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  1. I'd be very lairy about brawling with anything more dangerous than an Omaha. You don't have the HP pool or the armor for it.
  2. It isn't bad but it's ultra squishy. The 360 turret traverse is kind of sexy though. Shame that all three turrets turn through the frontal aspect so that you get pushed into closing the distance rather than kiting.
  3. The Abarth model is 10 grand more than the MX-5 Icon for... not 10 grand more car. A top of the range MX-5 2L Sport Nav has the Bilstein Suspension and LSD but it felt a bit rich for my blood. I wanted an affordable sports car and 25-26 grand is pushing it. I test drove the normal 124 but I liked the gearbox and steering better in the MX-5. The 124 is more civilised but the MX-5 was more fun in the bends. Plus the turbo-lag really annoyed me at low revs. I also have experience of FIAT aftercare and fuck that noise.
  4. Yamato can only overmatch the top third of the Kurfurst's bow so you struggle pretty hard to penetrate the citadel from frontal aspect. If he's smart enough to angle at 30 degrees or so then you're going to, at best, score penetrations on the top section of bow.
  5. New motor. Picking it up in a couple of weeks:
  6. I'd need to check, but bear in mind that once you get a 19 point captain you can still spam Missouri for captain free xp, which will let you print usable captains and get free retraining.
  7. It's an amazing crew xp generator.
  8. It's also useful in division and competitive when you know that a damage control cooldown is active. If my friendly cruiser has a fire up on a target that gets repaired I'll swap to HE and set fires. I almost always spec expert loader for that reason on any competitive captain.
  9. I keep meaning to do a video on Battleship HE usage but I'm lazy. It's a very useful tool when employed correctly (and you find yourself using it more as you get better, especially with Segal in the chair).
  10. I worked out how much my Missouri cost me in total. £34, slightly less than my Tirpitz.
  11. Again, I can't see this as anything other than teamwork conferring an advantage to good players. Look at it from the other direction: how much was your team compromised by the shit three man? We had a game the other day rendered uncarryable because our other three man T10 div all went to C on Warriors Path and did nothing. The vast majority of divisions neither trash or carry their teams though.
  12. Because it's lazy, pubbie level thinking. Teamwork is not OP and this isn't WOWP where there was an easily exploitable, 100% foolproof way of GG 100% wins. There are lots of ways to beat a team with a good three man in it. They usually reduce to "beat the team, not the division". Pubbies fail all the time and strand even a triple OMNI/AAO/OPG division up shit creek.
  13. Are we seriously complaining about three man purple divisions on fucking WoTlabs?
  14. Carriers are very boring in T7 ranked. Two good carriers will play each other to a standstill by threatening to strike each other. Although that led to an astonishingly close game where it came down to 1300hp between me and the opposing carrier. Still I'll stick to Nagato and Belfast.
  15. I'm in the market for a new motor. Going to look at MX-5 RFs(Miatas for Yankees) tomorrow. Already test driven the 1.5L rag top and I like it. I'm not sure the extra two grand is worth it for the folding hard top but we shall see.