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  1. Well, in 6.7 type 59 already had battle tier 11, so the same all other tier 8 med (so just plain normal mm) (heavys also had battle tier 12) 6.7 = normal medium mm = battle tier 11 (or 10 in normal mm) 7.1 = +1 mm ??? 7.5 = spmm = battle tier 9 (normal mediums get battle tier 10, or 11 in old mm) when WG reworked mm in 7.5, they removed battle tier 2 and so all battle tiers become 1 lower (5 becomes 4, 13-> 12 etc) so battle tier 11 of 6.7 = battle tier 10 from 7.5 (heavys got different mm so forget those) So when released, atleast on paper, WG had normal tier 8 medium mm, the change of patch 7.1 is thus bullshit UNLESS they fucked it up when they added the tank, and gave it spmm, like KV5 had, and thus patch 7.1 was a ``fix`` for their own fuck up
  2. WG never changes its mm spmm -> normal mm -> spmm, im 100% sure All i wasnt sure if spmm was also a thing BEFORE we got +2 mm, but it seems there already was, however a bit different (these charts show ALL important things for mm, reason it are always shaddy table things, is that WG themself never give them) KV5 = max battle tier 10 = max tier 9 tanks and tier 6 arty (spmm) Type = max battle tier 11 = max tier 10 tanks and tier 7 arty, so the same as normal tier 8 tanks So while there was spmm, type didnt have it ps: and this was when the game had +3 mm, not only due to patch, but also values, a tier 7 TD can meet tier 10 tanks for example (and because there where only tier 10 heavys anyway, this was not that relevant) ps ps: also note that there used to be 13 battle tiers, this got later reworked to 12, then 11 and now we have 12 again (15-0-0 would be 12, 5-10 would be 11 and 3-5-7 would be 10) so max tier 8 sees is battle tier 10
  3. Uh mr pro, Ferdinand >> Rhm and Jp2 performance wise, for everyone, even super unicums To quote the most valuable post of the whole forum again: place uniwin superwin 1 IS-3 IS-3 2 T32 T32 3 Ferdinand Ferdinand 4 KV-4 Pershing 5 T-44 T-44 6 Pershing KV-4 7 O-Ho Obj. 416 8 Obj. 416 110 9 Tiger II Tiger II 10 Centurion I Charioteer So, Ferdinand > any other tier 8 tank, except T32 / IS3 and KV4 > anything except IS3 and T32 heck, the AT-15 is one of the better tier 8 tanks (nr11) and better as any td bar the Ferdi... Plain numbers > peoples ``feels`` about tanks And most of the time my ``feels`` matches (far) better with real numbers as joe average (on wotlabs) Mobility gets massive overrated for ``tank strength`` while plain hitpoints and dpm (including first shot ) get massive ``underrated`` ps: i call(ed) T44 and Pershing best tier 8 mediums since like forever and IS3 > KV4 / KT > anything else on tier 8, given most ppl have l2drive isseus with KT (hence the ``low`` rating), it seems my opinion matches ``facts`` far more as the average player... Type 59 is not listed, because of spmm, but im quite sure it will be the best tier 8 spmm tank (winratio wise) perhaps KV5 outperforms it, but i doubt (there are not that many ppl shooting tons of gold in a KV5) ps ps: of the new tanks, i guess defender and patriot will be high up the list (around KV4), mle 49 will suffer the same fate as KT, too many ppl play it wrong, so it will have good numbers, but not that amazing
  4. 1: all fast tanks lost mobility with these changes (happend twice, we got twice new physics, and twice tanks became slower, especially the first time, when WG removed cliff-hanging etc) 2: see above, all tanks suffer from that (poor Panther II even used to be ``fast``) 3: how so? its the best medium, apart from T44 and Pershing (416 and T69 are no mediums) AND has spmm, it shits wins, credits and wn8, its like the E50 of tier 8, doesnt matter what you wanna farm, type 59 is the best for it Most people confuse high dmg with beiing good and somehow think: often big carry = good tank, but the best tanks are the reliable performers, KV4, Ferdinand, E50, they will always contribute, ``are there`` when needed, and can still turn the tables / hold a flank / win when its very unlikely A type 59 has everything enough to be relevant, and doesnt have real weaknesses, yeah, its a bit slowish, but main reason you need mobility it to get from A to B and climb hills, type 59 is more then fast enough for that, fighting is static anyway, the gun handling is perhaps not good but neither do other mediums have that, the same for pen (WG is powercreeping the penetration of tier 8 mediums though...) The only real con is the low ammo count, forcing you to carry a ton of APCR / low AP, which cuts your profit, and limits HE (i would run 15-18-1 i think, you really need APCR against many foes + low ammo count you also cant afford to bounce much...) Well, than that proofs that type always had spmm, and thus never saw tier 10, unless fail platoons or low playercount (something i can see happen on US or asia servers)
  5. Perhaps there was no spmm, before patch 7.5? (mm used to be -3/+3, in 7.5 this got made -2/+2) Without spmm, then type 59 would see tier 10 tanks, but this was only mm change, no buff / nerf (if there was no spmm, then IS6 and KV5 also had normal mm then, making the type 59 even more OP (relative speaking) since, 167 pen and no gold rounds, GG)
  6. What? Type 59 always had spmm, WG wanted to change this, but forum went full retard, so they didnt (it would get normal mm and loose the gun depression, but get in return more ammo, better gun handling and better mobility (or so) Should be somewhere in super test patch notes (around 8.0 afaik, will have a quick google later)
  7. It never got normal mm
  8. xaxaxa

    Victory! Battle: Murovanka Vehicles: AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté Experience received: 3.085 Credits earned: 172.262 Battle achievements: High Caliber, Steel Wall, Brothers in Arms, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"

  9. i would have never put all these prems in the game though, nor would i have tripled buffed Maus or give type 5 no frontal weakspots I would murder kill heat spamming, APCR bobs and autoloader faggets though...
  10. Thats why i should be in charge of the balancing department!! (and map making, because FU @ WG mapmaking department)
  11. These are patch notes, no super test, so these got implemented, type 59 drivers are like arty players and their ``learn to avoid``...
  12. No, WG also nerf-raped bloom Patch 8.0 * AMX 50 Foch: Suspension traverse speed for AMX 50 Foch was changed from 28 to 26 Suspension traverse speed for AMX 50 Foch Mle.2 was changed from 30 to 28 Max reverse speed was changed from 14 km/h to 13 km/h Aiming speed for 120 mm SA 46 AC was changed from 1.7 sec. to 2.3 sec. Reload time for 120 mm SA 46 AC was changed from 9 sec. to 9.3 sec. Dispersion for 120 mm SA 46 AC after a shot was increased by 30%. Dispersion for 120 mm SA 46 AC when moving the barrel was increased by 20% 20% more bloom + worse aim time, thats combined a serious nerf, also small reload nerf and mobility nerf + the HD model sorta ruined the armor (as @lavawing mentioned) if WG just buffs back Foch to what it was, it will be more then fine (if not a bit too strong, since there is no more arty to balanced the foch all day everyday)
  13. Would insta kill the game, even +1 mm will kill it, having the same mm over and over is super mega boring + without +2 mm red idiots will never be able to ``pwn``, if joe average cant ``pwn`` they will quit, since who is gonna play a game where they always get raped by invisible tanks? gold ammo spammers? and mod hackers? Mark my words, if WG EVER changes mm to +1 or +0 or whatever, it will be the beginning of the end for wot, might take a year or 2, but it will start to collaps from that point, and if you look back from the future, you can say: patch 9.25, when they added +1mm, THAT was the end Well, on EU: Good chance the maus go hill (im dead serious) The maus split up, because hurr durr The maus camp base, push rail, or use another ``spesiul tektik`` The entire team lemmingtrains behind the mauses All in all, its 50% chance they will fuck themself in a way a sane person would never come up with... If they do play ``normal``, you can still easy win, since with 2 autoloaders, you can take hill faster as they can clear tank alley, and after that, if people just drive around, it becomes a free 4 all all over the map. ONLY when your team decides to fight them head on, like real retards would do, you loose So TL:DR: unlucky you get a Grille + 2 mediums, aswell as an extra tier 10 arty, but apart from that, its a normal 50/50 game, where the team with the biggest morons will loose...
  14. Exactly, all current tier 10 TDs get blistering firepower, making them so OP, they need to be total turds in every other way to make it ``balanced`` E4 with less pen, less alpha dmg and 2500 hp was also decent, E3 with 120mm and 2400 hp the same, an E3 right now is super hard to kill BUT its dead in 3 hits (or 2, if unlucky) thats not a brick tank, thats an RNG tank + due to its alpha dmg (and armor) the E3 is also atrovious to play against, you have a hard time hitting, and he will smash you for 750, yet due to no hp and no side armor, it also cant rly push (with 850 alpha dmg, it could, now its gun is neither bread nor butter...) And the above applies to all TDs (268 was also vastly better and better balanced for example) sandbox reworks fixed the TDs mostly...
  15. It hasnt Last summer on sandbox WG nerfraped gold shells so hard, AP was better half the time (like, on long range, your AP has the same penetration as APCR), but people started crying and bitching so it didnt happen. However... Maus and type 5 are now strength-wise as good as on sandbox Arty got reworked to what it was on sandbox I also wouldnt be suprised if (part) of the TD changes will also be implemented at some point