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  1. Florb, I see from another thread that you are only at tier 4. Lower tier BBs are deliberately made inaccurate by WG by a combination of two stats; dispersion and sigma. Dispersion is the size of the ellipse (oval) that your shells will land "somewhere" in. Sigma dictates how likely the shells are to land in the middle of the dispersion ellipse. 1.5 is terrible and will see your shells landing all over the ellipse while 2.0 is good and will see a majority of them landing in the middle of the ellipse. 2.1 is the best in the game. Low tier BBs suffer from the double whammy of his having a large dispersion AND a terrible sigma. As a result you see shells landing all over the place. As you go up on tiers you will see some ships have much better sigmas than others. Fuso while it has an excellent max range has an abysmal sigma value (1.5 from memory) which means that any salvo fired at a target more than 12km away is just a Hail Mary spray'n'pray. As a very broad general rule (up to tier 7/8) the ideal range for a BB is 12km. Close enough to reliably hit your target but far enough away to not get torped.
  2. Is calling someone an "elitist" the latest incarnation of Godwin's Law? @Roccandil: What exactly do you mean by "elitist"? I'm tempted to quote Inigo here and say I don't think it means what you think it means. Also, shouldn't you be saying 'Left Wing Elitists" since that's the usual form of the ad hominem.
  3. There will always be epic levels of whining wherever there is a change, but it will be pretty hard to counter the obvious reply of: "your pref tier 8 sees exactly the same opponents that it saw before the change".
  4. Not necessarily. Pref 8s have guns that are "adequate" for the tanks they face and there won't be any change to the tanks they face. The fact that the newer premiums are more desirable is again, "good for business".
  5. I'd just like to say that RB in boats is a lot more balanced and viable. There's no one class (or boat) that's dominant. Being tier 6 probably has a lot to do with that as it's a well balanced tier when it isn't facing tier 8.
  6. I think that has changed - its Randoms and Ranked only. It would be too easy in co-op, just take a destroyer and gun down your opposite number over and over.
  7. A tier 5 Russian premium battleship is coming and we'll have 2 weeks in the bottom half of July to grind like mad to get it for free before it goes on sale. I saw one YT video of it being played and it was described as a more manoueverable Nicolai which is kinda sorta true (2 of the 4 turrets face rearwards) but I liked what I saw. However one of the missions is to do 300,000 damage to destroyers!!
  8. Arty is so hard to play Circon carried his team in the M44 without even needing to pause while he ate his dinner (and muttering about dynamic gameplay).
  9. I can't remember which YouTube celebrity said it (either Circon or Anfield) but I totally agree; The idea that tier 8's should see tier 10's is crazy/stupid/fucked. 10's should only face 9's and 10's. It would be a simple and minor adjustment to make and it would make all their tier 8 premium tanks a lot more attractive to play - which is good for business.
  10. I'd like to shame all of the window licking brain dead morons - and there are far too many to name - who keep bringing tier 5 ships into the Raptor Rescue PvE mission. Especially ARP ships and tier 5 destroyers. I haven't had a game without at least one tier 5 but there's usually two or three every game. Tier 5 destroyers are just too fragile and the idiots in the ARP ships can't even use the pathetic excuse that they are grinding their ship. What gives with these idiots?
  11. Flamu and Notser both have videos up with their predictions/recommendations. Flamu says he expects a strong "sit in smoke" meta since there isn't any radar.
  12. I popped a super container on the weekend with 1k gold in it. Big smile! Speaking of normal containers, I usually opt for the consumables option as the best value since each consumable is worth 22k credits and I'll often get 3+3 usable ones ($132k) and three "something else".
  13. How does it compare to the Duca?
  14. That's rather clear however it's pretty universally felt that the Iowa is less tanky than the NC and tier 8 > better than tier 9 doesn't make a lot of sense.