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  1. 1 hour ago, Madner Kami said:

    They were eventually nerfed or changed though. The only thing they ever did to the IS3 was, to buff it's frontal armor and still it isn't even remotely as popular as it was back in the day. And the real stinger is, that the vast majority of tanks are still in the exact same place where they were, before the IS3 got buffed, to this day. o.O

    IS-4 needs some love, badly.

  2. 3 hours ago, ZXrage said:

    Really puts into perspective how much the game has changed since 5-ish years ago. I miss my damn bobble-head Chaffee.

    For the uninitiated:
    -T5 lights were considered dedicated scout and got +3 MM, pitting them against T10.
    -Chaffee had the highest VR of all the lights and even beating some if not all of the high tier meds. Factoring in the camo it was basically the best passive scout available for competitive play.
    -T-50-2 had 390m VR (?), but because it can run around at 72km/h with insane HP/ton you can basically zip around and dodge everything shot at you. Pretty much the best active scout.
    -VK2801 has the 105mm derp. It can go around and one-shot arty. Before the HE and HEAT changes it could also damage T10s reliably. Basically your T49, just slower and less agile.

  3. Quote

    The wheeled vehicles also have a special lock-on feature. This allows players to automatically aim at enemy vehicles just by simply clicking close to the target.

    Don't we already have this?


    Wheeled vehicles will also have a distinct advantage over their tracked counterparts, an increased resistance to immobility as they have individual tires. This means that commanders of these vehicles are pretty hard to immobilize (you will need to damage more than half of the tires), more likely to just be slowed down a bit when a tire pops.

    All I got out of it was "we couldn't make each wheel their individual module, so we'll just make them behave like tracks"


    Now where's my T-50-2?

  4. 9 hours ago, tajj7 said:


    It's pretty much going to the best all round tier 8 med for the meta before you even consider the pref-MM and premium status. 

    Remember the first iteration of the Type 59? The one when it first came out and basically fucked every server, forcing WG to repeatedly nerf it?

    Yeah, we're going back there now.

  5. Things WG said they'd do and still haven't done:
    -sprem ammo rebalance
    -crew skill overhaul
    -unified economy

    Things WG said they wouldn't do and still did anyway:
    -no tier 10 meds
    -no tier 10 TDs
    -no tier 10 arty
    -no tier 10 lights
    -no tanks after X period (1980? 1990? They kept pushing the date back anyways.)
    -no tanks with smoothbore guns (so they put rifled guns onto tanks that should have smoothbore)
    -no nerfing prem tanks
    -no shitty prem tanks that are worse than completely stock contemporaries
    -no OP prem tanks that are better than fully upgraded contemporaries
    -no reselling pre-order tanks
    -no shitty clam wars mechanics and crapaigns
    -no wheeled AFVs


  6. 5 hours ago, Madner Kami said:


    No. Just, No. This is a terrible stance to take. Having mediocre tanks in any line is fine, after all, not everyone can be the top dog in a given class and tier, but having just plain shitty tanks in a line is terrible design, much worse if it's multiple terrible and sub-par tanks. It may entice people to spend FreeXP and thus might be economically good for the company, but it hurts the overall game-balance, taking possible tank-variety away and narrowing choices down, not to talk about how people feel that would normally like a given tank and play it all day if it were any good. Plus it also invalidates the work the company spend on developing said tank. If it's designed as a pure FreeXP-hog, then they might as well remove the tank and just increase the research cost for the tank following it.

    Remember when every single tier 7 tank are universally terrible and an XP sink? Pretty sure WG came forward long ago and admitted there are tanks that are meant to be sinks by design from the ground up. I'm not saying this is a good thing, but it has been a thing since the game got released.

    There will always be tanks that simply flat out suck. This is fine because the meta always revolves around only a few tanks in every tier, everything else can be irrelevant and exist simply for variety. See: 7/42 lineups and CW metas.

  7. This is my daily reminder that stupid shit is more entertaining than the actual game.

    For prosperity's sake


    Addendum: reddit is a fucking shithole occupied by shitter scum primates of the most cancerous level that makes you lose your sanity. I can't even call them subhumans because they are not worthy of being related to actual humans in name.

  8. 1 hour ago, lavawing said:

    IMO, it was less that the Japs didn't want to put such a gun on it, and more about their not having a good enough 88 mm gun. The 75mm on the Chi Ri already represented the pinnacle of Japanese anti tank weaponry, even if it was a rather low pinnacle. The proposed heavy tanks, meanwhile, were to be fitted with varying calibres of naval guns - known pretty much for their shit shell velocity, artillery arc, and poor penetration relative to their calibre.

    Put in another way, if the Japanese had a good 8.8 mm, I don't doubt they would have put it on the Chi Ri. 

    Also remember the Japs didn't have to deal with Churchills, Matildas, Valentines, etc. 75mm is already good enough to deal with Shermans, there was no pressing need for the 88.

  9. 4 hours ago, Strigonx said:

    Shit premium to justify a month and half marathon.

    What else did you truly expect?

    Lots of people will go beyond what is considered reasonable just to get something marked "free". Doesn't matter what it is or what you need to do in order to get it, as long as it's "free" they will do anything.

    Including playing a dreadful game.

    Or forking money over to a dreadful company for "free" things.