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  1. I kind of want to see a data sample for a CarbonWard-level player on a sheriff account playing the Luchs for 100 games. I want to see how high a single solo win rate can actually go now exploiting every design error in existence now that tanks has reached maximum imbalanced shit.

    1. Ham_


      Not Carbonward but played 100 Luchs games recently to improve my old stats averaging 800dpg on 74% solo, increased W/R on the tank from 44% to 60% and dpg from 95% percentile to 99.9%

    2. lavawing


      What's up with the Luchs exactly? Lost touch with low tiers. Also which gun?

  2. Jesse_the_Scout

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    Played more games in the Jag 8.8. I want to fucking throw up. Every other game is just tracking a Type 9999999 over and over and drowning in a sea of impotence. ALL it needed was APCR pen, they gave it everything BUT APCR pen. I swear to god this is a prank show and WG has a hidden camera in my room.
  3. Jesse_the_Scout

    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    The OI is essentially the ultimate manifestation of WG's new design goals. Stupidly strong traits and ludicrously poor weaknesses to the point of being impossible to defeat in situation A and useless in situation B with the influence of player skill minimized. The armor is the gimmick that renders some enemies useless against it while the terrible mobility and massive size are what keeps it from being competitive. Grind it and get rid of it.
  4. Welcome to WoT where the optimal strategy is literally "don't play".
  5. The best part is spamming HE like that is tactically useless because you would have to load up on so much HE you wouldn't have enough ammo to play like a non-mouth breather. Which is WoT design philosophy in a nutshell: break it down to as close to paper, rock, scissors as possible.
  6. Jesse_the_Scout

    Supertest, PMM tank armor buffs

    My impressions... Super Pershing should be awfully good now, but it just doesn't feel much different. Or fun to play. Adding an invinco-strip of spaced armor over half the cupola was a nice troll move though, that should get some angry main forum posts. Jag 8.8 plays the same geriatric, impotent way. Still too slow to do anything but sit in one spot the entire game, still too little pen to do anything other than permatrack some heavies. Not even joking, I pinned a tier 9 Japanese Heavy in the open for like 2 minutes straight because my pubbie retards couldn't figure out how to take advantage of it. A few more years of buffs and it will turn 180 degrees a second and have 235 AP pen. WZ-111: Still boring and lame with inadequate pen. IS-6: Still boring and lame with inadequate pen. And Jesus, I got that shitty new map where the hills hit 35 degree angles in places, it was torture. 10 kph half the game and nearly lost to cap. All the others: not even touching them. All still look boring, lame, and/or bad other than the Type 59 and I don't have one. Overall the changes are probably pretty good but who cares because they still aren't enjoyable to play because of the game itself.
  7. Jesse_the_Scout

    Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?

    It was really nice of WG to do a rental on this thing so I could verify how pissed I would have been if I had bought one.
  8. Jesse_the_Scout

    Supertest, PMM tank armor buffs

    Jesus, half of these tanks are going to be monsters now. Faster Super Pershing with good bloom numbers, good grief, try hitting that cupola now. AND buffed frontal armor? Type 59 is now better than a tech tree tank yet gets sheltered MM. Jag 8,8 will still blow at least, all the buffs in the world won't make 236 APCR pen an E-75. Will finally be a nightmare to lower tier tanks though, which completes the WoT circle of life where tier>>>>>>>everything.
  9. Jesse_the_Scout

    ELC AMX and the Patch 9.18 (It's still a good tank)

    Tank is fucking trash now. I permaretired it after losing a hard carry game when a bot level shitter in a Stug simply chased me for an eternity clicking and eventually killed me because the ELC is now too slow to outrun an average tank. The part where I completely missed the game winning kill shot on him at 200m with the 90mm because hurr durr 0.23 turret bloom didn't help either. I always hated these roaches but leave it to WG to nerf it so hard I actually feel sorry for it.
  10. Jesse_the_Scout

    T-50-2 Returns

    Leave it to WG to somehow manage to make everything blander in the name of balance. Meanwhile, 200+ games 78% solo win rate in the current Luchs without ever shooting gold. But hey, at least the T-50 isn't too fast.
  11. Jesse_the_Scout

    T-64 MBT=New Premium Light Tank? (Object 432)

    Don't worry, I'm sure by the time it makes it through the balancing department sausage grinder it will be unplayable trash like every other high tier light tank.
  12. Playing the T7 combat car just watched a third of my clip disappear as ghost shells. Amazing work as always, WG.

    1. BlitzReaper


      why are you even playing that?

  13. Jesse_the_Scout

    Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)

    It was trash once. Then they buffed gun depression and side armor and it was solid. Then they buffed mobility, upper plate, and gun depression again because $$PREMIUMTANKSBRAH$$. And now it's back to unplayable because who the fuck wants to fight +2 tier tanks all day every day even with a good tier 8.
  14. Uh, speed is a big part of it. ELCs aren't squat anymore since they nerfed the horsepower while the Pz I C is still a nightmare to hit despite being average sized for its tier. These things will be garbage to play yet annoying as hell to deal with on open maps.
  15. 1, there is some conformation bias in that when an impossible shot hit you it sticks in your memory, 2, the unwashed hoard of shitters in this game are running aim assist/aim bot mods all over the fucking place. Part of the gradual increase in impossible shots is just because illegal mods are locking up the non-random part of the equation. If you just ran around perfectly aimed at everything all the time I think you'd be surprised at how often you hit regardless of bloom.
  16. The shot distribution is utter garbage now. It still allows what should be borderline impossible dead center shots maybe a quarter of the time and then flings shells all over the place otherwise. WG has tweaked it to maximum ADHD-friendly Call of Duty status where wild clicking shots are viable yet fully aimed shots are still unreliable. I'm reasonably confident they did one final sigma adjustment without making it known, they realized players can't easily detect that kind of change and didn't want to deal with the flak.
  17. Jesse_the_Scout

    Supertest, PMM tank armor buffs

    ...because they started selling it again, and will again this Christmas. And since it's effectively the most expensive tank in the game it's going to need to be the best to keep on making it rain while the game swirls down the toilet. I'm waiting to see the price on the insanely overbuffed Pz IV/V when they finally dangle that one.
  18. Jesse_the_Scout

    Am I the only one that likes 3/5/7?

    It's really not even about 3/5/7, it's about power creep. Two years ago a Centurian turret had 152mm of armor and a small, tough mantlet overlap zone. Now it has 252mm of armor and an autobounce forehead. Two years ago a Jackson could ~40% pen it with AP, 90% pen it with APCR. Now a Jackson can just fuck off, even gold is basically pointless, maybe 10% pen turf at best. That's the entire game now. It may not always be so blatant as pen vs. armor, sometimes the power is in a less quantifiable property such as mobility, but the gaps between tiers have gotten so bad it doesn't matter if the Cent is facing 1 Jackson or 5, he can still easily win. It's a joke now. That ludicrous power gap starts at tier 6 vs. 8 and stays completely pants-on-head retarded all the way up the tiers.
  19. Jesse_the_Scout

    Am I the only one that likes 3/5/7?

    You're in an M4E8. Does it matter one fucking bit when the number of Defenders driving straight at you is 3 or 5? You want to fight 5 defenders 33% of the time or 3 Defenders 75%?
  20. I thought they were still going to be giving them out a little while or something? But it sucks anyway. The DPM is a joke, the autocannon fire speed is a little sluggish, zero armor, lackluster mobility, no view range, fixed gun. Autocannons also cost WAY too much to use gold ammo, so for all practical purposes it doesn't have a gold round. It's interesting... I think it's literally the smallest tank in the game now, it has great camo, and it has high pen and accuracy by autocannon standards. It's definitely unique, but it's still crap. Bump the DPM by 200 and you could make an argument for it, as it stands it's like 800 vs. the Pz II's 1300 or something ridiculous like that.
  21. Jesse_the_Scout

    Wheeled Light Tanks/ AFVs

    Just WG dangling more new tanks because they're too chickenshit to take the risks necessary to actually save their game.
  22. Good fucking god I don't even remember the last time a pubbie actually aimed before hitting me. At this point the only way the aiming mechanics could be any more absurd is if all shots were exclusively dead center or outer ring.

  23. Is any one else kind of enjoying the frantic, desperate pace at which WG is hurling out tanks trying to sell something, anything, lately? 

    1. Hellsfog


      It seems really odd. 

  24. There is always a chance this is their way of caving with some shred of dignity intact. If they just increase the 10/5 and single tier games a lot at expense of the frequency of 3/5/7 it could be the game saver they need. Imagine if the odds were 1/3 for all three, that would be a revolution that would bring a lot of people back. Hahaha, j/k, they're idiots.
  25. Another day, another round of power creep.