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  1. Can't see this being worth at all compared to m4190gf. Only maybe camo and i doubt they would make it better than the t8 normal lt with all the uproar over overpowered premiums.
  2. So just got the emil i and strv 103-0. Rammer vents and optics or gld for the former? Camo Bino Rammer or rammer optics vents for the strv? Or something else?

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    2. cavman276


      GLD on emil, the gun handling it total aids

    3. HemanathanRX7


      Thanks for the advice, running rammer bino camo net on strv(losing because of teams but still getting off damage will probably platoon to get it back up because sea scouts suck)
      Running optics over GLD after testing w/o gld i can kinda make the gun work so far since i have 3+skills(thanks to personal reserves)and i get decent vr and gun stats with food/bia :)

    4. Kolni


      Strv should be rammer/vents/binocs

      you're blind while moving anyway so don't expect much difference with optics

  3. Well its entirely dependent on your crew/preference I would say if your crew is good(read: get 450+vr w/o optics and with vents), then go with vents, if they don't have good vr and are not spg go with optics, especially if t9/x. Exception would be tanks that need specific 3 equipment(i.e. stab rammer vents or gld in the case of 4005/183 etc) or which have terrible stock vr anyway(like most heavies below tier x, tier x heavies usually have enough vr). Meta isn't really reliant on spotting nowadays but still good to have vr when your team are dead most of the time as per usual pubbie play or when you have invisible tanks shooting you/open maps.
  4. They changed it to credits for marathons quite a while back(and stated it will always be credits from now. Iirc tankrewards and clan wars give you gold(not sure about the cw because it has been a while since t23e3/fcm mini-campaigns - was supposed be a while back but got pulled in favour of extended season 5).
  5. its pretty much one of the most broken tanks in t6sh, too slow for t8 games, still can kinda hold its own in t7 because it has monster dpm. All said, its worth getting since you only need 13/18 tokens, and the missions are for the most part able to be done by bots.
  6. Pretty sure those are alt accounts of players in other clans/servers, at least for sure I know speedster is from veer(or agn1/ina i forget).
  7. its Neo from ex-DPS, he's from India @Neo this is him, he's on wotlabs
  8. I liked the old MM better tbh. Less chance of bottom tier, and you could actually platoon tier x with your friends and not have 100% tier x games for the whole night. Now I solo tier x instead and its boring, but atleast I get to use AP in 50B instead of having to spam full JPE at Maus/Type 5/JPE/e4/e3 that all the pubbies like to use.
  9. kek shit teal rerolling to green bot. Just shows he has no idea about the game and just farms damage.
  10. yolo and carry = good player sit at the back farm damage = shit player
  11. Its because 50% shitters can get 60% chevrons efficiency in spgs as opposed to playing actual tanks and getting less than 50% probably. Heck scruffytrap is in the top 100 and safely in league 1 from just arty... I do hope they reset the stats after this "beta" because as it is now I have shit chevron efficiency because I just RRR and go to the next game, and it actually counts towards leaderboard position because everyone more or less has the same rank points outside of the top few players. At this point unless you are supergood AND have a lot of time or someone who loves to play arty cancer, there is no way to get into league 1 easily, because the number of players in league 1 decreases every stage from those not meeting the cutoff. There was this korean guy on the forums warning us about it in English but when it actually happened.. Think league 2 is at like [email protected]%, league 1 is [email protected]% effiency, and this week isn't even over by a long stretch, so probably going to need closer to 40 points to stay in league 1 at the end of the season. Fuck that man.
  12. this one is even better https://clips.twitch.tv/SecretiveMotionlessRaisinSaltBae
  13. Yea I don't care about the bonds either, I just want the Gold, Beta Season badge too
  14. lmao randynabor1988 I remember that guy. Pretty sure that's a reroll account as well, he only every played batchat on that, and has like 4 tier x