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  1. And don't forget about it's alpha, which is very forgettable. It's a stock panther with sheltered MM, and a skin, do with this what you will.
  2. I made my own this year.
  3. They hit harder because 203s are inherently better at packing explosives than 155s. And not everyone will run IFHE on Mogami, because it simply doesn't fit literally the rest of the line.
  4. I did fairly well in NO, 62.3% winrate and 45k average damage, 13.5% over server average, and my average damage was higher than server average by about 14.5k. I can't say she was my favourite though. I enjoyed stock Baltimore much more. Despite being essentially the same ship, the heal made all the difference.
  5. Not just for CW. They love that you get 12 hyper accurate shells, good concealment, great AA, and is plenty tanky if you aren't going to sit broadside.
  6. So, if it's shit at everything, why is the Montana so popular in top clans?
  7. Destroyers are hard to play, and frustrating if you have issues, not only for you, but your team as well. A poorly played DD can easily be a lost game.
  8. Soon ™
  9. It may be good for silver, but you have to be able to play well, otherwise, you're food. Since he said he was mediocre in cruisers, I avoided that.
  10. NC in no way has to go bow on. It's the same as any other BB, angle well to reduce damage, show broadside, get smacked.
  11. I found the NC to be significantly more consistent than Colorado, in terms of shell placement. Iowa is better yet.
  12. Based on your analysis, I'd say Tirpitz is best for you. I'm of the persuasion that Atago is still one of the best tier 8 cruisers, solely because she has a heal, and thus, can be forgiving of mistakes. Kii hasn't yet made it to tech tree, if ever, and Alabama is a little harder to play, due to having weaker armor, and more skill reliant guns, while also not making it into the tree yet.
  13. Brickmania makes smaller, higher detail stuff, but its expensive. I was really tempted to get the Yamato when I was in their store at the MoA, but it was almost $300 USD, not something I could afford.
  14. Is the Mikasa acceptable?
  15. You could have it tell you if you we're going to pen? I just used the database of what can pen where that I stored in my head.
  16. Well, it's be best to look at what you can now pen (28mm v21-22mm base), and decide whether it's worth it. Maybe do some training rooms to see. At this point, the 1% fire chance is pretty well negligible, it's more if you want to be able to use those 4 points for other things. Since it isn't for comp, I think, it's down to personal preference.
  17. Or, instead of giving everyone a no-aiming necessary round, we could just put the bows back to original state, bowtanking dies, but angling and aiming is still important.
  18. 32mm bows being immune to all but Yamato. Oh wait, HE exists, because we didn't need aiming or angling skill.
  19. That's better.
  20. oh look, more free tanks.
  21. Apparently Shima is doing quite well.
  22. The one battle I played, I had ping spike to 3k and then died. Would like to play without lag.
  23. From what I'm hearing on the CUTE discord, it'll be a Monty, some Hindenburg and DM, and Gearings/Z-52s
  24. There is certainly slot machine bullshittery at play, and I find US BBs do it the best, although most of them with decent accuracy and sigma do well.
  25. Don't tell them, I like clubbing the newbies that just got to tier 6