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  1. @bjshnog pls no break forum

  2. Depends on the sensor used in the specific mouse and its specific configuration. Sweeping statements like this is about as useful as saying "most people are nice". You should research the specs and look for technical reviews instead. Only if your pad is dirty as fuck with grime and stuff, in which case it doesn't matter what your pad is made of because any sensor laser or optical will have problems navigating through your gunk. I use a Logitech G700S. Build quality isn't anything outstanding, but it has that tilt-wheel and free-scrolling which I value greatly. Also has enough side buttons that are comfy to access, but the remaining three next to the LMB is awkward and never see any usage.Wireless capability.is a plus but I rarely use it.
  3. Hey you, yes you, go help out our lord emperor.


  4. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2919560/father-of-three-dies-during-24-hour-charity-gaming-marathon-live-streamed-on-twitch/ A WoT streamer has died during a marathon gaming session. After 22 hours of gaming he went out for a smoke break and never came back, his death was announced by authorities over the comm program he was using. The following is simply informative/speculative and does not confirm the cause of death of said streamer. - Solono This should serve as a wake up call for people who frequent long gaming sessions with minimal physical breaks in between. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition where a blood clot would form inside a vein in a limb, typically after long periods of inactivity such as sitting or lying down. A frequent complication of DVT is that the clot will break loose and lodge itself in other far worse places such as your lungs, causing an embolism which can kill extremely quickly without immediate medical intervention. While some causes of DVT are genetic and hereditary, the best common preventive measure is to simply get off your ass every now and then and move your legs. Take a walk to the toilet, grab a beer, answer the door when the pizza guy comes. The fact that you are moving your limbs will improve circulation and significantly reduce the chances of DVT occurring. DVT can often occur without any noticeable symptoms. In case you do experience sudden pain, swelling, warmth and discoloration on your limb particularly during or after a long period of immobility, call a doctor. It's better that you call 911 and waste a trip to the hospital than to drop dead suddenly. That is all. Please direct all condolences to Poshy at his memorial thread.
  5. I am alive.

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      I think, therefore I am.

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      No, you are hosewall

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  6. Have a Christmas doge.



  7. I missed this place.

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      Well, it didn't change much, just like WoWP, which still sucks fat balls

  8. Primarily SS13. Working through Bioshock and Mass Effect again right now.
  9. World of mountain goats.
  10. Oh hey, it's something I've seen... 4 years ago. WG why can't you just let it die already? >.>