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  1. WG RU probably do everything carefully and actually understand the players because they all speak the same language, and if they screw up the playerbase will destroy them
  2. Tim play cw? wut I thought they only play random battles :^)
  3. I actually went up 50 points overall while my recents stayed the same. #NOTSTETPEDDERCONFIRMED #ANGRYBLUESOONTM
  4. just WoT fb things
  5. -1000wn8 and 10% for any korea server transfer. The amount of 70% shitters from the korea server plus 2.5k and below xvm/clan tag sniping retards who gladly suicide just to kill anyone who is above green is stupid af.
  6. RGZ is full of shitters, rerolls and padders who think they are actually good when they are trash xvm sniping baddies who don't know how to play. Whole lot should be teamkilled. who did you teamkill lmao
  7. PYRO, CROWN, RAISE it never changes First two require some form of cw/sh commitment but are pretty active, while RAISE requires pretty much only campaign (to get tonk, but its easy af to get one there because no.1) but less active. Rest are totally not worth. Most of luck guys are in pyro, but camma/lion and some of the DPS/RPS guys are in crown, with a few in raise as well. Honestly do not recommend joining any other early or late timezone clans because they are all well below your standards and would make you want to puke blood.
  8. I would say 50-200 games for most people, usually it doesn't take more than 50games to get to any tier but X with premium nowadays, but it is still is small enough to be swayed like things such as specials, weekends etc, while 100 is what most people would consider to be sufficient, and a few insisting on close or more than 200. And then you have people who will say you need at least a 1000
  9. good luck in recruitment, please don't let the memes die :^)
  10. Wasn't he banned on his main wotlabs? Can we ban his wotlabs alt now before it spreads? @PityFool
  11. [email protected] unicum 260 drivers

    So some noob in a WoT fb group says 260 has weak armor.

    Unless its getting heatspammed on ufp, and if its hulldown its pretty good right? So basically as long as you are not shit its pretty good?

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    2. Fabunil


      The armor is good as long as you use your gundepression to hide your turretroof and cupola and improve your upper plate.

      On flat ground however every idiot can easily overmatch your giant roof which becomes even worse when the enemy is above you plus everyone can easily heat your UFP when trying to sidescrape in a city.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Just like the is7 it has an armor layout that can't really be abused and relies on opponents shit rng, however it lacks the areas that give the is7 a lot of random bounces. Such as the beak.

      basically the 260 makes you think you have armor and then routinely disappoints you

    4. HemanathanRX7


      Thanks, the way he was saying like it was made out of paper. Made me question my existence for a while.

  12. Eks Dee McMole is back :^)
  13. My guess is it will be, so it doesn't turn into rampage/sh rig fiesta. The rewards are grindy af but since they are very worth it, might become mandatory for top cw clans(which is so fucked) Hopefully, it is only locked to that mode..