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  1. yea t7 is probably the best to start from. Be sure to free exp the tracks, turret and gun, you don't need the radio or engine because they don't make that much a difference.
  2. 1)Offload extra provinces over cap to minor clans 2)Get tribute 3)Profit?? 4)Take back provinces if they leave alliance :^))) Ez clap? Idk seems that way to me. Time to get more free gold?
  3. t9 is probably better because you get more hp to spot. Its probably the easiest in tier x lts, because you can just run around everywhere without most tanks spotting you (amx 13 105 and t100 are the best tbh) Just wait for prok/murovanka/fiery salient/fisherman's bay, pretty easy to get spotting in those as light. Or province before it gets dropped to <t7.
  4. I'm using the stock gun with full apcr because it has better rate of fire.
  5. In the first place he just said stuff that everyone pretty much says in the open, so it shouldn't be a ban in the first place. But making it public was just really, really shitty.
  6. So now you can't talk shit about anything related to WG anywhere? What the fuck is this bullshit? Banning people in apac league for stuff on twitch?
  7. Maybe he got his privates wet and was dying them
  8. HemanathanRX7

    Best stat sites at the moment?

    Yea i use tanks.gg for account checking/stalking and wotstats for daily changes.
  9. Because they don't want to be top tier haha NotLikeThis
  10. HemanathanRX7

    [NA] Returning after 4 years, want helps relearn the game.

    Don't come back lol.
  11. haHAA 80-100 with bad lag to HK now.
  12. HemanathanRX7

    Prognosis of 705A?

    I honestly I can't myself even buying the 705a, it just has nothing special AND its rear mounted, so its pretty much a worse is-4.
  13. 60ms for me, up from 1ms to Singapore.
  14. Crazib already reported him after he did it to him. (i was in platoon and saw it) But nothing happened
  15. not that fucking t92 again. Its a griefing account that pushes you out or blocks your shots in arty.
  16. HemanathanRX7

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    top few on leaderboard on asia have max points, 95/100%wr and average time played of 68s. very legit lmao. i wonder if its the same on NA/EU as well?
  17. HemanathanRX7

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    Holy shit I did NOT realise that. I guess should be rather easy to get the 100 points thank goodness.
  18. Pretty sure its like green or something, considering most people complaining about it not working are teals and above... Think he just hasn't fixed it yet.
  19. HemanathanRX7

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    Its such a retarded game mode after the frontlines. Especially since the cards are fucking RNG. Fuck this game mode.
  20. HemanathanRX7

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    Man if its nearly impossible to complete the set(to get the award and gigi) i dunno if i can be bothered to spend the money but seems no choice but to.
  21. HemanathanRX7

    Wotlabs stats not working

    Its basically been not working for any asia account, just shows clan not found for player profiles. Only started happening a few days ago, maybe 3-4.
  22. Been using most of the free gold I get to retrain crews, demount equipment, some used to boost new crews for grinds. Been converting little bits to free exp for much needed modules on some lines but honestly too many tanks, too little free exp.
  23. Been grinding stock t5-9s without free exp. And arty for missions + tier x. Gonna grind out rest of the tier x and arty before fixing recents.
  24. HemanathanRX7

    [Supertest] Excalibur, Tier 6 British TD

    I wonder if its going to be personal mission campaign 2 reward?..