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  1. No, idiots will buy whatever new shit Tier8 Tank WG throws on the website. I've had games recently where it seems like 3/4 of all the players are in Premium Tanks.
  2. Do you guys remember this Botter from WOT. I think he may have been banned, not sure. Well now he plays WOWS. He parked his top tier BB in the corner and did jack shit for 10+ minutes. Not sure if he was running a bot or if he is just an actual retard
  3. I assume the power is out
  4. Just WTF? 6500 games in the Mutz That game where you out damage your entire team by 1000 damage.
  5. Key West lost power about 40 min ago
  6. Most Exciting Web Cam EVER!
  7. Walmart is a hellhole on a good day. I BARELY went there to pick up my free copy of Star Wars The Force Awakens... Walmart Shoppers + Hurricane Approaching = GTFO Post a link to the Hurricane Cam once you start rolling.
  8. GL Rex. Looks like you are in a fairly safe location. The tip of FL is screwed.
  9. I was looking at the UK BB Captain skill recommendations. I had a 10 point capt from one of the recent missions: PT, EM, BOS,CE Pick up Superintendent when I can
  10. I assume you can't access that map in the Training Room...
  11. Update 9.20 tonight, get the Foch155 now bitches.

    WOWS update tonight too, btw.

    2 Days of Premium added?

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    2. NightmareMk9


      I still need 50k to the 62a


    3. monjardin


      At least the T-55A isn't getting outclassed by the T-54 changes. There's the armor vs gun handling/DPM trade off.

    4. Assassin7


      Wait! The T55a isnt being changed?



      Now all I need is a 6 skill german medium crew...

  12. Does anyone know if we can pull the Emblem/Inscription 'trick' with the FOCH update?

    1. Fulcrous


      They are literally being reapplied and not refunded so I believe no.

  13. I really wish WG would post the Weekend Specials before Friday.

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    2. NightmareMk9
    3. simba90


      They've been posting them on Thursday for most of this year.

    4. DHP


      it really depends if you are EU or NA. On EU we usually get it late friday, sometimes even saturday.

  14. Player base is pretty F-ing bad at all levels.
  15. 25 Containers since the last patch and no Super yet. What I really fucking need is a 3rd Smoke Gen Mod 1
  16. Its supposed to be +1 and -3, not the other way around. I'm almost to my first tier 9, I'll use the results from this to play my trees. Holy Hell I hate fighting Minotaurs at tier 8.
  17. Should come as no surprise. I head people talk about them quoting PMs in the past. I guess I thought the sheer amount of data could hide my bad actions Apparently I was reported for something (My In Game Rating is a solid "0"), so they went back and did a Keyword Search on my game chat (I guess). I guarantee I used the work FUCK more than Tard this last week.
  18. Anything better/easier than Imgur? I've been using Photobucket for something like 10 years. Apparently they have lost their fucking minds! They think I'm going to spend $400 per year for 3rd party hosting...
  19. Does anyone know if you get gold or credits if you already have the T34-85M? WG seems to do it either way: On Track Missions = Credits TankRewards Missions = Gold
  20. boo
  21. WG pulled the page...
  22. LT-15 for the T-55 FUCK YEAH!!!!!  After probably 1.5 years I can move on to the Obj260

    1. HemanathanRX7


      i got bad news for you, lt7 for 260 is harder than lt15 :P Gotta work for the mission reworks coming up lol.

  23. And there we go, he finally gets to the real point. I suck, people yell at me, and I just want to cry about it. Cyber Bullying is bad.