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  1. Hope the 215B gets an HD model, but I'm very pessimistic about it.
  2. Anyone going up the chinese tds? I haven't seen much activity about them here.

  3. I wonder if they'll do another mini tds tree since they have the tier 9 wz 120 as a premium tank. Would love a super su-122-54 at tier 10.
  4. just got 9 bonds from a random game of 15v15. I don't understand.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      tier10 only battles give bonds too.

  5. Foch B is a Foch A-

  6. Double fail on my part. i read it as wz 132, tier 8.
  7. Sorry, i read your post as wz 131.
  8. The accuracy and pen you like on the tier 8 is gone in the tier 10.
  9. Had a game in it where i had to run from type 5s and other super heavies bullying a friendly 113. After the friendly died he raged in chat at me. He lost his mind when i told him there was no way to help him, so he replied by saying the wz-132-1 'has nothing wrong with it'. Laughed a solid minute at the claim there was nothing wrong with the tank.
  10. Wg says they balance tanks based on average player and not the outliers. They decide to make light tanks only usable by unicum outliers. BRAVO
  11. Quick question:

    On tanks.gg vents helps with accuracy, but in game it says vents doesn't help with accruacy. which is it?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Marty


      You just understood it wrong. What it says in-game is that vents are one of the things that DO improve accuracy, you just don't have them mounted so effect from them does not apply.

    3. hiipanda


      Look at the image again. I have  vents mounted and it says the accuracy bonus isn't applied.

    4. Marty


      Sorry, I'm blind.

      Either way, vents improve your crew just like BiA, and accuracy is affected by skill of your gunner. That is probably just an interface bug. 

       Here you have a "proof" so to say.

  12. just had my best scout game and got lt 13.3 done all with 403 view range.



    1. FavreFan4ever


      Replay, pls! 

    2. hiipanda


      i don't have replays enabled.


    3. FavreFan4ever
  13. Tool kit might be nice because of all the different tracks the t95 has and how easy it is to perma track it, but i haven't played it.
  14. What equipment and consumables are you using @SchnitzelTruck? I saw the .42 accuracy and shit view range so i put everything into fixing it.