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  1. Have a Christmas doge.



  2. I missed this place.

    1. Medjed


      Well, it didn't change much, just like WoWP, which still sucks fat balls

  3. Primarily SS13. Working through Bioshock and Mass Effect again right now.
  4. World of mountain goats.
  5. Oh hey, it's something I've seen... 4 years ago. WG why can't you just let it die already? >.>
  6. Best way to avoid getting compromised: don't connect to networks. You can't hack (some) my machines unless you're within physical touching distance.
  7. Avantiam, sweeeeeeet. Still waiting for my Saltire >.>
  8. Show pics damn it.
  9. Bumping for watches. Are there tracking numbers available?
  10. There are more people willing to make their wallets lighter than those who keep their wallets closed.
  11. Of course it's a money grab. People playing skirmishes rake in gold by the thousands every week, gold has long been devalued to borderline worthless for the upper echelon of the player base for several reasons: -they already own most, if not all of the relevant tanks, making free xp useless -they already have the premium tanks they want or need, no need to spend more gold buying tanks -the cost for premium is far lower than their gold income (CW gold pays for premium just fine the last time I checked) How would WG solve the problem of players hoarding gold and not spending them? By bypassing the whole gold economy of course.
  12. I'm 5'11, 105-120lb depending on how much I ate before I weigh myself. I never once broke past the 120lb mark no matter how much food I gorge myself with. I have no regrets, I can still bench 150% of my own weight.