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  1. PV worth getting? Been outta the loop for a few months

    1. hazzgar


      Why would you get it given no Swedish high tier meds? There are better money makers. 

  2. lol what fucking nerd asks for an email sub from here?
  3. For a first tier 10 the tvp was not a good choice due to the retarded super heavy meta. Most new guy friendly line imo is the IS-7 because everything grinding upto it is decent and fits a similar play style. Ofc most userfriendly tier 10 is the maus or E3
  4. Woah, whats up old IOC friend!
  5. Same dude, fucking just camp and shit on retards amirite
  6. there's hardly 30 tier 10s playing at one time on NA east for it to make one game. (retarded 5 minute ques because fuck you tier 12). I'd love to just see how quick this goes up in flames.
  7. An aesthetic for some people i suppose. As for me? Just another tank to cuck over in my skorp g :^)
  8. The Matilda and Pz38H also see a lot of auto cannons spamming low pen rounds at them. Do you think it may have skewed them to look more op than higher tier vehicles? I'm not defending them or anything they are op lol, just curious.
  9. Woah a dead poaster returns lol
  10. I bought a foch just cause why not? :^) 2 Tier 10s for the price of one.
  11. Yooooo my dude, we need to play borderlands again sometime! : D

  12. That was pretty reasonable advice seeing as it's literally how 2 E3. Load Gold point front towards enemy, ensure enemy cannot get a small break through on your side. It's pretty damn hard to die in an E3 if the enemy is locked in front of you. idk maybe you camp too long and the team is dead, maybe you push too hard and nobody follows. Either way put up some replays, and cut the fucking attitude cause i would've said the same shit to you as well.
  13. IS-3: 20M26 Pershing: 17T32: 20Object 416: 21 AMX 50 100: 17 Emil I: 17UDES 03: 20VK 100.01 (P): 17 Lowe: 22T26E5/Patriot: 20AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20112: 14 - 3 = 11 Pref mm is dead boysRhm. Skorpion: 17+1 = 18 OP OP out trades almost everything very good gun a lotta people just dont know how to play it Obj. 252U/Defender: 23Strv S1: 17Lorr. 40t: 21Chrysler K GF: 20