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  1. Agreed, usually in mmorpgs when a new batch of super elite quests and missions get introduced the last batch gets smashed to smithereens. I'm guessing something announced in January once the HD player bump dies down. On the bright side I have a load of 260 commendations so I can start looking to skip dumb missions like the anti-3 SPG ones that, with the lack of arty, are pretty much logically impossible to do.
  2. I woudn't say for ages... it has had several rounds of buffs over the years. The 30P may be overrated but I've had enough troll bounces off of the gun mantle to appreciate it.
  3. I think there's two questions to consider: - Is the AMX30B a straight up a decent tier 10 and no longer a turd? From the streamers I've asked so far I think so yes. - Is the AMX30B (tier-for-tier) good enough such that you can safely sell your AMX30P? That I don't know. I think its DPM might be good for 30v30 for flanking but the lack of pen might means it struggles even more at range. Though there's HEAT spam I guess.
  4. When I look at this I see an apology and then then they gloss over the rest of the issues that were raised (like where the game is going, and the behaviour of certain WG staff) and put it on the CCs and apparently it's the guidelines that were at fault. But apparently they will have a statement ready on P2W at the end of the GFs so maybe there will be something to that -- or maybe they are waiting for everything to blow over. Latest from Jingles:
  5. Well I would guess that you would be bottom tier about half of the time with the new MM (though when you are bottom tier it's less drastic). Let's hope with ranked mode culling off a lot of tier 10s the balance will be restored from 20%.
  6. I would argue for 400 alpha, at tier 9, that the soft stats are terrible -- I'm guessing 75% more than the 390 alpha NATO meds. Oh and you can't mount a vert stab so makes that 100% -- medium-style snapshots are straight out of the question. So you are hoping for shooting gallery situations to open up. http://tanks.gg/compare/conway?t=skorpion-g~charioteer It wouldn't be too hard to argue that the SkorpG [alpha] and Charioteer [pen and shell velocity] are straight up better (other than the larger health pool).
  7. I have a bad tendency to keep tanks around well past their best-before date thinking I would play them again but never doing so. The Conway has a certain British charm, semi-decent mobility, turret, DPM that makes it situationally nice so sometimes I think I would play it for the lulz but it's so UP and the gun is so trash... oh and higher alpha on the Defender was pretty much the final straw.
  8. Opps, ya. It's AP round is underwhelming but the APRC is one of the better ones. Balance-wise I feel like they started with the Tort and then gave the Conway a lot of trash stats because it's faster and has a turret. When really the tank is a trash medium with a bit higher DPM. IMHO Both the Tort and Conway need significantly better bloom stats to make any sort of use of their DPM. I'm still slowly playing through the Conway to unlock the Shitbarn (40k short) for personal mission stuff, ultimately won't keep the tier 9 due to lack of crews.
  9. The carrousel mod that comes with Aslain's adds the ability to put tanks in "reserve" which basically hides them until you go into view reserves mode.
  10. Or if you complete the other 4 lines w/ honours (and get the reward tank) just give them the last crew member. Which, admittedly wouldn't be as effective as removing the missions entirely, but would help. Another idea (instead of removing gold ammo) is removing food which, combined with BIA, makes all of the non-splash ammo types viable.
  11. Did SPG-2(4) [top 3 damage], SPG-5(4) [get a Gore's medal], SPG-12(4) [top damage & 4 kills] in about 8 battles firing M44 Heat through the front of TOGs (including one tier 6 battle where I got 3800 damage)!? Yup totally balanced mechanic. I haven't looked yet at if the SPG missions will get easier in the next patch but figured might as well get some fun ones out of the way. Also right now I'm trying for all of the (do X to higher tiers ones) as these will get even harder with the new MM).
  12. "Protip": Wait for a ToG rental weekend and do arty missions
  13. FWIW other than a terrible best pen the T-44-100 is better than the CDC in pretty much every way
  14. Oops ... that's exactly how I read it. -> sed s/later/former/g