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  1. Haswell

    Best stat sites at the moment?

    We need competitive porn.
  2. How would you classify them then? We can at least agree the entire Churchill series right now flat out suck, right?
  3. Simply logging in increases your chances of losing.
  4. Remember when every single tier 7 tank are universally terrible and an XP sink? Pretty sure WG came forward long ago and admitted there are tanks that are meant to be sinks by design from the ground up. I'm not saying this is a good thing, but it has been a thing since the game got released. There will always be tanks that simply flat out suck. This is fine because the meta always revolves around only a few tanks in every tier, everything else can be irrelevant and exist simply for variety. See: 7/42 lineups and CW metas.
  5. This is my daily reminder that stupid shit is more entertaining than the actual game. For prosperity's sake Addendum: reddit is a fucking shithole occupied by shitter scum primates of the most cancerous level that makes you lose your sanity. I can't even call them subhumans because they are not worthy of being related to actual humans in name.
  6. And nothing of value is lost.
  7. Haswell

    Potential Swap Leaked from CT?

    Also remember the Japs didn't have to deal with Churchills, Matildas, Valentines, etc. 75mm is already good enough to deal with Shermans, there was no pressing need for the 88.
  8. Haswell

    T-34 Shielded, What to Expect

    Lots of people will go beyond what is considered reasonable just to get something marked "free". Doesn't matter what it is or what you need to do in order to get it, as long as it's "free" they will do anything. Including playing a dreadful game. Or forking money over to a dreadful company for "free" things.
  9. Haswell

    New Tank Game (Sim level with multi crew)

    Wouldn't you get bombed to shit in a tank then? I wonder how will they handle the inherent imbalance between fast flying things and slow ground stuff.
  10. Haswell

    New Tank Game (Sim level with multi crew)

    Looks great, but I thought IL-2 is a flight sim at heart? Hope it turns out better than war blunder.
  11. The transition between muddy tracks and clean hull armor feels a bit weird. Judging by how much buildup there is between the wheels and side armor I'd imagine the lower front plate to be a bit more muddy. Maybe some mud splatters on the upper front plate and upper sides too if the tank has been driving through mud.
  12. Recent = last 1000 battles, no time limit. Assuming nothing changed for the past several years.
  13. Haswell

    Steam Summer Sale 2018 June 21-July 6

    Everspace is fun only to a certain extent. Beyond the space combat element, you'll mainly be experiencing a repetition of exploring, hoarding resources and crafting. Once you've played long enough you'll start seeing the same environments over and over again, stick to your ship loadouts and have little else to do except going through the same levels ad infinitum. You can't really stick with one run too long because the game is designed to push you to the end, which means you'll rarely be able to play around with different loadouts for too long before being forced to restart. The game does look pretty though, very pretty. That alone is enough to distract me from most of the aforementioned issues.
  14. Yadda yadda yadda, post recommended games. bitch about console vs pc, lament about your wallet. https://store.steampowered.com/ https://steamdb.info/sales/