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  1. WG doesnt have stockholders, its a private company (they where delisted in 2012), and Big Boss Victor Kislyi, who founded the company and is CEO aproves big box tanks (he even wanted to restore the real maus, till #russia_1 tards ruined it (Serb is also shareholder afaik) So no, they dont care in that regard, all they care for is how to keep there chicken with golden eggs alive, as soon as the numbers show that more people quit due to arty as there are arty players, Serb will nerfrape all arty players in the ass so hard, they will start buying Fort Knox gold packages to make it stop (and EULA and so means NOTHING for WG, its their game, and their rules + you got compensated comrade!!) ps: and the arty hate is far, far stronger as the whine about ``unfair treatment``, im willing to go full retard and get perma banned on official forum to participate in the biggest shit show the online forums ever saw, im barely ever visiting, but for this special occasion i will go full retard, all those ***** can ***** and get some ***** in their ass and i hope their mothers get ***** and ****** KURWA PEDALE JEBANY. ps: or just remove tk penalty for arty and the player base will sort it out, 100% arty will get tked. every. single. game.
  2. 121: 22 113: 20 TVP T 50/51: 22 AMX 50 B: 20 +1 = 21 im not a big fan of long reloads, autoloaders in general and paper tanks, yet the 50B is good, the ``good mobility`` is actually good enough (amx-120 cough) the autoloader is a good balance between dmg, rld, accuracy and penetration (T54e1, skoda`s) and it gets atleast some hp and a tiny bit of armor. It used to be a trash tank, but after the buff it really became worth playing Bat.-Chatillon 25t: 20 AMX 30 B: 17 Jg.Pz. E 100: 17 -3 = 14, speaking of bad TDs / tanks, this thing has the size and speed of a super heavy, yet gets low hp, and a underwhelming gun, and on top of that no turret ofc, but crappy gun angles, the E100 is love and life, and Jp-E100 is hate and rage.... Maus: 23 E 100: 21 Pz. VII: 20 Grille 15: 21 E 50 M: 22 Leopard 1: 17 STB-1: 22 Type 5 Heavy: 25 Centurion AX: 21 FV215b (183): 17 FV215b: 20 T57 Heavy: 20 T110E4: 18 T110E3: 20 M48 Patton: 23 T110E5: 24 Obj. 268: 5 Obj. 263: 20 T-62A: 20 Obj. 430: 20 Obj. 140: 21 IS-7: 17 IS-4: 14 Kranvagn: 17 Strv 103B: 20
  3. 121: 21113: 20TVP T50/51: 21Foch 155: 20 - 3 = 17, will wg did ``buff`` it a bit, its still really awefull, a good testimony to its awefullness is that even reds dont play it (and thats says something, since reds like autoloaders, get 2 shots in and die)AMX 50B: 20Batchat 25t: 20AMX 30B: 20Jagdpz E-100: 17Maus: 22E-100: 21Panzer VII: 20Grille 15: 20E-50M: 21Leopard 1: 20STB-1: 20Type 5 Heavy: 23Centurion AX: 20FV215b 183: 17 FV215b: 20T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 17 + 1 = 18: best tier 10 by a mile, its not slow as s*** like E3 or Jp-E100, it doesnt get crappy gun angles like anyone but the Grille and it has atleast some armor, so it wont be humiliated by tier 8 tanks or scouts, the 1100 dmg HE shells are good to fuck bads in paper tanks and 375 APCR makes holes in anything you can hit. The T110E4 is easy the most underrated tier 10 tank (its not only the best tier 10 TD, its also equal / better as half the heavys / meds and my only regret (apart from not buying type 59) is that i didnt buy T110E4 straight away, the T30 is amazeballs (and super good) and so is the E4T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 21:T110E5: 23Object 268: 17Object 263: 20T-62A: 20Object 430: 20Object 140: 21 IS-7: 17IS-4: 17Kranvagn: 17
  4. Yeah, ghetto light tanks, if we ignore the fanbois, wannabee skauters and ppl with l2p issues (those who cant play E5 or E100 etc) the elimination other will be: [random light tanks] [random light tanks] [random light tanks] [random light tanks] [random light tanks] Fv 4005 Etc So since i just concluded in the name of all unicums (not padder tards, but real purples) that all tier 10 light tanks will suk dik, like how tier 10 arty is shit, and thus not included in these topics, we can start 121: 20113: 20TVP T50/51: 20Foch 155: 20AMX 50B: 20Batchat 25t: 20AMX 30B: 20: 20Jagdpz E-100: 20Maus: 20E-100: 20 + 1 = 21, still the best box tanks, it hits hard, gets reasonable reload speed, is faster as the other boxes, and still gets 2700 hp + good hull side armor, sure, the turret face is weak, but if you can shoot my turret, it means i can also shoot back, i hit for 750, you for 400, so not suchs a big problem (the turret front is strong enough vs AP, and thats all that matters, only retards will shottrade with an E100, and only retards in E100s will show their turret face to the enemy, just peek boo and smash 750 dmg HEAT in their faces, thats all you need to do.Panzer VII: 20Grille 15: 20E-50M: 20Leopard 1: 20STB-1: 20Type 5 Heavy: 20Centurion AX: 20FV215b 183: 20FV215b: 20FV4005: 20 - 3 = 17, so bad, sooooo bad, a one tricky pony with a lackluster gun, nice balance T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 20T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 20T110E5: 20Object 268: 20Object 263: 20T-62A: 20Object 430: 20Object 140: 20IS-7: 20IS-4: 20Kranvagn: 20Strv 103B: 20
  5. Maus and Mauschen play roughly the same, the armor difference is minimal (tier 8 will have more problems with Mauschen as tier 9 with maus when fighting head on) And most important, both are equal slow and get roughly equal guns (tier for tier) If you hate the mauschen, you wont like the maus
  6. They will never do that, all Wg should for for 1 apil, is buff IS7 to its original stats for 1 day, to show all the new kids whath OP-7 and Russian Bias (with capitals) really means, the IS3 is fair and balanced vs the original russian wonder weapon aka IS7. Serb himself even said adding the IS7 was a mistake, since it should be tier 12 and not 10 (when they added, it was more like an tier 12, so gg) i mean, look the bs turret turning speed, or how ``fast`` it turns compared to the current IS-7: (and thats without any crew skills like bia / off-road driving, and prob also without equipment...) same the 150mm side armor (compared to 100mm it has atm...) was total ridiculous ps: or IS4 with 140mm ass-armor
  7. WG wont remove spmm tanks, they will just make them unplayable bad, atleast for good players unicums farming tears with full gold spam IS6`s / sppm tanks where the reason WG started to remove spmm tanks. However armored tanks fixed this problem, only type and T-34-2 can hold their own (since they are the only spmm mediums) and one is not sold in ages and the other requires g00d driver + a ton of expensive heat (which ais requires good driver, to make it actually hit)
  8. the (KV-) / KV-4 / ST-1 / IS4 all have amazing armor IF you can make use of it, if you wanna drive around, the Maus / Mauschen are better The maus is the best protected tank of the game right now, the UFP is a bit ``weak``, and so is the turret front (vs gold ammo) but thats about it, and 3200 hp allows a lot of mistakes to be made. So when you want to improve in terms of dealing dmg (weakspots, target selection) and map positioning (where to go??) play the VK-B / Maus, if you want a tank which is all about angling, play the KV4 / ST-1 ps: in terms of ``power`` tier 8: KT > KV4 > VK.100 > VK-A tier 9: ST-1 > VK-B / E75 > Mauschen tier x: E100 > MAUS > VK > IS4 So all tanks have strengths and weaknesses and personal preferences also matters a lot, im i guess the only one who actually like the KV4, yet according to numbers, the KV4 is clearly among the better tier 8 heavy tanks (the best heavy after IS3) (this was before all the buffs / new prems, the defender wont do so well with unicums i think (relative) but the Mle 49 and Lowe will be high up aswell)
  9. 112 seems not that good imo, 122mm gun with derpy heat, against vast armies of IS3 / Mle 49 / Lowe / 252 / maus things / patriots? you will end up shooting nothing but heat all the time... ps: Wz-111 is despite buffs still not good, bad ap = bad tank...
  10. reason cw is dead is simple cw is And for the rest, Wot was made to be a game about 15 people mindless shooting 15 other people, despites WGs best efforts to kill this gameplay (``vision meta, tier 10 tds and other super bright ideas) it seems WG now goes back to its core: tanks driving around shooting others tanks, no hiding behind 6 rows of bush or other shit, i bet those HD maps will make maps much more beta-like, less bush and less bumpbs / less terrain cover, WG knows very well that heavy meta = best meta,
  11. Why not? Having 6 slow box tanks with good alpha dmg is a bit boring
  12. Wg nerfed IS4 when they made it tier 10, so they will buff it when it becomes tier 9? Stronk!! That said, the ST-1 will be a better tier 10, the gun depression alone makes it more suitable, and the turret is also stronger What i hope though, is that IS4 will loose its current top gun, and get a 390 a improved BL-9, 390 dmg and 260 / 270 base pen, a bit more historical, and it would set IS4 apart from T-10 (not only different armor / mobility, but also gun) ps: and having a brick with ``low`` alpha, instead of ``high`` alpha
  13. If the other team has any clue, you still lose over and over, enemy teams rolls over all your bottom tanks > 2 maus vs whole army > defeat in beta, the best way to make sure you wouldnt get skull fucked by a Russian bias IS7 / IS4, was to kill all the weak tanks, and just gang rape him, an IS4 was thus also barely worse as an IS7, since the IS4 has side and rear armor made it very though vs lower tiers, and could thus figth and win vs 4-5 others, an IS7 would simply get penetrated in hes rear or sides, and die. and it WORKED: protect your Maus from weaklings, so the Maus kills the enemies big tank kill the enemies big tank, so your Maus can roll up the other weaklings it does require that people will start to do something, but given that camping shitnoobs would get stomped by top tiers over and over they would either quit, or change playstyle... ps: same these maus and type 5 buffs force people to change the way they play, NO your worthless tier 9 medium SHOULD NOT be able to fight a tier 10 super heavy head on, fuck off or l2p.... (unless your unicum ofc, then you can bend the rules a bit and do whatever you want anyway playstyle wise
  14. Good, the Lowe might end as #2, and thats because murica forum so murica bias, which means Lowe #1 I even made a topic for the besterest tier 8 premium!! Mandatory video:
  15. Oh, since we are both on EU server, we can just easy test this (i got a KV4 and Vk, all we need is new 75% crews and drive around a bit) one thing the VK is clearly better as the KV4 is fighting on hilly terrain, say Serene coast water side, or hills on westfield, the better reverse speed + better gun depression + much better alpha dmg make the VK here (very) powerfull, while the KV4 will really strugle here