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  1. Marine likes the Swed, its in the Buy group for tier 6
  2. Why would they let you recover a "Rental" vehicle? How did you get rid of it, other than selling it?
  3. Currently if you sell a premium tank you get 1/2 the gold amount converted into credits. T34 is 12,000 gold. If you sell it you get 6000 x 400 credits = 2,400,000 credits If you use an exception to get the tank back, you must have at least 2.4 million credits in your account and a garage slot. WG will then exchange the tank for the credits. Unless WG somehow "Tags" these trade-in vehicles (or I guess they may be able to review all the transactions made in your account), you may be able to recover them for credits. Basically allowing you to convert Credits to Gold. I've never used the in-game vehicle recovery system. But it is interesting that they mention it won't be able to recover Trade-Ins.
  4. This feature is only available from April 28 until May 15 at 04:20 PT I found this item VERY interesting: Can I use an exception to restore a Trade-In vehicle for Credits? Do you see where I'm going with this?
  5. There are also better guns for specific missions. Take the lower damage, faster fire rate for Stun Missions. I need to get LT15.3 or SPG 15.3 with honors. Not sure which of those is easier.
  6. I picked up one of the Founder Packs back in the beginning. I have a little under 400 games total. PVP is a fucking joke, literally 10 people online on any given week night. I'm playing 3 PVE games a night just to get the free stuff during the Bal 2.0. The Enemy AI is just terrible. I only made it to tier 6 before Bal 2.0. Is there any reason NOT to do the full account reset? I don't plan to play the Arty any more, I unlocked the Starship (which is apparently a dead end tank now). Overall the game is just fucked without enough players for PVP. Anything else they do at the point is just pointless
  7. The thread is on page 50 something. I received the email too, haven't check the actual account, but 1 day of premium and boosters, Meh
  8. There was 7942 players paid out and had proper submissions overall So at LEAST 4000 people entered the code faster than me... The fucking number of people on the Server is less than 4000 half the fucking time...
  9. < Not surprised. WG never fails to fail. WGLNA Scavenger Hunt. I watch the last match end. I enter the code, somehow literally thousands of people enter it before me?
  10. meh Congrats on being in the 51% - 75% prize group for the WGLNA Scavenger Hunt Your prizing has been credited to your account
  11. Nothing yet... People are posting that they received stuff, checking... Nothing for me yet...
  12. I think this may ONLY work if the Camo/Emblems/Inscriptions are on sale like last week at 50% off Lord can probably walk you through what he did. You can't make much on the Camo (and only if it is on sale), but there is almost no risk of WG screwing you over. I think he did this: Buy Emblem for T49 > Remove Emblem > Buy Emblem for T49 > Remove Emblem > Repeat until you run out of gold or emblems (or until you reach the max you want to risk) I guess there is a chance that WG just moves all the emblems to Tier 9, in that case you would be kinda screwed. GL
  13. I only made about 2k gold. I didn't fully understand the Emblem trick and wasn't too sure that WG wouldn't just screw me and leave all the extra ones
  14. You get coins by winning, kills, damage, ribbons, and XP. See the detailed info on the site. Also there is a bonus for winning a Stage and some random giveaway that I haven't seen yet.