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  1. There is always a chance this is their way of caving with some shred of dignity intact. If they just increase the 10/5 and single tier games a lot at expense of the frequency of 3/5/7 it could be the game saver they need. Imagine if the odds were 1/3 for all three, that would be a revolution that would bring a lot of people back. Hahaha, j/k, they're idiots.
  2. Another day, another round of power creep.
  3. I'm in a good mood today and feeling confidant about the future, which means I'm open to making lackluster financial decisions. Some one talk me out of blowing $21 on the T92 during this brief sale since I'll likely just end up irritated at how light tanks are treated in WoT.

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    2. NightmareMk9


      How many “scout” map are even left in the game? 4 or 5?  Tier 8 scout did kick MAJOR ass in Frontline

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      That was really what the urge is about, back in Frontline I was thinking the T92 would have been great. But buying a tank for a mode that may only be occasional? Meh. I've been enjoying watching WG's creeping desperation since the player numbers and spending have been dropping, let's just keep it going for now.

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      The t92 sucks dick outside of spotting-friendly maps, which is a total of like 4 maps in the game

  4. Jesse_the_Scout

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    I don't even think 3/5/7 is the problem, it just pointed out the sheer absurdity of where the power gap between tiers has gone. Before you'd see 3 top tiers bearing down and realize you were screwed, but now when it only takes 1 you tend to start thinking more about how shitty the game itself is designed. At this point the game has crept back from +2/-2 to +2.5/-2.5, and 2 was already too much. The next obvious step in bailing the sinking ship out is to go to a +1/-1 tier spread. It would solve the biggest power creep problems and make the sheltered MM issue much easier to deal with. Which of course means the game is done, because it's WG and it will take one-two more years before they start to even seriously consider it and another year to implement it. In the meantime their current plans are to finally nerf gold ammo too little too late and remove sheltered MM, which will pour gasoline jet fuel on the fire.
  5. Jesse_the_Scout

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    I pre-ordered with Amazon's discount, I want to build settlements so bad. Playing through Fallout 4 I love the settlement building but there seems so little purpose behind it, I want to build defenses that could actually be used. So far seems like a lot of potential for being able to play with friends, as even when our schedules don't match up I can still build on our base.
  6. Basically why this mode is good breaks down to: 40%: all tier 8, no +/-2 tier difference garbage where you're expected to waste half your time being low tier fodder so some mouth breather gets to feel good. This also diminishes the role of gold ammo which is another garbage game mechanic WG won't give up. 20%: lots of room to maneuver, which adds some strategy and thought while evening out the classes more than standard chokepointfest games. I dare say a (good) light tank is even good in this mode. 20%: respawns and repair bays, which remove a lot of frustration where one bad roll can ruin your game and as a result every one hides because moving is so dangerous. 20%: low rate of arty play. Go back to a regular tier 8 and get hit as much in 5 minutes as you do in 30 minutes of frontline. I played my friend's account since he had a tier 8 arty and it was stupid easy, so I expect the bads to gravitate towards it over time, unfortunately, so this factor will likely diminish. I found I didn't do a ton of damage and get much XP, but it still leveled ranks quickly. It's also so easy to land hits in this mode because of the cap objective, I literally only missed 2/24 shots. Did about 250 damage per hit overall plus the stun, and we're talking a weak crew and no food. But yeah, WG's kinda painted itself into a corner, this mode just points out everything we've been saying for years is right. I've been playing 2 hours of frontline a day since the start and it's been pretty chill, my sanity can't reliably withstand a full hour of regular tanks. Open the mode to tier 5+ and Remove Arty From the Game, 100% better than old tanks.
  7. Even in this mode the Panther II is unplayable shit. Highlights so far include being killed from full health by an arty strike consumable and literally taking damage to engine or ammo rack 4 hits in a row. Arty has been very light overall even with the arty consumable, I don't expect it to last though. I wager arty is stupid easy to play in this mode since it forces players to the cap circle. I would definitely be ruining peoples' games myself but I don't have a tier 8 arty.
  8. Tried using it as a mode to grind through garbage tanks, but it didn't work too well. Still was able to contribute fairly well, but the XP bonuses you get for ranks are big. You do 10k damage and hit general you get literally twice as much XP as doing 7k damage and hitting a rank (or even two) lower. You have the right premium tanks and it does make good credits though. Lowe and T-54 Mod have seemed to do well since armor is actually relevant. Tried a light tank one time, felt as useless as always.
  10. Jesse_the_Scout

    The return of Province

    Between this, Glacier, and Erlenburg it's like they're trying to make all the maps shit. Just dump all the tanks in a big pile at the beginning of the game and get it over with already, half the players will still sign their paychecks over to you anyway.
  11. So my ancient lycos email is finally shutting down next month, which is what I had used for gaming accounts for years. This absurd nonsense is what WG expects you to do in order to change the email of a 7 year old account.

    1. Archaic_One


      I would not worry about it.  My kid plays on an account linked to an email address of a company that has not been in business for years.  WG never needs to receive emails if you don't mind not getting anything from them.

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Yeah, you're probably right, other than emails to meathead videos it's not like I get anything from WoT anyway. I just won't be able to change my password again is all.

    3. Archaic_One


      Passwords are so 2007, Putin can change it for you if you want

  12. Jesse_the_Scout

    Patch 1.0 - HD Maps and other things

    They've yet again gone through the maps and removed position after position after position. Bushes are cleared out to the point where if you do take a shot from something you can't see just shoot the one fucking bush and you'll hit the shooter. More terrain ground out to make it impossible to operate unless you're the top tier tomato fuck in your heavy tank. They specifically are trying to make it harder and harder to do anything but roll your face on your keyboard. Amazing.
  13. If it truly is JUST base XP only (so no premium bonus, no X2 daily, no boosters) then it's fucking ridiculous. Even for a good player base XP per game is maybe 800 turf, that's 390 or so games in 14 days, or 28 games a day every day, no shortcuts. For the vegetables it'd be more like 45 games per day for 14 days. Maybe playing a particularly good tank will squeeze a little more out, but the quantity of sheer tryhard going on will probably tamp that back down. But then these have long slid toward more of an optional discount mode. If it's base I'll do something remotely useful with my existence instead, as much as the thought pains me.
  14. tfw you're doing a report for school and eventually it starts to sink in and you're just like... wait, what?


  15. My World of Tanks Razer mouse finally died last night and I was like... yeah, I get it.
  16. Jesse_the_Scout

    Patch 1.0 - HD Maps and other things

    People be like, "more TD bush wanking maps" and I'm like,
  17. Jesse_the_Scout

    Patch 1.0 - HD Maps and other things

    Gotta give them credit, couldn't have imagined how Fjords could have been made worse, but they pulled it off. The center zone is even more of a no man's land, the perch in the center is virtually useless due to being devoid of cover and concealment, and thanks to the lowering of the center mountain arty can fuck over half the map now.
  18. I have rarely seen a more prolific font of straight up fucking stupid ideas as WG.

    1. Darvek


      You're salty about the April Fools event? Did you throw a fit over 8-bit tanks too?

  19. Jesse_the_Scout

    Patch 1.0 - HD Maps and other things

    Any one else enjoying how easy it is to flip your fucking tank now? It feels like they tweaked traction to where you can drive straight up a wall again, and between that and all the smooth HD rubble and crap everywhere the simple act of moving feels more dangerous than ever.
  20. Jesse_the_Scout

    M7 guidance!

    I do appreciate how the M7 change over succinctly summarized WG's light tank philosophy: take a medium tank, then make it shit. There you go, light tank.
  21. Leave it to WG to take a tank down an entire tier and still manage to make it ultimately worse. Needs to fight more tier 8 Russian heavies though, there are still some occasional games where it isn't completely worthless.
  22. I prefer WG does stuff like this, I need to be reassured occasionally the game is fucked long term so I don't indulge the occasional urge to give them any money.
  23. Jesse_the_Scout

    AMX 50 100 Appreciation Thread

    90mm gun: 212 pen, 259 APCR 1000 m/s and 1250 m/s 240 damage 4800 credits 100mm gun: 232 pen, 263 APCR 1000 m/s and 1250 m/s 300 damage 4000 credits #WGlogic
  24. Jesse_the_Scout

    Post Your Camo Ideas!

    So this new system has allowed access to something I've always wanted: classifying my tanks for sorting. Fortunately the quantity and selection of emblems handed out like candy for years has given me a lot to work with to vaguely match the concepts I want markings for to allow easy recognition at a glance. Mastery badges now represent straight up overpowered tanks. Clovers represent tanks that have shown a tendency to win games despite all logic saying they shouldn't. Ghost emblems represent cursed tanks that lose games over and over for inexplicable reasons. "Play at your own peril." The rook represents tanks in the active process of grinding to the next tier. Warning triangles are for premium tanks that are kinda crappy, but become playable as long as a strong (3+ skill) crew is used. "Do not play this with a weak crew." And finally, there are Meathead-Certified Shit Tanks, as an ever present reminder you paid actual, genuine, United States dollars for this unplayable garbage, which shall remain empty and alone in your garage to hide your shame from the world. Meathead's gaping maw looking you straight in the eye and laughing at you. Looking straight into your soul, and laughing at you. LAUGHING.
  25. Jesse_the_Scout

    Tiger (P), how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

    You guys have been missing an important detail, which is the cripplingly shit gun depression in additional to all the other standout qualities of trash armor, glacial speed, and pathetic firepower. I'm concerned it still has 380 view range though, it breaks the entire theme of being absolutely worthlessly terrible in every single way possible.