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  1. Kilpanic

    Sandbox opening again soon

    I guess they are looking to see if the SB changes will be able to attract formerly-enfranchised players, because my application was accepted just in time for the v3 test. What can I expect in the meta? And what has been changed the most about regular tanks so that I can focus on that?
  2. I bet they're gonna be pretty cool on the upcoming French cruisers.
  3. Kilpanic

    Is the Emerald playable?

    Everyone already got a Leander for free a couple months ago.
  4. Kilpanic

    WOWS: Clans are coming

    If you're recruiting for a clan, you're looking for somebody to team up with, and maybe you want people who can demonstrate that team play elevates their game.
  5. I'm also using it to maintain target acquisition while I zoom out between shots to get a better look at the battlefield. It's taking some retraining but I think it's going to be a big help.
  6. I had a friend who played 2,000 games of World of Tanks before he found out accidentally that there is a sniper view. Last night, after more than 1,000 games played in World of Warships, I was told that there is a setting (default off) that has the camera track your locked target.
  7. Kilpanic

    Obsidian got fired

    I wonder if this time will be the time we learn to evaluate games by what they are and not what they could be?
  8. Kilpanic

    A WoWS critique

    Fucking yes. Why not?
  9. Kilpanic

    A WoWS critique

    Yeah there's a big difference in commitment between the early afternoon players and the evening ones. For that reason I prefer playing during the day, when the population of sensible casuals seems highest, but sometimes my schedule dictates that my gaming time is in the evening, and I don't want to feel I have to choose between not playing boats and losing at boats. I'm the kind of guy who plays 2-3 games a few times a week, so if even 20% of those games start at an obvious disadvantage, it's incredibly discouraging to me. Fortunately Ranked is here again so I can feel like I'm playing on a level playing field for awhile.
  10. Kilpanic

    A WoWS critique

    I don't see what the big deal is about the stupid voices. Those dayglo ships are stupid too, right? Play a stupid ship, get a stupid voice. My main complaint about Boats atm is 3-man divisions in a 12-player game. It's become MWO 2.0.
  11. Kilpanic

    Random Sync-In

    It's kind of a shitty way to game the system IMO.
  12. Kilpanic


    Yes of course, but I've found that this trick doesn't stop the evasive maneuvers.