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  1. Am I the only one who sees KGF And thinks Korean Girl Friend?
  2. Go and stand under a cold shower tearing up $50 notes until the feeling goes away.
  3. I wasn't going to reply, but this level of passive-aggressive, non-apologising, victim insulting is worthy of United Airlines. Why did you bother making an account here just to post that? You say you never got a message - which of course implies that I'm lying. Except I'm not, you just didn't think I was even worth the courtesy of acknowledging. You say the recruiters (plural) "accidentally" invited me (and I'm so bad) they have been demoted for their crime. Thank you for the insult. One of the recruiters isn't even in the clan anymore! I'm not sure why you'd mention that except to make the connection that I'm so bad that he had to go. You don't mention that someone else - presumably you - kicked me less than an hour after I had accepted the invitation without a word. Presumably that behaviour is OK even if I'm not. Again, you make sure to say that I'm ..." not up to standards"... just to highlight that I'm really the one at fault for accepting your clan's invitations. Given that you have a number of members with W/Rs barely scraping past 50% and an officer below 50% W/R, I'm scratching my head about being so outrageously 'not up to standards'. And just for the record, I have 6 CW rewards tanks in my garage which I would have thought might imply that I might have played one or two CW battles over the years. Never mind, it was clearly all my fault.
  4. I cant believe that they didnt model the machine gun ports as weak spots
  5. If you missed the video that got Foch kicked from being a community contributor (seriously WG?) - it's been preserved.
  6. Why would the commander want to sit directly on top of the gun breech?
  7. For me or MKW? I'm not certain what an injector could do in such a server side game. All the client does is display what the server tells it has happened and tell the server what it wants to do: move in this direction, fire in this direction and so on. It's the server that calculates where you are (as evidenced by rubber banding during lag where you snap back to where the server says you are), what you hit, which tanks you can see or be seen by. All the hacks are either; - not displaying things it should (Tundra), - displaying things it shouldn't but the server has told it about like broken objects, laser beams to see where enemies are aiming etc, - automating things for the player better than the player can, aim bots and fire extinguisher scripts etc. I can't think what sort of info an injector could inject to gain an advantage.
  8. Named after someone militarily famous? Bad! Bookended name? Bad! Epic sounding name? Bad and the more epic the more bad. More than four numbers? Bad! Combinations of the above? (E.g. xXx_Death_Lord_xXx ) doubleplus BAD!
  9. I'm posting it here for posterity as a warning. This is the SEA / Asian server section, why are you here since you play on the NA server?