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  1. If you get hit by a teammate in the first 30 secs of the game it's either an accident* or stupidity. When you shoot him back it's not an accident. *Lots of people will look at a nearby ship at the start of the game for a variety of reasons: Is he moving? Admiring the detail/cool camo etc. A slip of the finger and boom, a full broadside goes where he is looking.
  2. And there it (first time) is! I'm surprised it took this long for someone to spurg about the Koreans.
  3. The wreck has been explored and filmed by a remote and there is NO doubt about the LOCATION of the explosion. The deck above the Captain's Day Cabin was blown open peeled/folded back on itself through 180 degrees showing that an explosion erupted up through the cabin from below, which is entirely in accord with the witness reports from the PoW. Underneath the day cabin was a magazine. This disproved the theories about the torpedo stocks exploding. The drone also showed that the ship has begun a turn when she was hit (answering another controversy).
  4. He didn't name the mod on the grounds that if he did indicate who it was, his own account would have been sold as well?
  5. Except that after inspecting the wreck on the sea floor it is now an accepted fact that she was penetrated through her deck into the magazine that was directly below the Captain's Day Cabin. It is also possible that the Prinz Eugen fired the fatal shot. No one really knows but the possibility that the pride of the RN was sunk by a mere cruiser was unthinkable so Bismarck was always going to be the one that sunk her.
  6. I see lots of comments from people who don't seem to actually know much about the Hood. Why has WG given Hood torpedoes? Because the Hood had six 21 inch torpedo tubes! The Hood was not a battleship, she was a battlecruiser. She was built for speed and firepower (with a seriously flawed armour design). At the time of her launching in the 1920's, Hood was the most powerful ship in the world. Hence the nickname "Mighty Hood". By the 1940's she was recognised as being seriously lacking in deck armour making her extremely vulnerable to plunging fire from long ranges. In the battle of the Denmark Strait, ADM Holland was fully aware of his ship's vulnerability and sailed at full speed towards the Germans in order to reduce the range and the likelihood of plunging fire on her weak deck armour (which is exactly what killed her). Hood has no place at tier 8 as it is a flawed 1920's design! Edit: In view of the fact that although the British opened fire first and fired several salvos, they missed the broadside on Germans, (to be fair they were sailing into the weather which made it harder for their range finders), Hood should not have better accuracy than Bismarck.
  7. I agree with Wulff, your main batteries are where you should be concentrating. Secondaries and torps don't get used until much later in the game. My advice is to think of your torps as having a range of <2km, in other words don't fire them when you get within 6km as it will be obvious what you are doing and they will be dodged, instead hold them and hold them and then hold them some more until you are at point blank range for the coup de grace.
  8. Just sail the Hiei while you're pink it already comes with pink paint
  9. I'm not sold on torpedo armament expertise. The gain is too small and situational for the point cost (opportunity cost). Superintendent is a much better 3 point pick.
  10. Advanced firing training adds 20%to your gun range. It's a worthwhile second 4 point pick.
  11. LTP noob. Everyone except violet stet pedders nose u shud go vally on Lakeville! (You have no idea how much auto correct hated this post)
  12. Not only are they not into anime and hentai, but girl band K-pop is by far the best Asian music.