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  1. Playing a slow tank? Why not 5 arties. http://i.imgur.com/WwAxhUJ.jpg

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    2. Theaty


      How does it feel being the only one above 750 wn8 on ur team...rip.

    3. Edward_Dionysos


      I was hit for full damage by the LeHF then as soon as he roloaded he splashed me to death

    4. Edward_Dionysos


      After I did 2k damage and was forced to advance with a couples mins left

  2. recent Wn8 has stay around 2k while W/r has dropped 3-4% :S confused.

  3. Edward_Dionysos

    Fuck CGC? have 305mm mortar gwtiger

    In one of the comment sections asswipe SS said in some paper versions it had up to a 420mm cannon, we've gone this far so why not? -.-
  4. Seriously added an arty with 3000-4000 damage? yes thats what we needed 1500-2000 damage non-penetrating hits

  5. "- the most important role of the light tank is to spot"

    1. Edward_Dionysos


      That's why they are destroying all the good spotting maps obviously

    2. TheMarine0341
    3. Cunicularius


      What do thy need guns for?

  6. First game of the day. Got 3k spotting damage all for arty. Moved out of cover, one shot by CGC... End up with less XP than our arty I fed damage to...

    1. Edward_Dionysos


      Also he stole the fucking kill I needed for my PM. Working for clickers all for W/r...

  7. Edward_Dionysos


    Lol but that's Canada. So I really hope the final stats have better aim time and ofc DPM. Damn it's sexy tho.
  8. Good guy arty says sorry after hitting me for 1000 when I was facehugging a clipping 13 90 to death when there where full 10 other health targets left.... That totally makes it okay! >.>

    1. Edward_Dionysos


      The arty was my teammate if that wasn't clear

    2. FlaviFeels


      Well, at least he didn't say "Fuck you learn to stay away from arty targets". I've had it said to me.

  9. Cromwell Driver who yoloed to his death to kill me with a ram I thank you.

  10. Artic Fox is so hilarious with the low velocity of all the shells in 8 bit

    1. TwixOps


      Have you tried arty mode yet? It's OP

  11. Edward_Dionysos

    Advice grinding ISU 152 line

    Definitely enjoyed playing them all so far and I'd suggest not skipping the SU-152 Heat spam is so hilarious. 700 alpha at T7 is brutal and so fun.
  12. Fadin's Medal :) Last shot last enemy

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    2. TriggrHPY


      Serb gives and Serb takes away.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      >74 second reload

      >10 seconds into the game

      seems legit lol

    4. Edward_Dionysos
  13. 2500 Damage in a cromwell. Gets called noob by M6 because I didn't kill anything. lel.

    1. Constie
    2. MAJEST1C


      Sometimes it's not all about damage