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  1. Watching DezGamez' Maus buffs video (the King is Back). First 2 minutes as he's playing and talking about the buffs a Type 5 shoots it twice in the face for 380, 585, and then in the side for over 600 with HE. Looks like fun... /sigh



      It's called skill look it up *tips fedora

    2. Tman450


      I was thinking the same thing. "Let's make armor great again by including another HEtank..."

  2. I like the removal of AP, not fun suddenly having a huge portion of health removed just because they happened to get lucky.
  3. Might be time to uninstall and go do something healthier, fantasizing about genocide against people who enjoy playing skycancer isn't good for the mind.

  4. Anyone else have their UI in garage pack a sad often? Most of the buttons not responding etc. Always happens with the platoon interface, things like accepting invites while the sender is in battle tends to make it happen the most.

  5. The HEAT can be dodgy with the awful accuracy, shells flop all over the place. HE from a lot of derp guns absolutely shit on it (be careful of jap heavies) and take out a crew member most hits, dead gunner is NOT fun. The frontal armour is bloody hilarious and makes it totally worth it though, nothing more fun than going head to head with equal tier heavies and coming out the other side victorious without breaking a sweat.
  6. AW's RNG is far more satisfying to play with, playing WoT in comparison makes me want to punch something every time a well-aimed shot goes walkabout. Can't imagine it becoming even worse. The sigma change was overall with individual tanks being tweaked, wasn't it?
  7. Ping's the best it's been for years right now, down to 160-180 most of the time while playing.
  8. Krupp Steyr Waffentrager worth the money? I might just buy it for the unique factor, unless it's a pile of shite.

    1. Fulvin


      Imagine a Tiger that got rid of

      -half its HP (I'm serious, 1500 vs 800, wtf)

      -200 DPM

      -5km/h top speed

      -all its armor

      -20m of view range

      to gain

      - 0.01 accuracy

      - 0.77s aimtime

      - better track and turret traverse

      and you have yourself a Steyr-WT AKA a steaming pile of crap. You can also compare it to the SU-100M and have it come out no better

    2. Gling24


      My wallet can breathe a sigh of relief then, thanks mate


  9. Been watching Circon's YT vids on them, he's enjoying the med/heavy line but the TD's not so much, tier 6 Strv 74 is fantastic but the Leo tier 7 is pretty mediocre.
  10. Ho damn, how were the truck licences for you, hard to get? I've got a year to catch up to you
  11. Got my Learners here in NZ recently, I had to do a skills/handling thing over two weekends which were an hour or two each, figure of 8's, stopping/starting, emergency braking etc. Similar time frames as the aussie system, plus I can do a bronze on-road course that lets me go for my restricted immediately after learners. Learners was 70 bucks, Restricted will be closer to 120 (bloody AA, milking everything they can out of their licencing contract) Got a well looked-after Suzuki GW250 '14, just need a decent jacket and a set of pants and I'll be sweet click4suzukiporn My only problem at the moment is how heavy it is! I'm not quite built like a greek god yet, and it weighs 3 times as much as me
  12. Is that Warframe? Looking for a game similar to wot me and a few friends can play, will it suck my life away for the next 5 years wot-style?
  13. Looking for an online game for me and a couple of friends to play that is similar to wot but not wot, ye ken? Aside from it's many flaws, wot is a rare gem that you can pick up and play at any time yet leave for months at a time if you're bored of it, and come back to it without loss of progress or other bullshit. One of the main reasons we've all been playing it for the last 5-6 years now, plus it's got a good blend of challenge, progress and easy to pick up but a high knowledge/skill ceiling if you're willing.

    Not too keen on LoL/Dota MOBA-type games, turn-based can be enjoyable but I'm often too bloody impatient for them, I prefer RTS/First-person games where you're relatively free to do your own thing, rather than linear storylines/maps and such.

    1. punishersal


      Borderlands 1/2/Pre-seq
      Killing Floor was fun with friends. KF2 is now out also.

  14. New physics are bloody fun, I've spent more time in training rooms pushing people into silly places than playing pubs so far
  15. Only arty I can stand playing, but don't lump me in with the rest of the window-licking scum that enjoy clicking in S-51's and such.