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  1. I have no idea, but the real question is why are you trying to see how much damage you need? To get better you want to focus on winning. To win more you need better positioning, and better positioning means more damage. Where when you just shoot for damage, you will probably do worse overall, and deal meaningless damage.
  2. I found this at the bottom of the website Expected damage values as of 6 May 2017 (v30). WN8 values provided by:
  3. I'm finally getting Grand battles.....every fucking battle in my maus and jgpze100. None of my other 10s though


    1. CraBeatOff


      I got two in a row in the middle of the day yesterday. The T-100LT one was fucking glorious

    2. snowdude21325


      Yeah if I was playing lights or mediums or anything remotely mobile, it wouldn't be bad. I'm doing mutz missions in the jgpze100 and maus. So fuck that open map


    3. nabucodonsor


      What open map? It is just another corridor map. 

  4. When you wake up to the ground shaking and this loud noise just filling your room, only to find out your landlord has scheduled someone to do work in the basement of your apartment (different set of keys) and they were drilling through the floorboards. Good thing I don't need sleep during finals week at college

    1. Fulvin


      that sucks. there are few things more enraging than being woken by loud-ass racket

    2. snowdude21325


      Granted, I only lost 30 minutes of sleep, both my roommates lost hours. One went to bed at 4 am and this happened at 8:30. My guess is this was his one last day to sleep before finals ended. 

  5. The window lickers are out in force today, holy shit


  6. Holy shit, that would actually be awesome
  7. Sadly, probably not. WG is too money hungry to realize what they are doing. If they did, then this could be one hell of a game, but sadly they can't seem to pull their head out of their ass.
  8. Wish they would stop doing this money grabbing shit. Both these tanks look really gun to play, but a lot of content is getting locked behind a pay wall. The game is becoming pay to experience something different at this point to older players. Yes we just got another line in the game, but not everyone loves TDs. I hate the mass release of premium. Granted it's nice to grind credits, but actually having some fun tier 8s to play that were not all premiums would be nice.
  9. This may have been posted, but instead of having people asking to have whether they get it, could someone do WG's job and tell us wtf is going on? (Instead of doing this on a case by case basis). ie, complete these missions to get x amount of orders, and to unlock these missions cost y amount of orders. Basically a table all of us can reference so you don't keep getting bombarded with questions. Or should we all wait for the test server to drop and just check it there?
  10. I'm trying to understand this, and I will not be playing arty ever again, but I have the Heavy and Medium missions done for the 260. I'm almost done the TD missions and I have a few light missions left. I haven't started the arty missions obviously. I have always skipped the arty missions other then for the Stug, which were easy as fuck with an old M53/55. Now would I be able to get the 260 if the patch were to drop tomorrow, or would I need to finish either the TD or LT missions then be able to get the 260? I will not be playing arty so I'm trying to avoid that at all costs.
  11. It doesn't matter if you can't spot the enemy before they spot you. If you are in a position that they can't pen you from, let them shoot. Their camo will get worse and you have a better chance to spot them and put damage out. It also puts pressure on the enemy and they don't know why are pushing. Do you have allies, friendlies, if so they probably shouldn't push you. Even if you don't have that, you sometimes have to act like that to get a win. Use that armor (I didn't watch the replay, just more general advice from my E3 play)
  12. Without any replays we are literally shooting in the dark. Provide us with some gameplay so we can tell you what you did wrong/how you can improve. These people are trying to help you, but you have given them next to nothing in terms of information in order to help you. Don't get cranky when we don't have anything to go off of. And I haven't played my E3 a lot in pubs (played a ton in competitive stuff lately), but it seems similar to the Jagdzilla, which I adore. And everything they said is right. The T95 and E3 are quite different, and although the E3 is more heavily armored, its frontally so you need to make sure you only have people shooting you from one direction. If they are shooting you from more then one direction, you have over extended.
  13. So the Mauschen and Maus will have very similar dpm now
  14. I've tried looking this up and can't find it. But Snap shot isn't useful on turretless TDs, right? 

    1. nabucodonsor


      It reduces dispersion while moving the gun.

    2. snowdude21325


      Cool, still useful

    3. Fulvin


      if you go on you'll find turretless TDs have turret bloom stat which I can only take to mean bloom on gun traverse since no separate parameter for that exists, so the perk should affect it just the same