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  1. Fortnite

    Does anyone play Fortnite? Looks like you can play Battle Royal for "Free" and then they have 2 packages you can buy ($40 and $60) Are the items included with the packs something you can find/earn in game? I assume I can "buy" one of the packs later if I start playing for free. How would you suggest I start? I used to play a bunch of FPS games, but never got into the PUBG type games.
  2. M35 Marathon Megathread

    850 XP continues to be a pain in the ass. Win is basically required, or a courageous resistance. I tried 7 different tanks and so far only the Maus is breaking 850 on a win. I don't have the IS7 or Type5. I got 807xp in the BC win game. Here are my Maus Wins (not showing the 5 losses) Win (948 xp), Win (848 xp), Win (918 xp), Win (826 xp), Win (725 xp), Win 1126 xp)
  3. M35 Marathon Megathread

    So far, pretty bad. Mission 1 - I played a bunch of tier 9 tanks I was grinding for the 5x Weekend. Took 15 games for 5000 base Mission 2 (GB On) - I played 12 Maus Games and 1 Super Conq. I only got 2 Grand Battles and blocked 4k in both. Took 13 games to block 4000 5 times Mission 3 (GB Off)- I started out with the BC, tried the E50M and ended up playing a ton of 183. 27 games and I'm not done yet! - First 2 games in the 183 I get top damage, then it all goes to shit. I move up too far and get ended, I stay back and don't get enough damage. I was probably top 3 75% of the time, but some Uni would beat be out. - Also for any top XP missions a tank like the 183 is out because unless you are front line, you wont get enough XP. I was bottom 5 in games with like 3000 damage
  4. Solo Tier 10 and over 4:50 min in the queue.


    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      Yup, just solo queued IS-7 and it took 4 minutes to get into a battle.


      At least we won

    2. kreigermann


      I drop and re-queue ever 30s  ish... never had to wait more than a couple-few cycles.  Their MM queue/priority  system is kinda borked.

      From what someone explained to me, it tries to pop you in a match asap.. but failing an immediate fit, it will shuffle you in a different fill/priority(they SAY higher priority, but... when ever I just hit button and wait, it takes at least twice as long as just dropping/re-queueing) I might just be getting lucky though.

  5. M35 Marathon Megathread

    I'm sure someone can look up Average XP per class/tier. Spam Type59 and other Pref 8s for 2 weeks, Free Tank and 80M Credits
  6. Fortnite

    I played 1 game, it may be too twitchy for me. Watching guys hop around like monkeys, spinning in circles and making 5 story forts in like 10 seconds.
  7. I'll stop looking once I break 2k, or most likely I won't...
  8. Armored Loot Box Warfare

    I still have my AW account running, just in case it doesn't suck some day. PVP is/was 98% dead. PVE is ok I guess, but would be terribly boring after 3 games on the same mission. I log on and play maybe 2 games a month when they give away free boxes. I think I have over 60 Days of Premium time waiting to be redeemed.
  9. This cunt for cheating on the WOT 1.0 contest. 316 games in the last 24 hours. 1884 Tickets in 6 days
  10. No Lyfers have nearly 2000 stamps.  1884 as of this post.  That's about 300 per day!  With only 29 different maps (58 max stamps) that is 242 games per day minimum.  But probably closer to 270.  270 per day is 11 games per hour for 24 hours a day.

    NO FUCKING WAY they arent sharing accounts!!


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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      15 hours ago, NightmareMk9 said:

        But even at that, can 1 human play 300 games like that every day for 3 weeks?

      Autism hurts, man

    3. NightmareMk9


      Watching ThatRocketGuy on Stream.  The first game took about 2:15 including the queue time.

      What a shit show WG!

      Second game he was dead 40 second into the match

    4. Hellsfog


      I like rocket. He's a nice kid.  I hope he isn't remembered for this like alphan was remembered for rigging.  

  11. Map Rotation after 1.0

    Last night was not terrible.  I got 14 different maps on 17 games.  I wonder if WG tweaked the rotation. 

    Given the daily Stamp missions, getting the same 4-7 maps all night long would suck ass.

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    2. Daerlon


      Stalingrad, Kharkov, Swamp, Sacred Valley, Windstorm, and Pilsen are not in the rotation.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      I think they've done something so that all the HD maps get shown off more often - i've still yet to see Glacier though

    4. Daerlon


      A couple patches ago they made it so it took map rotation into consideration during mm, supposedly helping you to get a more even map rotation.

  12. My old ASUS RT-N16 crapped out a couple months ago. I think it lasted about 2 years, prior to that I used the Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT I'm currently using an even older ASUS RT-N10+ and it is just too slow. It can't stream to 2 TVs at the same time reliably and I just realized that it is capping my download speed (over LAN) to 50 Mbps. I'm considering these 3 choices, but I'm open to other options if there is something better in the $200 price range. Option #1 - Buy another throw away ASUS RT-16N for $63 from Newegg Option #2 - NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S - AC2600 About $200 just about anywhere online Option #2 - ASUS RT-AC3200, also about $200
  13. FUCK HP Tech Support.

    Purchased a new laptop for my daughter.  The HDD failed within 7 months.  HP charged $53 for the repairs under warranty (because they wouldn't just send me the new HDD.  Such Bullshit

    1. Fulcrous


      I feel like part of it is because they had to transfer data/flash the appropriate bios - of which im pretty sure one can do themselves.

    2. Folterknecht


      Buy a 240-512GB SSD, replace the mechanical HDD and use it as external storage/back up for her.

  14. I need a new router

    Spectrum gave me one of their all-in-one Modems with the Router. It was 100% junk, had to pretty much reconnect every device every day.
  15. Operation Hermes

    1 and done. Free Gold, containers were nothing. They should give some smaller rewards for additional stars.
  16. Operation Hermes

    First Game Atlanta 5 Stars
  17. MM is putting out like a $2 whore.  203 games over the last 2 weeks, 64% win rate (all solo play).  Even when I shit the bed, half the time it turns into a win.

    1. Darvek


      I have not noticed this "problem," personally. Congrats on your good fortune.

  18. Ranked Battles Tank Choices

    I'm a total noob at ranked, but I made it to rank 5 with mostly BC and some LandCancer (183)
  19. WOT Tier 8-10 are 30% off today!

    Wow, its been a LONG times since WG was so generous.

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      Were you planning on selling 8s and 9s to do so?

    3. DirtyACE7


      No, I really don't have any tanks that I want to sell unfortunately. Will have to grind out some credits and now I'm thinking of skipping getting the 113 because I already have the Christmas discount active on the 5A and I'll use the current discounts to get the AMX 13 90 that I've been wanting for some time.

    4. NightmareMk9


      WG finally told us about this sale.  It's for Ranked?  Feb. 19-26, 21:00 PT / 23:00 CT / 00:00 ET:

  20. Red in Life

  21. In case you missed it:
  22. Did WG just chat ban 100s of people today?  I received a 1-day with no exact reason for the ban.  I submitted a ticket asking what I said.  WOWS actually quoted me saying "Tard" 5-6 times in the ban notification.

    1. monjardin


      You can't say "tard." You can say "fucking cunts" all day long, but never go full retard.



    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Yeah, because retard hits a little too close to home for most WG employees

  23. 10 Personal Missions that each give you 10 flags (mostly good ones)
  24. WOWS Codes for personal missions

    oops, please delete the duplicates. The web site was crashing or something... 6 Missions completed in 3 games (1 loss)