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  1. That's actual gold, thanks for the link! Will be checking all the headsets there before buying anything, don't wanna fuck up this time.
  2. HyperX II has such a ... special ... mic, my voice is already annoying enough, don't need it to be nasal and narrow too. I think I'll go for a pair of Sennheisers, had a pair back in the day and I loved them so much. Also I have a friend I game with every day and he is hardcore Sennheiser fan and recommended the 373D. Sennheiser GSP 350/300/PC 373D are the contenders, in each price group. Will have to re-visit the subject when I get back from my holiday and know what I can comfortably spend, since I don't mind putting a bit of extra money in it to get a really good pair. I would probably buy the 300 today, but if I can comfortably get the 373D, then I think I will. And I'll get the adapter thingy Folter linked if the headset doesn't have usb, so that broadens the horizon considerably.
  3. I need a new headset, again. I accidentally snapped the one I have in half and had to tape it together again. Now the tape annoys me and the sound in general isn't good enough for FPS since I struggle to determine direction with my current open/on ear headset. New one needs to be: - USB connection (jack thingy on pc is broken, cba to fix, dunno how to fix) - Light and comfortable (don't want wireless because of added weight in battery, got a neck injury) - Around the ear or suuuuuper soft on ear, my ears are extremely sensitive, get a headache for fuckall - Preferably not sweaty leather - Crystal clear sound made for FPS and a static free mic - 150-ish euro max budget I looked at Sennheiser G4ME ONE, looks alright online and has good reviews, but it's mini-jack connection.
  4. Check if X3N4 still has his topic up here, where he posted batches of replays in zip-folders. Top quality stuff. YW
  5. Analyze your games. If you have to go as far as re-watching your own replays to do so, then do it. I've done my time with re-watching my replays, cringing and learning at the same time. God I hated myself so much lol, such retard But it helps, it gets your awareness up, you see how to improve, put it to action, get results, then push further. Never play unless you are interested and invested, playing 'just because' is never getting you there. Set a goal, like a new DPG in all tier 10s/3moe. Just have the goal be in reach, like if you have 200 games in the 140 and f.ex 2300 avg dmg, make the goal to have 2500 avg dmg, then 2700 avg dmg, etc.
  6. > Nurk keeps asking to play PUBG

    > Xen never has time

    > Nurk sees Xen play PUBG

    > Fucking faggot

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Medjed


      I thought Nurk is dead

    3. Xen


      you only asked me like once! :O

    4. MissNurki


      I asked you like 5 times, and you said some kind of "no" every time, so I stopped asking. :P But you asked me to join the other day, so I'm less mad now.

  7. Currently grinding the last missions for T55a number 6. Because why not.

    Also, why the hell am I playing again, and why am I FCing a full campaign on someone elses account without being paid..? Don't answer, I don't want to know.

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    2. MissNurki


      I'm playing with my old Norwegian clan, they are ranked like 870~ ELO, but we're having fun a lot of the time. It's so much more fun winning with them because they get SO excited to win, like a wave of happiness and memes just flow through the TS. And when we lose to a better team everyone just brushes it off and learn a thing or two.

      In FAME everyone was just triggered because they missed up to 3 shells and/or died so we won only 15-2 and not 15-0.  :awyeah: I miss the abuse from Daki, Humbob and Majstora though. Think I have Stockholm Syndrome.

    3. SaintLaurentius


      Jostra is always gonna be in my heart for the Blacked-episode, but other than that: Fuck that guy, most obnoxious asshole ever. 

    4. MissNurki


      Jostra isn't for everyone, and I completely understand that. But I like him, I know it's just a show and he isn't that much of a dick when streams are off and it's just a few ppl in the channel, he can actually be really nice and fun to talk to. It's almost like an extreme DrDisrespect lol. And he still isn't the biggest retard that has stepped foot into FAME, if you ignore his nice side. The biggest retard is even made Executive, which gives me acid reflux, it's like hiring Hitler to do HR. :wave:

  8. Just dropping by with some love. Also, to add to the diet talk, I'm on a low carb diet and it's working wonders for me. Using Lifesum to track my intake, both the food and the water, super happy with that app Lost a lot of weight, always full and content, no more hunger and sugar lows! Mostly eating salads with meat, advocado, parmesan and sour cream, and I've never been this happy to make food, lol Also stay really low on calories because of the limited intake of food(just rarely hungry anymore), which is an added bonus. Now just to start working out and get toned, that one is a lot harder, because lazy.
  9. I love this game. I love it more than nail polish, I swear to god!
  10. I've quit WOT for good, and getting rid of my acc. Deleting friends list as we speak, nothing personal. <3

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    2. TheMarine0341
    3. Siimcy


      Maybe will wait for a sale then, I spent so much money on games the past like 2 weeks it's unhealthy :doge:

    4. MissNurki


      PUBG >>>>>>>>>>>>> Other

  11. We kidnapped all the shitposting people to our Discord
  12. And some people got jobs like me, and play PUGB.
  13. Since no one was able to lock and bin this topic during the last 24 hours, I just edited the first post after all. Go have a look!
  14. https://discord.gg/YUyDhqh ^ That thing.
  15. I have had/still have mostly high tier tanks, and all of them got permanent camo for summer/winter/desert. And a lot of the tanks have reward camo, since I've gotten a lot of new tanks after I played my 1st campaign.