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  1. david ghetto

    Aaveq uses Twitch emotes in wot platoon chat, cannot recommend 0/0.
  2. That's why everyone rerolled to EU
  3. Thank you for spreading the Christmas spirit!
  4. I demand a hat.
  5. Nice going, keep it up - and who knows, maybe one day you'll be good enough to quit wot permanently
  6. I will never play wot again, and unlike other things where I'll say never - this is actually me saying the truth. WoT was frustrating to play and I'm not even sure why I played it, it was the same thing over and over again - just different players and once in a while a different map. Games like WoT are just boring now. Empyrion Galactic survival <---I don't play that a lot...like when I'm really bored only EVE ONLINE MASTERRACE <---IT IS GOING FREE TO PLAY in 4 DAYS, PM me and I'll hook you up with some shit, I'm rich anyhow (shameless brag). Sins of a solar empire rebellion <----great game with friends. Supreme commander <---great game with friends And finally. scamstarcitizen, it's honestly not bad in the current state - it's lacking content but graphic wise it's amazing. And if they were to add a bit more content now, it would honestly be a great standalone game even in alpha. Much better than a lot of other titles...everyone who says it'll be a flop will be surprised once it's out, however long that may take. But the next alpha version will be stunning.
  7. Cultural diversification, coming to a neighborhood near you 



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    2. hallo1994


      What's wrong with that. :gaytroll:

    3. Siimcy
    4. Medjed


      hijab is for casuals, burka or riot

  8. Man...ES 5 really been milked out completely.
  9. @Xen 


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    2. Xen


      Wew, this is super old man, from like 2 weeks ago!


      @ninz He makes two very sensible points:

      1. He does not want legislation that forces people to speak in a certain way.

      2. He obviously does not approve of all this non-binary trans-faggotry and otherkin bullshit, and if I recall correctly he makes a relatively implicit remark, telling them that what they need is not language policing but mental help. 

    3. Medjed


      is that Rita, Jingles' fiancée on the left on thumbnail?

    4. koel76


      2 entire weeks? Oops, my apologies Xen!

  10. On a serious note, how many clans are left on EU that aren't thrash tier and are still active? Do my favorite F15 friends still exist? @Mavi
  11. Stahp being a fail and you'll have friends.
  12. Ah fuck it, I'm going to play 10 matches on wot again after like almost a year.

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    2. Siimcy


      Please don't.

    3. koel76


      I didn't even get past the point of installing, I saw the installer...noped straight out. 

    4. TAdoo87


      Then I would say it went perfectly.

  13. CuKlvRCUAAAilc-.jpg


    Whoever guesses what this is gets a reward from me @Xen @aaveq @Siimcy

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    2. Xen


      > It's mainly due to the North African population which for some reason has a great hatred towards them

      Surely, Islam has got nothing to do with it, right?

    3. koel76


      I am not allowed to say that it does, unless I wish to be labeled a racist.

    4. aaveq



      affrrrucan muslims attacking jews


      SJW meltdown incoming