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  1. I dunno if it counts, but I was on iChase's little historical battles/torpedo jousting stream tonight
  2. Hood has both AA rockets(how will this work....) and she has torpedos(wg, stop with adding torpedos to every new BB). However, if she has similar gun handling to the Warspite, I'm excited.
  3. Get demo expert and IFHE, and watch as the damage numbers rack themselves up.
  4. 4 squads of torpedo bombers?
  5. So we have news of Kaga. She will be tier 7, in 1935 config, and a hangar of 90 planes. I've heard speculations of a 0-2-4 loadout, based on ingame images from a WG livestream, but this appears to have a 1-2-2 setup. Also, lol, 10x 200mm secondaries. I'm probably buying her when it comes, even if I'm utter trash.
  6. Sims has something stupid like a 30% base xp multiplier.
  7. I don't like that it had it's citadel lowered. Now it's a NC that trades almost nothing for better torpedo protection. Sure, NC has supposedly better accuracy, but RNG does what it wants, no matter what. It might be slower, but barely. I actually hope they decide against lower the citadel.
  8. Invisifiring was a crutch for people whou forgot what the a and d keys are for. The only concealment actually needed is enough that you can go undetected after firing. Even on my Gremy, I don't try to use stealthfire.
  9. Don't show that much side then. It's quite easy to wiggle them between salvos, so as to bait them into shooting well angled belt.
  10. But dds can shoot them down.
  11. I found another bug. This is my NO stats, I noticed this since I got her, there are no average tracked numbers, and the average wtr for her is 0. I haven't noticed it for other ships.
  12. I'm actually putting effort into learning how to CV, and unless I'm being camped by USN fighters, I haven't really had problems. I use my fighter squad to scout, and create a standoff over my team's AA, and then swing my bombers over to the other side of the map. I'm sure this will fail against a good player, but it's working thus far.
  13. Or just don't play PvE
  14. I've been a bad boy. Learning to play actual CVs (Hosho) is hard, but I seem to be clubbing everyone, until Langleys or Bogues camp me.
  15. One problem, and I'm really hoping they do the Akagi in this manner, is having triple flight decks. Even if they don't have them working, it would be interesting to see.
  16. Yes, it is a known fact that team damage is bad, and you should avoid it.
  17. It's low priority, but yeah, I think a lot of people have flags they want to fly, and can't without giving up bonuses.
  18. Alpha flag best flag.
  19. Use a torpedo and detonate a kurfurst.
  20. Cherry switches are the way to go, I love annoying the people around me.
  21. I hear a lot of good things from some guys in KNTAI about her too. I suspect it's just the playstyle, and being unexpected to the usual destroyers.
  22. Thanks Onboard, after a couple games with the rudder shift instead of concealment, I'm finding the NO to be much more enjoyable. I hadn't realized it, but I had been toying with it on Atago, and kept it there too.
  23. This, because I like the guitarwork
  24. I played one game with rudder shift, didn't do much more damage because I was focusing DDs, but it was noticeably helpful in dodging shells.
  25. Alright, I'll give that a try.