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  1. OMNI. Contact _Potent. We have a recruitment thread in the forum. We really should have a clam page in this section.
  2. Battleships more vulnerable? Good, needed to happen. It took far too long too clean a bow tanking battleship out of a choke point, and if he got away he could repair all the fire damage and be back at 70% health. I have some feels for mid-tier American battleships who have trouble disengaging, but given how many deletions I've delivered with Arizona it's not that many.
  3. If you get hit in the Mogami then your two binary choices are "lol overpens" or "boom". Neither leaves much scope for Desparado (fuck you all the Russian name is better).
  4. CE allows you to position aggressively before blowing smoke and to escape more easily if you're being rushed in smoke.
  5. Shadowfury's. I missed the quote.
  6. CE is useful for certain scenarios where you need to kite. In your case I'd get superintendent.
  7. Things wot I learned: 1. The IFHE on the 6" gun cruisers is a beautiful counter to static battleships while reducing your effectiveness against mobile battleships with the reduced fire chance (as it should be). The Kutuzov is broken as fuck with it although the Belfast only gains when uptiered (since dreadnoughts still bounce your HE due to the armor scheme and fires are your main damage on them). 2. RDF doesn't matter in anything apart from a DD. 3. Even then it's possible to roughly work out where a ship is when you're RDF spotted with another DD by calling out when you switch detections. 4. North Cal can be both AA and stealth. Lulz. 5. Big smoke does not mean you don't sail out of smoke
  8. 155mm or less, go for it. 155mm or more, nope.
  9. This is pretty much the build I'd use for competitive only with JOAT to buff the hydro cooldown.
  10. Where do you find all these clueless full hp battleships to farm?
  11. We had the smoke meta dead on EU before RPF. RPF really helps vapenation by giving them cues on the torp directions. Every time OMNI played a vape setup in King of the Winter we spanked them (including the random, unnecessary throw). A combination of good destroyer players, radar and aggressive positioning usually ends up shoving the smoke ball somewhere useless and the aggressor wins on points.
  12. Casual 8 kill demolition job on their team in the Kiev: EDIT: lol 5.5kWTR game.
  13. One of my clanmates made a good point, which is that the secondaries always fire at centre of mass, so at range this skill is great but its utility drops off as you close in because they're going to be hitting belt a lot.
  14. I disagree, expert loader is an excellent skill if you have a spare point and good in its own right. It's particularly strong on tournament BBs and cruisers generally since it allows you to contextually switch ammunition type when you predict an enemy making a maneuver. For example, someone calls damage con in a tournament game. With expert loader I can have an HE shell landing the second an enemy damage Con is down. Alternatively, if I see a cruiser pulling a suicide turn in my Zao I can have AP up and going exactly when I need to to hit his broadside.
  15. If you want ce on the udalol then drop DE or SE. Honestly I think it's less critical than the other skills because the VMF DDs don't like close engagements.