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  1. I solved same requirement by taking vstab off and running vents/optics/rammer. Patton gun handling is so good you dont need a vstab.
  2. I played Sheridan for over 100 battles and had best results with rammer/optics/vents. The aimtime and dispersion is so short you dont need a vstab. But i concur with the general view that these tanks are way underpowered compared to the mediums. That illustration of the camo values says it all.
  3. I play tier 7 and 9, period. The biggest change is that in lights, now they can be top tier, winrate in those tiers goes way up. T71, Type 62, T49, T-54lwt FTW.
  4. Yep its getting same armor as Type 59 (shame its not the WZ-120). Also, aimtime buff from 3.4 to 2.9. Might be playable now (apart from the 10 sec reload)
  5. 100 battles in, and the honeymoon is over. You have to work real hard to stay alive. Every all-10 battle you feel like a tier 9, and any error while scouting in an all-10 battle is death. Assisted damage nowhere near as high as I thought it would be, and I work hard on scouting. 105 gun is decent but the slow reload means that any other non-light 10 will easily beat you one on one. Premium pen is so poor and results so unreliable with it I'm not going to carry any (if they buff anything, it has to be the premium ammo) I see lots of other Sheridans being played as camo snipers, not really scouting much at all. Not working as intended. T49 is more fun, and far easier credit-wise. Bottom line - not worth buying as it doesn't perform as a 10, more like a 9.5.
  6. Look what the reticle does at 7:06 - very odd - aimbot?
  7. Given the wealth of data each match generates, such as shots, hits, pens, hits received, pens received, damage dealt, damage received, mileage, spots, cap points, def points, etc, etc, and the PR and battlecount of the players who played in the match, its not hard to make the correct decisions on how to balance a tank. Do incremental changes, patch to patch, followed up by trend monitoring and there you go. I guess they just look at winrate..
  8. I'm liking it so far. Getting lots of early damage and often stay unspotted when sniping. I ran binos/optics/vents before pulling a large rammer off some shite TD, and the spots with 565 VR were something else. Gets 2000 spotting damage by just being anywhere near the enemy. Can swap flanks in just over a minute. But - easily penned by anything. Useless in any brawl. Don't ram anything. High skill floor. 20 battles in, 15 wins, just over 2000 dpg, best was just over 4000. need to try and retain that positioning for winrate thing, and increase dmg.
  9. Heck, some of these lists are all tanks I've never played. Here goes: 6. Jackson 7. T71 8. WZ-132, IS-3, JgPz II, T-44 (just sold Pershing as US meds very similar up tiers) 9. Leo PTA, T49, (M46 Patton now marginal keeper), T-54-lwt, T-54, Obj 704 10. M48 Fatton, T-62a, Obj 140, E-100, T-57, Centurion AX The 62a might go if they buff the 140 turret as promised, which will then be faster, have higher gun dep, and pretty much same armor as the 62a. The M46 Patton is falling off the top of the tier 9 hill; recent buffs to PTA leave it slower, lower pen, lower accuracy, and only marginally better turret and view range than the PTA. The PTA is, IMHO, king of the t9 meds as it does it all with a high pen, very accurate gun that rarely needs prem ammo, all in a tank that's very fast, and now has good gun dep too. Tier 8 is a mess due to MM, but some old favorites still rule. I disagree with the consensus that LTTB is now best scout - mine sits in garage while WZ gets played a lot. Bulldog is sold. With buffs coming to T-44 dont sell it; and the JgPz II still hits hard and drives like a turretless med. T71 rules tier 7 - especially as its top tier more than half the time. Light tanks being top tier more than makes up for some of the nerfs.
  10. I'm thinking about picking this up while its discounted, but keeping the lol-49 to run the DERP and use the 105 on this. Given the gun stats, I'd run optics/rammer/vents (no vstab) to exploit the godly view range and tighten up that dispersion, among other things. I was concerned about the size of the Sheridan but if its mostly spaced armor that should be a big payback. Anyone knocking the ball out the park using it as a scout? Interested to see if the game can be broken on open maps with viewrange of 510 on a light...
  11. Mine has a 4 skill crew and - as the aiming circle takes less than a second to scope in, I run vents instead of the vstab. Heresy to some, I'm sure, but the question there is: how good does the gun handling have to be before vstab becomes unnecessary? So the math on my 510 vr is Base 420 BIA + 10 Recon + 9 Sit Aware + 14 Vents + 11 Optics + 46 = 510 The trick, of course, is using it effectively, not making a mistake and getting spotted in front of a whole bunch of tens. Hence my sensitivity to the '10 sec spotted' cooldown.
  12. I took a look, and bearing in mind that I'm just a teal, here is what I noticed right off: You pull or flinch on all your shots, as if the act of pressing the mouse button slaps you in the face. As a result, you miss more than you should. Watch a replay of someone else playing the Patton (bad example here - just to see what happens in the seconds after each shot is fired. Try to not move mouse or scroll wheel as you fire. Watch the shot fly home. There were a few 'oh shit' moments when you moved forward out of cover less then 10 secs after being spotted. You got hit on more than one occasion because of that alone. If necessary, use a mod to give you a ten second count so you can retrain yourself to not do that I almost died when you left the lakeside ramp and yolo'd right out into the middle of the field and then stopped and fired over your shoulder at the E100. With an E4 somewhere on the right. You were lucky he wasnt looking your way. I'd have gone down into the swampy end of the lake and used that cover. The mini lake is a very bad place to end up - and again, you got real lucky when the E4 came at you. What a bounce! Regarding the campy playstyle, I think its all about lack of spots due to the poor tier ten lights not getting played. So the other point about that replay was the 140 going to where the scouts usually go, and you going to the middle. If any medium is going to go to the scout bushes, its the guy with 510+ viewrange - you (but don't fire like he did). You'd have lit them all up.
  13. The vanilla HE is working for me.. just reached 2 marks (woot for a teal!). The butt shots are hysterical. The hillclimbs (esp. Tundra Hill) are amusing. And from time to time, I go scout - had 9000 spotting Malinovka last week. Its one of those tanks that makes you go where you normally wouldnt.
  14. An underrated tank for sure
  15. I'm only a teal, but my comments on that replay are: 1) I dont know if anyone else ever goes to that position at start - I never do - C1 would be my choice as long as the Bat came as well as E5. However - first shot - spotted for sure - must duck to cover immediately - dont sit still and take 2 more shots - tier ten punishes those who are spotted first very hard. You were lucky. 2) Batchat was useless and the E5 went out alone - and you took far too long to react to the TVP and relocate further back 3) After killing the TVP you moved up to a blind corner knowing there was a CAX and a E50M out there somewhere - possibly close - very risky 4) You got lucky on (3) and ended up nicely hulldown vs the E50M: positioning to exploit the turret is key to good T62a play and its hard. Learning how to position that tank is vital to overcome the gun depression limit and exploit that turret 5) You fluffed the killshot on the E50M up close - in those 'drive-by killshot' cases get into habit of using autoaim so you can concentrate on where you are going Others will have more insightful comments I'm sure, but thats the teal-viewpoint