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  1. Should come as no surprise. I head people talk about them quoting PMs in the past. I guess I thought the sheer amount of data could hide my bad actions Apparently I was reported for something (My In Game Rating is a solid "0"), so they went back and did a Keyword Search on my game chat (I guess). I guarantee I used the work FUCK more than Tard this last week.
  2. Anything better/easier than Imgur? I've been using Photobucket for something like 10 years. Apparently they have lost their fucking minds! They think I'm going to spend $400 per year for 3rd party hosting...
  3. Does anyone know if you get gold or credits if you already have the T34-85M? WG seems to do it either way: On Track Missions = Credits TankRewards Missions = Gold
  4. boo
  5. WG pulled the page...
  6. LT-15 for the T-55 FUCK YEAH!!!!!  After probably 1.5 years I can move on to the Obj260

    1. HemanathanRX7


      i got bad news for you, lt7 for 260 is harder than lt15 :P Gotta work for the mission reworks coming up lol.

  7. And there we go, he finally gets to the real point. I suck, people yell at me, and I just want to cry about it. Cyber Bullying is bad.
  8. That rule doesn't apply once you hit 2K Wn8, so you pass BUT barely... Who knows this quote (no googling bioches)
  9. I was thinking more boat related videos ...
  10. TK him right out the gate, its only like -50 XP
  11. LOLz. You are a noobie, so I'll leave it at that. But if your post count passes you WN8 you might want to find another game...
  12. Its in the Talking Ship video, but I don't see WG posting it anywhere else. I also confirmed they show 15% off in game. I can FINALLY get the Kutuzov and Upgrades are 50% off. I saved $2M credits on the new boat
  13. I wish I took a screen shot of my first (only) Kut battle. Even without IFHE I hit something like 260 times for 150k damage.
  14. Where is the Leader Board?
  15. WOWS Ranked. Talk about failing your way to the top: Play 1257 Games + 49% win Rate = Top Tier And 1257 games in WOWS like 2500 games of WOT (unless these douchebags just loaded into the game and hit "WWWWW" half the time)
  16. Not making excuses, but I can't usually play until after 8:30 PM pacific, I only played about 7 games, I'm not very good at Tier X and I don't spam Goldz
  17. FUCK the ranked MM
  18. What a fucking shit show. It's 5:30 PM Pacific Time on Sunday and the West Coast is already offline? Who is running this shit at WGNA?
  19. I went to do a fresh install of WOWS and i could not get around the Gaming Center. So I installed it and WOWS, but once I delete the Gaming Center it doesn't want to launch WOWS. Is there a work around or do I have to deal with the fucking waste of an additional program? ** I found a work around. You delete the Shortcut created during the install and just launch the .exe file from the WOWS Install folder
  20. Sometimes after the micropatches WOT would think it was on the wrong version, but then it was unable to update. So I just started doing a full install every couple patches.
  21. When was the last time you did a re-install? I heard about it a while back, I guess it is like a Steam Launcher. It wants to run in the background 24/7.
  22. Not sure the best place to put this, but Meathead announced it on the Friday video. I guess they want people to grind out the Tier 10 before the Ranked
  23. FUCKING liars. Meathead said: "every single battle" You only get 2x XP on a win
  24. 2x%20xp_zpswjfvoqsm.jpg2x XP every game all weekend Tier 8-10.  In case you missed it