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  1. You might want to look at dreadnought. It is similar kind of game, but with giant space ships. There are a lot of youtubes about it, so you can take a look.
  2. The Martel is the most enjoyable T8 CA I have played. I can move around and chew up almost everything. Lots of fires, good ap pen on flat sides, fast reload to punish DD's. It has defensive fire or Hydro. It really fits by play style. Even the 9 km torps have very useful firing arcs. Overdrive gives 4 minutes of 38 knots I think. Fun boat.
  3. The only non premium T8 CA's that are fun for me were the Chappy and the new french T8. Chappy standard ussr 152 rail guns, high fire chance, good range and accuracy. The T8 French has ROF of 8.8 seconds on 203s, high velocity, good fire chance and good ap. It is fast and reasonably agile. It is kind of soft, but what T8 CA isn't.
  4. Does EU have something on High School Fleet? But not for gold.
  5. HSF Harekaze is probably the best T8 earner if you have a 10 IJN captain laying around. You have to learn to play without smoke and torp reload booster. It is fun and kind of crazy.
  6. I did not see a huge difference between T7 to T8 US gun handling. As far as earning goes, if you are a BB baby, then get one of the BB's.
  7. What about the french T8 CA with the Mummy Halloween camo.
  8. I used my Missouri. 116 k damage 2 kills and 2 caps. 1762 points.
  9. We were seeing 3 DDs, 3 CAs, and 1 BB mostly. Gearing, Shima, and a few Z52. The triangular cap setup on most maps seems to make 3 DDs very useful.
  10. Also, all 4 ship classes are so different and have different roles. There also different sub roles with each class. (khab is gunboat dd, shima torps, and the the various hybrids in the other lines). So a one size fits all equations is not really a good idea.
  11. This game is objective based as well. Damage is important, but mission is more important. Capping and resetting caps is more important than damage. From an experience point of view, you get the same exp for soloing a 16k HP DD as you do for soloing a 69k BB. A lot of games you will have 3 or 4 survivors. You can tank damage and do spotting damage as well. This can be very important, since your teammates will be at full health and the red team will be down a ship or 2 and be at half health. I had a recent Missouri game where I had 110k damage spotted and 3 million damage plus tanked. I survived the battle with 2k hp, but there were 5 or 6 ships trying to kill me for 10 minutes. I only did about 100k damage myself. To many disabled turrets and dodging of torps. Another example is maybe you kill 3 dds and do 45k damage in a CA. That will have a great influence on the game even though you damage numbers are a bit low.
  12. Z52 is a DD hunter, but has really good AP. It can chew up CA's if it get a non angled side. (my record with a single broadside against a CA was 16k damage in the Z23. The Z52 is much better. This is without a detonation.)
  13. It is kind of a shame that the devs wont let us use t10 or less. They might learn a thing or 2 about how the game is really balanced. How many people would replace the Gearing with the Fletcher? Probably quite a few. Some might take the T46 over the T53 since the T46 has better concealment. I think the CA's and BB's would stay the same, their might be some lower tiered DD's taken over the T10. Another odd option would be the T8 Lo Yang with its 5.88 KM sonar and short range torps and 5.8 km concelament or the Black for the few people that own her.
  14. I think they said earlier 1 BB (Conqueror or Montana) ,1 DD (Z52 or gearing) A mix of 5 CA's with Hindenburg and Moskva for a mix of 11.7 km radar and 5.88 km sonar. So with coordinated radar and sonar, I think something that can only sling torps is kind of newtered along with its smoke clouds.