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  1. Well i did pretty much on patch day it seemed like the koreans are playing bad to me, with the exception of few like vicetone(26k 66% bc was too obvious) and others who already rerolled or are good enough. rolling the better players is easy because either suicidal or camp so back you can easily kill their team quickly. However its not like i trusted anyone i don't directly know because of all the sold acc/shit chai snipers anyway so no loss. CW might be something they do well, yaltank (who used to be in omega with his asia acc) and other commanders are highly regarded by players who are asia cw players damn, 26600 comments in this topic alr
  2. i get 20ms :^) Pretty sure most Japanese/Koreans get <100ms to the server, while Australia/NZ often get 100+ because of their cable and routing. The rest closer to Singapore usually get low ping if 1)their ISP is not shit 2)They don't have packet loss from cable issues #Just Asia IT Infrastructure things
  3. think it was 22k? That was the highest I saw when i was paying attention.
  4. The ones I've met have mostly been bad even if they are green. I am thinking their server has higher average win rate thanks to the bots and netcafe accounts..
  5. Well looking at the mission so far they are ridiculous easy for a free t8 prem, but t25 isn't actually that bad, while it does have worse armor and penetration, it does boast better soft gun/mobility stats, so it will be workable if you are a decent player. Worth picking up if you are only a few token off(not many and cheap too)
  6. a much better explanation I'm terrible sorry I tried Yea i meant it doesn't multiply not that it doesn't stack sorry.
  7. Join t8 shs and grind them out while making credits :v Or as above said by Errants And if i am not wrong,to answer your question, the combat exp booster stacks with crew exp booster and dailies, but it does not multiply as they are all based off base exp and not the daily.
  8. it may get buffed and as it is right now it actually is more or less decent compared to the fv4202 i think. And from what i the first mission isn't hard, so maybe the rest aren't either.
  9. From what i see, he seems to have been going for the track and then switched for the side of the tank. Didn't really flick that quickly so i would go with him thinking about where to shoot
  10. He may have been panicking or have adhd or something i guess. Sometimes I get bored and start flicking >10times in the spans of a few secs while reloading because i get twitchy. Hard to tell really, it could be either that or easily just the replay behaving oddly as usual. What's the timestamp, playing the game atm before tourny starts can't really watch the whole video.
  11. if i'm not wrong jingles has stated that is due to the replay not showing it as it as aimed? That's why most replays on youtube by youtubers show the aim off according to them.
  12. I would say is-4 line if you have the time for it. If not Maus until it gets nerfed as it is too powerful atm in the hands of a good player, but it will get rekt whenever there is arty or tier x tds e100 is probably the closest and best for you tbh, since as an average player you can take 750 bombs on to enemy (unless you trade with 183/type5/JPE )
  13. Finally broke and got premium number 88 :minidoge:
    Receipt. Date: 9/3/2017 10:23:40 PM Vehicles added: Object 252U Defender Slots added: 1
    Now don't even need to get Liberte and Patriot, 1 OP t8 prem is enough :kappa:

  14. Asia has like 3 good clans, split among 2 time zones, of which pretty much only 1 each are active in each tz. There is pretty much no competition but its still alive for now, clearly NA is slightly more alive so i doubt EU is as bad you are making it out to be. Every server has that 1 top clan which destroys everyone.
  15. So i assume they will replace the is-4 in the garage with the st-1, and then the camo emblem inscriptions and equipment will all be on the tier x st-1?