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  1. Haswell

    SU-130PM Soviet Tank Destroyer

    You forgot the 520 alpha at T8. Squishy or not even a windowlicker will do somewhat well in it simply because of that, and unlike the ISU it has a turret.
  2. Haswell

    What's keeping this forum solvent?

    I thought the servers cost ~$300/mo? The ads must make a fucking fortune.
  3. Haswell

    What's keeping this forum solvent?

    Never pays for it. Patreon helps a bit. Ads kinda help with pennies. It was never meant to be a profitable project I think.
  4. Reminder that there used to exist tank company battles, and you can use that to grind up your tier 8s.
  5. Haswell

    T-50-2 Returns

    Either KV-1S or KV-3. KV-3 had better staying power because of its armor, especially since back then prem rounds cost actual gold.
  6. Haswell

    T-50-2 Returns

    390 alpha, 175/219 pen, in a heavy with very workable armor and high HP pool, at tier 6, was more than a "little" OP.
  7. Haswell

    T-50-2 Returns

    IS-4 needs some love, badly.
  8. Haswell

    T-50-2 Returns

    For the uninitiated: -T5 lights were considered dedicated scout and got +3 MM, pitting them against T10. -Chaffee had the highest VR of all the lights and even beating some if not all of the high tier meds. Factoring in the camo it was basically the best passive scout available for competitive play. -T-50-2 had 390m VR (?), but because it can run around at 72km/h with insane HP/ton you can basically zip around and dodge everything shot at you. Pretty much the best active scout. -VK2801 has the 105mm derp. It can go around and one-shot arty. Before the HE and HEAT changes it could also damage T10s reliably. Basically your T49, just slower and less agile.
  9. Haswell

    T-50-2 Returns

    Yet another tank being recycled into a prem for the sole purpose of money gouging. The cartwheels are going to be amazing.
  10. But do you move at the speeds of armored cars?
  11. Don't we already have this? All I got out of it was "we couldn't make each wheel their individual module, so we'll just make them behave like tracks" Now where's my T-50-2?
  12. But can I have my pink hair dyes?
  13. Remember the first iteration of the Type 59? The one when it first came out and basically fucked every server, forcing WG to repeatedly nerf it? Yeah, we're going back there now.
  14. Nothing says trolling as much as spewing Russian propaganda while driving an ISU-130, all the while being useless in every match because you literally can't pen anything with more than 200mm armor :doge:

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    2. Assassin7


      yeah I think thats bullshit as well. Official forum retards disagree of course.

      I hope to god they dont sell it on NA, however even selling it on ASIA has ruined a lot of its rarity and collectors value. :-/

    3. Haswell


      You don't understand. I'm not thinking it's bullshit because it's supposed to be something super special, I'm saying it's bullshit because this is blatant money-gouging on WG's part by trying to sell something completely garbage to the clueless masses, banking on the "OMG SUPER RARE" hype to fleece their customers while conveniently leaving out the fact that they will have a miserable time in it.

      WG will inevitably buff the tank to appease the soon-to-be remorseful buyers, but this doesn't excuse WG's practice of selling garbage first, making it better later for more hype, then reselling it, etc...

      Also remember, the tank is only worth 5 gold so you can only sell it for 1000 credits. :serb:

    4. hall0


      They will only buff it, if it will be sold on the RU server. 

      Like WG gives a damn about the opinion of some Asia scrubs. 

  15. It's tier 2. That automatically makes it bad.
  16. Haswell


  17. Haswell

    Wheeled Light Tanks/ AFVs

    It wouldn't be too bad if they add in a PVE mode with objectives like AW.
  18. Haswell

    Wheeled Light Tanks/ AFVs

    Things WG said they'd do and still haven't done: -sprem ammo rebalance -crew skill overhaul -unified economy -"2.0" Things WG said they wouldn't do and still did anyway: -no tier 10 meds -no tier 10 TDs -no tier 10 arty -no tier 10 lights -no tanks after X period (1980? 1990? They kept pushing the date back anyways.) -no tanks with smoothbore guns (so they put rifled guns onto tanks that should have smoothbore) -no nerfing prem tanks -no shitty prem tanks that are worse than completely stock contemporaries -no OP prem tanks that are better than fully upgraded contemporaries -no reselling pre-order tanks -no shitty clam wars mechanics and crapaigns -no wheeled AFVs
  19. Haswell

    Best stat sites at the moment?

    We need competitive porn.
  20. How would you classify them then? We can at least agree the entire Churchill series right now flat out suck, right?
  21. Simply logging in increases your chances of losing.
  22. Remember when every single tier 7 tank are universally terrible and an XP sink? Pretty sure WG came forward long ago and admitted there are tanks that are meant to be sinks by design from the ground up. I'm not saying this is a good thing, but it has been a thing since the game got released. There will always be tanks that simply flat out suck. This is fine because the meta always revolves around only a few tanks in every tier, everything else can be irrelevant and exist simply for variety. See: 7/42 lineups and CW metas.