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  1. its being used quite often already, as you have hypothesized it is used on wide open maps like prok, malinovka, and is really useful for defences (kind of fills the same niche as the grille 15). With the nerfs to the grille 15(mainly the reload), it will probably be used more often(as people grind it out) Considering that the m41 90 GF is a premium, i think it could be used temporarily for t8 cw while players/callers replace it with perhaps the new t8 lts or maybe even t8 meds if they feel the lts do not fight the role (of said LW that is being removed). Also i think the t8 wz132 might be staying at t8(can't recall offhand, correct me if i'm wrong), and its similar enough to the LW and has been used as replacement already for a while.
  2. Kranvagns/113/obj 260/maus have been seeing a bit more use, for maus probably because its competive next patch, its probably gonna be more useful. kranvagn is useful if you are camping i guess, but they get 1 shot by tier x arty rather easily whenever i see them in clan wars. 113/obj 260 are seeing more use than before thanks to the buffs to 113 previously, and for pushing hard and fast while still needing armor. E5 still being used and i suspect it will still be even next patch, because the nerf to the armor was pretty much not critical in cw, because the capoula is pretty much almost 100% pen with heat if you are any good, and you shouldn't really be showing your lfp, if you are forced to fight on level ground you are pretty much getting penned now in cw anyway so i think it doesn't really matter. As for type 5 heavy i feel it may be used in some situations (read: very rarely) since with maus buff, the maus easily is more bouncy and has more hp, and the type 5 heavy derp gun is too unreliable for cw imo.
  3. Someone can do a simpler tldr? Because i don't understand after reading it
  4. Flithy boosh kemping clicker
  5. I was in the toilet with stomachache -_- And then only sturm and me went for round 2.. 2-3 games were tech draws too so we could have easily gotten 5th or 6th,
  6. top klanu only pls EU - FAME (everyone else lose to them? MingLee), i guess OMNI (still strong afaik) S3AL WHYOU IDEAL RSOP the usual guys, idk about these G100 CANT and other clans much but they seem to have good players (stat wise) NA - BULBA (pretty much rest are dead, slowly dying, with the exception of clans like MO/MAHOU/VILIN which while are good still i reckon are not near BULBA's standard, and the rest of the top 10 clans are all dead i think? SNEKS seems to have mostly cw players from good dead/alive clans too) ASIA(my cancer server) - PYRO for early timezone, CROWN/RAISE for late timezone. Some smaller clans who are decent but not worth joining if you are a purple tbh (of which there aren't that many left because most of them quit due to cheaters/dead cw etc) Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong on either EU/NA, don't play there but i try to follow the news/streams xd
  7. My clan has used them a couple of times already, hard to say how useful they are because most of the time they get spg-ed or rushed, it will take a while for their effectiveness to be known imo. Hopefully someone from the top 10 EU/NA clans can comment on this, server might make a difference due to the server cw meta (mostly meds on asia except town maps like Himmselsdorf where we go vk7201k meme xd) Mostly used as alternative/replacement for 50B/t57 really, where hulldown is worth it.
  8. Damn, tier x cw is already being prepared? Still being a baddie@t6...
  9. @Duncs for your information if you are looking for a clan Eastern front - PYRO(for dank cw and other sh/tourny shennegians), TIM(Pretty decent but not the best), 1AR (vilified due to JordyBro) There really are no other options there tbh If for some reason Western front - CROWN(daily sh memes + cw, some tourny as well), RAISE(more relaxed cw daily and sh, no. 1 on server for campaign), and CRAZY(the one true international clan but its nowhere near CROWN/RAISE standard in cw) Rest are all fully Japanese or nationality based clans(EL_CN for chinese etc) iirc. This is based on the information in your post where you stated you were looking for some kind of cw clans, i know you are aus but idk which timezone you are in and what is your schedule like. Probably can give you a better idea
  10. Thanks for guide @Kolni Hope to slowly start 3 marking from low tiers before i get gud enough to 3 mark t8 and above non LT Kappa
  11. Got this a while back, first and only 3 mark, am trying to 3rd mark spic and maybe my is-6(stuck at perma 2nd mark forever because i'm bad Kappa, even though i have like 65%wr on it after 3k battles running even mostly solo) Still too shit to 3rd mark anything that is not a lt or above t7 i reckon MingLee Someone make guides howto3rdmark tanks pls
  12. Not sure if to upvote or neg Will upvote because kolni