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  1. VBE

    Not quite what I meant. I guess the best way you could plot it in a two axis system would be damage-damage recieved over winrate. I think you would find the delta between the two to correlate to the better win rate. Better players trade their HP more effectively and deal more damage over the course of the game. So as an average the higher producing players should have a larger delta between the two.
  2. VBE

    I have been reading a bunch on this lately and have a few thoughts some of which could probably be sorted out easily using the ?eureka? software. I would be interested to see how the damage received correlates to the win rate and damage dealt stats. Seems as if there should be a good one there that could be semi easy to add in. To use the Win8 formula as an example rDamage = avgDam - avgRecDam/ expDam-expRecDam. Just base off of casual observation and cruising through the stats the better players generally have a better delta here. The other issue I have is using a base value that is intended to be a median. It seems as if the best method would be to calculate out where the "purple" line should be, say the 95-99% area, and calculate down from there. Since overall performance is rarely a linear scale when measuring skill this would allow you to curve the data based on the actual achievement point. It seems it should also allow you to curb seal clubbing data some by simply adjusting the expected values of a tier by a modifier where tier x could be 1( no modification) to tier one at 1.3( .3 increase). If this has been discussed before sorry I did most of this thread in addition to more than I want to admit over the last few days.
  3. The Curse

    Unfortunately there wasn't much to do with it. I did end up buying another power supply but it still would not post because the motherboard was bad. So I took that as an opportunity to rebuild. I did end up testing the old power supply in a known working computer (I have several lying around..sad I know) and it was bad as well. Personally my belief is that the power supply was failing and due to whatever reason took the motherboard with it. There is no real way to confirm that but it seems to make the most logical sense.
  4. Help With T110E5 Please

    1st replay - you over extended and spent way to much time peeking around the corner at the KV-2 and the E5. You traded most of you life away there for not much gain. Also in another game with a few better players on it you would have been killed doing that really quickly. You had enemies on three sides and often you were exposing your rear and flanks to them while trading shots. The E5 is fast enough to relocate so do it often to avoid forcing encounters that trade off to much life. Prioritize your shots more. If you would have killed the kv-2 before worrying about the E5 you could have saved a good bit of health which would have served you better later. Otherwise good damage and a win. 2nd replay - The hill can be a rough spot to fight from since it is very exposed and you exposed yourself way to much unless there is a ton of support. You have the basic idea of playing an e5 here towards the end playing hull down and abusing the terrain. When you are doing that don't move around so much since it only increases your visibility. get so you can barely see the area to minimize your exposed area and wait. You missed a bunch of shots by not waiting, popping them and sliding back into cover. Also towards the end rather than trying to poke about I probably would have moved back to a spot I could light and or get shots at the base. Sniping the cappers would be better than the zero damage at the end. Plus there is more terrain and buildings at the cap area to hide in/ behind, sidescrape, ect. Over all i agree with Nurkus's eval. points with minimap, sidescrapping, and being okay to take a shot on the move once and a while. I would also add abusing terrain to stay hull down, understanding vision mechanics to snipe better and trade shots without taking damage, and don't be afraid to use your speed to relocate to better position.
  5. The Curse

    Cyber power, APC, or Tripplite are all decent brands of UPS. For power supplies I have used Antec, PC power and cooling, Corsair, and Thermaltake without any issues. As a side note the last computer I had that did what yours is doing now eventually started to turn itself on at night randomly. Finally it would appear to start but never make it to the post screen. I ended up just building a new machine from scratch only reusing the hard drive and DVD drive. I the only other salvageable parts were the CPU and the memory which I upgraded my wife's computer with.
  6. Thanks guys....I will take you up on that...I'm a bit of the introvert to it really isn't my style to pop into another clan channel and ask for platoon outside of PUPEH. Hell inside of PUPEH I don't really do it that often. There are a few OTTER players from my former clan who I learned a lot from when I platooned with them but I still feel weird wandering around the TS server unless I was invited first. Asking someone I don't know out of the blue...well I probably will not do that. Just call me weird like that.
  7. Okay thank you all for the good posts since I have definitely seen improvement since I started coming to WotLabs. I have been using vbaddict adu to track my per battle stats so i can better judge how I actually played vs. how I felt about it. A typical night when I feel good about it half the battles are around 3k wn8 or better, a quarter in the 1.8k -2k wn8 and the rest horrible tomato matches so my overall is in the 2K to 2.4k range. When I feel meh the overall ends up between 1.7k and 1.8k mostly because the number of tomato battles is more and the high purples are less. Bad nights well they are horrible but are getting less bad and less often the better I get. Soloing 95% of the time as well. The good thing is I can feel like I did poorly now and the result is still often better than my current overall wn8. The problem lies in the fact that I am see sawing right at the deep green to blue line and need to find some better consistency to push onto the next level of performance. Knowing that occasional bad nights and bad battles happen to everyone here is the question. How do you purples minimize those events to keep them from impacting your overall performance? What overall things can I work on be more consistent across an average day of battles? How do I kill my inner tomato?.......
  8. Solid State Drives

    1TB SSD's are commonplace and reasonably affordable now with access speeds your standard raid can't even dream of.. For a similar price you could raid two 512 MB SSD's and have speeds that would blow your mind.........
  9. The Curse

    I doubt it is the GPU overheating. Typical behavior for that type of event is a complete lockup not a full system power off. In almost 20 years of computer work when the system powers off by itself it has 90% of the time been either the motherboard or the power supply. The other 10% are typically grounding issues where the motherboard has shifted in the case and is contacting a mounting point.
  10. Solid State Drives

    As an average sandforce controllers had/have the best overall throughput. Original issues were from the fact that the OS's did not have the trim command natively so the drive would get clogged up quickly and degrade performance. Windows 7 and above have this command natively so it is no longer and issue. The other issue people have that they don't address is that SSD drives do not need to be defragged but win 7 and 8 do this by default and it needs to be turned off. Finally as a good way to conserve space for the default folders that don't really need the speed boost like documents, pictures, ect. Right click the drive and go properties, location, move, select the location, and choose move. Now all of them will be stored at the new location, preferably on you platter drive, and any access directed to those folders will automatically be redirected to the new location.
  11. Installing a new OS

    a good program for this is called ....however it does work well and can pull a ton of keys for different programs....and its free.
  12. I will bet when you run bluescreenviewer that what you see is BAD_POOL_CALLER. Essentially it is saying that the driver is making a bad call to the memory. It should also show you a highlighted reference to the file that caused the BSOD one of which is always the kernel and the other, if it even shows, is the offending file. If it isn't easily obvious what it is then you can just google it to find out what driver it is part of. Bottom line if nothing else seems to work is the need to completely uninstall/delete your current video driver. Let it restart and install the generic VGA driver to overwrite any left over settings. Then re-install the latest driver from AMD. Personally I never use the Beta drivers because they can be super buggy...after all they are a BETA.
  13. The Curse

    powering and then coming back on has the sound of one of two thoughts. First would be some kind of BSOD error. Check through your application and system logs to be sure you aren't getting any of these. They may also log what the cause of the shutdown was. The second thought isn't a good one. Namely hardware related. When I see that the first thing i generally think is over heating. Could be due to bad airflow (insufficient cooling), excessive dust in the system, improper application of the thermal paste on the cpu as the easy fixes. Worst case is you experienced and under voltage event. This can damage capacitors and other parts in subtle ways so they function for a time and once they get hot they fail which of course crashes the computer. If that is the case could either be the power supply or the motherboard which is going. Last time I saw that it was my own computer and the motherboard had failed. Second one in two years after moving to a new rural area. UPS installed and I haven't had an issue in years.
  14. Help With T110E5 Please

    There are some good posts in the vehicles section and the I haz tanks section like this here.
  15. or you could just use vbaddict and you will get both wn7 and wn8 for overall and each individual battle per tank.