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  1. @Folterknecht - here are the screenshots. The white dots are aplenty in dark areas of the garage... but they don't appear in the well lit areas.
  2. No, not in every game. I forgot to upload other screenshots but - I've only encountered this bug in Witcher 3 during this particular scene in Velen. In fact, the rest of the caves do not have these weird white dots. As for World of Tanks - the dots appear mostly on the outlines of the vehicles - making the tanks look like they're glowing at times. I'll get another screenshot.
  3. Hey guys, I've encountered this problem in WoT before but it became more evident in my playthrough in WItcher 3. For some reason, some objects in the game I play may exhibit this weird phenomena where there seem to be white dots attached to them. Be it The edges of tanks in WoT to this strange tree demon in Witcher 3.... Anyone have an idea what this issue is called? I use a i5 4560 along with a RX 480 GPU if anyone's asking.
  4. Might be good if you can provide us with your computer's specs (CPU, PSU, Monitor Resolution, etc.). That way, we can make a recommendation that fits your current rig. But I agree with the post above, the RX 460 is a pretty cheap card that provides decent performance - especially at lower resolutions.
  5. Right now, this is the info posted on thearmoredpatrol page and WoT's FB: IS-7 Real power-to-weight ratio increased from 15.4 hp/t to 19 hp/t HP increased from 2150 to 2400 Aim time decreased from 3.1s to 2.9s ISU-152 HP increased from 1010 to 1100 BL-10 replaced with D-4S (pen decreased to 260/292/90, probably new visual) Some 122mm guns removed to ease grinds (A19 and D-25T?) Object 704 D-4S gun added Object 268 Shell velocity increased from 760 m/s to 950 m/s Horizontal gun arc doubled Thoughts? Will the IS-7 pose a threat to the 113 now? Will ISU-152 users sell their TDs now that the OP gun is going kaput?
  6. Noted This will actually be my first game in the WItcher series. Have never *gasp* played any of the previous games. I've heard great feedback on the plot though. Here's to hoping the learning curve won't be too bad.
  7. Picked up Shadow of Mordor and Witcher 3 as per recommendations here
  8. Small update. Put a bit more weathering. Trying out my new phone's camera - still fiddling with the settings.
  9. Hey guys, Currently involved in a tournament in our clan which pits 50% crew IS-7 fighting on the bridge of Mountain pass. Mostly, the meta of the tourney has revolved around people trying to do their best to push the enemy off the bridge (and win by default). I've been trying to look for ways to win by attrition/killing your enemy first. With the IS7's gun, the only weakspots I've seen to have noticed are the lower frontal plate of the IS-7 along with the mantlet hole that opens up when the gun is pointing upwards. Are there any other exploitable weaknesses in the armor layout of the IS-7? Especially when things get dicey and both tanks start to facehug - are there weaknesses present in the tanks' armor? I've been wondering if the tank's cupola and/or the driver's hatch are vulnerable at close range. Any advice over weakspots and/or how to deal with the enemy IS-7 would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Progress so far... decals on. Took these photos in a hurry - quality isn't as good.
  11. Thanks! I honestly am terrible with PE parts hence my habit with sticking to Tamiya. The Trumpeter T-72/90 kits look fantastic but the amount of PE parts that are mandatory to build is a inhibiting factor (and the price point just kills it for me hehe) Thanks! Still learning the ropes. Have a lot more to learn.
  12. Hey guys, since I rarely play WoT now I've gone ahead and focus more on building scale models. I've also started playing WoWs again. Here's the progress of the T-72M1 I've dusted off from the shelf and decided to work on again.
  13. Thanks guys. Been really pissed with this development. Not sure if office would reimburse the repairs in any case (sigh). What qualifies as an external sound card though? Will this work *link posted below* ? Was hoping there would be one on the cheap (like 10 USD or below) http://www.lazada.com.ph/usb-sound-card-71-1227870.html?ff=1
  14. Damn then Do you have any suggestions on what I can get? (Also, can you just ask a repair shop to replace the souncard itself for a fee?)
  15. Hello. I recently plugged in my laptop to a sound system in a hotel. My laptop suddenly made continuous popping sounds through the audio device. When I unplugged the speakers, the laptop kept making the continuous popping sound. When I plug in other devices, the poping sound transfers there. The sound starts when windows fully loads up and doesn't stop even if I mute the audio device. It only stops when I disable the audio driver (realtek) in device managers or boot in safe mode.I have tried everything from DPC latency checker to see if there's any interference (nothing shows up), updating and reinstalling sound driver (REALTEK) and the sound remains. Does anyone have suggestions for this issue? Thank you. Update: DPC Latency Checker is currently measuring a latency of 1000 us (yellow bars) Laptop is an Asus TP300L btw.