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  1. All is not lost, he just needs to slide a piece of paper under the tin. Just as if there was a Funnelweb under there.
  2. Do you think these turret buffs are related to, or in response to, the growing awareness that tier 8 matchmaking is completely garbage? The YouTube community seem to have taken up the tier 8 mm as a cause. First it was Ageing Jedi then the next day Quickybaby releases a video saying tier 8 mm is broken don't buy pref 8s, don't play tier 8 unless you're forced to and then just accept that you have to use prem ammo. etc etc I hope the rest of the YTers also release videos saying the same things.
  3. @Ezz Sorry ezz I can't remove the stupid @ thing. Here's how to get up to where the TD was (around the 1.45 mark):
  4. You must have a hot arse.
  5. First pictures of the ships are available. The bat carrier (last pic) is my favourite.
  6. @Ezz in boats you pick any three from a list of ten missions to be your "active" missions and you could conceivably do more than one in a single battle. They also work on a points system to complete a stage. You don't have to complete every single mission just accumulate enough points - ten, twelve or fifteen. Easy missions may only be worth one point but harder ones are worth up to five points.
  7. The thing is boats seems immune to ping issues. Sure the game play is slower but still...... Unfortunately the weekend was full of the idiots that only come out when there is a big event on, and since the weekend was the mother of all events there were more than the usual number of 2 year olds playing. Plus I'll give a shout out to the random Viet in his tier 7 battleship who kept doing the slow poke around a corner (and then back up) apparently intimidated by my half health tier 6. After wrecking him he kept typing "run 1 - 1 Dog" . Any translations?
  8. I tried playing tanks again on Saturday. OMG. 330+ ping with lag spikes making driving a stop start affair, the gun wouldn't shoot anywhere on the screen unless I stood perfectly still for a minute and aimed and aimed and aimed. Nope.
  9. It's interesting that the opponents to SSM are all conservative Christians (but not all conservative Christians are opponents). I was reading a piece written by a pro-gay movement arguing that Jesus was non discriminatory towards homosexuals because he blessed and healed a Roman centurion's homosexual lover. The argument is that while modern translations of the Bible say that the centurion was concerned about his "servant", older texts use the Greek word "Pais" to describe the "servant". Pais is a Greek word that refers to a younger homosexual lover/companion of an older man. They were very common. Aristotle had (a) Pais. Roman soldiers were forbidden to marry for the duration of their service so a Pais servant would not have been unusual (maybe not common but not unusual). Romans didn't have any proscriptions against homosexual sex AS LONG AS you were the one doing the penetrating. Taking the "female" role was not on. So, back to the point, the argument was that if Jesus was prepared to bless and heal a homosexual union, who has the right to do otherwise in his name? Interesting argument.
  10. Ignore the above, I haven't got half an hour to tap and hold and tap and tap trying to make it to away. The last sentence in the Q&A on the daily bounce caught my eye: ..."once the client is shut down for mods, which is being taken care off."... Finally.
  11. From the upcoming changes thread;
  12. This guy is awesome. (Pun intended).