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  1. Being secure from attacks is one thing, being secure because you can't get anything to work is another.
  2. https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/3019392/razer-gaming-machines-borked-by-windows-10-fall-creators-update
  3. You know something is wrong when the mechanics so blatantly encourage poor play. There are no downsides or penalties to terrible shooting, flying or dying.
  4. You have to realize they designed the game mode for full teams of actual humans, not teams of bots.
  5. Bombers are pointless because they have little to no anti-air capabilities and are effectively useless after you run out of bombs. The only advantages they have are big health pools and the ability to fly high, though not even high enough to avoid heavy fighters and whatnot. Pointless. Utterly pointless. At least GA planes have guns that let them shoot at other planes at low altitude, and they don't become useless after dropping bombs/rockets.
  6. Well yeah, would you want to play the game if all you see are bot_RANDOMNUMBERS? Because that's exactly how it was before the gave them names. In fact, if I drop my clan tags I can probably masquerade as a bot, my name is inconspicuous enough.
  7. Remember to kill yourself right before the squall line (what a stupid name) stops you from respawning so you can get a fresh plane with full health for the rest of the match. Funny thing is that Corsairs used to be extremely competitive because they had extremely long boosts compared to other single-engine planes, cannons for long range damage (compared to MGs), can mount bombs and rockets for impromptu GA, above average health pool, only a bit less agile than 109s with comparable speeds to heavies when boosting. All that changed when strict altitude bands became a thing. They are bad now, just not as bad as Japs.
  8. This is what happens when you create and balance a game mode for 15v15 but can't find enough players for even a 3v3. Why do you think they reduced the platoon size from 3 to 2? There are multiple reasons, all of them related to population.
  9. Good, good. You are realizing the existence of altitude bands, and how everything that can't fly high enough to be relevant just flat out sucks. Yes there are a lot of planes for you to choose to fly, but only a few of them are actually useful. Illusion of choice is a great thing.
  10. Fly a heavy, or anything with high optimal altitudes, because altitude bands are still a thing. Always BnZ. Surprise doesn't work here when you have a map showing you the location of everything. Bots (which fly better than humans) can also spot and reveal your position. Free camera. Love it, embrace it, get into a habit of spending more time in free camera mode than not. Only spend time out of it when you're actively maneuvering or aiming, and even then you can sneak in quick scans in the middle of maneuvers. There's no point in flying GA. High health pool and going for ground targets will not save you from your innate inability to fly high enough to engage other planes. The game is "fun" up until you realize how shallow it is. It's not an arcade flight game; it's a twitch shooter with 720 degrees of movement. There is no endgame, no competitive component, not enough player population. Closest comparison I can think of right now is CS with bots, and everyone knows how boring it gets to play against predictable bots. Then again, bots objectively fly and shoot better than actual humans. Telling people they are beneath a bot is no longer an attack but rather an objective truth.
  11. They probably still do parity checks, but at this point I'm not sure anymore. Earlier versions of the game (1.7-ish) had experimental client-side controls where the server still rubberbands you if it doesn't like where you're going. Then again, why would anybody even care to develop hacks for a game like this? Insignificance is a great defense.
  12. I agree. I played before the lead indicator existed, I turned it off after it was introduced and still maintained a rough 18% hit rate compared the average sub-10%. Lead indicator is a crutch that forces your attention to where you're aiming instead of how you're flying and your position relative to everything else. If anything the lead indicator promotes tunnel vision. Flight controls and hit detection are indeed processed client-side, at least partially. A big improvement over the old server-side detection since people with high ping are no longer fucked over as much.
  13. You don't need much skill in leading at all since the autoaim (yes it exists, it make your shots angle towards the target) has been tuned way up compared to previous versions; tracers are extremely noticeable that you can literally walk your bullets to the target; there's this hit indicator sound that clicks every time you hit the target, so you just have to spray in the general direction until the clicking starts and hold your reticule there.
  14. It also flies like a pig, moves about as slow as one too. Not worth it.