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  1. Yeah probably.
  2. Blasted through the collectibles pretty easily. Just have to finish out the campaign which shouldn't be too hard.
  3. The Dunkirk has inconsistent armament and is too vulnerable to HE spam. That said, with the fear of being uptiered taken out of the equation it might not be too bad. You will get skelped by carriers though. EDIT: The Cleveland is significantly easier to citadel these days. I have little trouble erasing a broadside cleveland compared to a Budyonny or even a Nurnberg (because there's enough armour to fuse my shells).
  4. The Roon, Neptune, Baltimore, St Louis and Donskoi are all much stronger. The Ibuki is both selfish and incompetent.
  5. That's because the Mahan has stinky detection range that gets you outspotted and killed more than is comfortable. The Benson doesn't have that issue thankfully.
  6. The Zao is substantially better in that you can soak hits on the troll armor if the terrain isn't friendly. Also have an upboat because I don't know why you were -1.
  7. Looks like we're playing Candy Crush boys.
  8. My T6 knowledge is a bit outdated but here's a brief rundown: God Tier: Warspite: Now with WD40. Roleplay a Yamato in T6 by penetrating everything in tier. Bonus points if you're a fan of slow muzzle velocity guns like I am. Probably my favourite gun in the game. It's also hard as nails provided you don't sail like a potato (ignore reddit, they're stupid). Your damacon strategy is going to be different though because of the fast cooldown/lesser invuln window. Duca D'Aosta: Troll torpedoes, railguns, pencil citadel. Basically it's a Budyonny that trades a gun, rangesuperior gun layout for better survivability and gun dynamics. Farragut: It's a US DD that does US DD things Long smoke, great DPM, workable torps. The only downside is the lack of defensive AA which is kind of RIP in ranked when you encounter a good carrier player. Budyonny: Good guns, punchy (but short range) torps and a citadel that's impossible to hit. Has huge range too. The AA lets it down a bit but who cares when you have this much dakka. Shinonome: "Go fuck yourself smoke meta, I have 9 torps". Also has reasonable guns (build as a gunboat and roleplay a Q ship for funtimes). It's pretty much a fubuki of old but with nerfs to put it at T6 (which tells you how wank the old fubu was). Good Tier: Cleveland: Great AA, obliterating DPM, made of wet tissues. If you're 1v1 against a competent BB at the end of the game you're probably dead. That's the only thing stopping it being top tier (I dislike ships that can't close the deal at the end of the game). Leander: The AA isn't great, it has no HE, it's squishy and it's slow. What saves it are smoke, hydro and torps. That makes it a good team support ship and gives it a tonne of bite against larger warships. Molotov: "Lets put T9 guns on a T6 ship!". "DA TOVARISCH!". Made of paper, turns like an oil tanker. But whatever, you have 180mms of Stalin bias. Anshan/Gnevny: T6 Gremy. Solid long range fighter but you're going to struggle to contest caps because of your amazing turret traverse. If you're the only DD on the team this is not going to be very pleasant. Fuso: Lots of guns. That's all you have. You're not fast, you're not maneuverable, you have no AA and you're not tanky. But you have 12 14 inch guns so you can erase people from mid-range. However, times have changed and there are a lot more tools to deal with you than there were two years ago. It's a strong ship but you're just slightly too easy to counter by Shinonomes, CVs and 155m cruisers for my liking. Arizona: Better sigma than the New Mex makes the AZ a slightly better pick for ranked IMO. You have more consistent guns in exchange for slightly worse AA. Plus I like the ballistics slightly better (slower shells). YMMV. You're too slow to be top tier. 21 knots is painful no matter what the ship. Mediocre Tier: New Mex: Could swap with the Arizona depending on how CV infested your meta is and how you like the gun characteristics. Still too slow. Hard as nails though. Fubuki: Better reload rate, torp range and torp damage than the Shino. Unfortunately you get one less turret which is bad for a line that relies on gun alpha to win DD fights.You will need to fight gun duels in Ranked (and the game in general) and the Fubu loses every time. The difference in torps is negligible (2km doesn't matter that much and 2k damage matters even less). The Shino is a better ship (plus you can put your Yugo or Shima captain on it for lols). Bayern: Hard to kill and can dance. It has an adequate secondary battery which is good because the main battery is bloody awful. Can't hit anything at long range and has weird arcs anyway making aiming difficult. Has too high a velocity at short range so you overpen all the things. A lot of my clanmates really like it. I hate it with the heat of a thousand suns. Potato Tier: Nurnburg: Used to be alright, now it's total shite, walking in a Nurnburg wonderland. Lacks the punch of the Russians, the DPM of the Americans and the team versatility of the RN. Made of paper, doesn't have 360 noscope Bruno turret. Avoid. Hatsuharu: Do you enjoy having a tiny spread of torpedoes that never hits anything? Do you like low DPM guns that do no damage? No? That's okay, no one likes the Hatsuharu. I built it as a gunboat because I got so frustrated with the shit torpedoes. Being able to gun down anything short of a Farragut at <5km was funny. But really it's bad. CVs: Ryujo has more strike power. Indy has a good AS setup. I dunno I'm bad at carriers.
  9. It's actually worse than WoT, because at least WoT has team battles, stronks and Clan Wars for everyone to get bored with (plus the slew of tournaments). Ships currently has randoms, ranked every three months (i.e Patience Tester 2017) and a community run tournament. That's it. They had Team Battles for a while which were amazing but they've not gone back to them. There aren't any low or mid stakes competitive modes (like Stronk or CW) so it's just tournaments all day every day and it's burning the competitive players out.
  10. Augh, tournament functionality in the fucking winter? The tournament scene will be dead by then. All the EU clans are burned out. OMNI can field one team where we used to easily be able to fill two. I know that TTT, WGP2W and OM are in similar positions. There is bugger all for end-game players to do right now apart from grind lines we have no interest in.
  11. Belfast is the business when it comes to these missions. There are so many juicy battleships to farm.
  12. All edge, no point.
  13. Casually tanking nearly 2.5 million damage in the Nagato:
  14. Shira and Belfast were fun yesterday. 15 games, 15 wins.