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  1. I really don't have time for very much Clam Wars stuff. I'm just looking for a place to hang out and pool oil discounts. Maybe Divisions to help beat back the pubbie hordes. Is there a LABS version on WOWs?
  2. So if you complete all the STUG 4 missions with honors you get free 3% camo for all your German tanks?  Am I reading this correctly?  Then repeat for USA and RU.  This seems WAY to generous for WGNA

    Added new rewards: Camouflage patterns:

    1. A set of three Camouflage patterns for the reward vehicle is earned for completion of all 75 missions
    2. The same set of Camouflage patterns becomes available for any vehicle of the nation the reward vehicle belongs to, once all 75 missions are completed with honors
    3. A set of three unique Camouflage patterns (summer, winter, and desert) can be earned for completion of each operation:
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    2. hiipanda


      Damn, germany gets two camo sets then.

    3. NightmareMk9


      My friend says you still have to buy it on each tank.  The missions only "unlock" the ability to buy it.

    4. sohojacques


      Yeah that’s  my understanding of how it works

  3. It says I need 300 points and I only see links to get 200. Where do I go for the additional 100 points? It was a Google Chrome issue. Probably the Ad Blocker
  4. Poll is bias. Only 1 woman I would want to be my ruler... I'm not going anywhere near that Demon Snatch.
  5. If the Night King ran the world there would be no more hot naked chicks. #NoZombiePorn
  6. I've been grinding the Conq to get the FV215b before the next patch. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Even with the top gun, I still suck. The hull is just butter. I try to side-scrape and they seem to pen me most of the time. The front/top of the turret seems very easy to pen from the front too. It seems like the only time the armor works is when I'm at an extreme angle on a hill.
  7. Is there any reason to keep the WZ120?  I F-ing hate the gun depression, I'v probably been killed a dozen times because there is an enemy on nearly level ground just right under where my gun can aim.  I have about 4 other Tier 9 Medium Tanks if I need one.

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    2. kreigermann


      Huh, I could never get the 120 to work at all for me(not that I'm at all decent in the 121) but it is less frustrating when I do play it. I couldn't quote you were I read it(probably somewhere here on wotlabs) people were saying they liked the 120 over the 121.

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Back before the 121 got buffed a few times, the WZ-120 was the better tank tier for tier.


      I just enjoy derpy-ish guns so I'm keeping my WZ-120 over the 121. The 121 is much more reliable and is more like a 62A with more alpha while the WZ-120 is a much improved T-34-3. 


      in regards to keeping it, there's no point in keeping what you don't enjoy

    4. Fulcrous


      a lot of it is about abusing terrain to artificially create depression. if not, being where you cant get cucked

  8. It was way back in 2013 when at least a couple people pretended to give a fuck.
  9. WG changed the end date on yet another Event.  WOWS they ended the Anniversary Event 1 day early.

    FU WG

    wows anniversary collection lie.jpg

  10. Not to drag this off topic, but... I even asked Support about it.
  11. I STILL want my fucking Lumberjack Achievement. They announce it then just never added it to the game...
  12. No, idiots will buy whatever new shit Tier8 Tank WG throws on the website. I've had games recently where it seems like 3/4 of all the players are in Premium Tanks.
  13. Do you guys remember this Botter from WOT. I think he may have been banned, not sure. Well now he plays WOWS. He parked his top tier BB in the corner and did jack shit for 10+ minutes. Not sure if he was running a bot or if he is just an actual retard
  14. I assume the power is out