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  1. The wait should be about 13 hours, as NA is doing one this weekend.
  2. I'm having trouble thinking of a team event that WOULDN'T be improved by the Russian National Anthem. It certainly added value when he was on our team in Bronze League. Also Mr. T. Can't have enough Mr. T.
  3. Wait a minute... am I expected to believe that insurgus is both still playing tanks and active in this clan? I thought he fell into an oil well during a blizzard or something...
  4. That's actually not true... now that camo rating is displayed in the in game client in a dynamic fashion, it's testable. I took one of my light tank crews with 100% camo and moved a medium crew member with 100% camo in, and while BIA is still active, the camo rating dropped a little bit. It wasn't a huge drop, but it was there. I'm sure the same happens with repairs. This shouldn't be surprising... things like food and BIA slightly raise camo and view range, so crew rating obviously is a multiplier for skills.
  5. allows you to plug in tanks, equipment, and skills, and see exactly what view range, camo rating, and distance spotted by an enemy tank would be in all scenarios... stationary, moving, firing, behind a bush, etc. I'd suggest playing around with it a bit.
  6. It's not actually a credit card, it's a debit card. They're really designed for the unbanked, but like some of the american express products in the same space (bluebird, serve), they can be exploited by the savvy. It does take some effort, though, so I've never bothered.
  7. You can get 5% on amounts up to $5000 with a bit of effort. There are multiple options, so technically you can do more than that if you have the time/interest/energy. I haven't done it personally.
  8. Sounds like a reason to learn Polish.
  9. In point of fact, the research shows that they generally don't. Generally, hedge fund managers take their 2/20 for taking on outsized risks, which is great as long as everyone's making money. If (when) it eventually blows up in their faces, they shut down and leave the investors holding the bag. Then they open up a new fund. Pretty sweet gig, if you can get it. In terms of Buffett, he might well be an anomoly in the overwhelming research that shows that low-cost, passive investing is the optimal approach (so basically broad market based index funds), but even he advocates that investors use indexes. And, in point of fact, to make the point, he even bet a hedge fund manager 1 million dollars (for charity) that the S&P 500 would beat them, net of fees, over a 10 year period. Last I checked Buffett was way ahead. Basically, it's what you said earlier. All the best research shows that it is virtually impossible to beat the market indexes after fees, and that of those that do it is virtually impossible to predict who in advance. Everything basically says the ones that do are lucky, similar to asking a stadium full of people to flip a coin. SOMEONE is going to get heads 10 times in a row. This best explains a guy like Bill Miller, who was touted in the financial press for beating the S&P every year. Until he didn't. Of course, there are a whole lot of investment professionals whose livelihood depends on convincing people that they CAN beat the market, so...
  10. Confirmed... I've been 16 for 25 years now. Okay, more accurately I've been 14 for 27, but whatever...
  11. Much praise to LandManboo. In a match I just had on Sand River in my Super Pershing, I was facing an IS. He penned a lucky snapshot on my front with AP, then bounced my APCR. I was a one shot. My hero drove his Chi Ri in front of my tank sideways, blocking for me perfectly, then had the additional presence of mind and awareness to unblock me when i was reloaded so I could take the IS out. I've been on WGLNA teams that didn't execute that well. Amazing.
  12. Blue on green violence.
  13. I've never noticed any Mongolians when I play, but then I'm not sure I'd identify them even if they were there, let alone any unusual frequency. I have a radical thought, though... rather than asking a bunch of random people on a message board to speculate, maybe you could just ask the people playing with you? Some of them might not speak English, but some probably do. Could be interesting.