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  1. I would rate the Arkansas Beta post Buff a B+ or A-. The 16 km gun range makes a huge difference. I have been averaging 50K plus damage at T4. Molotov is A. Texas B- Arizone a B Warspite B Perth C+ Kamakaze family B+ Shinanome B Marblehead a B- Murmansk B+
  2. LWB is a very solid player, not s superstar like Flamu. So her reviews reflect the results that an average to slightly above average player might get. The Hood I think will be a campaign reward, so I don't think we will have to pay for it.
  3. My first game after the patch and I got close quarters expert. The hardest thing to remember is after something is within 10km to cntrl click on it.
  4. Interesting. The math doesn't make sense, but tirpitz probably comes with upgraded directors. Just did the arithmetic again and I guess modifiers are multiplicative not additive. (7x1.2x1.2= 10.08 rounded to 10.1)
  5. Derzki is a gunboat so just to get used later game play my first 4 point skill would be AFT for the longer range. Then it get tricky since there are a lot of good 3 and 4 point skills. Start switching to AP, once you get the enemy burning. It will do more damage the an ifhe HE shot.
  6. Bismark secondaries go out to 10.1 km, Tirpitz 9.4 (Bismark get an extra 10 percent range buff for its upgraded directors). At least now your secondary spec captain isnt wasted on the Tirpitz now.
  7. Just Russian sledgehammer balancing.
  8. I am not sure on speedboost. But flaming has a YouTube video on it.
  9. There is a T6 premium Italian CA being readied for release. It looks interesting in that it has reasonable torps, 37.5 knot speed, plus speed boost. The are good too.
  10. On NA CVs are slightly more popular. Maybe 1 in 6 or 7.
  11. Early in games with T8+ CVs they will try and see who is going to be a problem as far as AA goes. If they determine that you may only kill a few planes they will cripple you or delete you. So, a US AA build is like insect repellent, in that the CVs that you run into will leave you alone. An example from last night where I was trailing a CA group since they are faster than I am, and a CV went after me with 2 DB groups, 2 torp bomber groups and a fighter group for distraction. 9 of the Torp bombers died and one wimpy torp went off not near anything. I got 2 fires from the DB's. But he never came back. I had 18 planes kills in the first minute. (standard US AA spec 19 point captain). I ended up with 28, but those were fighters scouting and trying to mess with our carrier. (The flew over me to get to the CV). Short version. It is worth it because T8+ CVs generally are pretty good and will delete you since you tend to fall behind the CA and DD's groups since you are 27.5 knots versus 34 knots plus for all the other non BB's.
  12. The range increase to the Arkansas Beta possibly better than the Nikolai. I have been having some insane games with it. SInce you can only get into T5 match at worst, lot of HP to farm.
  13. The citadel armor hole in the rear (16mm cit protection still exists) will make the pussy BB players than run away cry much when they get wrecked trying to run away.and not support their team. This one ship will make T8 battles somewhat less predictable since T5-T6 captains will either hide most of the game, or be aggressive. Overall the Alabama is more maneuverable and that will reward the better players. I saw a lot of Alabamas this weekend trying to learn how to bow tank. A lot of side shots were there for the taking.
  14. I still play it at least 1 or 2 battles a day. I do usually 65k to 120k damage most games. (last 100 games or so) You just have to learn how to shoot with it and use islands to limit your exposier. Use a secondary spec so you can keep all the roaches, I means DDs at bay.
  15. It allows you to pen bow on BBs conning tower and decks. (sometimes)