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  1. I got both last night. Total time of about 2.5 hours, just playing the tanks I'm currently grinding. The 15 Games took a little under 1.5 hours (finished with about 9300 XP). About another hour or so for the rest of the XP. I could maybe get it done in 2 hours if I played better tanks. But most nights I can't play much over 1 hour. So maybe just focus on the TankRewards and the 100 Bonds
  2. WG can identify the bots easily, they just DGAF as long as the botter buys some premium tanks
  3. I actually haven’t notice any/many bots recently. If I see someone with like 15k games and a <100 WN8, I pay attention. I usually ask if they are “Special Needs”, because I don’t want to rage on someone who is acually disables. I’d say 50% respond (which is hilarious most of the time) and the other half are just really bad. If you see them looking around or not just driving in a straight line, it’s probably not a bot. I do wish WG would institute a ZERO XP policy for load and leave. You don’t move = 0 XP and full repair bill
  4. How long to I need to stop playing to get free Shit? Er I mean Ship
  5. I use the scroll key in WOT, probably because I've always used scroll to zoom in and out in FPS games. However, I use Shift in WOWS (usually set to max zoom).
  6. Grand Hunt, get 250 Bond per day for unknown number of days.
  7. Thanks to the Emblem Sales I was able to:
  8. Were any of the other Servers able to sell Emblems after the last patch?  Or just the NA?

    1. Gr1nch_1


      I got 16mill on EU

    2. DirtyACE7


      I think all servers can do this.

  9. New Policy on January 1. You can only recover Premium Tanks from now on. So use your Exceptions NOW to recover any non-premium vehicles you want back. No more free loans for the On-Track sales
  10. Selling Emblems!!!

    I should net 8.5 Million Credits !

  11. Patch TONIGHT at Midnight.  Last 11 hrs to buy the 183.  Also dont forget to claim the free Female.  You must claim her before the patch.  You probably have one on EVERY account too ;)

    1. RC_Tank


      Thanks for the heads up, didn't know about the female crew member.

    2. monjardin


      EVERY account... LOL

      Thanks. My T95E2 "recruit" that hasn't played in years logged in to get a girl crew member.

  12. I've won the T-28-30. If you don't play enough to earn anything then just ignore the site. If you play 2-3 nights a week, then you are just leaving free stuff on the table. Since the event started, I've probably received 15,000 gold and Millions of credits worth of consumables and equipment.
  13. Props for the 3.5 year Necro. With all the fucking ads on Yahoo right now about getting rich on Bitcoin. Hell no.
  14. Did Spectrum Internet just take a nationwide shit?  The outage map covers 3/4 of the US

    1. KruggWulf


      Jessicaelbow has been busy it seems :doge:


  15. Yeah, they fixed it on Day 1, so I can just skip the whole event. Day19 earned me 4.8M credits, and I didn't spend a dime, so I shouldn't bitch too much. My issue is that they do this all the time. How hard is it to double check the events before you post them?