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  1. TO EVERYONE SAYING STUN IS ``SO BAD`` got penned by T92 AP in my own maus and saw another maus getting penned for 2000, 3 games late i got penned by HE for 2k in my E100 by an GW tiger, and got splahed atleast 3 times for 900 even if stun would last 1 minute, it would be 10x better as current shit...
  2. I was thinking of making a new tier 9 ranking, however arty changes + mm changes might make this rating invalid in less then a month last time i have the average a 6.5, all the new ones would be around an 7 i think, Skoda is not better as either M46, E50 or T54, Mauschen is worse as E75 / VK-B or ST-1, 103 and Emil II i only played on test server, and i would guess also a 7. In terms of changes: E75 down to 8 (from 8.5) VK-B up to 8.5 (from 8), the Vk-B is just soo good, last time i should have placed it alrdy above E75, time to fix this (and this includes the buff) T-10, up from 7 to 8.5, i underestimated the effect the buff would have, its now rly, rly good, but E50 / St-1 are still better E50 and ST-1 are still the best tier 9 tanks, just playing 1 game, and the reason i put them on #1 is for me confirmed, both are gimped tier 10 tanks and way better as the average tier 9 Type 4, T95 are still crap Obj 704 should drop, to a 5, its simply not good, perhaps make the Amx-30 a 6 instead Leopard PTA should also be a 6 now (from 5 to 7) the buffs really improved it a lot Perhaps a bunch of mediums i rated 7, should instead be a 6, but at the same time, Cent mk7, T54e1, Obj 430 v2, Wz-120 they are all about equal good as Leopard PTA and Amx 30. The M103 and JT are better as those, not that much, but i cant make M103 an 8 either (Wz-1111104 should still be very solid, but somehow it never works nowadays, i guess the gun is to slow for the faster gameplay Arty and mm changes should improve heavys / tanks with armor, and make tanks without it worse, but not everywhere, i can see a tank like Cent mk7 benefit a lot (its good as top tier, worthless in tier 10 partys, and tends to take massive arty dmg / gets penned a lot)
  3. I dont get how people can say they are ``almost equal``, i hate T62a with a burning passion and bought and sold it now twice, meanwhile i have 400 or so games in Obj 140 and sort of like it. Reason T62 is imo horseshit: -5 gun dep is just awefull when everyone and everything has more, -6 is still 20% more afterall, and the gap between -6 and -8 (most common) is 50% smaller as between -5 and -8 a T62 hull wont bounce anything, its not even 200mm effective (185mm or so), and on top it also has flat hull sides, which again wont bounce anything, unless autobounce, an Obj 140 has ~210mm ufp and the upper part of the hull is curved, sure its paper thin (55mm or so) but due to the curve it will autobounce at less steep angles The T62 gets indeed a better turret (no hatches) but trading gun depression and hull armor for turret armor which wont make any difference 3/4 games? i know what i would pick... ps: i never played Obj 430, but the worthless accuracy would probably make me very fast very mad...
  4. good Now just ditch the 113, since thats a turd, and make the tier 10, as it was ment to be...
  5. Well, 2500 HE with 0 mm penetration means effective 1250*1.25 = 1562.5 as maximum dmg roll against 1mm of armor, with say 2000 HE it would be 1000 (and 1250 as maximum), an Jp-E100 now deals 1050, so its the same ballpark. Give it also Jp-E100 reload speed, about the same mobility and like 2500 hp and you get a close range siege mortar, who can blast hull down tanks / groups of close people, in the face, good for digging out Mauses etc (SU-152 acc / aim time would be sufficient, so 0.50 and 3.4 sec) Since this will be shit on open maps + it needs something to make it unique, the ``mortar mode`` should be implemented, something like arty view, but only like 20-50m above the tank, so you cant look very far, and same view range limit as normal tanks, since the accuracy will be rather good for an arty piece, it needs atrocious bad shell speed, this bad shell speed will also limit long range camping (think of like 2-3 seconds for 500m distance targets) It will need ofc a lot of testing, but by (not) adding stun you can give it something to make it more powerfull (or not) while the dmg of the gun also offers a lot of room for balancing, it can be made 1800 or 3000, pure on what turns out to be the best (type 5 heavy has 1400, with 0.5 and 2.9) ps: infact, perhaps the mortar mode, with a bit less dmg and a bit faster reload could work, risk is, it turns into a tier 10 Fv 304, but again, that is something that needs a lot of testing ps ps: and adding sturmtiger could be a good point to reconsider crew deads from HE, its stupid mechanic now stun is in the game, HE should simply never kill crews from this point onwards... In regards to french heavys: imo we need the normal heavy line asap, and i really hope we get it late summer of this year (murazor or so did hint a bit on it when Mle 49 was released, that it would not effect the heavy line, and that there are enough tanks for it) i ALSO hope it wont start at tier 8, tier 7 and perhaps even tier 5 ps: speaking of, we will get 2 more lines this year i guess, end of the year polish (?) tanks, as new nation and when thats not possible perhaps a Chieftain (?) and during the summer french, they didnt get anything in the lats years, except some prems and a odd tank here and there. but no new line, and im sure WG will keep something big for new years (they always do) ps ps: would also explain why chieftain takes ages, if Chieftain is there as back up new year tank line, they need to make sure polish tanks are possible (I bet they wont) before they can put it in
  6. Well, up to tier 6/7 we will eventually get these super heavy tanks, im sure of it, just like we will get Sturmtiger, Swe TDs showed us that WG is willing to invent a new mechanic in order to make it work, and Arty rework shows us that they can sort of balance the alpha dmg of HE. Sooooo: When Sturmtiger? My arguments of last time still stand, infact, the arty nerfs make it even more likely to implement this bad boy, since arty also gets no more gold / AP ammo, while the new arty view and stun mechanics offer something extra for Sturmtiger: Give it stun, like arty Give it even less penetration Give it some sort of shallow (unique) arty view, so it can lob shells over low obstacle (say tanks / ridges, not houses) BUT keep the viewdistance the same as for tanks The above limits its range 2500 dmg HE will in practice be 1250 (since it never penetrates and thus dmg gets cut in half) and due to arty nerfs, this 2500 dmg will also scale nicely with T92 240mm (its like WG is already preparing the game for Sturmtiger).
  7. dammit, so me searching SB game files for any hint of SEAM, 3500 hp or any other clue was pointless Anyway, in the game files WG still lists all the rare tier 10 tanks we dont got yet (2x Chieftain + 3x ruskie heavys) and thats about it, atleast, in the normal files
  8. im right now searching the game folders, to see if its buried there somewhere (a quick manual search yday didnt bring anything, but who knows)
  9. Well, as i said, i see average players in tier 8 TDs / Lowe / T34/ King tiger / IS3 wreck Defenders fairly simple head on, a defender doesnt seem to cause much more trouble as a T28 proto or a KV4 (armor wise) the lfp is head on stil 200-210mm, depending on height / distance to the enemy, and fairly big, so thats simply not good. The overall package is ofc not average (at all) but its not as ``blatant op`` as many make it sound, IS3 is flat out better for unicums, and any unicum who thinks otherwise is either no unicum or should l2p IS3
  10. I know a unicum (has almost every tank in-game unlocked, playing since beta, dark purple stats, both wn7, wn8 and winratio, recent + overall) Who thinks defender is nothing special whatsoever, ``good tier 8, nothing more`` and who thinks IS3 >> defender, not close, or perhaps in some situations, no, the IS3 is just flat out the superior tank. For green and below, the defender will be a better, but even here the lack of accuracy / gun handling and the not that amazing armor vs anyone with half a clue OR good gold rounds makes the defender not that much better as the IS3. I keep seeing lowes and T34 dispatching Defenders with ease (just 1 vs1 in the open, no cover, since sover is for noobs), also, the side armor doesnt seem to bounce so much as IS3 and the lfp is simply to big and weak to really ``play with``, head on any tier 8 heavy with a good gun (so all except T32, 110 and Vk-A) will blast holes in it ~210mm vs 225 pen is not that amazing... Infact, I dare to say that the Mle 49 is just as good as the defender for unicums, the extra gun depression and lack of real weakspot are worth as much as the extra alpha dmg, imprevious UFP and troll bounces of the defender, sure, the defender is better at clubbing low tiers ps: im not buying any of those, but IF i would buy a heavy, i would buy the Mle 49, not the defender, and the only reason i wont pick Patriot over Defender is pure due to dislike for heavys with no alpha dmg (hence my hate for T32, the 105mm is an atrocious bad gun, even with gold and the 90mm is just crap, 240 dmg is just not enough...)
  11. Yeah, those tanks seem kinda crap, on paper, but i guess Serb hes design bureau can make something out of it
  12. While prems might be op, the best tank lines are old ones, the new ones sucks shit Best td line: USSR - 268 line or German - Jp-E100 line (US E4 line can also be argued, now the proto is no longer total potato, the E4 is afterall the only capable tier 10 TD) (and no, waffle line is not good, the tier 6 and 7 suk dik, the tier 8 is overrated and the tier 10 is also bad) Best heavy line: IS7, E100, IS4, E5, Best medium line: T54 / E50 / M46, all other medium lines mostly contain trash tanks, And one ``hidden gem`` doesnt make a good tank line, lets look at ISU line: SU-85 b, still the second best tier 4 TD, as good as many tier 5 TDs SU-85, heavy underrated, really powerfull TD, SU-100, best tier 6 TD since like day 1, only when mm got made +2 and gold ammo for credits was added the hellcat surpassed it, now hellcat got nerfed, SU-100 is again #1 SU-152, best tier 7 TD, 700 alpha + high dpm, problem comrade? ISU, only tank in the whole game who never get changed at all (not even radio range got nerfed of buffed) and still the best tier 8 TD 704, underwhelming, but many still seem to like it 268, ghetto, but all tier 10 TDs are ghetto Jp-E100 line: Hetzer: best tier 4 Stug, imo a bad td, but most other tier 5 are just as bad Jp-IV, after the buffs a suprising good TD Jagdpanther: ties with SU-122-44 for second best tier 7 TD, a decent platform, with enough camo / armor mobility + a superb gun, it looks a lot like AT-25 / Mle 46, but here it works... Ferdinand: pure on numbers the best tier 8 TD and one of the best tier 8 tanks (like 5e best winratio for unicums...) imo its worse as ISU, but thats also about it JT: 2100 hp + one of the best guns of the game, on tier 9, not that good for solo play, but in platoons a real brute Jp-E010: trash, but all tier 10 TDs are trash Etc The old tank lines are simply better, last lines i played where Swe TD + heavy and czech med, and without exception all tanks below tier 8 where awefull / crap, only tier 6 skoda (with autoloader) and tier 6 swe med where average, everything else ranges from: not good, till wtf is WG thinking, and even the tier 8`s are nothign special, TVP is one of the worst tier 8 mediums, and UDES is also not very good. I think its more a marketing thing, new players will play german or russian tanks first (they got the famous tanks) so newbs getting better tanks increases the chance they keep playing, while people who alrdy play a long time wont be put off by bad grinds so easy (i can just use free exp or trow a ton of credits at the grind, a newb with 200 games in hes stick IKV-turd td cant...)
  13. That is because WG wants heavy to be ``the best``, if WG cant nerf mediums (because of all the crying) they simply buff everything else.... Its no coincidence only heavys and some TDs got buffed, the only mediums they migth buff are the trully crap ones Sandbox from last summer was the best chance medium drivers got, all the forum crying made WG reconsider, not about the end goal (nerfing mediums) but about how to approach this... ps: i guess/ assume we will see many more heavy buffs, followed by some TD line reworks around the summer / early fall...
  14. This TD is so OP compared to the IKV 90b, lol... Its indeed a one tricky pony, but its atleast good in its one trick, so far i guess this grind is gonna be doable (i expect very fustrating games with 2 hits and dead, but also games you can sit and paw paw half a team)
  15. So few you sell? T62a (twice) (what an overrated piece of shit) Foch-155 (twice) IS4 (bought it back though) Fv 215B T57 268 WTF-E100 Jp-E100 Grille 268 183 STB-1 Also considered selling 263 and E3, since both are awefull as well ps: still have dunno 15 or so tier 10 tanks left, i will keep them all i think, mostly for the looks (dont need the crews nor credits) ps ps: despite buying and selling 14 tier 10 tanks, which costed me 50 million, and im still rich af, your all just a bunch of gold spamming poor boys