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    Equipment Dismount Kit

    If you can shell out $1 + transaction fees, I don't see why you won't be able to afford $7.
  2. Haswell

    Equipment Dismount Kit

    Please tell me that's not real.
  3. Haswell

    AMX 13 90 Best BnZ Tank NA

    Thank you Agamemneon for making my evening.
  4. Haswell

    Feed the hamster, WG.

    A DDoS attack is merely an obstruction to service, nothing is stolen or destroyed in the process. Yes, telecommunication laws and ISP's do classify DDoS as unauthorized and inappropriate use of networking infrastructure and technology, but I personally don't see the difference between a DDoS attack and a roadblock on the highway.
  5. Haswell

    Streaming WoWP Tier 5

    You must be new here.
  6. Yes, as long as your new mobo is AM2+ or AM3. It will not work on an AM3+ mobo. The current development of gaming graphics is held back by consoles, and there are very few games that would tax video cards and processors to the point where it becomes unplayable (sub-40fps for me) even with enthusiast-level hardware (Crysis comes to mind). Then again, most games stress the video card more than the CPU, so if your goal is future-proofing you'd definitely want to invest in a card that would last for 2 years. That's not hard at all considering AMD's 6xxx series is still competitive today. I'm afraid I have little to no knowledge of Star Citizen's development and expected hardware demands, but given it's long development cycle I would opt to grab a decent video card right now, then find another one down the road for SLI/CFX.
  7. If you get a Bulldozer chip (FX series), you will need a new mobo. If you get a Phenom II X4, you do not.
  8. Just to restate some crucial facts: -AM3 chips (Phenom II X2,X3,X4) are mostly backwards compatible with AM2+ sockets -AM3+ chips (FX-xxxx) doesn't work on AM3 sockets OP has an AM2+ mobo.
  9. Bulldozer chips are AM3+, and will not work on your motherboard at all. http://www.elive.co.nz/amd-phenim-ii-x4-965-cpu-t17425.php Get a 965 and OC the crap out of it instead. Even if you don't, the performance out of the box will still be an upgrade over your current B93
  10. A 7750 or 650Ti is nice and cheap.
  11. A really strange combo you have there, a 1035T paired with a 5570. I'd upgrade the video card first since the 5570 is a fairly weak card. If you're lucky you might be able to overclock your 1035T to 3.0GHz to give a bit more life to your system, but I doubt an OEM mobo would allow you to mess with the clocks.
  12. AM2+ and AM3 are just socket designations on your mobo. The important thing to note is that you can upgrade your CPU without purchasing a new mobo and DDR3 memory.
  13. I'm willing to bet your current mobo has an AM2+ socket if it's still using DDR2. Good news for you is that most of the Phenom II 8xx-9xx series of chips are backwards compatible with AM3 and AM2+ sockets, so a new mobo wouldn't be on the top of your priority list yet. That said, the Phenom II series don't really have a ton of life left in them in today's market. Mind you, they are still good chips, but are dwarfed by Intel's offering.
  14. I'd be more concerned about your PII B93 holding you back and bottlenecking your new card.' "R9" is just a designation for the new series, the 290/290x are the top of the line in the series right now. The 270 is a mid-level card.
  15. Haswell


    i5 2500k @ 4.8GHz Asus P8P67 Pro 16GB DDR3-1600 7950 3GB @ 1200/1400 Really intrigued to know if Havok will even put a dent in my performance.
  16. Haswell

    Need Help in Mosquito

    Incorrect. Although you will regain some performance due to the weight of your ordnance being lost, the mountings will remain on your plane and continue to negatively impact your plane's performance. And in your case, your rocket tubes.
  17. Haswell

    Delete my Stupidity

    Alas, there are no Rixty cards in Canada, at least none that I know of from where I live.
  18. Haswell

    Delete my Stupidity

    With every CC transaction, my CC company throws down a certain percentage for conversion/processing fees. My bill for December is long enough as it is, don't want to add a crap ton of $5 purchases.
  19. Haswell

    Best tier 5 premium for me?

    The point is that you cannot just climb up and run. Against any competent pilot climbing up and losing speed becomes an automatic death sentence, especially more so when there's somebody up there waiting for you.
  20. Haswell

    Best tier 5 premium for me?

    I am refuting you on this specific quote:
  21. Haswell

    Best tier 5 premium for me?

    I don't need to catch you to shoot and hit you. Your ass armor will no longer protect you as you do your Mr_R rolls and waste energy while climbing.
  22. Haswell

    Best tier 5 premium for me?

    With the recent changes to the gun dispersion (read: upward dispersion will no longer save your ass), the 30mm on the C-6 has become the ideal weapon of choice for hunting down all plane types. As everybody already mentioned, you can rip wings and tails off with well placed shots, and being a HF yourself allows you to chase enemy planes boosting upwards to escape. The 110B may have higher airspeed and maneuverability on paper, but the shear alpha damage of the 30mm means one good pass will more often than not cripple the 110B for easy followup shots, if not outright downing it. It's a shame you didn't pick up the FL-1 while it was on pre-order, it would fit your style of high burst damage and high maneuverability. Optimal altitude depends on the plane type, but in all seriousness the higher you can go the better. Being at low altitude puts you at an immense disadvantage of not being able to pick up and retain your energy well, since you will always expend more energy in climbing up than your gain when diving down. Being at high alt not only means you can go BnZ, you can also manage your energy better when turnfighting. Crew skill wise, view range is probably the only useful first skill, followed by engine guru and crack shot. Stamina contributes very little to your active gameplay since the chances of your pilot being shaken is already low enough as it is, same goes for firefighting. If anything, just use a medkit and/or extinguisher for consumables, as the chances of your pilot being shaken twice in one match, with your plane still in good shape, is extremely rare. I personally don't even bother with the medkit and run only the extinguisher, restarter and gas, because chances are if you find yourself in a situation where your crew gets injured, your plane probably won't survive for more than 2 minutes. Final tip for crew: proficiency does not matter much until you get to engine guru (which gives you a nice acceleration boost). I've been running all my non-premium planes with untrained pilots at 75% efficiency with a surprisingly high degree of success. It's not like in tanks where your loader needs to be 100% to minimize reload time, personal skill matters much more in maneuvers than your pilot competency. It doesn't matter how fast your plane can turn or accelerate if you don't know how to maneuver effectively.
  23. Haswell

    WoWP Release Impressions

    Go hunt heavies. Then go hunt GA's. Then hope the enemy team melts on their own.
  24. Haswell

    Brutal Ping and Pack Loss, or Just Me?

    Blame it on the holiday season + weather. There's probably a congestion in their pipeline since last year that can't handle the flow of traffic, no idea why it's still not fixed. Probably because 99% of the population only uses the internet for Youtube or XBox.