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  1. Why do you even care about your allies tk'ing arty? Its just a game, mircorjackson. Get a life.
  2. "How would you stop this monster?" Fire the balance team
  3. Removing prem mm is giving me more reasons not to play this game.


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    2. hiipanda


      That is too small of a sample size to judge anything off of.

      No types 5, no 268v4, no fv183, no badger, no 4005.


    3. snowdude21325


      I enjoy playing pref 8s simply for that reason, I don't have to deal with the cancer that is 10s in a tier 8

    4. Hellsfog


      5 hours ago, hiipanda said:

      That is too small of a sample size to judge anything off of.

      No types 5, no 268v4, no fv183, no badger, no 4005.


      This right here is the reason for pref MM.  You forgot JPE 100.

  4. The great thing about frontline is if they're is a particularly annoying arty, i can just spam enough lights to find there ass.


    1. kreigermann


      This. I have on more than one occasion respawned to lttb to exploit a gap and yolo past enemy lines and murderfuck the turd who decided to arty focus me the moment I’m lit over multiple spawns when I’m in very different tanks for “reasons”

  5. hiipanda

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    Bad dpm and horrid lfp?
  6. hiipanda

    How to balance the 268-4?

    Nerf view finder's armor, nerf top speed a bit, and nerf turning speed or terrain resistance.
  7. are shells faster in 1.0 or does it feel odd because i've been gone for 2 months?

    1. Tman450


      They redid tracers and shell effects so it feels very different.

  8. Are they testing a gold round pen buff? it looks likes they're testing a gold round pen buff after adding in all of those armored tanks in recent patches.
  9. hiipanda

    AMX M4 mle. 45

    If you had used the 105 and spammed gold you would have looked back fondly on this tank. Now you are cursed to find a worse insult for the 65t.
  10. Best part of the new system is you don't even need to complete the 14 previous missions to unlock the 15th with commendations.
  11. Finally got my gaming pc back up, but i missed so many days i  won't be able to get tank reward gold.

    I think i just beat the game until they start up the tank reward missions again.

  12. hiipanda

    AMX 65t "appreciation" thread

    Don't look at the stock amx m4 51 in the garage then Rexxie.
  13. I hope they're testing low numbers first. The old leaked stats looked better than this.