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  1. NightmareMk9

    WG has gone soccer code crazy Guess the winner each day and get 50k in consumables to 3 days of Premium. That is a lot of busy work...
  2. NightmareMk9

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    Skills don't appear to apply, so no BIA, Offroad Driving, Etc. Can't mount Equipment or Consumables. You get minimal XP. I think 1500 in 4 or 5 games. I guess I could put a different commander in the vehicles. I haven't calculated how many games are needed to get the Commander, but if you only need 100 total points that won't be too hard. - - I think it will take 11 days / 11 hours (assuming you get 5 wins in the hour) to get the 100 Points necessary for the Commander. I guess if you get lucky drops you might finish in 10. If you want to complete the full set on the other hand, you are probably screwed - It appears you can only earn 3 cards per day max - 45 Days for the Event (135 max cards) - You need 30 Unique Cards to complete the set - Can't Swap/Trade Duplicates (you get 30k credits) - Unless WG has tweaked the drop rates, you probably have a VERY good chance of getting screwed on a couple missing cards
  3. NightmareMk9

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    OK, if you mouse over the green soccer flag it will tell you the hours: NA is: "US Central: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM" I assume that is Pacific Time Zone, but who the fuck knows Check out the "Random" card distribution. This is 11 cards, and I am already GOLD on 2 positions...
  4. NightmareMk9

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    I posted a message on the WOT forums asking for clarification on the hours. No reply from WG yet The Regulations list the hours as: Block Quote 1.4. Only battles fought during prime-time (23:00 to 16:00 PT every day) count. So that is 11PM to 4PM the next Day. Is is currently 1:54 PM PT What's the deal? Are the hours COMPLETELY REVERSED???? Should it be 4 PM PT - 11 PM PT???
  5. NightmareMk9

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    Agree to disagree. Either way I give about 0.1 Shits about the game
  6. NightmareMk9

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    What is your reload timer on the E100 Sport? I put a BIA commander in a couple tanks and it shows 105% primary skill. But I can't tell if it actually applies. I could only catch my reload in OT. It was exactly 7.0 sec
  7. NightmareMk9

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    #nomoneyforWGNA until they get the Pref MM Shit decided.
  8. NightmareMk9

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    I've only ever played Fallout 4, I thought it was ok. But I guess not as good as the last couple. Survival RPG in that world might be fun. For when WG finally finishes flushing the toilet on WOT
  9. NightmareMk9

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    Amazon Prime Members can pre-order the Standard version for $48 Also gets you BETA Access
  10. NightmareMk9

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    New Trailer
  11. WG has lost their fucking minds.  L60 Tier 2 is about $15 in the cheapest bundle.

  12. Has anyone found a link to the Hidden Missions for Memorial Day weekend?

    1. Errants


      Bwah? What missions?

    2. NightmareMk9


      Meathead said there were "Hidden Missions" this weekend.  He didn't say anything specific.  Then several people posted about getting random Repair Kits, First Aid and Fire Ex.

  13. NightmareMk9

    When you're top tier with a T29

    LOL, look what I found
  14. How much effort (how many hrs/nights) would it take to get enough Fame points to buy one of the Clam Wars tanks with Bonds?

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    2. snowdude21325


      Depending on what battles you get in, and how often you have battles, an hour or two per night is all you really need if you win the majority of your battles.  This is bare minimum for the tank.

    3. Hellsfog


      It's hard to say.  If you get a couple of wins versus a landowner a night you'll be fine.  Landing tourney battles give less fame so you will need more. 

    4. HemanathanRX7


      If you already have 4k bonds you just need to get bare minimum top by both players and clan i guess.

  15. NightmareMk9

    You're not a real world of tanks player until...

    Until you accidentally earn an Invincible Medal while grinding a tank like the AT8
  16. NightmareMk9

    Murazor is kill

    Apparently not gone gone
  17. 30 Arty waiting for FrontLine.  About 15 tanks of all other classes.

    1. HemanathanRX7


      Is like ranked battles.

      All the shitters play spg to easily get general and prestige because they keep dying in tanks.

    2. Haswell


      Highest profit for the least effort required.

    3. kreigermann


      Since I maxed out the rewards and whatnot,  I now routinely swap to my LTTB and bulldog or t92 back to back mid battle and yolo murder them all in the backfield.  Usually trailing a significant number of turds trying to chase me down and kill me.. win/win for my team.. they're too stupid to just sacrifice their arty. Still usually make Major/General anyways.

  18. Let's make WGNA some issues
  19. 200% Credit Bonus? Where? How?
  20. Braindead players have infected Frontline.  How the FUCK do you get 3 re-spawns and still only do 341 damage?  2 "players" with 0 damage?


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    2. Errants


      Or, they don't realize just how long the battles are and leave mid-match. I've been finding many AFK/previously active vehicles.

      I haven't won a FL battle yet, but I'm 3/4 for getting to General, so already rank 8. It's fun, different, and running premiums... VERY profitable.

      Note how they got 0 exp? They left the match.

    3. Fulcrous


      A lot of the people get fucked over by the FPS no lie.

      I play on ultra and get 60 fps w/ a 7700k @ 5.0 and 1070 in the city. 100+ everywhere else but I suspect lag can just make people not play.


    4. Marty


      Well, yeah, people do have technical issues, some don't have a clue what they're doing and how to play the map, but in this case it's neither of those


  21. Chat Ban for excessive profanity

    Dear NightmareMk9,

    You are receiving this email because you were found to be engaging in, Excessive Profanity.

    Specifically, you were observed to have sent these messages:

    NightmareMk9    2018-05-02 05:49:44</br>(2018-05-01 22:49:44)    I hit 4 of 8, so impossible to miss 7 you cunt
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-03 06:13:32</br>(2018-05-02 23:13:32)    BC 100% cunt
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-06 07:32:36</br>(2018-05-06 00:32:36)    report the taste of my ass you cunt
    NightmareMk9    2018-04-29 06:55:53</br>(2018-04-28 23:55:53)    those fuckstick TDs camping base just let the best player on the team get ass raped by 3 tanks
    NightmareMk9    2018-04-29 06:56:10</br>(2018-04-28 23:56:10)    FUCKERS in J5
    NightmareMk9    2018-04-30 07:22:36</br>(2018-04-30 00:22:36)    the fucking 34 didnt ever move
    NightmareMk9    2018-04-30 07:35:31</br>(2018-04-30 00:35:31)    FUCKING mm
    NightmareMk9    2018-04-30 08:00:05</br>(2018-04-30 01:00:05)    FUCKING bullshit bounced with Premium ammo
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-02 03:30:12</br>(2018-05-01 20:30:12)    2 fucking TKS
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-02 05:48:58</br>(2018-05-01 22:48:58)    so our M4190 shitter was crying AIMBOT and WARPACK the whole fucking game
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-02 05:49:28</br>(2018-05-01 22:49:28)    just FUCK YOU
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-02 05:47:59</br>(2018-05-01 22:47:59)    you are a fucking idiot
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-02 05:56:09</br>(2018-05-01 22:56:09)    just another example how FUCKED UP that 268-4 is
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-02 06:35:29</br>(2018-05-01 23:35:29)    fuck sake
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-03 05:44:03</br>(2018-05-02 22:44:03)    Mexicano you fuck! Thanks for showing up
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-03 05:53:23</br>(2018-05-02 22:53:23)    ok , says the FUCK sitting on the red line
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-03 06:12:23</br>(2018-05-02 23:12:23)    report fuck marshal
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-03 06:40:28</br>(2018-05-02 23:40:28)    this fucking E4
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-04 23:47:18</br>(2018-05-04 16:47:18)    9000 games in tier 2 and you are FUCKING TERRIBLE
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-05 08:23:37</br>(2018-05-05 01:23:37)    3 fucking AFK
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-05 08:36:16</br>(2018-05-05 01:36:16)    you mediums up north are FUCKING STUPID
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-06 06:26:05</br>(2018-05-05 23:26:05)    fucking Lees
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-06 06:52:50</br>(2018-05-05 23:52:50)    this FUCKING map
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-06 07:30:09</br>(2018-05-06 00:30:09)    PUSH THE FUCKING NORTH YOU [email protected]@@@@
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-06 07:32:11</br>(2018-05-06 00:32:11)    FUCK YOU BITCHES
    NightmareMk9    2018-05-06 07:51:34</br>(2018-05-06 00:51:34)    ok, now the mm is just fuckjing with me

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    2. HemanathanRX7


      Atleast it isn't a perma chat ban :doge:


    3. NightmareMk9


      I could defend about 1/2 of those as a completely appropriate reaction to the individual players.  The other 1/2 I'll admit may have been unnecessary.

      Here is the shitter with 9000 games at tier 2, I had him in 2 games grinding the new Italian Line, he was completely worthless and they started talking shit about other players


    4. kreigermann


      Playing tiers 1-6 is like if you go swimming in the kiddie pool at the public pool though. Getting mad when some kid shits the pool is pointless because that wasn’t water you were in to begin with.

      Hell, I’m thankful at least he was spamming tier 2 and not tiers 8-10.

  22. XP Fever Missions.  If you remember, check to see if the crew gets the 15k - 50k in additional XP for the 25th win.

    I think I might play 24 wins in Tier X and then switch to the E100 to unlock the top gun with the bonus 50k XP

  23. NightmareMk9

    M35 Marathon Megathread

    Finished Stage 7 with 40 min to spare. Now do I want to spend $21 on the tank and other stuff. I value the other stuff at about $7-10 One of the mods made it sound like the Progetto might be on the Tech Tree when the new line is added.
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    2. NightmareMk9


      WG deleted the thread...

      Not surprised

    3. Archaic_One


      I remember thinking, "hey I've got a SIMP guy in a scout tank, this should work well".  It was Dark_Matter, gone in 60 seconds . . . sigh

    4. NightmareMk9


      The whole event was a complete shit show.  The people that setup the events have no fucking clue how the game is played

  24. NightmareMk9

    M35 Marathon Megathread

    Marathon Continues to suck Mission 4 - 850 XP 10 times or 30,000 total XP I gave up on the 850 XP after about 27 games and finished the 30k in a total of 60 games Mission 5 - Block 4000 Damage 10 times Started out well, then couldn't get there for hours and hours. Missed 4k by 100-200 damage about 10 times I completed the mission in 51 games with the 4k blocked Mission 6 - 5 High Caliber or 35,000 XP F that, it took 82 games to get the 35k XP