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  1. If I understand correctly from when I logged in, if you already own the tier 8 AND it's being moved to 9 and you get the new 9 without charge. For instance, the WZ I don't think you'd get anything because it's staying at 8 while my AMX 13 90 definitely got me a freebie tier 9. I only had the 13 90 so I'm not certain about all the details. Never heard specifics but I feel pretty confident saying you have to have the tank in your garage to get anything, I don't see why it would give you the tank without owning one already. If it's only researched then you get access to both tanks with one less grind, but that's it. Doing the ballpark math tier 8s cost about 2.4 million and 9s cost about 3.5 million, so buying back an 8 at full price is going to save you 3.5 million (or 2.5 during on track 30% discount) compared to a fresh purchase of the tier 9 later on. I'm not certain what's going on with the lower tier lights, I'm finishing 2 tier 6 light grinds now since there's currently a 30% off sale for tier 6-7 tanks anyway and those two tanks are moving to higher tiers. At worst I get nothing, at best I get some free credits somewhere out of the deal. For extra min-maxing accountant scamming make sure you stick all the weird free flag decals in your garage on all your lights that are changing tiers, they're refunding at full gold value. Whatever doesn't convert to gold you can just toss later. I JUST REALLY LOVE BRASIL, GUYZ
  2. I cannot fathom why any one would care about teams being too symmetrical in tanks. Every one I know who quit this game did so because of its countless frustrations which mostly revolve around the imbalances, never because the teams were "too even" or something.
  3. This is kind of a Stockholm syndrome moment here. "Hey, at least it's a beating with a belt instead of a stick!" It's an improvement but it still has no place in the game, it will still troll you constantly, just in different ways and (at least) less overall. I'm glad they're doing it, but it still should just go away entirely. The RoF, accuracy, aim time, and splash are all increased. Currently you just play through arty and hope it never gets a good hit on you, and favor positions where arty has no good shot. After the changes once an arty wants your dick he's going to be on you over and over and over and over and over hitting you virtually every time and limiting what you can do. Direct kills from arty will drop, but if you thought XVM focus was bad wait until they rarely miss and can hit you behind rocks. One shot wonders will be replaced by getting chased by XVM fishers repeatedly stunning you since utilizing cover will be less effective. Thus far they aren't even changing the tier 5 French premium either, or every one's favorite roach, the FV304. Which means tier 5-7 will barely even change. For the record, I only played one game in a my tier 9 RU arty. Easy. As. Shit. To hit now. I made THREE hits on light tanks on the move, plus a Patton, annihilated a TD who sat for all of 8 seconds (hard hit and then he was stunned and died). The bloom is NOTHING like it used to be, I was taking shots while turning my hull. You cannot miss a heavy with this new arty if you have a decent shot, you just can't. Top damage as a tier 9 in a tier 10 game in one try, although my team being usual test server mongoloids helped in that aspect. Stats for that game for those measuring the impact, I fired 12 times, direct hit 3, 7 total damaging hits. 2700 damage for 7 hits is 385 damage on an average hit. Typical stun seemed to be 15-20 seconds. Tracked at least 5 enemies (remember that's in addition to a stun so you need to blow your reapir kit AND medkit to get moving again). One tier 10 light got to 3 of us clicker scum in the corner, he got off two shots before we wrecked him. Once he's tracked and stunned the other arties can get him and you just need to hit close to him to do it. Broke one engine, which was the only other critical hit in 7 hits which suggests crits are indeed lowered. Lost a lot of credits firing non-gold ammo, which is weird. With food it was -24kish, 14k of that was repairs for losing. Interesting that the cost will be higher. Bloom stat comparison: old move was 0.34, turret was 0.6. New is 0.24 and 0.42. Absolutely massive. That's in addition to 5.2 aim and 0.75 accuracy vs. the old 7.5 and 0.84. Also worth noting, it's way more fun to play like this. I don't expect people to stop playing it, I expect the exact opposite.
  4. I'm actually surprised by some things when I look at the soft stats and do thorough comparisons. To give you an example of how good lights may end up being, take the Type 64. Lose the light tank MM, give it a vertical stabilizer. Super good right? Must outpace the new lights, right? But then I look at the T21 which is the same basic tank, see the changes and do some contrasting. Ultimately, the new T21 has more horsepower, better agility, a higher ammo capacity, faster aim time, way better accuracy, and a hair more HPs. The Type 64 which should now be OPOPOP has a way better rate of fire, a hair better turret bloom, and a higher top speed. Everything else is virtually if not identical. So that tank that's going to be OPOPOP is actually pretty balanced against tech tree tanks because light tanks will now actually be good (if the player is good anyway).
  5. Anything not a heavy, perma camo at 50% off. Heavies, not worth bothering with unless that super rare 70% camo sale happens again. Inscriptions and emblems, bleh. I wanted a custom, nice looking emblem on all my tanks so I made a clan, though eventually the novelty wore off and I disbanded it.
  6. It's like the part of the horror movie where the monster's hand bursts forth from the pile of rubble and everybody's like HOLY SHIT IT'S STILL NOT DEAD
  7. Tier 10 light stats: Move: 0.18 for German, 0.14 for Chinese, 0.06 for Russian. Turret: 0.12, 0.06, 0.05. WELL THIS SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THOSE SOVIET BIAS MYTHS!
  8. Looking at tankmodels3d which has the soft stats up now, the trend for bloom soft stats is massive improvement for light tanks too. Examples I checked: Tier 5 VK: Move goes from 0.2 to 0.16, turret unchanged ELC: Move goes from 0.25 to 0.18, turret goes from 0.2 to 0.23 for 90mm (they obviously want this gun to suck, sounds good to me) or 0.16 to 0.12 for the 75mm. Chaffee: Move 0.18 to 0.13, turret unchanged. T21: Unchanged. (Already has exceptional soft stats at 0.12 move and 0.1 turret) 13 90: (now a tier 9, so basically the same MM mind you), Move 0.21 to 0.12, turret from 0.18 to 0.12. (HUGE improvement) The general theme is to bring light tank soft stats way down to a certain floor. So the overall buffing is even bigger than the hard stats show.
  9. Oh yeah, I was thinking of rammer. Autocannons are never allowed rammer. Yeah, the 5 VK is one of the winners in this, 360 potential alpha is a LOT on the platform.
  10. At least thus far on test... 13 90 moved to 9 as a fully upgraded vehicle. XP stayed on the new tier 8. New tier 8 is not fully elited by default, so you have to use XP to upgrade it. So at least if you were storing XP on it you will have it fully upgradable. Crew stayed on the tier 8.
  11. Looked over basically all the lights... they've made some tweaks from the first data, mostly good, some maybe not too prudent. -Still no changes to tier 4s, which is disappointing. -All lights tier 5+ (maybe 4s later when they make changes to them?) can apparently use vertical stabilizer. French autoloaders all seem to have access now. ELC has access too, which seems odd. -T-50 gains no horsepower by the look of it, but does get 360 view instead of some 330 nonsense. With its massive DPM it should be playable even if it plays nothing like the old days. -Toned down some of the stuff that would have been crazy. Chaffee now has 370 view instead of 390, for instance. T37 lost some pen. T71 pen is now 145 I think? Currently 171 isn't it? -Type 64 becomes even more redonk because it can use vert now. -M7 got hosed and turned into a light. HPs now lower than a TD at 350, 57mm lost RoF, 75mm got more viable but 127 pen is still trash. Gained camo on the move, not much of a trade. Can use vert now at least. EDIT: Fire on the move got better, but turret bloom numbers got worse. Also got a bigger engine. -Crusader got dicked over, became a medium tank and lost some camo on the move in exchange for nothing. -German gun pen buffs seem for realsies. 50mm gets 100/130 now, 75mm went from impotent 110 to meaty 132. -Weird rounding. American 76mm went from 128 to 130 pen. Not important, just curious. -Sticking to general theme, lights overall are losing DPM. With the addition of vert for every one the standard no-brainer light load out is probably going to be rammer, vert, optics. Maybe vents for rammer if you really want to go for scouting, but that would be a strange thing to prioritize in World of Chokepoints. EDIT: holy shit. First log in I was 50 in line to log in, went back on the check things and I'm now over 40,000???
  12. Type 62 is so trash currently it will become solid by dropping a tier. Totally worth doing a marathon grind 3 years ago to get one, woo. Blackdog will be good but probably not anything that amazing, compared to a medium it will be faster with better DPM and handling but have a bad gold shell and no durability. The HESH might become more useful by dropping down too. The tech tree German 8 light will be competitive with it, but probably a little worse overall. It'll be nice to finally have a competitive, real tier 8 light premium regardless. 13 57 is like the 62, too bad currently to become OP. I wager it'll be considered average or above average, I definitely want one now. I considered getting one around Christmas since I badly want a French trainer, but it's just too bad in its current form to justify. Type 64 will be the big winner, it'll be a pre-nerf hellcat with a DPM/flank gun instead of an alpha/pen gun, more speed, and more view range. I'd rather they nerfed it a bit, tier 5 is already clogged with T67s, we don't need the same damn thing in tier 6 too. But at least it's paper and doesn't have as much pen for its tier as the T67, so only decent players will be able to exploit it.
  13. They have seriously, seriously fucked up by adding this tank. And because it's a fucking premium they're going to let it ruin everything from tier 6-8 for the rest of the game's lifespan.
  14. I am so fucking done with this tank, there is zero goddamn reason to have a fatass sniping tank at this tier anymore. E-50 cannot possibly be worth this. Accuracy doesn't mean a flying fuck, you could hit the same shots with 0.36 as you can with 0.30 with these fucking broken dispersion mechanics. In fact, I'm done with anything over tier 5 any more. High tier is finally complete and utter shit as of the release of the Defender. Nothing but fucking Defenders Defenders Defenders and face to keyboard mashing brawling horseshit every game. Bouncing the side of the fucking turrets with gold, missing the lower plate at 100m fully aimed, bouncing clean side shots because HURR DURR ALL SOVIET TANKS HAVE SIDES AT 5 DEGREES while they just shit all over pathetic tanks like this with 440 alpha AP snapshots. They've managed to finally just end high tier as anything worth even touching.