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  1. Mutsu is probably what I'll be using, because I find she can whack RNCLs nicely with the lower pen, Molotov was absolutely brutal cruiser killer for me last tier 6 season, but I'm not sure how this one will play out.
  2. mmm, microtransactions (or what it feels like)
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing if I find her enjoyable enough to play. The slow turrets were killer to me.
  4. I run prem consumables on everything, only exception is the scout spotter, because that shits trash, and I hardly ever use it.
  5. But that doesn't really translate well into ships, as the detection mechanics are a fair bit different, and in WoT, spotting xp is much more rewarded. As for the WoT players, my F0XEY tags that appear on the forum garner me at least a bit of respect (or hate), if I choose to post.
  6. FWIW, WG could've just gave Eugen's historical camo to Hipper as a perma camo with bonuses, as they are the same ship as far as this game is concerned.
  7. I don't have Indy, but I would think yes, because concealment is still fine, and still has radar, still has improved protection. Definitely closer now though.
  8. Can confirm he's cute.
  9. Insert prairie sitcom here.
  10. What NCC said, I find that if I switch tabs or alt-tab while the page is loading, it freezes, but if I stay until it loads, its fine.
  11. That's not how we club seals
  12. Lake Winnipeg water is best water?
  13. Crown Royale is solely produced in Gimli Manitoba.
  14. Also just maple syrup in general.
  15. A Duca helped my Zuiho get a double strike today, along with an Independence. I thanked them for the shiny medal.