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  1. Haswell


    Hear hear. I'm seeing more and more OC reviews only going so far as to cranking the clock speed as high as they can to pass one single benchmark, ignoring most of everything else and most certainly not stress-tested for stability. Getting 5GHz+ doens't mean much if you have to use a compressor to keep it working. Oh Intel.
  2. Haswell


    But it's a special edition! Obviously it must have something special over its cousin to warrant the extra cost, like the fancy packaging!
  3. Haswell


    It is at best a top binned 8700K. If people decide the extra cost is worth it for the guaranteed extra 300mhz, so be it.
  4. Haswell

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    Your point is valid, though not relevant to RNG. Bush wookies and defender's advantage will exist regardless.
  5. Haswell

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    By saying lack of RNG will make the gameplay static you imply the presence of RNG is in opposition of static gameplay. And yet even with existing RNG gameplay is still observably static. For example, staring contest on (old) Campinovka, old Province, Lakeville valley camp. And of course there's constant cover hugging to avoid arty, where arty is already affected by RNG much more than any other vehicle class. If RNG makes the game less static, why do people camp all the way back and be useless? Why do frontally impenetrable tanks choose to sit BEHIND squishier allies instead of taking point? Why offer premium ammo that tends to defeat the entire purpose of RNG pen? Why doesn't arty presence make gameplay more dynamic? Static gameplay primarily results from poor map design and poorly balanced gameplay mechanics, where the fear of getting punished makes people sit still in the most useless positions. RNG may have a role in promoting dynamic gameplay, but it's effects are relatively inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. See gambling and pleasure addiction. I wonder where you got that 95% number from. Yes, RNG will theoretically allow a bad performing player to achieve results more rewarding than their low skill level would receive otherwise, but you failed to consider at what threshold does RNG start hampering the results of good performing players. For simplicity's sake I'll assume 50% win rate to be the threshold here, and that there is an equal distribution of players below and above the threshold. In this case the amount of players benefiting from RNG will be roughly equal to those who are hampered by it. I realize this is a gross simplification, but my point still stands. WT's lack of success is not entirely due to their lesser RNG mechanics. For one, consider that WT has predominantly been focused on planes, and that by the time they decided to put tanks in the game they already face stiff competition from WoT, just like how AW failed to compete. For an opposite example, see WoWP vs WT.
  6. Haswell

    The End: Object 279

    Too late, they probably already have the M60 and others planned for sale.
  7. Haswell

    So what's planned for the game?

    Planned obsolescence.
  8. Haswell

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    I agree, the power difference across tier gaps is a major problem of the game, but I thought we're talking about RNG vs skill...? That being said, the MM is basically an RNG of its own. With 3/5/7 and soloqueueing (assuming sufficient players at each tier) you basically have 47% chance of being bottom tier, 33% mid and 20% top. Tiers 1-3, 9, 10 and stuff with pref MM have different probabilities, but the RNG in MM still stands.
  9. Haswell

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    These all fall under player skill, in which they are the few things that RNG have little to no effect on. Imagine playing a game where you need to plan your movements and adjust to your opponent's strategies, but after all that careful strategizing and execution you have no way of hitting, penetrating or damaging your opponent. Alas, the only way to achieve victory in this game is by damaging and destroying your opponent (not going to talk about capping here), but you can't do that because the game won't let you. These three things are the core mechanics of the game, in that if you can't hit, pen or damage your opponent you'll end up with a very frustrating time no matter what else the game allows you to do. To put it in more relatable terms, imagine playing paintball with a gun that doesn't shoot straight and rounds that don't burst properly. I applaud you if you'll still have fun playing that, because I sure as hell won't.
  10. Haswell

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    They already did that with Planes, you Tanks and Ships players are just late for it.
  11. Haswell

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    This is a fine explanation for what happens in real life, but last time I checked the game isn't a sim. Realism here is getting in the way of enjoyable gameplay, unless you enjoy being at the mercy of RNG, in which case refer to my explanation about addictive pleasure. A tier 6 losing to a tier 8 given equal player skill has nothing to do with RNG, that's just a difference in power embedded in the game mechanics. A less skilled IS-3 losing to a more skilled IS-3 has nothing to do with RNG, as that is merely a difference in player skill (unless you count the RNG factor for the MM). Shot RNG is frustrating because it has absolutely nothing to do with player skill. You can be positioned in the right place, playing the right tank, teamed up with the right players against the right opponents, etc... If RNG decides your perfectly aimed shot will eat dirt and roll low pen there is absolutely nothing player skill can do anything about it except for hoping your next shot will go better. Except in this case you may not get a next shot after a lengthy reload. This may be a minor problem in pub battles, but it becomes apparent when it comes to professional play. Which is a major reason why WG never managed a solid foothold in esports.
  12. Haswell

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    To be completely honest, that didn't stop them from outright nerfing the Type 59 back in the days. Multiple times. Before refunds or exchanges were a thing.
  13. Haswell

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    @OOPMan RNG can easily be minimized in most card games, yes. This is where the primitive definition of "skill" comes in, where by building a good deck to maximize your chances of getting a good hand is a skill just as much as understanding the game mechanics and outplaying your opponent. In the grand order of things however, the first demonstration of skill would be building the deck, the second demonstration being whatever happens in the game after your hand is dealt. Marrying RNG and skill together successfully requires RNG to not get in the way of skill, and vice versa. For card games the major random factors are your hand and your opponent's skill. After the cards are dealt (assuming you or your opponent won't draw more cards from the deck later on) and you know who you're playing against, RNG ceases to be involved (in most cases). Card X won't need a probability roll to determine whether its effects will be activated, you can't "almost" kill an enemy card at random unless the game dictates such RNG mechanics. Using tanks as a counterexample, RNG actively works against player skill at the micro level. You can aim at something you want to hit and your shot can go anywhere within your reticule, making long distance shooting less of a skill and more of an RNG roll. Your target can have 390 hitpoints left and RNG low rolls you with 389 damage, nothing that skill can compensate for other than shooting your target again after a reload. Ditto for penetrations. If tanks want to balance skill and RNG, they should make it so the consequences of RNG fucking you over isn't as severe, and let skill be able to counter the effects of micro RNG. Loading prem rounds just to make sure RNG can't fuck you over is not the way to go, because then the question becomes why have this sort of RNG fuckery in the first place when you can bypass it.
  14. Haswell

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    RNG plays into your neural pathways very much like gambling. Most of the time you ignore your low and average, unrewarding rolls, but in the off chance of rolling high with great rewards you get an instant surge of pleasure from the dopamine release. This pleasure is addictive, once you have experienced this "feel good" response you'll want more of it. Relating the above to RNG in games, on a macro scale there are team compositions. Games are boring when you know for certain what the outcome may be. Knowing that you will win or lose because everything happened exactly as you expected doesn't give you as much pleasure on winning than having a surprise win. On the micro level there are damage rolls, knowing that you will hit for 390 exactly every single time gives you less pleasure than the occasional high roll. Then there are lootboxes, which is basically RNG-facilitated gambling with or without actual money involved. The same principles can also be applied here: it's more exciting to win an unexpected reward than it is to know in advance what you'll win. Skill-based gameplay is a different story, but since underlying mechanics of RNG precludes skillful manipulation we can leave skill out of this for now. Any sort of skill revolving around an RNG environment primarily boils down to minimizing the effects of RNG, outplaying your opponent is secondary.
  15. Haswell

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    Pretty sure it's about Fnatic being fucked over and not permitted to go to the finals because of some internal politics fuckery. Jackie put up a thread about it a few years back, can't seem to find it though.