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  1. I don't remember the Iowa being this  terrible .

    1. TAdoo87



      Plaly ing warlships whil drunk  somewhow feelds rgiht.


  2. Plaly ing warlships whil drunk  somewhow feelds rgiht.


    1. Assassin7


      With that sort of typing you must be smashed

  3. I've found that the ~180ms ping I get from my ship is completely adequate for WoWs. I've also found the Hood to be quite a fun ship. I tend to play it more like a cruiser than a BB.
  4. Translation: i don't understand the search function, and didn't look at more than the first few pages:
  5. Fortunately, there was no buying involved. At least on my side. Purely a product test for the company. I may try to do something anyway, as I've basically been told try break it now.
  6. Now whenever I die to doing something greedy, I listen to Shiny. Thanks. 

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    2. CraBeatOff


      Now it's time to kick your
      Ever seen someone so

      Soak it in 'cause it's the last you'll ever see

      Now it's time to kick your
      Ever seen someone so
      Soak it in 'cause it's the last you'll ever see

      that's what I tell the pubs

    3. Deusmortis


      Would it be more or less pretentious to say "C'est la vie, mon ami" while driving a French tank?


    4. CraBeatOff


      It's reasons like that, for which I miss all chat...

  7. I had that in mind. I'm fairly sure I'd destroy it, though.
  8. Ahh, good. I already have enough rage building up, between making ios, windows and linux all behave nicely together and computer illiterate people from 80+ countries trying to explain their problems in varying degrees of poor English. Were I to add tanks to the mix, I'd either suffer an aneurysm or discover I am, in fact, The Hulk.
  9. @OOPMan, it isn't any of those. As I said, it is uncommon. I don't think it has cellular capabilities. It is Wi-Fi and DECT. It just happens to have an Android OS.
  10. Come on now. I'm not THAT incompetent. If it were a simple matter of changing a setting or reading the easily found manual, I'd not be asking. And that line in the manual is about updating one specific app. As far as the corp access... These aren't generally available, first off. It's one of the reasons I'm testing. Second, to function as anything other than DECT phones, I have to specifically authorize them to be on my ship's network.
  11. I'm testing out a... NEC G966. It's primarily DECT/Wi-Fi, but runs on an android OS. I'm trying to improve/break it as part of the testing process. Big issue I'm running into is the native Android 4.04. I'd like to upgrade, since it's hard to find any apps that work. And play store does not work. And the corporate network blocks most APK sites. Anyone have a clue on how to upgrade this thing?
  12. I'm making my first post in a long time, in order to ask a very important question. I know you've done that "meaningful engagement with other humans" thing. Are they aware of your crustacean alter ego? If so, have you been subjected to an endless stream of the "Shiny" song from a recent Disney film? And if not at the hands of subhumans, erm, ... what's the term? Light humans? Churrin? Something like that... If not them, have other players done it to you? Don't try to tempt me with tales of worthwhile LT play. Current ship has vastly superior internet speeds. Could probably achieve ~200ms ping. More than I'd like, but within the playable threshold.
  13. Huh. This almost makes me want to reinstall.
  14. Back at see.  Home port in New Jersey.  Sailing to Bermuda, Bahamas, Orlando, SE Caribbean, and (in a couple months) Maine and Nova Scotia.