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  1. Got a new desktop, now I need a monitor for it. Looking for a 1080p 24" monitor for no more than $200 US. Options? I saw one for $160, was a 24" IPS monitor, don't know resolution, but I believe it was 1080p. Would that be a decent one to check out and look at?


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    2. snowdude21325
    3. Devo


      You might be able to see the Dell and the LG at a store (Costco, Best Buy, etc) and get an idea if you like them or not.  You probably won't be able to see that Nixeus anywhere.  Not sure where you are located, but check and see if there is a Microcenter near you.  The one near me has a ton of monitors that way you can actually get your eyes on them.

    4. snowdude21325


      HA, tech stores near me. Bestbuy and Costco is all I have access to. From what I saw and read about the Nixeus, I would be willing to take a bet to get a cheaper 144 Hz panel. I saw the LG, and it was good, and the price is nice, but I don't know how much of a difference 75 Hz and 144 Hz is.

  2. Fuck arty and fuck WG for thinking the stun mechanic was something that should actually be implemented. When 2 tier 10 arty and a M53/55 decide that they want to focus your tier 8 and spend your short life permanently stunned. fuck that shit

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    2. Fulcrous


      The only thing that is wrong with the current iteration of arty are the masses of religious xvm focus mindset of players.

      It's a legitimate support tank that yields far more consistent results than the drunk Russian roulette machine it was before.

    3. snowdude21325


      Currently trying to grind to the Maus, and spamming the VK100.01P right now. I enjoy the tank, but it's stupid that I literally spent the short time period alive stunned. Nothing I could do even though I was in a hard to hit spot. I would have preferred old arty there because they either wouldn't have hit me, or if they did, it wouldn't fucked me over as much. I get it's more consistent (I own the M53/55 so I can play arty and understand what it can, can't do, how to avoid it and things like that), but the fucking focus is annoying when play a slow bottom tier tank.

    4. Matross


      Heyyyy snow feels the pain I felt being in a top tier heavy tank, and being stunned the entire game. As @Whole_Nutmeg stated, they have to fix the stun (maybe the radius), duration (the further you are away, the less you should be stunned, maybe even incorporate armor effectiveness more) and go back to old reload times. The faster reload time, makes up for the damage arty would have lost out from the damage nerf.

  3. Personally, The 62A turret is nice and all, but fuck me do gold rounds slice through it. I've had an e100 snap me at 300m with HEAT and pen my turret. I would be wary of going for the 62A first. I personally wish I had gotten the 140 first, I just think it's a better tank. (I've played the 140 on a friend's account).
  4. Arty is shit in competitive play. You can break any hard camp with proper play, tank comps and pushes. I'll be glad to see arty gone so I stop getting one shot in my medium for holding a key spot while trying to dodge the slot machine launcher. The amount of times I wish I had arty playing competitively is low compared to the amount of times I've gotten fucked by arty because I wasn't being dynamic enough. Yes arty can help with camps, but so can good comps, players, and callers.
  5. From what I've heard, the Russian light and German light are going to be amazing. Troll armor on the Russian and amazing speed on the German make them both really good. The French one looks shit because for 7 more seconds, I can get an additional two shots in the clip, and better pen at the trade of a little camo if I go play a batchat....The American one has a derp, so nothing has changed there, and I don't know anything about the Chinese.
  6. How much is free xp worth to you? You can grind the tier 6 out in stronks if needed. It's not that great but it's doable. The chi-ri although annoying, can actually do something because the autoloader, when you pen is not that bad. However the tank is probably going to be shit since I haven't played it since the introduction of all the super heavies. I'm currently at the tier 8, and I'm enjoying it, but you have to like 240 alpha mediums. I haven't gotten to the tier 9, so I don't know about that one.
  7. Can the T25 Pilot replace the Pershing if needed in competitive play. I'm think of selling the Pershing and throwing the crew int the M46 because I've wanted to buy back that tank 

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    2. snowdude21325


      Could the KR potentially replace the Pershing in competitive play. Is the Pershing even used anymore? I call but I've been doing tier 10s because of advances. I don't really see the use personally because the Patriot is a thing and that's fast enough, has better DPM and armor. It really would only lack in spotting ability compared to the Pershing. 

    3. Fulcrous
    4. snowdude21325


      RIP pershing then. I have two clones of it, so looks like I need to grind some credits for the M46 now

  8. We are altering the normal weekend schedule for 5LINE Advances and plan to have only one this weekend. It will be tonight at the 10 EST starting time. If anyone wants to join in and we have some room for a battle or two, get there at 9:45 and have some fun with 5LINE!
  9. I have the 960m/i7 version of it and if I run it in power saver mode while doing class work, 6 hours sounds about right. I've had it for about 6-9 months and I haven't noticed a change in the battery life for the most part. The thing is on battery life, you are typically not going to use your dedicated card, but your integrated card. Since the version you are looking at will have the i5 a year newer, with the same battery, I think you would be crazy to get the 960m version. I'm not 100% sure though, so if someone can verify what I've said that would be great. Over all though, I'm super happy with this laptop glad I picked it up.
  10. The T95 right now, not complete shit because I can actually respond to the battle a little bit


  11. in a 1v1 on a brawling map, DPM isn't as important as you think. Alpha and hitpoints are also important. (Even armor). With a brawling map, you can deny the effective use of a t-34's DPM if you can keep him at any sort of range and trade him 1 for 1, which almost any tank wins that brawl. So even though it has great DPM, on a map like mittengard, I would rather have more hitpoints, armor and alpha because I can deny someone their DPM on me.
  12. Oh I feel the love alright
  13. First battle for stronghold after upgrading to tier 5....100% success, went three for three. Woop woop good job guys
  14. I don't know Yoyoya, i've heard that's a pretty easy thing to do