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  1. I am in RUST as well and prefer Discords sound quality. Once you get used to the interface it is very good and you have a single page with tabs for all the different Discords you belong to. You can use only web interface or a client. The is a phone app for the texting feature. It is a complete package.
  2. It is angled, but other BBs can damage it and it is super vulnerable to torps. And there are a lot of DD's at that tier.
  3. I will buy the June 1 bundle. The gold I will use anyway eventually. So ~$10 for $6 is worth it. The rest is gravy.
  4. Lots of soviet CA's with their 11.7 km radar. On NA its the BB players that chia snipe. Most of the CAs are in effective fire range, but using stealth waiting for targets. Even Khabs wont cap early. This is in T8-T10 matches. (usually T9/10) T8 matches are an odd mix of ships from t6 to t8. (Lots of Belfasts)
  5. 8 months ago approximately, you could cap and out brawl most any DD in the Benson. With radar, spotter planes and sonar as well as many accurate long range shooting CAs, early capping is very dangerous in any ship. So my play style is changing with the meta to prevent the red team from capping. I am trying to learn how to contest caps by spotting and torping likely choke points. Early capping seems impossible unless red is asleep or has abandoned the cap.
  6. I played my warspite post the turret turn buff and it is a very good improvement. You can still out turn your turrets, but it is much easier to maneuver and shoot. You don't have to trade as many HP when you are turning and shooting. It is a very solid upgrade.
  7. I think nikolai is 21 knots. Arkansas Beta is 20.8. They both are very slow.
  8. I dont use IFHE on the Khab or Udaloi. Their pen appears to be good enough without it, plus they cause a lot of fires anyway. You can always shoot AP at ships giving you a broadside and do more damage per hit anyway.
  9. T4 I think the Arkansas Beta is the best. Even better than the Nikolai. She has 2.6 km range advantage and you can hit stuff at range, so you can kite the Nikolai around and sink it.
  10. Fully upgraded Belfast with CE captain has a 8.7 km concealment. Indianapolis is 11.8 for comparison. Indianapolis has T8 N.O guns on it supposedly. IMHO the Fiji and Belfast are way easier to play effectively. If you need a US CA trainer, it is decent.
  11. So this is like the Graf Spee missions.
  12. I would rate the Arkansas Beta post Buff a B+ or A-. The 16 km gun range makes a huge difference. I have been averaging 50K plus damage at T4. Molotov is A. Texas B- Arizone a B Warspite B Perth C+ Kamakaze family B+ Shinanome B Marblehead a B- Murmansk B+
  13. LWB is a very solid player, not s superstar like Flamu. So her reviews reflect the results that an average to slightly above average player might get. The Hood I think will be a campaign reward, so I don't think we will have to pay for it.
  14. My first game after the patch and I got close quarters expert. The hardest thing to remember is after something is within 10km to cntrl click on it.
  15. Interesting. The math doesn't make sense, but tirpitz probably comes with upgraded directors. Just did the arithmetic again and I guess modifiers are multiplicative not additive. (7x1.2x1.2= 10.08 rounded to 10.1)