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  1. Circonflex posted a video of himself playing "the worst tier 8 premium" if you want to see it in action.
  2. @Delusions; My reply to Baldrick would have been asking the lines of; "Only $800 an hour? You're clearly pretty low level - junior associate at best".
  3. WoWS has a concept called Damage Saturation" where once a module/component/area has taken a set amount of damage further damage is halved until a second threshold is reached and then further damage is reduced to zero. So the mechanics and coding exist, all that remains is to decide how to implement it.
  4. You should be doing the first three stages of the Vampire grind in co-op, you'll breeze through them there in an afternoon. Only the last stage needs to be done in random battles.
  5. After an enforced 6 week holiday with two busted arms I'm almost ready to start playing casually again. What's the story with the new local server? Is it full of Kelly recruits?
  6. Newer players often do better in slower tanks because they can't yolo\overextend and the extra time they have to spend travelling will let the battle "take shape" before they get there making it easier to see where they should go.
  7. My vote for the best tier 8 for making silver goes to the Kutuzov - as long as you have a half decent RU captain. Kutuzov brings her own smoke, long range accurate guns and 8km torps. Everything you need to make money. Flamu is also a big fan of the ship and has posted enough videos to show you how to play it and how well it can do.
  8. It's still "out of cockpit" though isn't it? I flew IL2 competitively for so many years that I'm not sure I can go back to the camera behind the plane. If you are serious about planes you need to read Fighter Combat Tactics by Shaw. I paid a fortune for a copy years ago but now it's available as a PDF download.
  9. I can't see how this can be good for CW even with the lack of VN.
  10. Derpy is the best description. Think Type 5 Heavy. And Bozo was arguing that their best use is sitting at the back sniping (instead of leading the push) because using your armour and HP is all luck.
  11. Rubiconed is now a trope? There's a dude on the offishul boot forums saying that a battleship's job is to sit way at the back and snipe* "and deal devastating damage" because ( I kid you not) "tanking damage is all luck". The stupidity. It burns! *battleships have the equivalent of 0.5 accuracy.
  12. If you have armour you can't have accuracy? Making armour great again!