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  1. The stuff you're smoking. I want some.
  2. The BB situation right now is like the TD situation used to be in WoT. They're slightly overpowered and too easy to play so every wannagreen flocks to them and fills the matchmaker up with instant deletion. A cruiser can reliably evade one or two battleships but not five of them. Good positioning can help but at the end of the day if your battleships are worse than their battleships your line will collapse too quickly for you to deal damage before you get swamped by 16 inch skill.
  3. New edition folks! Been painting my CSM for the drop.
  4. Marginal gains. When I'm 1v1 against an Iowa end of game in my Moskva I knew I could charge him down and have a good chance of wrecking him if he stayed broadside to me. Now I can't. It's an indirect nerf to cruisers. I can't burn a broadside Iowa down before he kills me. I COULD citadel him to death in the last patch. I also agree with Mnemon pretty much in full. The precedent that a ship can receive this kind of buff because of whining battleship players is not good.
  5. Yes, because it fucks up the inter-class balance while doing very little to change the intra-class balance. You can play Missouri, Iowa and Montana effectively without getting deleted. I have over 100k damage average in my pre-buff Missouri, because I play it properly and understand how to maneuver to avoid being deleted. I don't care how advanced the USN ship is, I don't care how big the captain's balls are it's a game balance problem to make the ship harder for cruisers to counter. And it's entirely to appease the whining mass on reddit who are annoyed that their pet boat can't stomp face in every situation.
  6. Real life doesn't matter a tuppeny fuck. Game balance matters. This does nothing to improve balance beyond making an already fine battleship broken good because Reddit are full of fucking shitters. Yeah I'm really angry about this.
  7. Or, and maybe this is a stretch, BB players could use their brains and execute turns when not under fire or when undetected. It is now substantially harder to citadel the ships because the trajectory at pen range is so flat. I'm fucking sick of WG giving Danegeld to battleship players.
  8. One ship being stupid and obnoxiously easy to play does not require another ship to be the same.
  9. The Iowa is fine, it's just that the Missouri is in game which is flat out better. Also the citadel buff because what a common battleship needed was immunity to cruiser AP citadels :facepalm:
  10. It's possible to rank out with a terrible WR by being persistent. The biggest issue with ships is that if you don't rank out in the right wave you're stuck carrying six utter shitters. This is how a typical ships ranked game goes btw: 1. Someone says to go to a cap. 2. Six of the seven go there. One cruiser has a brain fart and dies instantly on the cap no one else went to. 3. OMG NOOBZ Y NO SUPPORT *Racism* 4. DD uses smoke for himself and screws the other cruiser who gets deleted. 5. DD eats torps in smoke. 6. Face roll commences
  11. Speaking as someone who has suffered this shit in Warships, you're all going to fucking hate it.
  12. Played ten games stock with a stupid gunboat setup. 70k average, 8 wins and much hilarity. It's actually a really good gunboat because of the flat arcs and high alpha. Oh and it has some torps. Fun/10 would play again.
  13. Yeah probably.
  14. Blasted through the collectibles pretty easily. Just have to finish out the campaign which shouldn't be too hard.
  15. The Dunkirk has inconsistent armament and is too vulnerable to HE spam. That said, with the fear of being uptiered taken out of the equation it might not be too bad. You will get skelped by carriers though. EDIT: The Cleveland is significantly easier to citadel these days. I have little trouble erasing a broadside cleveland compared to a Budyonny or even a Nurnberg (because there's enough armour to fuse my shells).