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  1. Dance says its legit, have to trust her.
  2. I much enjoy the NC, but Missouri is far too much real money, as my free xp is currently going towards stock ships, and I'm happy with NC.
  3. When looking at pen, don't forget it's tall, so it can do silly things to roofs and upper plates.
  4. It appears that she'll either have a 0/2/4 loadout, with standard squadron size, or a 3/5/0, where the torpedo squads are 2 planes each.
  5. Seems that Nagato's range nerf was trashed.
  6. Ain't happening before the patch. RIP my carrying ability.
  7. So I've been trying to learn carriers, and I've been doing pretty well in the Hosho, and my 1 game in the Zuiho, but I find I still have trouble with managing. I tend to start off skirmishing with fighters, and then once I have an indication of where the enemy planes are, I make my strike. However, I still find I struggle against AS Bogue, because my fighters simply can't deal with them. What are the best methods to counter this cancer, especially with the Zuiho losing it's only ability to fight USN fighters, with strafes.
  8. Repair costs aren't a factor anymore. You pay a flat cost per battle, whether you die, or take 0 damage.
  9. I don't shoot back, ever, but I also think team damage is fine if you're dodging shells/torpedos. Or strafing your own planes.
  10. I finished at rank 12 with 17 battles and 70% winrate. I didn't like this season, tier 6/tier 8 was better.
  11. Mikasas vs Auroras, enjoy watching Aurora beat the poop out of mikasa.
  12. No real point in selling the low tier premiums, Mine just sit and collect dust.
  13. I dunno if it counts, but I was on iChase's little historical battles/torpedo jousting stream tonight I'm one of the Kirishima's, but I didn't have a mic.
  14. Hood has both AA rockets(how will this work....) and she has torpedos(wg, stop with adding torpedos to every new BB). However, if she has similar gun handling to the Warspite, I'm excited.
  15. Get demo expert and IFHE, and watch as the damage numbers rack themselves up.