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  1. YOU DONT FUCKING SAY WG!! people have been saying ``nerf dmg of gold ammo`` for year and YEARS AND YEARS WG even fucking tested this lasy year in sandbox!!111 Nerf the fucking dmg of APCR and lower the pen of HEAT + undo all armor buffs + some hp buffs / alpha dmg changes (especially for E3 / 183 / Jp-E100) (like sandbox from last year...) and its fine... its not THAT hard to balance the game (if you really want...)
  2. IS-3: 22+1 = 23 the IS3 is still better as the defender, so everything worse as defender is also worse as IS3, which means IS3 #1 ?!?T32: 14Object 416: 23 AMX 50 100: 5 - 3 = 2 it was overrated, and now its even more crap, cyaEmil I: 3UDES 03: 15VK 100.01 (P): 21Lowe: 26 T26E5/Patriot: 25 AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20Rhm. Skorpion: 19Obj. 252U/Defender: 25 Strv S1: 17Lorr. 40t: 23Chrysler K GF: 15
  3. IS-3: 20+1 = 21, in the land of OP premium tanks, Russian bias is still king!M26 Pershing: 17T32: 20Object 416: 21 AMX 50 100: 17 Emil I: 17UDES 03: 20 - 3 = dont you guys forget a tank to negrep? (skorp is 10x better and most others aswell...)VK 100.01 (P): 17 Lowe: 22T26E5/Patriot: 20AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20112: 11Rhm. Skorpion: 18Obj. 252U/Defender: 23Strv S1: 17Lorr. 40t: 21Chrysler K GF: 20
  4. All these changes dont effect me in the slightest, infact, they make it only worse.... i have everything unlocked, (well, need Strv 103 and Kranv + lights, but fuck lights) i have more as hundred tanks, tons of spare food / garage slots / crews 80 million credits Which means the ONLY REASON for me to play / spend money, will be play 4 fun... (no need for any kind of grind) Yet WG is fucking with my fun: middle tiers suk dik, for ages tier 7/8 platoons suk dik grinding stock tanks with just some AP / bad crews, suks dik spamming gold ammo is a winning tektik soooo WG is both making sure i wont spend real money on this game, (bad for WG) due to badly balanced tanks / pissing me of with shitty ass gameplay (lights, strong premiums, tier 10 tanks getting buff after buff) AND at the same time forcing me to shoot a lot of gold ammo / play high tiers, this might all ``work`` for peasants, aka 99.99% of the playerbase, who wont be able to keep playing tier 10 full gold, WITHOUT also spending real money But for me? I wont renew my prem account and can keep playing for years to come while blazing HEAT in T54, my heat spam + unicunt skills will also drive a way a ton of people who wont like getting outplayer and outgunned game after game, and while others do the same, they are ``part of the community``, via cw / streaming / forum / whatever, but im not involved in any kind of community thing, because fuck WG so im as player a big fat sunk cost thing, i dont ``attract new players``, instead, i cause people to quit... Unicums, spamming gold in full IS6`s platoons are bad for the game, but the solution WG choose to fix this only makes it worse... ps: i rather not shoot gold, and instead collect MOAR CREDITS, but if WG tunnels the game into OP tank vs OP tank contest, so be it...
  5. CW will only be interesting with forced set ups: 3x t 10, 5x t9, 7x t8 5x t10, 10x t9 10x t10, 5x t9 and a cap on how much the same tank (say 3) But forcing ppl to use lower tiers, you have to make choices, putting 3x maus and 2x type 5 on ensk might be a smart tektik, but they all slow as shit, so of the other side runs with medium - heavium set up, you loose (a T54 will beat a maus to dust 1vs1) yet picking 3x 113 and 2x IS7 is stupid vs 3xE100 and 2xE4 E-sport is only fun when its rock-paper-sciccors, where paper can ALSO beat sciccors, if you have good paper... ps: and having IS3 as counter to anything is just retarded, just like the E5 spam of years ago was stupid, team with most E5 would win on basically all maps, didnt matter if other side used 10 maus, 10 arty or 10 bat chat, E5-swarm would beat anything... ps ps: but the real problem is over-buffing, in the past WG often also nerfed tanks, they completly ditched nerfing, which means they will have to keep buffing for years to come, for the simple reason tanks like IS3 are so retarded good...
  6. 3-5-7 means: 3/15 = 20% top tier 5/15 = 33% middle tier 7/15 = 47% bottom tier If there are not enough tanks to make you top tier / too many tank who need bottom tiers, then you will get ``shafted``, but the whole purpose of mm changes was to reduce the games where your the lone tier 8 in a game with nothing but tier 9 and 10, when you are now ``bottom``, half the tanks you face is equal to you, at worst.... the only real ``flaws`` of new mm are: due to 5 top tier max (for tier 8 ) platooning means bottom tier a lot, since both teams need atleast 1 platoon, more ppl platoon top as low tiers, so you get screwed side ways here, i mean, how often you see both teams have a top tier platoon? (yeah, never, regardless of tier) it needs enough ppl in the queue, playing the ``correct tiers`` to work boring games, many games tend to be a bit the same, due to lack of RNG.... ps: and WG buffing tier 10 and adding strong tier 8 tanks also screw it over, they should not buff top tiers, but nerf them, to reduce the gap between tiers...
  7. Resistance doesnt matter here, formula is: speed = hp/ton + resistance if it gets 23% more hp/ton, it will go (much) faster. + given the wonky translation, i bet they buff the resistance, since 23% buff means buffing the engine from 1050 to 1300 hp, and i cant see them doing that, else they would have said: change engine hp from 1050 to 1300 (and not: Real power-to-weight ratio increased from 15.4 hp/t to 19 hp/t)
  8. Oh, dunno if you saw it, but Real power-to-weight ratio increased from 15.4 hp/t to 19 hp/t I somehow doubt WG is gonna buff the engine hp (dem historical engine) or reduce weight (dem historical weight) so they mega buff terrain stats instead i bet it gets E50m (or better) mobility and 2400 hp and buff gun handling and still has the working as intended troll armor... This thing is gonna face roll most other tier 10 tank so hard, its gonna be unreal... ps: or does anyone remember a russian tank receiving a buff and NOT turning into a ``balanced tank``? T10 went from dog shit to really good aswell...
  9. Duh, EU pubs are the worst pubs In regards to type 5 beiing OP or not: Depends 100% on gold ammo, it depends even more on gold ammo as T54, i would go as far and say that with normal HE ammo, its underpowered... With gold HE though, its a whole different story, its like 50% more dmg (from 300-400 to 500-600) with odd hits close to 700, and while its slooooow, with a good spawn, its not that awefull (maus is worse in this regard) Where it suffers is in game with many fast tanks, doesnt matter what side has fast tanks, since the game will be over before you can do much... its also crap in tier 10, since its armor is total worthless against gold ammo, especially HEAT pens it nicely....
  10. i rly liked it on test server, but normal server so far, how god -.-
  11. Emil II is like the worst tier 9 tank, or what? (so mediums / heavys) 50% winrate and 2200 dpb, its awefull for both winning and dealing dmg, like what On test server it stomped the russians hard, also the last, nerfed / current version, but on live, its fucking awefull, i get outcamped / outspot by anything, and playing a bit more defensive is also crap, since bad acc / low pen / low dpm mean your awefull in a pure support role... I forgot how bad the Amx-120 was, but i have the feeling that one was better... (it could atleast kill stuff once in a while) ps: also the teams THE TEAMS, SO BAD
  12. a good working PVE could be fun, but it will only work / be a succes if: The game mode itself should use ``rental tanks``, i can only use rental tiger if i have a tiger is my normal garage, rental tiger has seperated stats aswell, less reload speed and hp, more alpha dmg each map should have a different game mode, fitting with the setting, on prokhkorka open battle is fine, on ensk a convoy like game mode is better DONT use fixed teams, so no 15vs15, but perhaps 25 vs 5 when convoy or 20vs10 when defending, also make combat less chaotic, more multiple small scale battles in a row are better as 1 big battle, but ofc not on all maps... With teams suited for the map / game mode and having special tanks, this could be a lot of fun, difficulty can be increased be adding a bit more opponents / harder opponents and by simply reducing hitpoints of your own tank, on medium, bots should be as good as on hard, only difference is, a bot has a panther, instead of Panzer IV... As for rewards: New currency (hence why bonds for ranked battle are retarded, since it complicates historical battles...) These coins can be used for: historical skins historical prem tanks (mostly reskins / retiers) historical insignia To make the whole thing more grindy / increase long-livity, they should also add a bunch of missions, mmo style: kill 100 tigers, kill 400 panzer IV, win all maps german / soviet / us side, win fight without taking any hp dmg and so on and on and on, trow in some ``individual missions`` mission aswell (kill 4 tds in 1 game etc) and you can easy get over 100 missions Its a shame WG never even bothered trying, a few non-idiotic players should be able to come up with a very good basic idea in less then an hour, some fine tuning and its ready to program and test ps: i think WG was never even interested in it, it was just a placeholder / lie told to the playerbase over the years, and they dont give a fuck about this, since its simple to make, and last version was an insult to anyone who wants historical battles...
  13. Something i now realize, does the 100mm on Mle 48 keep its normal single shot gun? since buffing both the armor and cutting dispersion in half / making gun handling twice as good, might make the 100mm actually a good gun Sure, 300 alpha is crap for a tier 8 TD, but with better mobility, armor and gun handling as a Jp-II it might be atleast decent
  14. Fact is, taking an early position to get some spots / easy shots in, means you WILL get derped by bats once in a while, what kind of defence is there when the bat in other team decides to just rush over the middle ridge and bomb you in the back 3x? Sure hes dead, but you lost 800-1200 hp. Perhaps the difference is i have 50k games and are thus full purple regardless of xvm config people use, yet you carry FAME tag, so should get even more xvm hunter tards after you... ps: i dont even bother playing tier 10 anymore, because its so goddam awefull, few games mle 49 and thats it, WG can suk my dik with these retard changes, i have enough credits to keep playing till the end of the game if i want too and grinding is also pointless, since all new tank lines are trash anyway...
  15. What can you do about a bat camping 5 mins, and then just suicide rushing? even if you have 2-3 of your team near you, your still dead / lose a lot of hp Its not as ridiculous as Waffle truck, but atleast a waffle was big as a house and didnt pop up at random places Its not good players in a bat which are annoying, its the retards, they either do nothing, which means you have a useless tier 10, or they herp derp and fuck somebody, its a deny tank, you cant really play against it, if he wants you dead, you will go dead ps: just like you couldnt hide for arty, sure, 1 game, but not ever fucking game, because then you need to play like an imbecil, because some other morons like hes whack-a-mole, and that bat is the same, ALL autoloaders are this to an extend, the biggets mistakes of WG: arty, tier 10 TDs, gold ammo autoloaders Only france and soem light tanks should have been given autoloaders, not heavys like T57, not TD lick Foch, and no big ass clips on fast platforms like Bat ps ps: and mark my word, this ``new Foch-155`` is gonna be either as awefull as the foch-155 is right now (so nobody plays it) OR its gonna another lamer tank, like Grille, good for tards to kemp in bush and fuck people who try something, and bad for everyone else... its just impossible to balance with 6x400....