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  1. Type 62 is so trash currently it will become solid by dropping a tier. Totally worth doing a marathon grind 3 years ago to get one, woo. Blackdog will be good but probably not anything that amazing, compared to a medium it will be faster with better DPM and handling but have a bad gold shell and no durability. The HESH might become more useful by dropping down too. The tech tree German 8 light will be competitive with it, but probably a little worse overall. It'll be nice to finally have a competitive, real tier 8 light premium regardless. 13 75 is like the 62, too bad currently to become OP. I wager it'll be considered average or above average, I definitely want one now. I considered getting one around Christmas since I badly want a French trainer, but it's just too bad in its current form to justify. Type 64 will be the big winner, it'll be a pre-nerf hellcat with a DPM/flank gun instead of an alpha/pen gun, more speed, and more view range. I'd rather they nerfed it a bit, tier 5 is already clogged with T67s, we don't need the same damn thing in tier 6 too. But at least it's paper and doesn't have as much pen for its tier as the T67, so only decent players will be able to exploit it.
  2. They have seriously, seriously fucked up by adding this tank. And because it's a fucking premium they're going to let it ruin everything from tier 6-8 for the rest of the game's lifespan.
  3. I am so fucking done with this tank, there is zero goddamn reason to have a fatass sniping tank at this tier anymore. E-50 cannot possibly be worth this. Accuracy doesn't mean a flying fuck, you could hit the same shots with 0.36 as you can with 0.30 with these fucking broken dispersion mechanics. In fact, I'm done with anything over tier 5 any more. High tier is finally complete and utter shit as of the release of the Defender. Nothing but fucking Defenders Defenders Defenders and face to keyboard mashing brawling horseshit every game. Bouncing the side of the fucking turrets with gold, missing the lower plate at 100m fully aimed, bouncing clean side shots because HURR DURR ALL SOVIET TANKS HAVE SIDES AT 5 DEGREES while they just shit all over pathetic tanks like this with 440 alpha AP snapshots. They've managed to finally just end high tier as anything worth even touching.
  4. They need to nerf this game-ruining FUCKING piece of shit tank. They've gotten worse than fucking Hellcats used to be. Waste of time playing anything else but these shameless, monstrous piles of shit over and over during these missions.
  5. I wager a lot of purple players would have a stroke watching me micromanage my jew golds. I literally occasionally miss a shot because I was switching back to AP to shoot a paper target as the extreme gap in shell costs drives me crazy. I distract myself in brawls by trying to decide AP vs APCR at times and end up giving myself problems. I really shouldn't do it, but I'm very cost conscious with irl money too. 250 vs. 4400 or some bullshit is ridiculous, the cost-efficiency loving part of my brain can't take it. In a perfect world the game would load me up exactly the shell I need to pen 75%+ odds every shot. You should always be using the shell that will do the job ideally, cost is irrelevant if the cheaper solution doesn't work pretty reliably.
  6. Only played one game but the M is clearly very good now. Not as slow as I expected, armor is good, firepower is good. Basically a medium tank with heavy tank frontal armor. CHECK IT OUT IN THE WG FREEMIUM SHOP TODAY, VALUED CUSTOMER!
  7. This tank was ok back during the vision days before they choked up every map. I can only imagine how bad it is at this point with the endless armor buffing of tier 8 heavies on top of the scale back of ranged engagements.
  8. This isn't a "rig" in the traditional sense, but the culmination of my life's work in the realm of neckbeardery and years of off and on experimentation finally coming to fruition. Man has always dreamed of being able to use his computer the way he does a console, from the comfort of his couch or recliner. Yet consoles are for peasants and PCs are the master race. This was always a passing fantasy, to be able to maximize PC comfort, one which could not be realized until technology caught up with the demands of the task in the form of modern, reasonably prices LED TVs which are large enough, have the needed resolution, and don't glare at closer ranges as TVs traditionally have. Secondary major issue has always been the problem of needing to be able to use the PC for both work and recreation, as many tasks demand a desk. Putting a PC in a permanent comfortable spot limits the ability to do srs business. So I have successfully integrated essentially a home office and recreational PC into ONE GLORIOUS MASTER PC SETUP. Kidding aside, I have a back injury that gives me real problems at times, and gives me a pretty constant bit of pain. So I got serious with this setup to alleviate some of the issue by not having to sit in a desk chair so much between work/school/recreation. Once the TVs got reasonable I decided to act on it since I'd thought about for years. (Ironically, my back went out badly while working on it back in the summer.) School work storage bins separating class materials... Desk 1 of 3, with storage bins to hold parts, cables, peripherals, as well as countless items I commonly use at my desk. Scanner/printer on top, and the router is hidden in there too. Pan over some more, desk 2 for school work as such. Sound system is underneath with 2.0 sound at this desk. Primary and secondary monitors. Microsoft mouse for boring office sort of tasks. Bad shot, but there's a standing lamp overhead to light what I'm working on. Desks 2 and 3. Desk 3 has a 48" LED TV in a protective, tilting custom frame I built to house it so it doesn't get damaged and has a better viewing angle. Also built a custom lapdesk on carpet sliders which slides underneath when not in use. A USB extension cable runs between the two desks so I can plug in a controller or headset as needed. Tilts at about a 15 degree angle to aim down at the recliner. I left enough room underneath the protective frame for wires so the front of the TV also serves as a charging station for phones and such. I built this to fit under the desk and have a platform where the lapdesk sort of locks in and makes a reasonably sturdy desk so you don't have to worry about knocking things off. I got a wireless keyboard to move between the desks which has a volume control usable with my left hand so I can control the volume easily at any time. Why a wired mouse? Because I tried 3 wireless mice and they all sucked, and this is a very good mouse with WoT graphics that gets me good MM because that's how MM works. I eventually gave up on wireless and wired two mice at the same time and did some cable management. You want a really good wireless mouse expect to drop over $100. And apparently yes, you can have two mice plugged in at the same time without issue other than the cat sometimes shoving it around. This is FULL RECLINE MODE. There's a lip underneath the edge of the desk so it locks against the support beams and holds it in place. Then you can adjust the entire thing as you see fit until comfortable. The sound system is all one 5.1 system divided up. So the work PC has stereo, the gaming PC has 2.1, and they both run off the same sub. This is just every day ordinary wood construction with padding inside to protect the TV. The angle was a bitch to get and not overlapping the screen on the edges required some precise measurement. Turned out very good overall. On the back I took plastic containers off the wall, built backing for them, and made a place to store controllers, joystick, and headset when not in use. The tilt angle really mattered. I used it for months before I built the frame and the difference was very noticeable when I finally finished it. And of course, when using the game monitor I slide the work monitor over and bam, there's your TV while you play arty. (Not sure why the screen looks all wavy there, resizing the picture must have messed with it) Nice little bonus, when a friend comes over with his PC he can simply bring his tower, plug in a few wires, and he's got monitor, 2.0 sound with sub, and the 3rd screen allows him to see what's on my screen when we're playing coop. The main purpose is a success: after a few months my back pain went from a constant annoyance to basically zero. I'm cautiously optimistic the reduction in pain translates into less incident of re-injury as well. Had I known it would do this much good I would have done it sooner. Also, not even joking: comfy as FUCK. It's like there's a party in my butt and every one's invited.
  9. God this tank is STILL fucking awful. Even with decent pen it's a horrible platform that still bounces off tier 10s all fucking day. Tanks like this have ZERO role in the game anymore.
  10. I think the higher tier lights will be unimpressive, but more playable than currently. At high tier EVERYTHING has so much view range that specializing in a class that might squeeze out another 10m of advantage over the enemy team just isn't going to be worth the loss of firepower and durability. On the open maps they will have the potential to make or break games, but on too many maps they'll still be tough to make useful. The mobility will be pretty useful on closed maps, but you're still going to be very dependent on your heavies for opportunities. The low-mid tier lights will be obnoxiously broken in comparison. The amount of potential abuse with tanks with 370+ view at tiers where tanks go as low as 330 means you'll be able to run circles around a lot of enemies. Light tank value will probably start to die off in tier 8 games where every one and his brother suddenly has 400 view range. The ranges start getting so high that effectively much less of the map can even be used without being constantly lit.
  11. They were just running out of tanks in tier 8 which can be penetrated, so they're tossing out a free paper tank to give all the paying customers something to shoot.
  12. WoT 2014: I hope people don't try to push valley, I'll have to drive all the way back to deal with it.

    WoT 2017: Lakeville, time to park in valley and wait for entire enemy team.

    1. DirtyACE7


      It is kind of funny that you can simply set up at your end of the valley and just wait for the monkey horde to stumble through. Last weekend myself and my platoon mates were doing this practically every time Lakeville came up and without fail at least 75% of the enemy team would be trying to push through valley and get slaughtered by the waiting defenders.

  13. This thing actually looks pretty good. Hopefully NA gets this thing as a practical handout too. Importantly, pubs will be useless driving it, so it won't clog up tier 8 with invincible bricks.
  14. Yeah... one of those weird subtle differences that can mean a lot. The M41 has 830 m/s on both AP and HEAT, while the RU 251's gun is 805 AP and a whopping 1145 HEAT. That makes the 251's gold round seriously superior for long range shooting even though at a glance the guns look basically the same.
  15. I think I'll cut and paste the last one to pubbies when they suck. If nothing else the time it takes them to read it will be one less game ruined.