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  1. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. I really appreciate it! Thanks Folterknecht! That really means a lot to me I'm tackling an IS-2 in Berlin soon - I hope I can do the kit justice.
  2. Hey all. Since the game still hasn't really drawn me in (only bought the T-10 back in anticipation of the free tank) and Overwatch is still fun, I have spent more time on miniatures. Sharing with you my progress with a T-34/85 by Dragon. Older mold, but it came with free soviet tank riders. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!
  3. Ohh, that's one way of doing a dry brush. I'll try that later with the tracks - I only used a graphite pencil to simulate wear and tear. Not that noticeable unless you look closely. Hopefully that ought to work better Thanks!
  4. As promised, here's a side by side comparison. The sturmtiger is absurdly huge - even taller than the standard Tiger 1.
  5. Hey all, This is my current progress with a Tamiya Sturmtiger in 1/35 scale. Not sure if I'm calling it done. Feel like adding some more pigments. I'll try posting pictures of it beside a Panzer IV and a Tiger later. The Rocket Launcher is huge! I don't see how WG could have introduced this into the game without it being either terribly OP or UP (God knows how annoying the HE-throwing canons at higher tiers are becoming). Thanks for looking!
  6. Thanks! I'm going to ease off on using darker filters in future builds. I still have a couple of tigers lying unfinished in the stash that I'll tackle after this.
  7. Hi guys, Sharing with you my progress with this Academy Tiger I early. Not entirely happy with it - overdid the chipping and the filters/weathering made it a bit too dark. Will probably retouch the tools too.
  8. In the tradition of monetizing the hell out of old tanks that went kaput, WG has announced in its FB page the arrival of two new prems... one of which is our old friend, the Awfulpanther - rebirthed as a T8 prem. Stats are below: Have fun using that 135 damage pea shooter vs T10s. For reference, here is the other T8 prem they are introducting
  9. Nice work on the Marder! Is that the old tamiya kit or the newer DML release?
  10. Thanks for the photos Saving for future reference when I build 1/35 kits of the vehicles.
  11. Would love to see the kits! Are they all 1/35 Tamiya?
  12. Greetings all, As a way of moving away from the toxicity of WoT, I've been playing Overwatch and finishing some of my 1/35 models in the past few months. This M47 is my latest project. Might have to do a bit of retouching here and there but I'm okay with it right now. The kit itself, while really nice, was frustrating to finish both due to the age of the kit and my own carelessness. . Hoping to portray it as a vehicle out in field exercises (hence the dusty and muddy look). Hope you like it. Cheers! PS: Would definitely love to see this in-game in its base form (No, the M46 we have is quite different from the M47 sadly). Maybe as a Tier VIII premium...? (But we have enough of those)
  13. @Folterknecht - here are the screenshots. The white dots are aplenty in dark areas of the garage... but they don't appear in the well lit areas.
  14. No, not in every game. I forgot to upload other screenshots but - I've only encountered this bug in Witcher 3 during this particular scene in Velen. In fact, the rest of the caves do not have these weird white dots. As for World of Tanks - the dots appear mostly on the outlines of the vehicles - making the tanks look like they're glowing at times. I'll get another screenshot.
  15. Hey guys, I've encountered this problem in WoT before but it became more evident in my playthrough in WItcher 3. For some reason, some objects in the game I play may exhibit this weird phenomena where there seem to be white dots attached to them. Be it The edges of tanks in WoT to this strange tree demon in Witcher 3.... Anyone have an idea what this issue is called? I use a i5 4560 along with a RX 480 GPU if anyone's asking.