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  1. 90mm gun: 212 pen, 259 APCR 1000 m/s and 1250 m/s 240 damage 4800 credits 100mm gun: 232 pen, 263 APCR 1000 m/s and 1250 m/s 300 damage 4000 credits #WGlogic
  2. So this new system has allowed access to something I've always wanted: classifying my tanks for sorting. Fortunately the quantity and selection of emblems handed out like candy for years has given me a lot to work with to vaguely match the concepts I want markings for to allow easy recognition at a glance. Mastery badges now represent straight up overpowered tanks. Clovers represent tanks that have shown a tendency to win games despite all logic saying they shouldn't. Ghost emblems represent cursed tanks that lose games over and over for inexplicable reasons. "Play at your own peril." The rook represents tanks in the active process of grinding to the next tier. Warning triangles are for premium tanks that are kinda crappy, but become playable as long as a strong (3+ skill) crew is used. "Do not play this with a weak crew." And finally, there are Meathead-Certified Shit Tanks, as an ever present reminder you paid actual, genuine, United States dollars for this unplayable garbage, which shall remain empty and alone in your garage to hide your shame from the world. Meathead's gaping maw looking you straight in the eye and laughing at you. Looking straight into your soul, and laughing at you. LAUGHING.
  3. You guys have been missing an important detail, which is the cripplingly shit gun depression in additional to all the other standout qualities of trash armor, glacial speed, and pathetic firepower. I'm concerned it still has 380 view range though, it breaks the entire theme of being absolutely worthlessly terrible in every single way possible.
  4. Really though... every other game does loot boxes and people flip, WoT does loot boxes and every one is shoveling cash into their mouths over an artificially scarce tank...? I wouldn't pay $35 for a Type 59 at this point, much less the $100 it likely takes to get one on average. They're just selling it the only way they can, which is without "selling" it. I feel mostly like this about the whole thing:
  5. I call this one "The Ronald"
  6. Exclusive supertest footage of the new premiums coming for 2018!
  7. ugh, god, inb4 purple E-25 guy driving literal purple E-25
  8. This thing is utter fucking trash. It's an AT 15 with real pen but even less armor for tier. NOTHING should move this slow anymore with WoT's current dumbed-down, ADHD 360noscope gameplay. It's like it was designed for an entirely different game... like the one WOT was 4 years ago.
  9. Would be so crazy to back 4 years when you could solo 70%+ in a T67. Nowadays you can barely pull off 70%+ solo in it from all the work done balancing the game.
  10. Epilogue: I saw Logitech just released a clone version of their c922 a couple weeks ago. Several outlets had a discount on it including Amazon and Best Buy, so it was $50. I thought to myself, "so why do you release a copy of an existing product if that product doesn't work with Windows 10?" The answer was, quite possibly, "the hardware will not work with Windows 10 no matter what they do with the software, so they needed to release a new version that does and not talk too much about it because a lot of people now have $80 paper weights and are gonna be pissed when they realize it." So I ordered it from Best But and sure enough, no crashing or disconnecting errors. Image looks quite good right out of the box, auto-adjusts light and color quite well. I was probably too harsh on the generic one, but I'm glad I sent it back. The Logitech's image is still a little better right from the box than the generic's was with all the adjusting I could do. Any one looking for a webcam this thing is the way to go, especially if you've upgraded to Windows 10.
  11. I replaced the CFLs with some "Reveal" bulbs I had tucked away that have a cooler color scheme to try to counter it and moved lamps everywhere, but it wasn't happening. It seemed to help a little, but the bottom line is the camera either makes everything glare massively, or it makes dark objects too dark and gives them that grainy old "VHS" look. After a lot of "trying everything" I feel safe to say the camera just sucks at handling light and also color as a result. The c920 kicks the crap out of it and can produce a decent image just with everything set on auto adjust. I just went ahead and sent it back, I don't think any amount of work would have made it look halfway professional. Amazon needs to save itself some trouble and stop letting Chinese knock off companies sell crap on their site, this thing was the same price as a c920 and had good reviews because reasons?
  12. Got a Logitech c920 planning to make some Youtube videos. Looked good, really liked it. Lucky me, I'm one of the people where Windows 10 won't play nice with it. I tried everything, finally give up and sent it back to Amazon because it crashed my PC and nothing I tried fixed it. Ordered some offbrand thing to replace it because apparently the c920 is so good there's practically no competition to challenge it. This new camera is acceptable to good in every way except color. The Logitech handled color fine, this one is rough. I have a room with yellow walls (believe me, not my idea) and this cam seems to have no color correction, so everything is too damn yellow. I'm pulling my hair out trying to find some way to compensate by room lighting, software, SOMEthing, but with little success. Before I repaint this entire room in a light gray (and I swear to god I'll do it, I'm fucking BATSHIT, man) I don't suppose any one familiar with the subject has a better way to compensate? Maybe a certain type of bulb as opposed to compact florescent bulbs I'm using currently? Or some software solution? I've adjusted the meager offerings the camera allows such as hue and saturation and it helped a little, but it's still painful. I've tried several different video capture software and found nothing that allows adjustment other than what the camera itself can do. Just thought it was worth a shot in case any one has dealt with the same issue before.
  13. I kind of expected a bunch of people to lose their minds when I read those patch notes on the main site a while back. By the wording it sounds exactly like WG made platoons less likely to get top tier to prevent better players from dominating games, and very strongly suggested they made other manipulative tweaks to the new MM when they installed it. And then for all the tinfoil hatting that goes in in this game, no one made a peep about it. Which confirms what I've long suspected, which is that WG can manipulate things a little bit as long as it goes over the math-inept heads of their player base.
  14. Patch 9.20.1. notes. Draw your own conclusions.
  15. Oh, joy. *dies*