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  1. The one battle I played, I had ping spike to 3k and then died. Would like to play without lag.
  2. From what I'm hearing on the CUTE discord, it'll be a Monty, some Hindenburg and DM, and Gearings/Z-52s
  3. There is certainly slot machine bullshittery at play, and I find US BBs do it the best, although most of them with decent accuracy and sigma do well.
  4. Don't tell them, I like clubbing the newbies that just got to tier 6
  5. Instead of removing manuals, they should've taught people how to use them. Before they were removed, I went against an AS Bogue and a Hoshou in my Zuihou, and had AS because I knew how to strafe, they didn't. Friendly CV was afk or crashed.
  6. Get to tier 6, play in operations for a while, until you understand manual drops and strafing, then come out into the real world. As for fighters, just try to avoid AS bogue fighters as much as possible. if absolutely necessary, use your fighters as a distraction. If I found an AS bogue, I also disregarded my general rule of "no CV sniping", because it makes it so much more difficult for me.
  7. Yep, pretty much.
  8. I suggest you play IJN cruisers first. They'll teach you more about the game than soviet cruisers. And are less likely to cause you to pull your hair out.
  9. Damage can basically be stacked into 2 categories: Priority damage: Things like citadels, which only heal about 10%, penetrations, which heal 50-60%, torpedos, and other forms of irreparible damage, such as to DDs or cruisers Padding damage: Things like fires/floodings, overpens, generally damage that won't stick These do not directly affect your WTR, but it will affect your winrate, because the damage which cannot be healed is far more useful than damage that can be. So if you spend your whole time in a CL firespamming at BBs, sure, you'll see big damage numbers, but if you sacrifice some of that damage for shooting DDs, your winrate should increase, because the damage you do is more effective. Since WTR acts similar to WoT with its WN-X series of ratings, it compares your damage to an expected value. However, this does not take into account the type of damage you do, to what. So you might lose WTR due to losses with your target priorities, but you should see a higher winrate to compare. Does this answer your question for the most part? Since I play a lot of cruisers and BBs, but prefer to target DDs, no matter the ship, I'll have lower damage values, which translates to lower WTR, while having potentially a higher win rate. Either way, stats are merely a guideline, and may not reflect how one actually plays.
  10. After some testing with LWM, only RJ, Nurnburg, and Aoba are safe from GZ torps, and all DDs. it appears that its an 18-19 foot draft cutoff.
  11. I personally find CV play fun, but I'm too shit to enjoy it against humans. However, I'm perfectly competent at clubbing bot CVs. Just ask Touch Fluffy.
  12. Even then, aiming for knocking out turrets, and superstructure pens is what I do.
  13. Oh yeah, pen damage is easy, to the point that I never even think of firing HE in my BBs.
  14. I find it to be utterly random.
  15. Barbette citadels are obscenely hard to hit though. Thats more a thing that you get a nice surprise from, rather than something you try for. Always nice to watch dunkek hit a bow on NC for 12k.
  16. Close enough
  17. Fuck smoke camping.
  18. Sounds like a lovely time.
  19. I think it sounds terrible, and as such, I'm glad I'm not participating.
  20. I just go where it looks like I'll be useful. A bunch of DDs, in an area with a lot of islands, and I'm playing a BB? No thanks, that's asking for trouble. Otherwise, I usually don't think too much about where I go, so long as I can watch the other flank, and react if need be.
  21. Now hold on, there are good ships down there, although mostly premiums.
  22. RN BBs have merely meh AP, but overbuffed HE, so everyone spams their 40% fire chance HE on them.
  23. But you can still see WGs hand in the development, with silly shit like HE focused BBs being released.
  24. The Lexington is good for feeding my AA ships plane kills. Now you've heard someone say something positive.