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  1. Basically, don't buy unless you like the Centurion mk1
  2. Don't forget that the Furutaka C hull also gives you an extra torpedo per side. Still the better tier 6 CV. I find there's still enough clueless CV captains that you can learn manual drops on her. The other day a balanced indy just let me strafe his entire wave, fighters included.
  3. Yep. Exactly when it's hardest to predict where they'll be. And I find a lot of them striaghtline and go broadside, because they know they're safe.
  4. I'm frustrated with the french cruisers. can't citadel them with BBs, and even my CAs have trouble with overpens.
  5. As always, I went to rank 15, got the flag, and stopped. I don't have the time or patience to try and rank out.
  6. I got 30 of the 777% flags from a super today. Guess I can use that for Nelson.
  7. RUST discord is broken for me. No matter how much I leave or come back, I can't see anything, even with tags.
  8. The Khab did need nerfs, especially since it had heal. However, now it's not the problem. Now cruisers need a whack with the nerfbat.
  9. inb4 Musashi comes in, and is superior than Yammy, somehow.
  10. Arizona is ok, but I prefer to play Mutsu or Warspite. Not as good at cruiser deletion or DD damage, but they just feel more comfortable.
  11. It's because AS limits your strike power whilst relying on trying to catch the IJN planes, which are faster, and can cycle around the map if need be. AS just cucks the other CV, but a strike has the ability to affect the entire enemy team.
  12. I picked up automation, panzermadels, and stay stay pdrk, although there might be shitgifting involved.
  13. Still hits the hardest, Kirov isn't superior. Kirov might have better pen, and 3 additional guns, but can't take a hit, and can't turn. Nor does she get usable torpedos, in most scenarios. And Kirov's bow can be overmatched by 8" AP.
  14. I still have her. the AP deals well with same tier cruisers, and both shells punch above the weight of a tier 5. not to mention good torp arcs similar to Atago, combined with usable torps. The only things I would change are longer range guns, and perhaps better RoF. But then you just have the Aoba at tier 5.
  15. I've noticed that as of recent, scenario battles affect your sigs, appearing as a blank winrate/wtr. My sig appears this way because I've recently been playing scenarios, but no random battles.
  16. I actually prefer AP over HE when shooting DDs. Overpen damage is devastating as well, if you can hit, which you should, as its a DD at close range against one of the most accurate BBs. You also get the chance for normal pens/multi-pens. The latter being when a shell does damage to more than one compartment (like when you see 1 overpen ribbon pop up, but you deal 5k damage, when it should've been 1k). Many a DD have taken 10k+ salvos from my BB AP, especially if they try angling, as that just gives me a higher chance of penetration damage.
  17. Engines are useful upgrades, but usually the last one I get. Some ships have plenty of range stock too, such as NC with 21km range stock, 23 with FCS upgrade, in which case, FCS is last.
  18. I found round 2 of Myogi to be fine. All you have to do is kite away, and let the enemies bounce off your armor. the big guns offer you some punching power, but not sure how it compares to the other tier 4s (specifically nikolai's 305s).
  19. I've heard german DDs are well suited to being torp boats, that can contend for caps, but isn't their primary objective.
  20. Yeah, The prems are some of the best ships in the game. More unique to play.
  21. And you play it how much compared to other ships you aren't grinding a line for?
  22. Tier 10s are mostly trophy ships it seems. Most of the people I talk to prefer to stay around tiers 6-8. Don't rush it, as there really isn't much point at all to owning one.
  23. I've found the opposite, Nagato has poor armor around the B turret, and tends to take citadels there, even while angled well. Not as bad as the old A hull(Mutsu), but still rather common. The real selling point is the guns, punchier than Colorado, and accurate. And the sequential firing secondaries are mesmerizing to watch, though I don't fully recommend using them, as it isn't reliable damage, better to stay around 10-14km.
  24. The vehicles prior to the 263 did much better in vision meta, where the 122-54 was almost certainly on of the best tier 9 TDs. The 263 however is very meh now. More people understand that the LWP and mantlet are weakpoints, and the japanese HE spammers will have a field day on that open top. Even before, it was only 1 in CW, for certain maps and strats. Being said, I do like that gun.
  25. Can you not see shell properties in the tech tree? Just look where it changes.