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  1. it is fun to play and different. I use HE at long range, and AP most other ranges. My best game was 90k damage and over 3 million damage tanked. That heal is amazing.
  2. Yamato: = 21 Montana: 19 + 1 =20 -- Great guns, decent maneuverability. I prefer it to Yamato. Großer Kurfürst : 25 Zao: 19 Des Moines: 23 Hindenburg: 27 Moskva: 17 Minotaur: 20 Shimakaze: 13 Grozovoi: 2 -3 = -1 all we needed was a USSR Gearing. Khabarovsk: 16 Hakuryu: 18
  3. Roller, You aren't a normal human, so your results are not typical. Playing the Edinburgh now is harder anyway than when it was first release. People have gotten much better at shooting people in smoke, so it is not nearly as easy to play. When I play T8+ BB's I have erase many UK CA's in smoke. (Radar helps) They are floating citadels. Even the DEV's said that they intentionally made them hard to play. Anyway in another few days, I will have the Minotaur. I kept the Leander, Fiji and Minotaur. (Neptune is a maybe, not sure yet)
  4. UK gets good at Leander then Fiji. The T8 is difficult at best. Neptune is sluggish so again difficult. The you get Minotaur which can be awesome or 1 shot bait. The U.K. Line is not easy.
  5. They need to improve Torp reload by a bunch. Also buff acceleration a bit. Another advantage Fletcher has is gun range. You can shoot 15 km. (Yes it takes some practice but after playing U.K. CLs it is not to hard an adjustment.)
  6. Z-52: 1 -3 = -2 It is gone. Moskva: 18+1 = 19. because it is Soviet Fantasy ship. The state of T-10 DDs is horrible. With only 2 really worth playing and 1 a novelty. (Grozovoi). I wonder what the DEVs will do to spice it up.
  7. You may need a new link.
  8. Ignore my previous post. I will give a proper response here. Shima +1=17 because it is still in the top 2 or 3 of popularity of T10 DD's. Yamato -3 = 20 because with the cit lowering of the Iowa and Montana it is relatively squishy and the most easily citadeled T10 BB. We do not know what the RN T10 will be like.
  9. And how often does that happen? Anyone that has had a shima for more than a week is using the 8km torps or the 12 km torps. With its gun buffs, the guns are not to bad either. They (the guns) are Situational, but usable. Shimakaze 18+1 =19 SInce I have to down vote something I down vote the Yamato. SInce it is very soft and citadel prone when you are the least bit careless. It is probably the most overrated ship at T10. It was my second T10 by the way with the Shima as my first. Yamato 22-3=19
  10. My is to get DE first. Then see about IFHE. I have the Jack Dunkirk captain in it. (10 point captain) The fire chance is high enough I may shoot regular HE, then switch to AP for flat sides. I need a lot more skills before I know for sure. It seems to work pretty well for me. I am using it as a torp boat most of the time.
  11. A large part of your success or failure with this DD is your custom torp patterns. You can do some amazing things with them. I don't think LWM or some of the other reviewers understood how important or dominating they can be.
  12. Supposedly last patch or the one before it.
  13. I am up voting the Khab. Someone had downvoted it and is was not recorded.
  14. Khabarovsk:: +1 because the torp removal forces you to play it as it was designed. You should rarely if ever get within 12 km of another ship. The ship is the god of run and gun. At 8-10 km you get rekked. Khabarovsk 21-3 (from previous post not counted)+1 = 19