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  1. I really wish WG would post the Weekend Specials before Friday.

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    2. NightmareMk9
    3. simba90


      They've been posting them on Thursday for most of this year.

    4. DHP


      it really depends if you are EU or NA. On EU we usually get it late friday, sometimes even saturday.

  2. Player base is pretty F-ing bad at all levels.
  3. 25 Containers since the last patch and no Super yet. What I really fucking need is a 3rd Smoke Gen Mod 1
  4. Its supposed to be +1 and -3, not the other way around. I'm almost to my first tier 9, I'll use the results from this to play my trees. Holy Hell I hate fighting Minotaurs at tier 8.
  5. boo
  6. WG pulled the page...
  7. LT-15 for the T-55 FUCK YEAH!!!!!  After probably 1.5 years I can move on to the Obj260

    1. HemanathanRX7


      i got bad news for you, lt7 for 260 is harder than lt15 :P Gotta work for the mission reworks coming up lol.

  8. Does anyone know if you get gold or credits if you already have the T34-85M? WG seems to do it either way: On Track Missions = Credits TankRewards Missions = Gold
  9. Anything better/easier than Imgur? I've been using Photobucket for something like 10 years. Apparently they have lost their fucking minds! They think I'm going to spend $400 per year for 3rd party hosting...
  10. And there we go, he finally gets to the real point. I suck, people yell at me, and I just want to cry about it. Cyber Bullying is bad.
  11. That rule doesn't apply once you hit 2K Wn8, so you pass BUT barely... Who knows this quote (no googling bioches)
  12. I was thinking more boat related videos ...
  13. TK him right out the gate, its only like -50 XP
  14. LOLz. You are a noobie, so I'll leave it at that. But if your post count passes you WN8 you might want to find another game...