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  1. Not sure if to upvote or neg Will upvote because kolni
  2. i sure hope so I wonder if the t8 lights will be viable for cw, because i have most of them in garage with crews. Hope the crew get duplicated as well MingLee otherwise i'm just going to grind the tier x lights then sell the t9s and drop them in t8 or x (depending on which is more needed tbh, but probably going to have get the tier x anyway because gotta get them all)
  3. Hello fellow APAC player hope you don't rage quit need more people like you who are willing to learn
  4. Mine didn't even change much And wtf is with the e50's expected 4500 dmg, and m46 2900 Maybe i shouldn't buy them kek
  5. Was having a good day of world of tanks Soloing 14/18 with like 2.8k wn8 in t8-x And then lost 6 in a row of spic where i couldn't farm damage (some games with 2k + dmg) and mostly got spotting but lost by a huge margin anyway because my teams were terrible, got 1st [email protected] battles on a loss, finally won after nearly wanting to kill myself..Sigh 8 [email protected] for spic brought down the day's wr and wn8 FeelsBadMan
  6. Unicums platoon with scrubs like us because we enable wins/aren't too shit but don't steal damage either/distraction while they farm damage Kappa Free winrate padding(and at times wn8 padding when full yolo double unicums wreck enemy team and you get to farm damage along)
  7. next the pubbies will be like REMOVE_PLATOONS_FROM_THE_GAME *only applies to 55+ wr players Kappa
  8. lol drives into me then starts shooting me and gets banned Shoot him once for every time he shoot me then continue to aim towards C1 but i guess he's salty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Figures the 52% shitter with rigged obj 260 and T-22SR likes to teamkill until he turns blue from just 3 shots lmao (4th autobanned)
  9. Well i've sent @wasaabi_SEA the information by pm, sadly no screenshot as it was in clan chat and disappeared when i logged out Also lol @Flying_Elite he was trolling me on purpose during the game, sending that to wasaabi as well, hopefully he gets banned for that as well. Lost the game because 2 tanks down from him trying to kill me and taking my gun out of the game as well along with it.
  10. So @Flying_Elite it must have been in clan chat, because i didn't see it in pms Are mods able to look up in clan chat and chatban/gameban (whatever it is) for out of game threats?
  11. so it is done? don't have screenshot, was too sleepy was through ingame pm around 5-6 jan 12am approx
  12. meepmeep (05/01/2017 23:50:09) retart Eizo.. you watch out for team/clan killing meepmeep (05/01/2017 23:50:20) i wish to see you in real life.. just watch out Eizo meepmeep (05/01/2017 23:50:45) 1. You spam in the field not stop and I told you STFU meepmeep (05/01/2017 23:50:55) 2. You shoot me. gege meepmeep (05/01/2017 23:51:17) 3. You and I in Singapore.. if ww cross path someday.. gege also meepmeep (05/01/2017 23:51:37) you barking at wrong tree kid.. good luck can i haz ban pls out of game threat ingame i feel threathened :((((((((( @wasaabi_SEA @Flying_Elite
  13. i should think it won't let you demount it if too heavy. Don't know for sure.. but i think best option would be to throw on suspension then get the turret and autoloader as fast as possible and then slap up whatever equipment. Someone might have a better idea though, since i free exp-ed mine..
  14. wao y no gib me acc damo i want to play type 59 on different accounts