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  1. The Lexington is good for feeding my AA ships plane kills. Now you've heard someone say something positive.
  2. Kaga in PvE right now is mean. 10x torpedo hits spread between 2 Iron Dukes. AAs for target priority, bots will generally focus the first thing spotted, so long as it's in range.
  3. That's probably fine. I know I don't have any tier 10s, but from observation as a tier 8 stuck in tier 10 matches: Yamato: 22Montana: 20 Großer Kurfürst : 26Zao: 19Des Moines: 23 + 1 = 24 A ship that does literally everything, except torpedo and smoke. Strong USN AP, decent HE, obscenely fast reload for 8" rifles, fills a fleet AA escort role, an anti-DD role with radar, and can do some tanking with the repair party.Hindenburg: 30 Moskva: 17Minotaur: 11Shimakaze: 14 - 3 = 11 Seems to be a rather selfish ship, and although she does a good job of pushing people out of smoke, that's almost all she does. Doesn't have the ability to contest caps if any other DDs get agressive, and noob trap 21km torps are lass than ideal for team play.Khabarovsk: 7 Hakuryu: 18
  4. Femennenly is pretty good at CVs too, but is mostly livestream.
  5. I noticed when trying to get the third gun around, they are vulnerable to citadels, unless that was a shell that found it's way there through the bow.
  6. Oh, and not only are 5 DDs a pain, when theres 4-5 dds per team, and one side has 5 radars, the DDs are too scared to push, and everyone else is too scared of torps. So you sit there and let them hold the points.
  7. Just you wait. tier 10 matches often have 5 dds per team, and these ones have very painful torpedos relative to the tier, and the range on them to avoid being spotted, or something like the khab, which can heal 50% of all the damage she takes (except torps).
  8. Florb, as for AA, it begins to improve massively at tier 5, on almost all ships. As for accuracy, dispersion is linear with distance, and low tier BBs tend to have lower sigma, which means higher chance of flying towards the outside of the dispersion zone. There's no solution to idiots, that's a given, and you should expect that from an online mp game.
  9. Basically, don't buy unless you like the Centurion mk1
  10. Don't forget that the Furutaka C hull also gives you an extra torpedo per side. Still the better tier 6 CV. I find there's still enough clueless CV captains that you can learn manual drops on her. The other day a balanced indy just let me strafe his entire wave, fighters included.
  11. Yep. Exactly when it's hardest to predict where they'll be. And I find a lot of them striaghtline and go broadside, because they know they're safe.
  12. I'm frustrated with the french cruisers. can't citadel them with BBs, and even my CAs have trouble with overpens.
  13. As always, I went to rank 15, got the flag, and stopped. I don't have the time or patience to try and rank out.
  14. I got 30 of the 777% flags from a super today. Guess I can use that for Nelson.