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  1. Dont worry about that - hardly anyone is good enough to play it. Run food or you'll ragequit. Camo is everything on that tank and 42% is the boss.
  2. With 231 pen, the AwfulP has more pen than the T-100LT (230).
  3. FYI, here is that pen dropoff graph again - but this time with the prem ammo. Yes, its facepalm time....
  4. I'm really pleased to see that this has been discussed at length on Reddit. I thought I was a lone voice. 3 days ago QB did a video covering that point (among others)
  5. Here is a graph showing the problem with the pen on the tier ten lights - which they do not seem to be fixing. Notice how the pen on the tier ten lights falls off a cliff when compared with a selection of mediums and lights from tiers 10 - 8 (as available in my garage). Only in a graph can you clearly see the problem. Feel free to copy and post this everywhere. Its also interesting that the FV4202 has better pen than the M46 and the T54.
  6. What you are saying is that you cant use 4 orders to complete a #15 mission unless you have completed the other 14 in the line. I cant see them going down that road as - if you are right, it forces everyone to play arty. How popular would THAT be? Thats a lot harder than the way it is now. The reason for the change to Orders is more likely to give players who do play all 5 lines the possibility of using the orders they earned on one tank to skip tough missions on the next. That makes more sense. At the moment, you gain nothing by playing all 5 lines except another girlie. I agree it would be a lot easier if you were suddenly given orders for all the 15's you completed with honors on prior tanks. However, I think they will deduct 4 for every line you skipped on prior tanks. So using Nuttydave's example, he would get 2 orders from Stug, net 0 from HTC (4 earned, 4 spent on skipped line), net 0 from T55 (4 earned, 4 spent on skipped line) , and has earned 1 so far for Obj 260: total 3.
  7. I'm up for it if you dare to platoon with non-purples.
  8. I dont think they are going to expect non-arty players to use 18 Orders to skip the arty line (14+ 4). Thats is way harder than it is now. Where are all those Orders going to come from? If you completed Stug, HTC and T-55A doing all 5 tracks each with honors, you would only have 15 Orders - that's not enough to skip even one line of Obj 260.
  9. Orders seem to be a slightly more flexible version of the 5th token you get now for honors on 15th mission. Its the same principle, if you get all four then you can immediately complete the 5th type by spending four Orders. They have made Orders more flexible so that if you do play all types you can use one Order to miss a level 1-14 mission that's hanging you up. If this is correct then I would expect 4 Orders should still allow you to complete the 15th mission even if you haven't done 1-14. If thats not correct, and you will now need one Order to 'skip' 1-14 AND 4 for #15 to miss a line, game over. The other key issue is whether you get Orders for tanks you have, if you completed only 4 of the 5 lines with honors (ie no arty play). In those cases, you'd get 4 Orders per tank completed. If they do award those Orders but dont debit them against the lines you didn't play - wow - we'd all be unlocking the next tank on patch day. However, I think they will notice that and do that math - which would be bad news for all the non-arty players.
  10. Very interesting. i'd rather sell my daughters than play arty, so for Stug and HTC I had to do the other 4 types missions to include honors for every #15. I have completed LT with honors and MT without for the T55A. I suck at TDs and Im stuck on TD15. If this happens, I might even get the T55A after all.
  11. This is my second t10 light. I have learned my lesson - every replay I've watched on these, the guys run food. So I now run food. It sure helps level the field a bit. Overall this is a very fun tank and the abuse of camo is the best part. Pen is terrible - a miserable 230 falling to a ridic 184 at 500m - that's a 20% dropoff . The prem round isn't worth loading as its pens hardly any better (243) than the silver round (230) - I carry none. Here's a fun replay: (Viewers are cautioned that a Foch B and some arty were harmed in the making of this replay)
  12. Nice replay - it might inspire me to keep playing my Sheridan if you reveal your equipment selections.... !
  13. The gun is everything. Stock turret costs you some view range, which is tolerable until you get the top turret. Anything other than top gun is not tolerable
  14. Well, the solution to my angst with the 105 on the Sheridan is fit the DERP. Funnily enough, with the DERP, the other team now gives you a bit of respect - its rare for everyone to try and yolo you like they do if they think you have the 105. Being able to trash other lights is very important in survival to endgame, cleanup, etc. Cost is having to take vents off and fit vstab, so lost 11m VR - down to 472m (sob!) but it still seems to spot stuff for me to DERP, so that's fine. And its more fun - hitting TDs at 400m for 950 dmg - wonderful
  15. I changed to D54, it works well, and you get 219 pen when not spamming HEAT