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  1. Any chance WG is going to give me back 1,000,000+ Free XP and $20+M credits if it is removed?
  2. Because we took all the lead out of the paint and the glue is non-toxic.
  3. No Lyfer gets to rank 1 on all 5 servers
  4. PZB2 was an excellent seal clubber for these missions. Shoot Full Gold and still make 10,000 credits. Late Night get teams of 7 or less for easy top XP. I'll be digging seal guts out of the tracks for the next month
  5. I'm still bitter over WG teasing us with the Lumberjack Medal... trees cut: 28941
  6. WGNA Facebook post says it is not a joke. I guess we will find out for sure on Saturday.
  7. Oh the buckets of tears and butthurt on the WG forums over this. It could shit credits and rape pubbies on autopilot and I wouldn't spend $90 on a single tank.
  8. From TAP So saving XP on the current Tier 8 Lights won't transfer to the new 9s
  9. The Butthurt over the Pilot Tokens is real.  As usual WG did a shit job explaining that you had to buy all the tokens you needed the same night the missions ended.  LOLz

    1. CheekiBreeki_
    2. NightmareMk9


      People are crying because they missed out on the Pilot Tank.  Basically if you didn't buy/earn all the 13 tokens by the end of the last day you are SOL.  I don't recall how they handled the last couple missions like this (The 250K per Nation for the IS6 and WZ111), did they give you any extra time to buy the tokens after the mission officially ended?

  10. There are plenty of asshats in this game that deserve to get team damage. TanTanTankGod for example in WOT. I haven't seen him for a long time. But I will TK him EVERY chance I get. If I can't kill him, I will pop him twice and move on with my game. Capt_Karg was playing Ranked in WOWS. He refused to fight and would just troll and run away the entire match. I had him in 3 games, so it wasn't just a one time thing. I know for a fact that reporting people in WOT doesn't do shit, I assume it is the same for WOWS.
  11. But when they wait every day to announce the missions, you don't know if something worse is waiting in the future. Overall this was pretty damn easy. I expected at LEAST 3 missions to be nearly impossible for 90% of the players on the server (something like 12,000 damage blocked or 5000 damage inflicted in a single game). Final Mission was super easy. Tier 8 Premium Tank for $2.49 plus a couple extra hours of play. I bet WG doesn't make the next one this easy. It would be interesting to see how many people got the tank for: Free, $1-5, $6-10, etc
  12. I only made it to Rank 11 (77 Games), but I wasn't totally focused on Ranked. I only have Four Tier 7 Boats and apparently they all kinda suck. Pretty bad when Pensa is my best Win Rate
  13. I think the micropatch just fucked everything. Every time I switch tanks it takes 2-5 second for "Mounting Equipment" And when I try to enter the tech tree it just turns the gear forever "Loading Interface"
  14. 27 Games, 21 Wins, 50,000 Damage Only made 14,865 in the first hour trying to make credits in the Pref 8s, but too many 9s and 10s to fight against. I did make 800,000 credits in the hour.