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  1. NightmareMk9

    Personal Missions 2.0

    You can run both at the same time
  2. MAY I PRESENT TO YOU... B_R_M_KANE PROOF of the Human/Potato Crossbreed This is an actual "Person" because they TK'd me on purpose when I asked about their origin (They don't want us to know the truth)
  3. NightmareMk9

    Sharks vs Eagles Event

    Thanks for the "Reject" Info. Also, it appears you need to play at least 1 battle (I'm not sure if you need to score points) to get the daily reward and crate for the TEAM win.
  4. NightmareMk9

    Sharks vs Eagles Event

    Sharks are winning for the 3rd day in a row, I should have switched on day 1 (instead of day 2).
  5. The forums are messed up.  I cant seem to access any of the threads.  It just gives me a small number in the top left corner.  Tried Chrome and IE

  6. I can't figure out if it is better to switch every day or stay with the same side. WG has packed so much shit into this one event.
  7. So I guess WG just ended the 3x Weekend 24 hours early.  I guess Sunday is a Russian Weekend day.  Just when you think they may have ran out of things to fuck up... 

    1. DirtyACE7


      Hey, if WG can't fuck you, who can?

  8. Multi-Box WOWS Saturday night.  WG is giving away free stuff based on the max number of users online.  20,000 people gets everyone a Supercontainer (probably 100 crappy flags).

  9. NightmareMk9

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    Set completed with 0 duplicates. So defiantly not random. I'm ranked about 800 as a Striker, not sure if that's enough to stay on the board...
  10. NightmareMk9

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    Top midfielder last round started the account on June 18? Only played 16 games, 225 points, 100% win rate, total time played <90 min Just a complete load of shit!
  11. NightmareMk9

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    9 F-ing games today to get 3 wins, just trash team after trash team. I'll finish tomorrow.
  12. NightmareMk9

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    One more update on the Soccer Cards. I assume most people have noticed they are NOT random drops. I only need 4 more cards and I have not received a single duplicate. Score a Goal gets you a Midfielder Card Winning 3 gets you a Defender Card Winning 5 gets you a Striker Card. I completed my Strikers first (because there are only 2 spaces). So no reason to play past 3 mins now. I'll complete the collection in 2 more days of play. However many games it takes to score a point and win 3. The whole game mode is a total shitshow with: retards, bots and retard rerolls.
  13. NightmareMk9

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    I really need to go back and finish Fallout 4. I'm very close to the end and I need to decide which group to destroy (Im past the part where you can keep all the allies). Most of my F4 settlements are beds, water, food and guns. I never got crazy because there seemed to be no point. My main base at the first settlement has 1/2 a dozen boxes with all my shit sorted and my 10 or so suits of power armor (power cells removed) standing on the concrete pad. F4 sounds interesting. My make me take an extended break from WOT. And all my premium time ran out from that big sale over a year ago. I can't play Fortnite, its too twitchy. And I don't really get the point of a game like PUBG where you assemble your guy and then start over 20 min later.
  14. NightmareMk9

    Steam Summer Sale 2018 June 21-July 6

    They claim they will stop Griefers in 76. Also I just got the Link+Controller Bundle. So still in stock.
  15. NightmareMk9

    Steam Summer Sale 2018 June 21-July 6

    Steam Link is only $2.50 ($8 shipping)