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  1. ThisDictator1

    How far I've come in 7k games....

    Nice job! My goal is also to get blue stats. I am one of those people that starts out as an average player (orange-yellow stats) and gets slowly better. I don't think there was ever a time when I had red stats.
  2. ThisDictator1

    WTF E-100 line

    I kept the Marder 38T because the gun is completely amazing if you know how to shoot and not get spotted. First game I played in it I got 10 kills
  3. ThisDictator1

    IS-6 Appreciation thread.

  4. ThisDictator1

    What do you consider a kill steal

    Sometimes I do 5k damage and get 1 kill, I tend to not get tons of kills, rather damage.
  5. ThisDictator1

    HELLO everybody

    Well good luck!
  6. IS-6 is fun...until you miss 4 consecutive shots (when fully aimed) :(

    1. Folterknecht


      You might want to try out the old serverside crosshair mod - depending on your connection to the WoT server of your region

    2. besieger


      At least it's only the 122... When my BL-10 acts up it'll miss shots like no tomorrow.

    3. Intumesce


      I had no problems with the BL-10, my accuracy on the ISU-152 sits at a comfortable 79%

  7. Nice, too bad I just bought a couple
  8. ThisDictator1

    New to WOT and here

    Welcome to the forums! Here's your stats a link to your stats;
  9. ThisDictator1

    E75 - Am I Doing It Right?

    So, I just had a good game in my E75 and I was wondering what I could have done better t survive and carry even harder. I know I got a Mastery Badge Ace Tanker (because of the 6000 spotting damage xD) but I don't know if that's how I should play the E75.
  10. ThisDictator1

    JP2 best exp NA!

    Nice game!
  11. Looking forward to your videos! I am already a good arty player, but i'm always looking for better ways to do things. I'm also looking forward to your scout guide, good luck! -Dictator
  12. How do you do so good in the tiger? Do you just stay back and snipe with that RoF? Getting 5k+ dmg in that thing amazes me and let alone surviving... The armor is pretty bad.
  13. Hi WoTLabs, I've just registered here and have started to look at the different sections and rules on this forum and it looks a lot cleaner and organized than the WoT Official forums are. I'm looking forward to being an active player and gaining a lot of skill throughout my time here. I would consider myself below average in some stats and average in others. I'm here to definitely improve my survival rate and just overall skill. Thanks! -Dictator