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  1. NC and up have improved sigma and the dispersion module, which allows you to get some nasty amounts of hits.
  2. Under 12km is a suicidal range to be spotted at when facing a USN BB that knows how to aim against destroyers. My source is a large number of destroyers that have been blapped by my NC, Iowa, and Montana.
  3. When dealing with a battleship the safest bet is to be broadside, however, that still might not save you. Some good aim and a little RNG, they can still land the 33% pens.
  4. obligatory "your waifu is trash" post here. On a side note, I'm not overly excited for them. Loss of overmatch is going to have yet more people HE spamming, and they seem to like awkward turret layouts with the exception of Richie and Alsace.
  5. We left Gilalad in the original foxey when he passed, and most of us are doing other things, no one but him in the original, or retired in f0xey.
  6. A smart Saipan will just make use of the strafe out mechanic, and ignore fighter locks. Something that it really shouldn't get. Ever since it was introduced, with the Saipan being able to strafe out without loss, it's been particularly bad.
  7. I have an MSI GE72 2QE, and it's worked quite well for the last few years. i7-4720hg, 12gb ram, 1tb hdd, and a gtx 960m. however, I don't know about upgrading it, or what the newer ones are like, as this one is older already.
  8. If you're shooting HE out of a BB that can overmatch things, you need to take a step back and learn mechanics. Also, stop whining about higher citadels. I'm happy they're finally back. I get away with far too much stupid shit in my US battleships, being punished for mistakes is good. I hate having these beautiful broadsides, but not being able to show people why that's a bad thing.
  9. I still prefer Warspite. Better accuracy without sacrificing 25mm overmatch, and good pen.
  10. I like Mutsu. Playing her is all about abusing the overmatch mechanics, and aiming for penetration damage instead of citadels.
  11. I cit the bows of a lot of tier 6-8 BBs with 13 and 14" guns. It happens, but it entirely up to RNG, and doesn't happen often.
  12. The bow citadels are due to wonky internal ricochets, or finding little armor holes. Personally, I thought the Nagato was great. Amagi has me missing the better sigma, but cherishing the better armor scheme and speed.
  13. I hate them for the sole fact that they cannot land torps on DDs. I don't want to be rushing smoke gimped, and I'm not sure I'd want to give up smoke in randoms.
  14. I bought 5 of the largest boxes. Got Alabama, 180 days of prem, and some economy flags and camos
  15. I wouldn't know, I just play, assuming that everyone on my team is brain dead, unless I recognize them, and everyone on the enemy team is ZuikakuDere.
  16. So, just like WoT?
  17. Run det flags on DDs then. If you didn't have any, now you can play 10 DD games with no detonations.
  18. And don't forget about it's alpha, which is very forgettable. It's a stock panther with sheltered MM, and a skin, do with this what you will.
  19. I made my own this year.
  20. They hit harder because 203s are inherently better at packing explosives than 155s. And not everyone will run IFHE on Mogami, because it simply doesn't fit literally the rest of the line.
  21. I did fairly well in NO, 62.3% winrate and 45k average damage, 13.5% over server average, and my average damage was higher than server average by about 14.5k. I can't say she was my favourite though. I enjoyed stock Baltimore much more. Despite being essentially the same ship, the heal made all the difference.
  22. Not just for CW. They love that you get 12 hyper accurate shells, good concealment, great AA, and is plenty tanky if you aren't going to sit broadside.
  23. So, if it's shit at everything, why is the Montana so popular in top clans?
  24. Destroyers are hard to play, and frustrating if you have issues, not only for you, but your team as well. A poorly played DD can easily be a lost game.
  25. Soon ™