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  1. How to find that balance with a crumbling team?

    i came back recently after 8 months and suddenly i get 26% days :E rip my superuni recents lul. A lot of the maps and meta/micro-meta has changed, so expect to have to take a while to adjust back. Not to mention teams can sometimes just be that bad or you might even be on tilt without realising it.
  2. Also, you can try quick peeking with just your turret, especially on ridges and stuff. That way you will most likely spot them(and they you) when you get back into cover safely. If you can track them while quickly spotting them even better. There is a difference between early game aggressiveness and mid-late. Early usually if you are in a fast tank you can get to choke points/spot them before you spot them. While during the later, tds and such can set up position to pre-aim, so they are more likely to hit and pen you. When you push mid-late game use terrain and limit the line of firing you are exposed to as little as possible i.e. avoid being cross fired by the enemy, and as much avoid going to areas which haven't been cleared of enemy position and keep an eye out for where enemy tanks were last spotted or even if unspotted. Xvm can help with both of this if you still need time or can't keep track (last spotted location + enemy currently spotted/initially lit and unspotted/unspotted till so far).
  3. If I'm not wrong chieftain/t95 has been used in the mini-campaigns at least twice, while of course the fv4202 was given free to people who did the marathon. The former is decent, while i agree the fv4202 and other british prems are indeed quite lacklustre and there aren't that many of them to begin with. As someone who started playing the game for and with British tanks I've found it quite puzzling..
  4. Pick fast premiums Choose those that fit in better with your play style (for me its is-6) Reload premium ammo for hard to pen targets(eats your credits some of the time, but you will make more than if you bounced 3-4 shots trying to pen) Go for easy to pen targets/lower tiers Keep moving to where there is a lot of enemy HP to farm P.S. Credits in sh battles are easier(triple RRR, autoaim yoloes), faster and generate more credit income/hour AND crew skills so unless you want to grind wn8 in pubs(for what? just play tier x)
  5. Clan wars Season 8

    Wow so is apac the only server with tier VIII still? lmao
  6. So all you need to do to get better stats is change your username I wish I changed mine earlier and more frequently
  7. heck i get <10ms just being in the same country, even <5ms sometimes, i would have thought under 1ms for being in the same building lol.
  8. CW was much more fun when it was tier x only. Once tier 8 and tier 6 came, people started farming those instead and tier x died, which is why the tier x map decreased (also in part also due to the vn rigging cunts blocking the entire map).
  9. one last chance to get the foch 155

    Agree for a good player yes. But your average player is still going to most likely do terrible in it because it doesn't have a turret like the waffle(i still see people on fb saying the waffle wasn't op and wg should bring it back in the same breath)
  10. one last chance to get the foch 155

    Would be a good time to get it as well considering WG anniversary is coming up (most likely) before the 9.20 patch hits. So it should be 4mil on discount And who knows, WG might rebuff further, because atm nobody plays it anyway, and even with the upcoming buffs they aren't that good.
  11. Can't see this being worth at all compared to m4190gf. Only maybe camo and i doubt they would make it better than the t8 normal lt with all the uproar over overpowered premiums.