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  1. WT is using far more ``real`` values as wot, something i dont get WG fucked up so bad, because while at firts high(er) pen seems bad (armour even more useless), armour is also too weak (and so are large caliber shells) Irl: Big, heavy, shells will have far more overmatch power as in wot (caliber > armour thickness = almost always penetration) Sloped armour is far better, normalisation in wot increases pen power, IRL it works the other way, the penetration of a shell is worse as expected on sloped armour (shells tend to deflect, not dig in, the tips they use to make them dig in only counter the deflect part (a bit) a T-34 was imprevious to 50mm APCR, despite 50mm APCR having more then enough penetration power to pen the armour (say it can pen 120mm flat armour, but fails to pen 60mm @60 deg), at the same time, an 88mm round would pen a T-34 at almost any range (even 3-4 km) due to overmatch / shell weight Thickness of armour also has irl much more effect as in wot (complex) so TL:DR: Thick armour is in wot weaker as irl sloped armour is in wot weaker as irl Shells have less pen as irl large caliber shells have less pen as irl HEAT is both too good / has too little pen SO if they would have made everything realistic, it would have been better for the balance and ``real``, now we have invented numbers with fake history and crappy ass balance...
  2. If there is one company would woul put bots on live server, fidle with mm to fuck over good players or scre you over one way or another, its WG. They track everything, store everything, and are in full control, how else can they ban people for ``mods``, who havent played in 4 weeks? im 100% sure the game runs 10 different scan things on the background to see what ur doing and everything gets send back to the server.
  3. Well, the bots got really tested (on live server i think, unless wot-news also lists games played from sandbox / test server to its log...) so who knows what it was for ps: there where 4 test vehicle, panzer III, IV, M4 and T34, each of them had more games played as IS3, so no way this where normal tanks played by humans (they where also named Pz.Kpfw. SPECIAL or so)
  4. Well, its also possible the overall changes have slowly pushed away the ability to win a lot, and the arty + mm + tier 10 light tanks changes are the final nails in the coffin. On tier 10 many tanks are pure rock-paper-scissor now, good vs certain opponent / in certain situations, and awefull in certain opponent / in certain situations. ``All-rounders``, like an E5 of 113 get butcherd by autoloaders / arty, and are not so good in shot trading games on ensk vs TDs, TDs are however awefull on any map and in any situation where you need flexibility (so 80% of the time) mediums simply lack the power to beat a maus, nor the armor / hp to fight of autoloader pussy`s, and autoloaders (the real scourge of wot atm) are half the time ALSO useless... In the past, an IS7 was never good, but also never bad, now, an IS7 is either an unkillable steamroller, or a POS waiting to get killed, pure depending on the map / team set up / deployment. ps: most extreme example ofc arty, arty depends 90% on map and 10% on skill, GG
  5. The amount of ``easy wins`` seems non-exsist, i barely ever win a game nowadays where i do nothing, and if i died very early, i loose by default it seems, i also get basically no total stomps (in my favour) anymore, like NONE All those people complaining about roflstomps and ``quick games``, well now, there now like 3 games: Very slow, drawn out win Very slow, drawn out defeat Quick defeat No quick wins, no 3 mins hard push games... And how many unicum still play on unicum accounts? if WG would rig mm, they wont rig a blue reroller with purple recent, they will rig the +30k games played, +10k WG PR rating accounts, I know @CarbonWard still murders teams on hes own, but does he play on unicum accounts? or on greens who ``lend their account``? FOr years, me playing wot was: press battle drive around, shoot people, do something win a lot more as you loose Nowadays, this simply doesnt work, so either everyone became magically much better (bots) or teams get ``rigged`'. Im not saying they use stupid stuff like different RNG, just simply a single line in the mm algorith where the mm compares the total PR of the top 3 tanks and puts the lowest ``top`` on the team with the best player, and this switching can only happen if both sides get the same tanks (so 2x heavy and a TD etc) to prevent teams beiing disbalanced. This ``effect`` might happen thus only once every 3 games, but this is alrdy enough to steer the results (and IF WG does, im 100% sure it only happens on tier 10, not tier 9, since tier 9 retards seem to be equal bad on both teams, always) ps: perhaps this rigging is going on for years and years, however due to arty and old mm this effect was never really visible, but who else doesnt KNOW that the following rule aplies 80% of the time: The first to die, is a scout or tier 10 tank (and thats been true for years and years, from both teams, having a game where the 4 tier 10 tanks are dead first is not strange...)
  6. I personally dont think WG messes in-match with the RNG or so, what they do / tested i think is: Add bots, use old, unused accounts and let those play as bots, this has 3 advantages: it makes the playercount seem higher, bots can play the tanks needed for mm, if both teams have bots, the winchance will be closer to 50%, which is nerf for unicums and buff for retards. Long ago, they even tested bots (on wot-news, the most played tanks where 4 tanks named: Panzer_IV_AI, M4_AI etc, with millions of games and almost no users), perhaps it was ``just testing for pve`` perhaps it was testing for bots. ps: even very simple bots already win ~50% and achive yellow / light green wn8, just by driving pre defined patterns and using auto-aim... Give good players the biggest morons as top tier This one is also easy to do, since the the top 3 tanks can be switched most of the time effortless by the mm. MM weight and suchs are the same, so when the game is ``made`` and rdy to be launched, the mm can simply put the the bot top tier on the unicum side, this will either: give the bot an extra win (he gets carried by the unicum) the unicum a defeat (also good) Since the effect can only apply if one side has a unicum and the other doesnt AND when the unicum is not top tier, it wont be that visible, the reason i think its still there is simple: How many easy wins do unicums (playing on a unicum account!!) still get? From beta till ``reworked mm`` it was: 25% if default win, 25% is default defeat and 50% can be won/lost, leading to 75% winratio as ceilling, unless using special platoons and suchs (2x HEAT-54 + E75, 3x IS6 etc) but nowadays? i sometimes play a whole evening, and not a single game is a ``easy win``, if i dont pull (far) above my own weight we would have lost, even in platoon, and almost every game is a close win, yet the defeats are half the time total roflstomps... I care too much for my stats to simply bot for a few hunderd games to see how good / bad it goes, but i bet i wouldnt even win 35% if i would afk... (and this has been going on for months, my winratio (and those of some others i know) tanked hard since new mm, despite less arty bobs, sure grinding bad tanks also doesnt help, but the difference is remarkable (and ppl who use fake accounts and suchs seem to do even better as before...))
  7. Mweah, Fv-183 with 275 pen HESH was the real lamer Enough pen to pen weakspots, and enough alpha to one shot almost everything...
  8. duh, ISU was part of the ``winning the war team``, winning the war (if your russian) = winning in wot (if ur russian), its the best tier 8 TD since like ever, and when they nerfed the tier 10 TD guns, it had basically also (always) a tier 10 TD gun (untill they nerfed pen, because hurr durr) We are lucky the IS3 only drove in the victory parade, because if it had killed some facsist it would have gotten 200mm UFP and a BL-10 (or special mm, so its always top tier)
  9. This stuff will implemented 10 times in the US before once in the EU Its by law forbidden to check content of inet data, since this can be used to slow down certain kinds of traffic and so on (atleast in the Netherlands) This copyright crap will probably never pass (hopefully) ps: in germany however half youtube is blocked because of copyright nonsense, same tons of people get fined for downloading, germans are very much in the ``ordnung must sein`` in regards to internet (so perhaps we do get screwed over here...)
  10. I thought this was the Unicum song? (the Artillery Song) About getting fucked by arty tards...
  11. ur right, they dont change, so they truly broke it, just like the tree cutter is no longer updated (I think)
  12. yeah, its a bit dark, but apart from that it looks nice
  13. Dont use weak capitilist explanation crap or software soviet api still work as intended (the api cant read the server, but still shows total, so its still sorta working) ps: sometimes server are ``offline``, but know why, right now it says ASIA and wotasia o while 501 has all asian player online, so its sometimes a bit awkward
  14. 113 is a yuuuuuuge tank, this thing is probably T54 size (and also better armor i guess)
  15. yeah, dont give them idea`s ps: perhaps when they rework ruskie heavy line, they make IS3 a tier 10, ``more fitting`` after all (it alrdy has tier 10 turret front armour and turret bloom stats)