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  1. I'm sure you'll see some teams doing that but I don't think it's optimal. You're just doing what your cruisers could be doing anyway and wasting that main battery.
  2. It's a good change for competitive and favors aggressive teams. BBs in smoke were the reason a lot of pushes stall since you can't be sure if you're about to get blapped by a North Carolina. I think you'll see more Amagis and a shift back towards Atagos but I'd need to see the meta shake out first.
  3. I doubt it. You bring a battleship to deal with stuff that makes a mistake, not to deal sustained DPS. The Monarch doesn't alpha very well and has bad AA. What role does it actually fill? NC anchors better because of the firepower and AA, Amagi kites better because of the speed and superb guns. Tirpitz and Bismarck both lead pushes better because of the secondaries and the extras.
  4. So the Monarch is basically fine. The guns aren't as good as the NC but you have the LOLHE. I can't see it being super useful in competitive because the AA range is too short and it's too squishy when subjected to IFHE, but it's a pretty decent pubstomper.
  5. I had a pretty decent win rate in the Gneisenau but I really disliked it because I think the DE 15" rifles are wank. It's possible to find a ship frustrating but still be able to carry in it.
  6. You can only really get away with that fighting T5 ships because the 14" guns can't penetrate the T6+ ships.
  7. The KGV is pretty inconsistent but it's alright. You need to be aware of your shell type and mistakes will bite you hard. You're also totally screwed if you need to kite because the weak AP and the dispersion will troll you (making T9 a total chore). I also really struggled to get citadel penetrations on cruisers with it. I've had games where I had the broadsides of cruisers all game and either whiffed or the AP failed to have an impact. If I'd been in the Nelson I can virtually guarantee that I'd have obliterated them one after another. That lack of punch reduces your carry power a bit. The ship isn't a great solo ship as a result, especially since you see a lot of T9 carriers which can and will shit on you. I ended the grind with 61% WR and 81k avg. My average damage is in the same ballpark (within 5%) of my other T7s apart from Nelson (in which I've had blessed matchmaking so it's probably not representative yet). My WR is far lower than even my normal solo average (I played a lot solo in it). It's harder to do impactful damage in a ship that doesn't have the kind of punch to knock out opponents when they're making mistakes. I've played a couple of games in Monarch and the guns feel better than KGV. They're punchier and are more consistent. The HE is reliable as well which makes it kind of a nice all-rounder. It plays a lot like the North Carolina, only the AA isn't quite as strong and your range is weaker. I can't see it supplanting the NC in competitive, but it's alright.
  8. "Hi I can citadel T4 and 5 cruisers with HE LOLOLOL Y USE AP EVS" I probably am going to spec into fire prevention but I need to juggle some build ideas in my head. I'm debating between that and AFT for the full AA build. I'm also debating whether to put expert loader onto them because you need to juggle ammo types more often.
  9. I skipped to the T7 because T4 is a clown fiesta, T5 is T5 and I have a Warspite. It seems fun. I started with a 120k game just firing AP because I had so many straightline broadside heroes.
  10. The Orion is absurdly overpowered. Just disgustingly broken for its tier.
  11. The T8 is the KGV as it was meant to be in the initial design phase, with triple 15" guns. Lion (and Vanguard's hull) was effectively a super KGV with 16 inch guns and enhanced armor protection. One of the reasons it took so damned long to build and only Vanguard was finished was that they kept updating the design during construction as a result of wartime design experiences.
  12. From the perspective of competitive play. Yamato: 22 Montana: 20 Großer Kurfürst : 25 Zao: 19 Des Moines: 23 Hindenburg: 28 +1 = 29 : Been practicing this with the clanu. It's fucking lol in scrims and pubs. Moskva: 17 Minotaur: 20 - 3 = 17: What does a squishy ship with a tiny smoke do in comp? It dies screaming, that's what. Shimakaze: 14 Khabarovsk: 7 Hakuryu: 18 BTW, the Gearing is pretty much the only viable T10 CW DD so I'm sad it's gone from this list.
  13. There are a few bits on the bow where you can get clocked through the nose. Dead on the nose is the nastiest but if you get hit above the belt below a turret it can go through too. I had a swine of a Gneisenau who kept missing apart from the one shot that would somehow home in on the citadel. Sure but I have no idea where to host them since Wowsreplays doesn't work properly on my browser and the last site I used for bulk uploads was megaupload (shows how up to date I am that I didn't know it was RIP). Anyway, I'll let my stats speak for how much I like Nellie the Elephant (I'm sure it won't last but it's currently my highest average damage ship above Yamato):
  14. Love it, its hilariously good. Super heal and NCesque guns? Yespls.
  15. Sorry I'm a little behind the times. What are blueprint missions?