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  1. Your bow has more armor, but it is situational. If you are in a bad situation, it may be time to turn away. When you go bow on or stern on, you can get overmatched. Also, people can shoot above your guns and hit superstructure which will not be over pens because of bow/stern rake. As far as shooting goes, the more you play the better you will aim. What some you tubers or streamers and see how they aim.
  2. Rules of thumb I follow: US BBs T7 up max AA. Primary guns are fine as is. Germany and Japan BBs T8 plus secondaries. DDs max Torps and Stealth for ijn, guns and maneuverability for USSR, Germany and us are jack of all trades, so pick what you want. US and USSR CA is guns and AA. IJN and France is guns on CAs. RN is smoke and guns. CVs are maximize aircraft.
  3. 2.0 looks like end of closed beta with more detailed capture mechanics. So they rolled 2 years of changes back more or less. When 2.0 rolls out I will give it a try again.
  4. They really need a lot of work. I was working on the z23, because of it's hydro. But loyang has better hydro, so now no need. I have all the other T10 DD's of note. Z23 is now on back burner.
  5. Nikolai has short range guns and is very slow top speed. You should be able to kite it all over the map.
  6. They do not turn worth a crap. They are tall too, so contending a cap is a bad idea against USSR and US DD's. They have low damage 2x4 torp launchers, are decent (90 second reload) 14,400 damage is not great. They have decent concealment and their gun range needs at least 2 more Km for the 150 mm guns. It is ridiculous that the 128 mm guns with aft out range the 150 mm guns. The Loyang now has better sonar than the z-23. They are below par.
  7. I had a decent game around 72k damage yesterday and made 325k profit with it. The guns were doing 3200 damage a salvo, but since you sit pretty high in the water, gun battles are not recommended except in emergencies or to finish off a cripple. I have a premium account though. The 9k range on the guns is pretty low. I think that should be buffed by 20 percent or so.
  8. I like a lot. You just have to be careful with 8 km torps. That tier has at least 1 CV in half the matches if not 2. The gun range is kind of short. I like it a lot and it prints money. 250k to over 300k profit are common with 60 to 70k damage games.
  9. Similar to old fabuki, but has 8 km torps. (Fabuki had 10k 67 knot torps) Think damage is a bit lower too. Guns are decent but ROF is a bit low.
  10. She is much faster than Anshan. The 2x4 torps are much more uselful than the 2x3 on Anshan. But the turret traverse is similarly bad. So you are already use to it.
  11. Good Torps, good speed, Soviet guns, and decent agility, what else do you need?
  12. Yes, now I dont need to keep Z23. Yay!
  13. I played both my Iowa and Missouri and they are more resilient. I could really take a pounding, but HE kept me on fire all of the match. This allowed me more freedom of movement and a much more player friendly play style. (I don't have Montana yet) The funny thing is all CA's should have the same setup, but don't. The Moskva should not even be in the game because it is 15 years out of period, but this is a Russian Game company, so they needed ships for local consumption. Moskva is more of a BC with smallish guns, than a CA. The major thing about the US battleships is the area in question was all hoists and free space, so it isn't a citadel. The same could be said for Yamato and it may need similar treatment. Also, pre 6.6 the NC and Alabama were better at close range vs Yamato, than either the Iowa class or the Montana class. The restores the balance to the US BB's. This allows Montana and Iowa if they get close to Yamato to citadel her, but not vice versa. I think Yamato may need a little love. (scary I know) Also, Missouri has a slightly lower citadel than Iowa. (At least on my pc using the in game armor diagram. Or I am hallucinating) . Now the same kind of changes are needed on CA's.
  14. Hyperbole much OnboardG1? It is a small buff. Ca's will still burn it down. BB's will citadel a little less. Izumo will still bounce its' shells even with more or less flat side to it.
  15. First the Iowa was under performing. Now it will be slightly better. It will balance the T8+ BBs versus each other better. This may make T8 plus game play slightly less cancerous and more active. It is a win in my book. Now if they can buff CA's a little, and reverse some of the DD nerfs we might have balance. In case you are wondering, I am more of a DD and CA player, but they are real weak at the top end of the game.