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  1. kurwa the IS sucks so much dick, first 10 games it was fun, now the fuckbad gun is rage inducting, might just switch the crew over alrdy
  2. I first need to grind 6e sense on the IS before i can start playing the IS-m, so is gonna take me atleast 6 months before i have the tx unlocked
  3. They will nerf the mobility, and thats it, without its super high reverse speed and with 200 hp (the horse ones, not hitpoints) less, it will be a sittin duck vs anything fast. The only reason its now so op is due to speed, give it Jp-E100 turn speed and reverse speed, and its GG
  4. played 1 game Conq, and its no contest whatsoever, even with reduced dpm, the gun of the conq is a tier above anything else on tier 9 Conq >>>>> Amx 51 Amx 51 is so far a dissapointment, would place it in the lower half of tier 9 heavys (below St-1, T-10, E75, and Conq with VK-B and M103 also beiing better) its armour is simply to crap, the ufp is ok, but no side armour and still tons of stuff penning ufp anyway, means you trade away godmode gun handling (conq) for nothing...
  5. Yeah, russian devs is best chance, wil try Korearandom forum and ask around on official EU forum, who to contact (is overlord still doign wot things? he used to be a EU forum guy who actually knew stuff / asked if he didnt know) hes blog: is also still active (listy posts there stuff still)
  6. Got it unlocked, but i dont dare putitng my ghetto IS crew in it (50% first skill, so need 6e sense first) It seems to be ok, based on paper stats, how it does in practice, dunno, rear turret tanks are a bit hit or miss, not much in between
  7. Hello all, Last year, 2 of our clan members passed away, one 30 years old in a car crash and in 40 years old from cancer. We had some discussion in the clan about it, and what to do. One shared he’s account with he’s sister, so he is no longer part of the clan, the other still is. There is however no special rank for situations like this. There is no ``honorable rank`` or ``special member`` position you can assign people like this too. At first this is not that much of a problem. But over time, people come and go, so people just think: that guy is inactive, and might kick him accidental, the only way to prevent that is by making them Deputy Commander, which is also not ideal. We want a special rank, which only the commander can assign people to (like deputy commander) with no special purpose`s, except for to put people in who passed away / did something special for the clan / other reason you want to give people a special rank for. So we decided to ask WG Support about this: Hi, 322's been an active clan for many years, and during the years 2 of our members died in real life. We don't just want to remove them so we're still keeping them in clan to honor them in a way. We're wondering if a new role could be added to the existing ones, so we could assign it to them. Something like RIP, honorable member, or something similar. Regards, Body_Count Replay for Wargaming support: Dear, Thank you for contacting Wargaming Customer Support regarding your issue. Please excuse us for the late reply. We have a high number of tickets at the moment and it will take us a while to get back to everybody. Firstly, I am terribly sorry for you and your clan's loss of these clan members. We, as gamers, form strong bonds with each other while playing together and it is always tough to lose a buddy. What you are doing - keeping them in the clan, is a wonderful tribute to their memory, and I am sure they would have appreciated it very much. Unfortunately, it is not up to us in Support to decide about such things. Your best bet is to share this idea in our forum, so the devs can see it and, hopefully, do something about it: The only thing I can think of now is to just assign them an executive officer role or some role that can have multiple people assigned to it. I am sorry I could not be of much help. Have a blessed holiday season, both you and your clan members! If you have any other questions, feel free to come back to us. Best wishes, So while the moderator was not unsupportive, he could not do much about it. Which means, the only way to get this done, is by start a topic on the forums about this / contact devs or mods in another way. My question would be, what’s the easiest way to get this done? Are there any higher up devs reading forum / wotlabs, is starting a topic in the in-game discussion a good way. Would contacting Russian developers help speeding things up? Im open to suggestions. Gehaktemolen, CL of 322 (edit: @mods, feel free to move this topic to a better / other place if forum)
  8. half of those are also ghetto, leo: crap Emil I: beiing ok (but tier 8 autoloaders get double fucked, when bottom, GG, ur t8, when top, GG autoloader cant carry for shit against IS3 / rashia tank) Emil II: only decent in platoon, so you have some staying power / can hide behind some / support somebody not mental crippled Kranv: is this thing even played? rarest tier X tank i guess
  9. T-44 was Serb hes favorite tank, seems the balance department also found that out
  10. the UFP seems to be the weakspot, unless hes head on, then shoot the LFP. I can see the troll potential though, so will keep it (need a crew first) im sure it will be trolltastic to play
  11. close range, you can aim downward, this greatly reduces effective armour (standing very far away, so your HEAT starts to curve a bit, also works, but long range shooting with HEAT is not always optimal)
  12. Oh i agree, the E100 lost a lot of its shine, its strength was simply having more hp + alpha dmg as anyone else. Your weak turret didnt really hinder (and would still bounce most non gold rounds anyway) Now people spam even more gold, and your better alpha dmg / hp get countered by a lot of things, a Type 5 has simply too much hp / amour to kill easy, a maus will beat you 1 on1, tons of tanks are a pain to penetrate, while they can (still) hit you easy, and so on. And new mm, with tons of full tier 10 games aswell as many fast games also sucks for the E100 ps: Buffing the E100 is also easy, give it better turret face armour (wg nerfed the angle a bit at some point for example) and some other small buffs (base acc, turret turning speed, 10mm more lfp armour, 200 more hp and it should be a good brawler again) ps ps: if the trend of new tank = bad gold ammo continues the E100 will over time become better though, the turret is suprising decent against shells with ~280/290 pen, above 300 it starts to really lack (tier 10 TD AP does bounce suprising often, while 340 HEAT basically never bounces)
  13. on long range you will also get screwed yeah:p Close range, your HEAT can overpower hes ufp and turret ring / turret roof (atleast on Fv 215b the roof was a weakspot for heat, dunno if the slope / angle changed) and the AP of E100 can still overmatch the hull roof, its 44mm so 150mm ap will always pen, if you can hit it (which is from a short range not that hard actually). But those are all niche things, which you can use to finish him off, hitting those kind of things 4x in a row means you need mega luck
  14. Havent played E100 in ages, but never got the fuss about ``weak turret armour``, you should only show your turret front if you have a shell loaded and since you hit harder as the tank shooting you (and you have more hp) you can fuck up anything. The E100 did lose a lot of strength, for a variaty of reasons (in theory, as i said, havent played it in ages) IS7 hp buff means no more 3 shot kills, since the IS7 is the most common enemy, this is kinda crap Maus buff means you can not longer outgun and outspeed him, he will wreck you if you play hes game + armour / hp buff means you need almost always 5 hits now (compared to 4 before) Badger, type 5 are reasonable though against an E100 and can dish out aswell Random armour buffs / new tanks, which make certain tanks in certain places really strong, SConq hull down, VK72 behind a wreck Strv 103b in a 3 bush 350m away etc an E100 would totally shit on tanks like the Maus of Fv 215b, their replacement tanks do much better.
  15. (i alrdy voted, so just a comment) Why was elevation OP? Everybody spawned on top (except for arty i think) The caps where at the bottom of the map the fastest way from spawn to cap, was drive on the top of the ridge, and go down near the others teams spawn The whole ``slow tank suck on hills`` all the morons always complained made zero sense, since there was ZERO REASON to go down, UNLESS you wanted to cap (and capping = for morons and wins the game only once a week or so) See all the dumb morons going to 9-0 line? all morons, since there is no reason to go there, its not a shortcurt, not a strategical point, its useless beyond useless, its the biggest noob trap the game ever had, fighting in the pitt was awefull, and once you won, you where still stuck, since getting out took ages and ages AND you would show your bottom to any camper on top. The other team could steamroll your team in village and turn around to go back and beat down every single moron that went in the pitt easy peasy...