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  1. The Missouri requires such a small initial points investment to be viable that it's one of the best captain boosters in the game.
  2. Normally their consumable loadouts are the most accurate thing about the leak because they're designed in early. Cue CV players wailing. Feels Bismarck man.
  3. Me in my Kiev last night. I was particularly annoyed with the game where I wrecked a Kagero and spotted his torps so I backed into my smoke to avoid them. Then I spotted some Lexi torp bombers, thought he was going to torp my smoke, forgot I had speed boost activated and then accelerated straight back into the Kagero torps. I won the centre, had battleships to farm for miles and fucked it up because I'm not used to Soviet DD speed.
  4. Wut is sigma lol
  5. Any screenshots that demonstrate you stomping GeneralDork will be rewarded with upboats.
  6. Nah, that's because shitters of the type that whine on reddit about "muh waifu" are super bad at those ships and get regular 0 damage games.
  7. This is why America has a high murder rate isn't it?
  8. My consensus is that iChase is an idiot and is trying to justify bad in-game arguments with historikal akkurasy. Any gudplayer worth his salt will point out how bad the Bismarck's armor is at preventing sustained damage (it's total crap) because you take so many regular penetration hits. Because of the funky random superstructure armor you can take hits like that from any range and any angle. Amagi and North Carolina have significantly better armor profiles, with Amagi being bastard-hard to kill with anything short of an air strike.
  9. He blew smoke, we ripped and tore. Not much more to it than that. He was in a Gaede so we both had hydro and near synced smoke timers. It's a tough little division.
  10. I think it's likely to play a lot like an Amagi. 31 knots is stupid fast and it has 305mm of belt armor (same as North Carolina). The question is how thick the bow and stern plating is going to be, because if it's capable of stopping 15 and 16 inch shells it'll be really good. Without that it'll be good but have a dangerous counter. Also because it's so long torps are really going to hurt...
  11. I ended up divisioning up with a clannie in a destroyer, which helped a fair bit.
  12. This is both my experience and my stats from Leander so far. Solid ship but doesn't carry well. It's also very frustrating to ricochet off destroyers
  13. I did that for a very long time before I got used to it. It's actually even more annoying when you flip back to AP and realize you had HE loaded for a battleship.
  14. If a DD has smoked himself in a position where you can't torp him, can't close to radar or hydro him, is moving too much to blind shoot, has consistent spotting and can prevent you from escaping his fire then he has both out positioned you and his team are playing better than yours is. You're on WoTLabs, not the official forum. Learn to deal with it.