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  1. please redirect all similar questions to
  2. The 88mm basically turns it into what an RU med is at T10. The 320 alpha of RU meds is 33% more than the 240 of the E50, but the HP difference also increases, so the playstyle basically becomes the same. Only now you have the same DPM as the RU meds do, a tier lower, and with much better gun stats. 4s is an incredibly short amount of time in the middle of a fight, and in most cases people don't have the time to get safe, especially if you track them. I don't think the T-54 has been op at all since the HD changes to the armor, but before then it was very good. At this point the only med that has comparable amounts of competitiveness is the 430v2.
  3. I give it 5 games before he gets mad.
  4. R/O on official forums for baiting gasai. Feelsbadman

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    2. Strigonx


      Why isn't he banned yet?

    3. saru_richard


      no fucking clue strig

    4. Raj


      I mean I have to say gasai has an ego maybe worse than garbad (and even me and I'm arrogant as fuck). But maybe if we ignore it he'll go away.

  5. I have never played warships nor have plans to, but I am amazed that boats can have such a diverse meta and competitive modes of play.
  6. I have had no issues playing on west server, but east has been intermittent with sometimes just a bit of lag, to others where tanks just jump around every 2s. In Seattle, WA area with comcast provider. I have a hunch it has to do with my distance to the server, and somewhere along the routing method stuff goes poof.
  7. Nah, 50M post buff is new #1 medium tank. We have legit used them in half of our CW games since patch. E50M
  8. How to stb: sell it and buy a better medium
  9. I fucking swear people have been saying this game is dead since it was released, like wtf is with you people.
  10. OK that was a solid 7/10. +5 to shitposting
  11. Wow peaked in 2010 with wrath and has been declining since, arguably becoming much easier for the average player as time went on. The issue there was more so a lack of enjoyable content to do on a regular basis. Tanks is completely different, though maybe once someone hits their stats goals, plays the tanks they wanted to, and competes in whatever thing they want to just run out of enjoyment to spend on a game that causes so much frustration.
  12. Super Pershing is lower than 112, you noobs screwed it up. Other than that I think it's a reasonably good estimate of the power ranking. RIP IS-6 2012-2016
  13. EU has like 5x the pop of NA, and even we have at least 10 respectable clans that stay competitive. I find it impossible that Fame is the only good one left.
  14. Straight outta ideas
  15. What makes u special?