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  1. It's all about moral responsibility and blame. People want to take all the credit when good things happen, but tries to avoid all the blame when something goes wrong. They say the game is rigged to minimize the possibility that they are personally at fault, by blaming the system. Or hackers. Or the other team. Or their own teammates. They rarely blame themselves and tends to dismiss the possibility that it's their own fault.
  2. A more relevant example: You have 20 balls, 10 red and 10 blue. You randomly pick 10 balls out of a hat. You end up with 7 reds and 3 blues. Your gut says the balls must be rigged so that your hand intuitively grab reds more than blues, because you assume you'll get 5 reds and blues each. So you get new balls and try again. This time you end up with 8 blues and 2 reds. The balls were in fact identical in all but color; the hat is just a hat. You have no way of telling what ball you're getting before pulling it out. The ball-picking process is completely random, it's only your own faulty intuition that expected to get equal number of reds and blues. Law of large numbers, etc etc... It's the gambler's fallacy that people keep falling into when they keep thinking "I'll get better teams next match". Just because you've had 10 losses in a row doesn't automatically mean you will definitely win your next match.
  3. True random (and pseudorandom) doesn't imply equal distribution or uniformity at all. If you want completely balanced teams (tank variation, player skill, what have you), the MM would in fact have to be less random.
  4. Get your old drive back then, clearly it's not the drive. Put your voltages back on auto and try again. Only thing you haven't ruled out so far is the mobo, but that's not common. Not entirely unheard of either though.
  5. You left out the part where most of the tanks on the list are already powercreeped to obsolescence, or were just never good. Which means you'll probably never play them. Which means they aren't worth your money.
  6. Still, a "good deal" in comparison. If only we know the whales that are buying the $900 ripoff.
  7. Check out the long ass screenshot.
  8. offer outrageous "deal" of $900 that doesn't include their cash cow hype-59 offer cheaper "deals" that include rare tanks $900 package makes the new ones look like bargains Good marketing, and I predicted that yesterday. Just didn't think they would cash in human stupidity this early. Also they cost gold instead of actual money? This could mean a few things: forcing prospective buyers to buy gold before buying bundles, providing a more guaranteed source of profit drying out existing gold pool in people's wallets, leading to point above in the long run If I didn't know better I would see this as a liquidation sale, right before the company goes under.
  9. TBH, they might make more profit by dicing it up and sell $50 piecemeal bundles. Consumers tend to shell out more shekels when there are less numbers following the dollar sign, even if their net spending at the end is equal to your original expectation. Unless... WGNA might actually be pulling a genius move. By making stuff ridiculously expensive right now they will make every future offer seem like a bargain, no matter how shitty they may be. Keep in mind your average consumer is probably the type that goes "oooh, new toy! It's special too! Cheaper than last time, buy buy buy!" without actually researching what they are purchasing. If WG is actually being an evil genius and paving the road for Christmas, this is actually pretty fucking smart. Then again, I think I'm giving them too much credit.
  10. That's not a feast... THIS is a feast.
  11. What murifats should really do with $900


    1. Assassin7


      Buy an iphone X 

  12. Received a promo email from AW, saw new maps.


    Is it just me or does it look exactly like Pearl River? :serb:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. leggasiini


      The one pic really does look like the Pearl river.

      I miss that map, it wasnt perfect but way better than 50% of maps in the game. I hope they return that and Hidden Village with reworks when they rework maps to HD.

    3. Kolni


      Pearl River had serious map balance issues where you couldn't rotate at all as if you committed somewhere bad you couldn't run out, and if you got out in time there was nowhere to go to be viable in because you couldn't control anything else. 

      That said both the middle and north design were pretty well made, plenty of terrain for corridors to abuse and several lanes to switch to in case you picked a loser. Only real problem was that you couldn't get out of anywhere so a lot of people had issues with it and so it got removed


      (even though I really liked it, super fun in T6 SH with cheekibreeki traps :serb: )

    4. Raj


      My best memory of Pear River was being in CHAI as one of two non Chinese speakers and just damage farming instead. I forget who we fought, but I think we brought a lot of Foch's.

  13. Scroll down and show everything pls. Or just stretch the window vertically.
  14. I haven't tried using a gamepad or joystick yet in 2.0, can't comment on their limitations.