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  1. Dads wood workshop is open? :^)
  2. Just you as usual my dood :^)
  3. Lmao drama on the front page never gets old. Kinda disappointing to see an admin making a public scene over something personal.

  4. Jessicaelbow aka braaaap. Literally tks people from top clans randomly. Why do you think he joined your trash clan instead of a good one? Because hes on every clans perma denied list.
  5. He also comes with a dictator mom :^)
  6. Fuqq trudeau
  7. 11AD is not a good clan. Nor are any of the players worth calling good. Pretty sure they larp better than they play.
  8. Heh your strats need a little work
  9. youjo

    I'm an officially unofficial member, that just goes to show how toxic and awful this clan is :^)