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  1. A search for Garbad on wotreplays yields some recently-uploaded results. He also appears to have re-joined -G- at some point in the past month and his account's performance seems consistent with his history. I'm excited at the prospect of his return.
  2. I should just quit.

  3. A furry is someone who has a fursona and wears a fursuit. They might want to yiff. All should be clearer now.
  4. Though I've run into a lot of new players in my tier III-V matches, I've failed to notice any difference with regards to team performance. Which may or not be a good thing.
  5. Hello, greetings, salutations and how-do-you-dos. I'm Pinkamena and I mostly play Light Tanks - or just really crappy Medium Tank-wannabes, as people sometimes tell me. I live in HUEHUEHUE and attend to a graduation course in HUEHUEHUE at HUEHUEHUE technical college. I'll keep this introduction brief. One day I was happily playing WoT, doing my usual pubbie stuff, thinking pubbie thoughts and dying horribly like a pubbie (something I was only rarely called out for) when I decided to check out the official forums. You know, in hopes of lessening the badness which comprises the essence of my pubbie self. To put it bluntly, that was a waste of time. I found a few useful guides and replays in Tazilion's thread but not a lot else. So I came here instead. Yay! Right off the bat, I can tell there's a lot to be learned here. Hopefully, I'll find replays and posts made by unicums who specialize in the Light Tank playstyle.