3 scouts, 5 retards 1 decent, game decided by mm, nice, even arty is not this shit I hope all light tanks will be so fucking awefull, nobody will play them, and in 2018 we get a hotfix to remove all scouts and all arty, to save the game...
  10. People downvoting the type 59, peasants M4A1 Revalorisé: 35AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 32Löwe: 31T26E5 (Patriot): 31Skorpion G: 28 - 3 = 25 big paper TDs might be good at farming dmg, but they are half the time awefull for winningSTA-2: 27M46 KR: 23 112: 23Pz. 58 Mutz: 22WZ-111: 16T26E4: 14KV-5: 10Type 59: 15 + 1 = 16 the only spmm tier 8 tank which will always stay relevant, -7 gun dep, russian bias turret, and enough armor / mobility / firepower to butcher lower tiers and fight off higher tiersT-34-3: 2
  11. WHy is that last part bad? #1 reason to be mad when playing platoon is that people always tend to go: hurr durr, you are medium / heavy / TD, you must go medium / TD / heavy spot (especially if this comes from non-super unicum players who fail spectacular with their ``spesiul tektiks``) Maps like tundra beiing extreme, EVERYTHING WITH TRACKS AND TURRET MUST RASH THE HILL, yet tons of tards in heavys dont, and they loose the game better 1 maus on the fucking hill as 3 in the stupid heavy valley... TL:DR: Type 5 fucking medium tards on ``medium spots`` is not a con, ifs good, and should have be possible 5 years ago...
  12. T-50 shits on every tier 4 medium tank alrdy (if it wasnt for the shitty mm)
  13. Type 59: 15 WZ-111: 19 112: 22T-34-3: 12 FCM 50 t: 19 M4A1 Rev.: 29AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 23 leKpz M41 90mm: 21Skorpion G: 24Panther 88: 17Löwe: 31Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 21STA-2: 25 FV4202 (P): 2 - 3 = -1, out you go, t8 meds are not that good in the first place, so you really need something special to be good, an Fv doesnt have that...M46 KR: 21T26E5 (Patriot): 26IS6 (Black): 4KV-5: 20 +1 = Its stronk tenk as Kolni said T-44-100: 22T34: 11T26E4: 20 IS-3A - 20IS-5 - 20
  14. Plebs, im #bad_at_vision, but i knew all these tree-tricks (especially pine trees are nice, you can view underneath them, so, your vision when aiming is not blocked, but still get camo) ps: a bunch of trees seem bugged though, same for bushes (i think) which is not that strange, since this is impossible to test (more or less)
  15. It difers a lot: Using VB-addict data in regards to net income and damage, you can see the ``multiplier effect`` (just net income / divided by damage) The Lowe is the best, KV-5 the worst, this data does get kewed by premium ammo usage (it reduces the net income, and thus make a tank more red) and (lack) of premium account. Premium doubles income: no premium: 100k income and 80k cost = 20k profit, with premium: 150k income and 80k cost = 70k profit, so thats 250% more!! So tanks with expensive ammo / repair AND high income (KV5) will benefit more from premium as say a M46 patton And player skill also makes a difference both good / bad player, as tank preference, i deal more dmg in a lowe as in tier 8 prem mediums, and on top of that the lowe simply earns more, making the lowe vastly better (for me)