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  1. But IJN cruisers besides Mogami really don't have much use for IFHE, They already pen plenty. Rather, that's 4 points I would rather use on other skills.
  2. (I don't know how you grade these, so I'll let you classify it.) Dunkek- Good guns, if derpy at times, can have all its guns on target while being impervious to anything less than 16" AP (or fucking 6" HE), fast, acceptable secondaries. Relatively poor AA, weak armor if the enemy gets a little side profile, and doesn't reverse fast enough. Mutsu- Glorious 16" oppressor of tier 6, who cares about poor pen when you get penetration damage just by hitting the target? Solid range, can turn and move in a straight line with some semblance of speed(faster than USN Standards). Has torps, but they really aren't for use in most situations, pre-nerf Nagato armor is easy to citadel, the AA has me excited if even 1 low tier plane gets shot down, and is seen from the moon. Yubari- Probably my favorite out of the pre-order ships, she has pretty green and white camo, and the amazing accuracy module to hit the lolibotes, gets DF, because tier 4 and 5 carriers needed more problems, torps are good, if you can make use of them, but the arcs are terribly narrow and require you to present your side. Downsides are meh AP, and no armor, and you can only bring 2 guns to the front, if a BB is paying attention to you. Smith- Not a great ship, but fun. Little single torps reloading in under 10sec, 76mm spam cannons, slower end of DDs, can't stealth torp, and can no longer stealth fire. It's just fun to cruise around breaking my mouse from all the clicking. Stuck one on top of a Moskva once, was fun.
  3. This is true. I often have equal or higher damage numbers from HE penetrations than fires in my Atago.
  4. So we have news of Kaga. She will be tier 7, in 1935 config, and a hangar of 90 planes. I've heard speculations of a 0-2-4 loadout, based on ingame images from a WG livestream, but this appears to have a 1-2-2 setup. Also, lol, 10x 200mm secondaries. I'm probably buying her when it comes, even if I'm utter trash.
  5. So an IS-7 with a better gun, and in exchange, worse armor.
  6. Based on what I've seen, Hood has good dispersion, but it's spread is wide from the turret placement. Armor seems to work, but the slow turrets and huge turning circle just seem entirely unenjoyable. Hopefully it sees something beneficial before release.
  7. IJN got fighters with strike loadouts because pure strike loadouts are bad, same as the virtually pure AS loadouts USN carriers get.
  8. So, 2/2/1 loadout, with 6 torp bombers per squad, fast torps that hit hard in a difficult to dodge pattern. I'm really excited for her now.
  9. Kek, I actually believed it, based on the path WG's been on.
  10. That's probably going to come down to personal preference. The guns are so similar.
  11. Not until they get citadels back, right?
  12. I didn't say there was anything wrong with high tier battles. That was more of a mocking comment.
  13. So why not solve all the problems by fixing high tier gameplay?
  14. I can still see the offers.
  15. Gremy is basically the Fletcher of tier 5. The only thing I find she isn't amazing at is stealth torpedos, and that's because the captain doesn't have CE, and even still its nearly 2km of undetected area to launch.
  16. Gotta make sure that there's a tradeoff, y'know.
  17. I haven't had a supercontainer since early January, and only 3 in total since the containers were released.
  18. I agree. I am outraged I am not allowed to emphasize my lack of water.
  19. Water is still full.
  20. Gotta shorten engagement ranges in these city maps. far too much camo sniping in all these non-existent bushes.
  21. This ship sounds boring. I wanna push. Also, my BBs and CAs despise you for using IFHE.
  22. Either or, take your pick.
  23. I use an uppercase B, but I also know enough german as to how to pronounce it.
  24. Ask very nicely if you can take it out of the box and feel it before you buy it. That's what I did with my headset.
  25. 40 Canadian shekels.