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  1. in a 1v1 on a brawling map, DPM isn't as important as you think. Alpha and hitpoints are also important. (Even armor). With a brawling map, you can deny the effective use of a t-34's DPM if you can keep him at any sort of range and trade him 1 for 1, which almost any tank wins that brawl. So even though it has great DPM, on a map like mittengard, I would rather have more hitpoints, armor and alpha because I can deny someone their DPM on me.
  2. Oh I feel the love alright
  3. First battle for stronghold after upgrading to tier 5....100% success, went three for three. Woop woop good job guys
  4. I don't know Yoyoya, i've heard that's a pretty easy thing to do
  5. Shh I don't need more people shooting me in tier 6 stronks. There are already 13 guns ready to shoot me at the moments notice.
  6. Anyone is welcome to come stop by our TS at to hang around, platoon with our guys, whatever. Just mention you saw this thread and are stopping by. We could always use another person to shoot the shit with.
  7. Is there a free camera for replays still? I need it and the one I have been using, isn't working


  8. Hey Dirt, it's good to see you back. Much has happened to the clan since you left. We had another fall through, and have formed a new clan, 5LINE. If you want any more information, let me know. You can check us out on TS at We have lots of newer guys, but all of the old guard would love to see you back.
  9. Tier 9 is only slightly OP though, don't worry about it.
  10. So i ground out the majority of the xp for the skoda t50 (the tier 9 one) in 36 hours. God please help me, tier 8s are cancer, that tank is shit and I'm just glad it's over.
  11. Ok cool, so if they are ok with something a little more bulky, you can get more power in it to game better. But if they don't like the bulkyness then go for an apache or stealth
  12. Would this be something worth the money? or go with something like this which has a 6th gen i7 but comes with a 1070
  13. I know, I tried to convince them that they should do a duel setup but they are sure they want a laptop (they don't get tech and that's why I'm helping them). Yeah he wants to run higher end games at decent frames with medium/high graphics if possible. For the hard drive(s) I said 500gb SSD because I thought that would be cheaper to get in a laptop with a single hard drive than a combination setup of an SSD for OS and HDD for storage. I think that sticking to a SSD for the main drive is important, but if a HDD is good enough, then lets just stick with that. He didn't require the 500 gb SSD, that was me suggesting that. He does need a minimum of 500gb of space though. What I'm suggesting might not be possible and I will understand that, again I just don't know the market right now.
  14. So something like that then a Samsung 850 evo with 8 gb ram I know this is under budget, which is fine, but would he be able to use the full budget and upgrade? Is it worth it?