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  1. kliphie

    Expected Values Updated to v29

    From the pov of an ACTUAL shitter, you're toying with him and as a moderator that's kind of bad form.
  2. Not to pic a nit, but the shaped charge inside a HEAT shell doesn't melt its way through armor. The molten slug, usually copper, still uses is mass and velocity to penetrate. The same technology is used in the oil & gas industry to produce wells once they are completed. This link has a bunch of maths if you’re so inclined. http://eprints.maths.ox.ac.uk/211/1/poole.pdf
  3. Not sure about high class, but its known the best vodka comes from Texas.
  4. kliphie

    Color Scale Updated

    The spergs are more fun if you read them the Gabbie Johnson voice from Blazing Saddles
  5. kliphie

    noobmeter is gone?

    Bought a 48G off a freshman who decided engineering would not be his vocation for $100. Still using it 20 years later.
  6. by the second screen I was reading that in Abbott & Costello voices and periodically throwing in a random "First Base!" www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTcRRaXV-fg
  7. kliphie

    The problem with WN8

    No dog in this fight, but isn't that pretty close to the validation presented earlier based upon the 25th from the top player?
  8. I'd agree. It said he survived but the tanks is grayed out like it was killed, so I'd guess he left the game before it was over.
  9. kliphie

    Name and... Praise?

    I know this isn't anything outstanding, but this was one of the few games where my lit targets where getting hit and I didn't do anything stupid to it donkey it up. http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1002757766.47485640840088906